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Whoes Rape was it???

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am 31 years old and have been married for 4 years now. I am working as an engineer and am of average build. My wife?s name is Vandana and she is 29. She is an extremely beautiful woman. She is 5? 6? and has an hourglass figure. She has firm large breasts with long thick nipples and has a mouth watering meaty ass. Our sex life was satisfactory or so I thought. One incident that took place a year back changed it for ever.

Just about a year back after having our dinner we were preparing to go to sleep. As I switched off my bedroom light I heard some noise coming from the living room. As soon as I entered the living room, I was grabbed from behind and pinned to the ground. Someone switched on the lights and I saw 3 well built men standing in front of me, the fourth one was holding me down. One of them ordered me to keep my mouth shut and asked his colleague to make me sit on the sofa. The guy holding me down effortlessly picked me up and roughly threw me on the sofa. The leader asked one of the men to check who else was in the house. My mouth went dry.

The other guy returned soon with Vandana holding one of her hands behind her back and covering her mouth with the other. Vandana was wearing a black sleveless long nightie. I thanked god that she was not wearing her see thru one today. But the silk nightie was outlining her curves quite prominently, her breasts jutting out from the front, her flat stomach and her ass sticking out from the behind.

I asked them to leave my wife alone and take whatever they wanted from the house. The leader asked the guy holding my wife to make her sit on the sofa beside me. The guy holding Vandana said , ? Boss isse mast maal is ghar mein to kya pure shaher mein nahin milega?. Saying that he slapped one of Vandana?s ass cheek. Vandana shouted to let her go. At this the boss took out a gun and pointed it at Vandana and said that if she made one more noise he would kill both of us. He asked the guy to release her. She started walking towards the sofa but the leader asked her to remain standing in the middle.

He looked at her from head to toe and then pointing the gun at her said, take off that nightie. My wife said, ?kabhi nahin?. I felt very proud of my wife?s bravery then. One slap from the boss sent Vandana reeling down on the floor. He pulled her up by the arm and said to his two buddies to take off her nightie. They did not need to be told twice, in a flash they had raised the nightie over vandana?s head and off from her body. Vandana was wearing a matching white bra and panty.

All of them were staring wide eyed at Vandana. Her milky white thighs were shining in the light and it seemed her boobs would tear open her bra any moment now. After feasting on Vandana for a couple of minutes the boss turned to me and said, ?tere jaise langur ke haath mein aisa maal kahan se aa gaya ??

I was speechless. I did not know what to say. The boss then asked me to get up and to take off my pants and show him my tool with which I fucked my wife. I hesitated a little, but as soon as the boss started advancing towards me, I got up and took off my pants. He asked me to rmove my shirt too, I was just in my underwear now. I was asked to remove that too. I removed it. My penis is 2.5 inches long in the flacid state and about 4.5 inches in the erect state. But due to fear and shame it seemed to have shrunk in size and did not seem more than 1.5 inches long.

When the boss saw this he laughed out aloud. He said that is what I use to fuck my wife, his finger was better than that. The others were laughing too now. I was dying of shame. The boss then said I will now show you what a real cock looks like and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his snake like penis and I was amazed at the size. It was flacid yet it was 5.5 inches long and atleast 2.5 inches thick. He said that he was sure my wife had never been fucked properly ever, and today they were going to do just that. I looked at my wife and found her staring at the huge cock wide eyed.

The boss then made me kneel in front of him and ordered me to suck his cock. Although it was repulsive but I couldn?t refuse. If he wanted he could have fucked my and I would have to endure it. I started sucking the boss? cock and soon it became hard and I found it difficult to fit it into my mouth. It was now 8? long and proportiaonately thick. he kicked me aside and moved towards my wife. He freed Vandana?s boob from her bra and started sucking her tits. His other hand was inside her panty. He turned back to me and said she is all wet inside look , showing me his finger glistening in Vandana?s juices. He said don?t think I am raping her, she is doing it willingly. I looked at Vandana with complain and betrayal in my eyes, but she simply closed her eyes.

The boss now tore off her panty, and was massaging her clit. He then turned her around and made her kneel on all four. He was going to fuck her doggie style. He placed the tip of his engorged cock on the entarnce of Vandana?s pussy and started rubbing up and down. Vanadana was moaning now. He then inserted the tip of his rock hard cock in her pussy and stood still. Vanadana was moaning loudly now. Vanadana then pushed he big ass back onto the cock and it went completely in. She then started moving her ass back and forth while the boss stood motionless. I was aghast at the sluttiness of my wife. The boss said look it is she who is fucking me now.

By this time the others were also ready to jump into the action. One of them with a cock even bigger than the boss stood in front of vandana and stuffed his cock in her mouth. The boss now cupped her dangling breasts from under her and began making deep hard strokes. He would withdraw his cock almost completely and then would ram it in. Vanadana?s was moaning loudly although she still had the huge cock in her mouth. The boss quickened his pace and the room was filled with Vandana?s moans and the sound of his ball?s hitting Vandana?s naked ass. With a loud grunt the boss emptied his balls inside Vandana. He called me closer and made me lick Vandana?s pussy clean. The third guy with another huge erection was standing behind him. The boss asked me to guide this guys cock into my wife?s pussy. I caught hold of his cock, my fingers barely managing to encircle the entire girth and palced it on the pussy entarnce. The guy sarcastically said thank you and gave a hard push and his cock dissappeared in Vandana?s pussy.

Vanadana was now whelping with pleasure. Meanwhile the guy fucking Vandana?s mouth started groaning and soon he deposited his white thick semen in her mouth which overflowed down her cheeks. He was replaced by the fourth guy who by far had the largest cock I had ever seen. He caught hold of Vandana?s hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. The third guy meanwhile had a firm grip on Vandana?s two large hemisperical ass cheeks and was ramming her pussy with all his might. Very soon he deposited his seed into her and withdrew from her. Now the fourth guy took his penis out of Vandana?s mouth and made her lie on her back on the couch. He then slowly inserted his monster cock into Vandana?s pussy. A gasp escaped her lips. He didn?t stop until he had inserted the entire length of his cock into her, right upto the balls. Vanadana closed her eyes with pleasure more the pain and encircled her legs around his hips. He then stared fucking her slowly at first and the increased his speed. Vandana?s moans would also change acoording to his speed. He then picked her up like a doll without taking out his cock and within a second he was lying on his back with Vandana on top.

Vandana placed her hand on his massive hairy chests and started moving her pussy up and down his long thick shaft. She would raise it up as far as she could go and let it fall from there. The guy meanwhile had full access to her big boobs and he pressed them to his hearts content. After some time he removed Vandana?s hand from her chest and pulled her down so that her boobs crashed on his chest. He then placed his hands on either side of Vandana?s ass and began pumping like a madman. Vandana flattend herself on his chest and a loud unbroken Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh came out of her mouth. After depositing his cum in her they stayed in the same position for a couple of minutes, my wife with her legs folded across his hips lying flat on his chest.

After a while they got up and I was made to lick all the cum dripping from my wife?s pussy. They asked my wife to make tea for them . She did it being completely naked the entire time. After having had their tea they took my wife to our bedroom and once again fucked her. After all of them had been satisfied once again they wore their clothes and left. They did not take anything from the house. I did not have the courage to face my wife. It wasn?t my wife who was r*ped it was my dignity.

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