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Whos Woods are These

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My wife is beautiful. She’s about five foot three, 36 C 25 37. Talk about an hourglass figure. Her breasts are perky and her nipples peek ever so slightly upward when they’re erect. She has a gorgeous ass, and she knows how to move it, she can make me cum just by manipulating her ass against my hard cock without my even being inside her. She’s fantastic. We’ve been married fourteen wonderful years and our relationship is really wonderful and symbiotic. Intellectually, Spiritually and Physically. Our sex has always been great, I believe we are both unselfish lovers and we both seem to derive as much joy giving pleasure as we do receiving.

We have always been loyal to one another; I would never put our relationship in jeopardy by trifling with some other person alone. It just wouldn’t be worth it. We have soft, slow loving sex where we don’t fantasize at all, but just remain connected to one another and experience the union as something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

And sometimes we spice up our sex with toys, erotic stories or a porn video. Over time, as we explore this or that fantasy, we discover which sexual thoughts are most effective in heightening our experience. Before we were together, I had a few multiple partner experiences with women. It was really enjoyable, and my wife always allows me to fantasize about a threesome with a woman and plays along very nicely, but that line of sexual foreplay does not have the same effect on Helen as did fantasies of more than one cock. My wife really loves cock and she knows what to do with one.

Sometimes we would play with our toys, and if the mood were right, she would take our realistic dildo and start to sensually suck that faux cock while I fucked her pussy, or another thing she really enjoyed was for me to lick and eat her pussy while she sucked my cock and I fucked her with the dildo. However, she always wanted me to finish her off, no matter how many orgasms she may already have had, by fucking her hard and cumming inside her. I am always happy to oblige.

I have noticed though, over the years, that whenever we read a story of a chance meeting of a woman and multiple men, my wife seems to really get hot. I think the fantasy of a cock in each hand; one in her mouth and one deep inside her pussy is something that really gets Helen off. And I think that fantasy is even more intense if her multiple partners are of diverse ethnic background. In other words, my wife loves for me to invoke the big black cock fantasy.

So what to do? We talked about it many times, and we always concluded that keeping our fantasies in the cerebral realm was better than taking the chance on destroying the magic of our relationship. But we talked about it many times, and every time we did, we ended up fucking our brains out and having multiple orgasms...both of us.

Then one weekend we decided to get away to one of our favorite resorts. It was really hot, sort of “off season” and we checked in to a mostly deserted motel in the Upper California desert. We had an Olympic sized pool almost to ourselves and all the other accoutrements of the place were at our immediate disposal. It was great.

We were swimming away the afternoon, ready, kissing, loving away the afternoon, building our sensual excitement…eating cold strawberries and sipping champagne. Our reverie was interrupted by a couple of guys who dove in to the pool splashing and laughing about doing a “cannonball” again as if they were still grade school kids.

They apologized for being loud and rowdy when they noticed us off in the corner of the pool, and introduced themselves. John and Keeshan. They said they were in town on a business trip. They were from the east coast and decided to stay over the weekend before flying back to their homes on the other side of the continent.

Both of the men were youngish…late thirties maybe? Both were in really good shape and fairly good looking. Keeshan was a graduate of Northwestern University, as was I, so we really had something in common. John had attended pre med at some midwestern university but dropped out in his third year to take a business opportunity that was too good to pass up. John was recently divorced and Keeshan had never been married.

I have to admit, as we chatted amicably, I noticed both John and Keeshan drink in my wife’s mostly exposed feminine charms. I think my wife was really enjoying the attention and it didn’t bother me a bit. In fact, I could feel my cock start to spring to attention if I let my mind wander at all.

It was getting on toward evening, and we had all absorbed quite a bit of sun, without getting burnt, and we asked what their plans were for dinner? They both said they were looking forward to going out for a bite to eat and scoping out the local “action”. We told them we were there to relax; we’d have dinner at the resort and spend the night in our room. I suggested if they didn’t run into anything interesting out on the town to come on by our place and we’d play cards and have a drink or two…or something.

My wife shot me a confused look? John and Keeshan went their way, and we went back to our room. I asked my wife what she thought of our new friends, John and Keeshan, and she said she liked them, and they were both interesting. I told her that I noticed that they were checking her out very nonchalantly a couple of times throughout the afternoon and I told her I thought I noticed a growing bulge intermittently in both their swimming suits as they seemed to undress her…hungrily albeit tactfully with their eyes. Helen blushed and hit me playfully and then she pressed herself against me in a passionate kiss and squeezed my cock. I teased her and said…oh…so you like the idea of three hard cocks.

She halfheartedly told me to “stop it”. But I could tell she was turned on by the idea, and I also knew we’d have some really good sex after dinner.

Anyway, we returned to our Bungalow. It was a beautiful room with a bedroom and a kitchen. The bedroom had a king size bed and a sitting area that was separated with one of those Asian screens. Three-way folding room divider deal with Zen paintings on the exterior.

We decided we’d just whip something up in our room, since we’d been eating fruit all day and sipping champagne we were both a little tipsy and not that hungry. I told her I wanted to order a massage for her. The resort had a spa, but they also had “in room” massage available. She readily agreed to the massage and kissed me again. Lots of tongue. Her kiss was passionate enough to serve notice to my cock and my pride and joy responded by tenting my swimsuit.

But I wanted to prolong the evening so I called the front desk and asked if they could send a masseuse or masseur to our bungalow. They asked if we had a preference? Normally my wife prefers a female, but I asked them to send a masseur. They told me it would be about thirty minutes. That the masseur was an independent contractor and not an employee of the resort, et ceterea…I said that was fine and hung up.

Helen put out some cheese and hard tac bread, more fruit and some other sundry nosh food, and then hopped in the shower to rinse off the chlorine. When she got out, she just threw on a light airy smock while we munched some of the food and opened a bottle of robust Zinfandel. She leaned over to me and kissed me and told me that she loved me I did the same, and then, there was a knock at the door. It was the masseur.

His name was Sky. That’s the truth…a masseur named Sky…seemed almost too much like a cliché, but he was a well built handsome man in his mid to late forties I’d say. He wore what looked like a yoga outfit. Loose fitting white pants and shirt that looked pretty good against his tanned skin.

He set up his massage table behind the Japanese screen. I asked him if it was OK if I watched? He said he didn’t mind if my wife didn’t but he asked me not to disrupt the energy of the massage once it started. We lit some incense around the room, a couple candles for soft light, Sky had a CD he asked if I would plug it in to the player that was under the TV. “Sure”.

My wife had one more sip of the Zinfandel as Sky held a towel out for her and politely looked away (but I don’t think all the way away) as my wife took off her dress. Her body looked great. She had just the right amount of sun so she appeared extremely healthy. Since she kept herself trimmed…I could focus on her beautiful mound and see that her pussy lips were ever so slightly engorged. I think Helen had been having a really enjoyable, sensual day…all day.

She climbed up on the table and lay on her stomach. Sky asked if she wanted to be covered and Helen said she didn’t need to be. So Sky turned on the new age music, poured some scented massage oil in to his palms and started to massage my wife.

Almost right away I got an erection, so to not be so obvious I closed my eyes and listened to the music. I might have even dozed off, but I was nudged back to consciousness by the pleasurable moaning of my wife. Sky had done her back and legs, and thighs and was moving up to the buttocks area…he asked if she was comfortable with him massaging her gluts. She replied in the affirmative and he started kneading that beautiful sensual ass. As he worked the oil deep in to her skin my wife moaned and lifted her ass up off the table slightly, almost as if to allow penetration. I was really getting horny watching this. The masseur was careful not to touch any opening her pussy or her “rosebud”, but massaging all around the area was probably more of a turn on for my wife and me…as he teased her ass and pussy too by working her checks and her thighs.

My wife was now softly grinding the table as if she was fucking and I noticed Sky’s yoga pants started to twitching a bit as his cock grew to larger proportions. He asked my wife to turn over, which she did right away, and he oiled up his palms again as he starred at her naked body. He oiled massaged her legs and when he got to the thighs my wife arched her back to coax his hands to her pussy, but he avoided her pussy as his hands passed just above her trimmed hair. I’m sure she could feel the warmth of his healing hands as they passed above her by now wet wet pussy. He put his hands on her stomach just at the pubic hairline and massaged upward toward her breasts.

I could see that Sky was fully erect now, but was maintaining his professional decorum. Sometimes he would lean in to the table and push his cock against it…at one point as he worked his way around my wife’s head to the other side of the table he leaned in and the tip of his tented trousers seemed to brush across my wife’s lips. My wife reacted by moaning and licking her lips, Sky looked at me to see if I had noticed and I nodded and smiled at him. He leaned in again, this time on other side and pushed his cock against my wife’s face. Again she moaned and opened her mouth.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. We were all jolted back to reality…in my mind, Sky had his pants off and I was watching my wife sucking his cock as he massaged her breasts and pussy.

Sky covered my wife with a towel and we opened the Japanese Screen again so the massage table was canceled. I opened the door and there was John and Keeshan. John held up a bottle of wine and some Crème Brule they’d purchased at a local deli and asked, “can we hang with you guys”?

I said…”aahh, yeah, sure…c’mon in. Actually Helen is just finishing up a massage right now”. Then I asked the masseur and Helen if they minded if John and Keeshan came in, or should we leave until the massage was over. Helen was the first to reply she didn’t mind if I didn’t. Me? My mind was racing. I wanted Sky to get back to what he was doing and told John and Keeshan we’d just have to be quite, respectful and wait until they were finished. Keeshan asked if he could book a massage too, later…and Sky said sure and went back to massaging Helen.

John, Keeshan and I sat down at the kitchen table and poured some wine. I had on a pair of pajama bottoms and that was it. My erection had gone down with the interruption of John and Keeshan but my cock was still at half-mast and you could see the outline of my whole tool plainly against the thin material of those pajamas. I saw both Keeshan and John steal a glimpse and it seemed as though their own bulges increased a little bit as they felt the sexual tension in the air.

Sky must have gotten back in to the full swing of things and Helen must have forgotten we had visitors (or maybe not) as she started moaning even more sensually than she had earlier. I saw both the guys looked toward the Japanese screen. My cock got hard again and I had to sit so I could hide it and not be totally embarrassed, but I needn’t be because I notice Keeshan had to adjust himself too as something seemed to be growing against his thigh under those pants. Holy smokes I thought to myself, the legend of the big black cock must be true…as I watched his staff come to attention as much as he tried to hide it, it must have been ten inches long.

We heard the Japanese screen being pulled back and Sky mentioned that the “hour” was up but that he just wasn’t quite finished with Helen. Then he asked Keeshan what bungalow he was in and when he wanted his massage?

Keeshan said,”I don’t know, how about when you’re done with Helen? Is that cool”?

Sky replied in the affirmative. Helen was lying there still on her back with just a towel covering her. Sky went to close the screen again and Helen said, you can leave it open, everyone seemed to look at me and I nodded ok.

Sky removed the towel from my wife’s beautiful body. Her skin glistened in the candlelight as the scented oil on her body reflected the flickering flames. We four men sat mesmerized as the light danced across her beautiful body. I got up and walked over to my wife on the table. I asked Sky, “Do you mind if I help you with this part of the massage?”

Not at all he replied and I put some oil on my palms and started at her feet as Sky started from the back of her neck. I worked my way up her legs and Sky worked his way down her chest. Helen was moaning again, with her eyes closed as I brushed against her pussy, she arched her back. I motioned for Keeshan and John to come over and join us. They quickly complied. I motioned they should take off their shirts as to not get oil on them.

They did. Then I poured a little oil in to each of their palms too and then four pairs of hands began massaging my wife.

Both Sky and I had huge erections. It was plain to see through the pajamas and the yoga pants. Keeshan and John did too, but harder to tell through the thicker blue jeans. We all continued massaging my wife, Keeshan looked at me to insure it was ok, I nodded and he started to stroke her breasts. Sky was petting the other breast, and I put my hands between her legs and felt the warmth and moisture. John was doing the best he could trying to get to her beautiful ass. She turned slightly to allow him to massage one of her ass cheeks. I stuck a finger in her pussy and she groaned out loud and murmured yes…yes…Sky pushed his cock against her lips again and this time she opened her mouth and put her lips around Sky’s cock, pants and all. He pushed against her lips. The motion was not lost on John and Keeshan.

I decided to take the lead and slipped off my pajamas and my cock sprang to full attention. It’s a good fairly thick seven-inch circumcised cock. My wife says it’s perfect. I motioned to the other guys too, and Sky slipped out of his yoga pants and his cock stood up pointing to the heavens, just like mine…he was about the same size as me…maybe not quite as thick. Helen was so turned on and I was getting hot watching her body writhing this way and that with the gentle massage of the eight hands running over her body.

John and Keeshan followed suit and took off their pants too. Lo and behold the big black cock was not a myth. Keeshan’s dick was easily ten inches long, uncut and bouncing and twitching up and down. The surprise was that John’s cock was almost as long and even thicker. Her was my wife, lying naked on a massage table, covered with scented oil, and four cocks…probably a total of thirty four inches of throbbing rock hard meat there for her solitary pleasure.

Sky brushed his now uncovered cock against Helen’s lips and she opened her mouth and engulfed the purple plum of his stiff prick. She lapped up the precum oozing from the end of his cock and licked her lips. Helen eyes still closed reached out and took Keeshan’s cock in her left hand and John’s ten inches in her right hand, when her hand closed around these male members she gasped a little, mouth filled with Sky’s cock and had to open her eyes and look at these huge cocks she had in either hand. She moaned again, as I buried my face in her pussy and started eating her pussy and licking her clitoris. She started bucking and cumming almost immediately. Usually Helen likes me to start out slow and easy and lightly lick her pussy, but tonight she pushed against my face and her pussy seemed to ache for me to lick as deep and hard as I could.

The massage table was cumbersome. We it was too tall and we couldn’t all get good access to Helens pleasure spots. She was pumping away at Keeshan’s and Johns cock and slurping on Skys tool, and I mentioned maybe we should go over to the bed? Everybody agreed and Helen got off the massage table, but she was still holding on to Keeshan’s big black cock. When she stepped off the table she immediately went to her knees and said gimme that big cock, and started sucking Keeshans black cock as far down her throat as she could take. We all stood around Keeshan and Helen had a cock smorgasbord as she went from one cock to another, pumping each one with her hand as she sucked the cocks for all she was worth.

Then she exclaimed, I need a cock in my pussy. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure how I felt about someone else actually fucking my wife. Sucking and hand jobs were fine…but I had a little twinge of jealousy…but only for a moment. We all went over to the bed, Helen lay down right in the middle of the bed, spread eagle and we all continued to rub her body as we crawled up on the bed to join her. She started sucking Keeshans prick again and grabbed Sky’s cock in her hand and started pumping that while I took my cock in my hand and placed it against her dripping pussy lips. I rubbed it up and down on the moist slit, back and forth without entering past the head of my cock.

“Fuck me” came her muffled plea as Keeshan started pumping her mouth with greater intensity. I thought maybe he might be ready to cum. I was so hot, I wanted to see another cock glisten from the wetness that was dripping from my wife’s pussy, so I reached over and grabbed John’s cock by his thick shaft and I guided to my wife’s hot waiting loveliness. I rubbed John’s cock, like I had been doing with my own just barely penetrating Helens longing pussy lips. I rubbed his cock up and down, up and down her Hungry slit and his cock head glistened with her juices. Helen was arching her back trying to get that cock inside her and I pushed John’s cock deep inside her…all ten inches buried to the hilt, balls slapping against my wife’s ass. She screamed with pleasure…”Yes, yes, yes…oh FUCK yes”.

Helen was masturbating Sky, pumping his hard cock and swallowing Keeshans dark sword while John banged her box, pushing himself all the way deep…deep in to her waiting pussy and then withdrawing almost complete out again. I was pounding my own cock watching all this. Keeshan yelped first…”Suck my cock, suck it baby…I’m cumin’”. I watched his cock swell and then leap as he thrust deep in to my wife’s throat with his first load of cum. She swallowed the stream, but then she frantically moaned, “cum on my tits”, she took Keeshans cock out of her mouth and Sky leaned over and started pumping Keeshan’s cock as he sprayed again and again pools of cum across my wife bare breasts.

Keeshan looked at Sky kind of strange when it dawned on him that it was Sky that was pumping his cock…but he seemed to just go with the flow and shot the biggest load of cum I think I’d ever seen. Of course, I haven’t seen too many other than my own, outside of the “money shot” on a porno movie.

John was still fucking my wife, and I told him to turn her over that I wanted to get a better up-close look at this, so my wife turned around doggie style on her knees and I crawled under her and I took John’s tool in my hand again and guided it to my wife’s pussy. I rubbed it up and down on her slit again and watched really up closes as he slowly buried that cock back in to my wife’s waiting pussy. I did my best to stay out of the way of the fucking and still lick my wife’s clit while John filled her pussy. Sometimes I would lick the shaft of Johns cock while it pistoned my wife and that just made me hotter. My wife was now sucking Sky’s cock. I couldn’t see much as I was under my wife watching John’s huge cock pick up speed as he fucked her with more urgency and I licked with more abandon too.

Suddenly I felt somebody take my exposed cock in their mouth. I quickly deduced it had to be Keeshan, although I couldn’t really look. I felt his lips wrap around my cock and his tongued flicked against the opening of my cock head as he licked up the precum that had been oozing from my cock for a long time now. Then he swallowed my cock and sucked deep. I just went with it licking my wife’s pussy as she came again. I felt her contractions as her pussy muscles grabbed Johns cock as if to hold it deep inside her…”Oh god…he yelled…I’m gonna fuckin’ cum”…and I licked her pussy and his balls as his cock was buried all the way in my wife and I felt him convulse as he shot load after load in to my wife.

Apparently this was too much for all of us as I felt myself pass the point of no return. Sky too yelled I’m coming as John continued to pump my wife’s cunt…still shooting his endless seaman into her. She came one more time…loudly and I started shooting my load in to Keeshan’s mouth. He lapped up my cum without missing a stroke or spilling a drop.

Sky pulled out of my wife’s mouth and came on her back and all over her ass…and John’s stomach as he was still inside my wife, although no longer coming.

We all collapsed in a pile on the bed. All my wife could say was “mmmm, mmmm, hmmm. That was fantastic”. Keeshan said to me, “Hope you didn’t mind man, I figured turn about is fair play”.

My wife looked at me perplexed, I told her…”I’ll tell you later”.

Now…that was not the end of our evening. No no. But it is the end of the story so far…

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