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Wife is the halftime show.

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My wife really surprised me. I always kid her about bringing guys over and letting them have there way with her. She said ok I will do it just to shut you up. I knew she was kidding because she would never do that she is to shy.

Anyway about a month past by and nothing more was ever said. I had invited a few of my friends over to watch the ball game on TV Linda was going shopping so no big deal. When they all got there she had fixed the snacks for us and said she would be back later.

Well we sat around and talked awhile before the game started and played some pool. Linda came back early and the game was getting ready to start. She said I’m going upstairs and I might come back down and watch the game to. I thought great that’s what we need her here. The day was ruined.

The game had started and we were feeling a good buzz from the beer. The guys started talking about Linda. They were saying how good she looked. She is a very nice looking woman I have to admit. They were all kidding me about her and asked if I would ask her to entertain us at halftime. They all laughed. She walked into the room and asked what we were laughing at. So to embarrass them I asked her in front of them. She replied Sure I will if that’s what you want. They all whistled and said all right and she turned and walked away. They were all laughing and kidding wondering what she would do. I told them nothing she was just picking.

We are all friends and had talked about each others wives before so nothing was different here. All of them was talking about what they would like to do to her which actually turned me on. Well it was now halftime we started to refill all the food and beer for the 2nd half. To my surprise Linda walked into the room with a very short skirt on with a button up blouse and her sexy strap high heels with stockings on. Everybody just stopped what they were doing and sat down, nobody said a word. She really looked good. Her blouse was open about half way down so her nice 38c tits were showing a lot of cleavage. She never said a word, she walked over and picked a pillow up and you could see she didn’t have any panties on.

All there eyes were about to fall out of there heads. They didn’t know what to say. Linda sat down in a chair across the room and said” alright what you want me to do? I will do what ever you say.” They looked at each other and then at me who was surprised just like them. I said “ Go for it.” They started out by saying rub your tits. Linda started to rub her tits, you could see her nipples were already hard. Then it was unbutton your blouse and she did. Pull it off they said she did exposing her creamy white tits with nice pink nipples that were as hard as I had ever seen them.

I could tell Linda was getting horny. Now pull your skirt up the said she slowly lifted her skirt showing her thighs then slowly spread her legs showing he nice shaved pussy lips which were wet. She pulled her fingers through her pussy and licked her fingers. They went wild. Her head fell back and her mouth opened up as she started to finger her hot slippery pussy. She let out a couple of little groans. They all looked at me as she sat there. Don’t look at me I said. Do you mind they asked. Go for it if she wants to. All of them are married to.

She looked up at David and said Come here. He walked over to her, Suck my tits she said. He bent down and started sucking her tits. She told Bill come here and suck my tits to. He ran over and started. She told Dewey come here I have something special for you. He was hesitant at first but he did go over to her. Eat my pussy she said. I’m married he said I don’t care eat me she said. He got on his knees and started to eat her. She was hot as hell now and I had a hard dick.

I walked over to get a closer look. She started to rub my cock. She was hot. She said is this what you want? I just smiled. She told them to take off there clothes. I have never seen men take off there clothes so fast. She said wow look at those cocks. I want them.

She told them to follow her. She walked to the bedroom where she laid down on the bed and said do what ever you want to me. They never looked at me there eyes were on her. We want to watch you play they said. She looked up and closed her eyes. I could see that she really wanted this. Linda started to rub her tits and slowly started to stroke her wet smooth pussy with her fingers. David got on the bed and started to rub his cock on her lips. She opened her mouth just enough to get her tongue out to lick the bottom of his cock. He made a few strokes across and told her to suck it.

He pushed the head of his cock in her mouth she tried to resist but he had her red hair wrapped in his hand and made her take it. He pushed it all the way in about 10 inches. She chocked and he did it again. Take it he said. She tried again this time it went in better, he was forcing her head on his cock. I got this funny feeling I didn’t know if I liked this or not. She didn’t say stop though she just kept on sucking him. I don’t know what happened but my cock exploded in my pants. Damn it I am going to miss out I thought. I had to go and change before anybody seen me.

I didn’t say anything I just walked out of the room to go change. I could hear her telling them what to do. As I was about to walk back in I heard a knock on the door now that was a problem. I looked out and there was Steve and John. Humm I thought this could get better. I opened the door and said to them don’t say anything, I told them what was going on. They smiled. Let me go in the bedroom and take care of something right quick stay here.

When I went into the room she just smiled at me I could tell she liked this. Going to the toy drawer I pulled out a blindfold and put it on her. Just use your imagination I said. Tie me up she said but you better let me loose if I say so. We tied her spread eagle on the bed. I whispered to them we have more coming keep going.

They started playing with her. I told Steve and John to come on in but be quite. They slipped off there clothes and walked to the bed and were very surprised. They all took turns at sucking her tits and eating her pussy. She knew something was up, who else is here she said. It don’t matter I told her just enjoy it. She was so wet the bed was soaked under her. Were going to move you to get you out of the wet bed I told her. We untied her and moved her to another bed. This time she was sideway across the bed. Don’t tie me up she said I want to play. She hung her head off the edge of the bed and said fill me up with a hard cock. I thought they were going to fight. Bill and John started to suck on her tits Dewey slid his cock in her mouth and chocked her. Steve was trying to get his cock in her pussy he was hung.

Never did I think she would do this. I was loving it to. Linda was going wild. Steve started to stroke her harder and Dewey was shoving his cock down her throat. Bill and John got pushed out of the way. She pulled her blindfold off and was surprised to see who was there. She sat up on the bed. What the hell she said.

Steve said its my turn now as he grabbed her hair and shoved his hard cock in her mouth. I thought she was going to get pissed when he did that but she didn’t. He was trying to shove it all in and she was doing a good job taking it. Bill rolled her over on her knees and her ass was sticking up in the air. He slid his cock right in. I have never seen her suck my cock like she was his. Steve was ready to pop you could see it building. Linda never liked the taste of cum so I knew he would make a mess so I handed him a towel. As he started to cum he pushed her head all the way down on his cock and wouldn’t let her up. She struggled a little but took it all and never spilled a drop. Bill was pounding her pussy she never said a word but she was screaming. Steve got up and Dewey got in his place she started sucking him. Dewey was bigger than Bill so she told him fuck me. She pulled away from Bill and on top of Dewey and slid his cock right in, Now fuck me she said. She was riding Dewey’s cock and Bill stood up over him and Linda started to suck his cock. Linda’s ass looked good up in the air. John moved up behind her and started to play with her butt hole. Linda liked that.

I handed him some k-y to lube her up. She didn’t resist. She bent down on Dewey to let John have a better access. It took sometime but John got it in. I was getting hard again. They were both pounding her like wild rabbits. She was screaming but it was a good scream. She raised up again to take Bill in her mouth. He shot off right away and she took it all. Fuck me she kept saying, Harder harder. Fuck me in my ass harder. Dewey pulled out of her pussy and John ponder harder. She started sucking Dewey her head was going all the way down on him. Dewey is big and really thick. She was choking but wouldn’t stop. He let his load go and she couldn’t take it all so she rubbed it on her tits. John was still pounding hard as hell in her ass. She covered her head with a pillow as he started to cum. She was screaming Fuck me. John let out a big moan and let loose in her ass.

She looked at David and said come here you get to fuck my wet pussy with that big hard dick you got there. She laid on her back and told him you better fuck me good now. He said I will try. David picked her legs up and wrapped them around his waist and slid his cock in her she was pushing away cause he was so thick and big. He just pulled her back. David pulled her to the end of the bed and stood up, she was still on the bed. He forced his cock in. She took it. He started stroking her harder and harder she was trying to get away from him but he wouldn’t let her get away. David pushed her legs up around her neck and was pounding away as hard as he could he was dripping sweet all over her. She was begging him to stop but he just kept on going. I knew she didn’t want him to stop because she never used the code word to stop which we had. He was pumping hard and deep with long strokes. She was cumming with about every stroke. She was juicy as could be. It was like she was peeing. He stopped and rolled her over on her knees, she tried to get away but he pulled her back and started fucking her again. I been wanting this pussy for along time he told her and I might never get it again so I’m getting all I can. He grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back and was pulling her into him. Her tits were rubbing across the sheets. We were all amazed at how hard he was fucking her. She was letting him do it. He turned her arms loose and grabbed her hair and said fuck me bitch fuck me. That really turned her on. He just stood there and she was pumping him now as hard as she could. Hand me the k-y he said. She said what you going to do. I’m gona fuck that ass of yours. No your to big it will hurt. She kept pumping on him as he put the k-y on her ass. He stopped her and guided his cock to her ass and put more on it. No push bitch. She pushed and the head went in she screamed. Push harder or I will do it. She said it’s to big. Then he pushed. She screamed but didn’t pull away. He started to stroke her and she started to push back. It went deeper and deeper till it was about 3/4th the way in. Now take it all he said. She resisted so he shoved it all the way in, She screamed so loud I thought the neighbors might hear her. But she kept pumping. He kept putting more k-y on until he was deep stroking her. He fucked her so hard she was about to pass out. He pulled out and pulled her head around to his cock and said open your mouth when she did he filled it full of cum. It was dripping everywhere. He rubbed it all over her. She just collapsed on the bed. Damn that was a good fuck he said the best I have ever had.

Linda got out of the bed and went to the shower. I went to check on her and she was smiling. It hurt at first but damn I liked it she said.

While she was gone they were all just in aw at what had just happened. They all ran through the shower right quick and got dressed. We were all sitting and talking at the TV when Linda came into the room. She was still naked and drying off with a towel. Everybody told her what a good halftime show it was.

Well I hope ya’ll liked it I know I did. We need to do this again sometime she said. Right now my pussy and ass is sore. Now don’t go and tell your wives you did this they might get mad at me. No way they all said.

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