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WTF did I turn her into

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WTF Did I turn her into?


My wife Dennae and I met in high school. She had a boyfriend at the time but there were sparks between us anyway.2 years after graduation I moved back and even though she had just had a child by her boyfriend, we ended up together and have been together ever since, getting married 16 years ago. So the only cocks she has ever had was her first boyfriends and mine. As we near 40 I know she regrets being with that same boyfriend all her teenage years and not getting a chance to "experiment" and have "fun" sexually. Dont get me wrong, I do it for her and she loves our sex but like everyone, she wonders what she has missed out on.


I decided that I love her enough and that watching threesome videos turn me on enough that I would be willing to let other men or women into our lives to fuck her. She was adament at first that it was not going to happen, but I could tell by the twinkle in her eyes, and the orgasm in her body that the thought of it really turned her on. I worked on her worked over a couple of years and finally convinced her that I was okay with it and that I would not hold it against her and that it was merely about sex, not love. But even then she was convinced no one else would ever want her because she hated her body the way it looked (apparently I am chopped liver and my opinion does not matter??) So now my task was to convince her she was beutiful. We watched alot of porn and read alot of stories and she was beginning to realize that you dont have to have a perfect body to be wanted. I worked on her to convince her that I was okay with her fantasizing about guys she meets during the day or at work or whatever and she finally started to open up and let me know her fantasys. The more she realized it was not making me mad, the more bold she became. She started dressing alot nicer and showing off her curves more and finally at 38 years old started to notice that other guys were looking at her and were interested in her.


The kicker was one day while she was at work I posted a picture of her breasts on craiglist, asking guys if they wanted them. 80 replies in the first 24 hours started to help convince her. But what really set her off was a chance posting to craiglist missed connections section where a guy that works in a different department then her posted about her. Not by name, but based on the posting it was clear it was about her. I encouraged her to tentatively contact him and find out if it was about her or not. It was. He apparently was very fascinated by her body. (she is 5' 3", long wavy hair, beautiful eyes and a face that rarely needs makeup to radiate, 40GG breasts and a very very nice ass, the kind of ass that even women would want to fuck it was so soft and delicious looking ). 


My wife was totally hooked, not only was she playing with herself, the one week she was so wet and so orgasmic that she probably had about 100 orgasms that week. She actually had wet panties coming back from work not knowing who he was or if he was watching her. We seriously used to think the wet panties thing was just made up in stories because she was never that wet. Now we know. I pretended to be him several times while fucking her (even though we had no clue what he looked like). One day during a particularly heaving fuck session, I even gave her permission to suck him off AT WORK, if he came up to her.  My wife let her sexual inhibitions go, we experimented with tieing her up, slapping her around, forcing myself on her. She really liked being throat fucked and forced into anal sex. My wife who 1 short year ago would not even take my cock in her mouth after fucking her had turned into my cumslut.  Not only did she want my cock in her mouth after fucking her, she was enjoying it. It turned me on to no end thinking of her with pussy juice in her mouth.


The email back and forth between her and the guy from work (Mark) dried up until one day he responded again and said his girlfriend (Samantha) had found out, and after being mad for a while, wanted to join in. My wife was intrigued.  I even talked her into wanting to suck Mark's cock after he fucked Samantha, getting to taste another womans pussy on that cock for the first time.. WHILE Samantha was eating her pussy. My wife.. the prude was actually going to let another woman go down on her and taste that other womans pussy by way of a cock. It was so damn interesting my cock was freakin vibrating.


We never did hook up with them much to my wife's disappointment, but she was still horny as hell. I made a deal with her, IF she fucked me up the ass with her strap on, and we both ended up cumming, then IF he approached her at work she could take him to a backroom ONCE and only once and let him fuck her. The deal was on.  My wife totally ravaged me that night and it was amazing. So.. she would get to have sex with him if he talked to her. 


The days and weeks went by and even though she would come home soaking wet with anticipation and I would fuck her to multiple orgasms. Nothing ever happened. It did not help that she never really knew which of the 6 guys it was she suspected, but she got to imagine them all fucking her at one time or another. She is actually a contractor that works there so she was never privy to their staff names or anything either.  Then, well then Christmas came.  With Christmas, comes office parties. The office invited my wife and her team for the party (and spouses!) and away she went. I had to stay home until the babysitter got there and then was going to meet up in about 2 hours. I didn;t know anyone there so I really did not mind missing a pizza party.  The babysitter came an hour early so I went early too.  There was about 80 people at the party in the main area but I could not find my wife anywhere. I needed to go to the bathroom so I wandered around looking for one for a few minutes, the one nearer the main entrance had a line up so I went to find another one. It was further at the back as I was walking up two very drunk young guys came stumbling out saying, "Holy fuck that was amazing. I am glad I got to go first because that is gonna be tore right up by time the team gets done!" The other one just laughed and said. "Next time you should try the head, it was fantastic, she even slurped my balls in her mouth"!.  The stumbled past me, and I was just shaking my head in wonder.


I opened the bathroom door and stopped dead in my tracks. There. kneeling on a bench with her panties torn open, her skirt hiked up over her ass, and her tits popped out of her blouse, was my wife. There was 10 guys in the room, all of them either had their cocks hanging out of their pants or stuffed in my wife, I assumed the two guys that just left were referring to her. I just watched in awe for a minute as my wife was being hammered at both ends. The guy fucking her face had a rather short cock, looking to be only about 4 inches long, but it was very wide and he had a massive, massive set of balls on him. The guying fucking her cunt doggie style had about 6 inches with a thin shaft and a gigantic head on it that when he pulled it all the way out looked about as twice as thick as the shaft. The guy fucking her face grabbed her underneath the jaw and just started hammering her face, I thought he was going to break her nose he was fucking it so hard. He slammed forward one more time, let out a long UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN and I watched as his balls contracted once, twice, three, four times, dumping load after load of cum into her mouth. I could see her throat swallowing it all. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and she collapsed forward as the guy in her cunt slammed home a couple more times and he too started draining a huge bunch of cum in her. She lay there panting for a second before saying..DING NEXT!!..


"AHEM!!!" I said.  Whats all this?


My wife looked at me and she was obviously quite drunk..."oh hey honey, these are the guys"  

I said.. "And just what the fuck do you think you are doing??" 


She answered. "getting my brains fucked out of course. you said I could have sex with him if he came up to me, but since I dont know who he is, I decided to just fuck them all"  

I was gobsmacked. But, I did not stop her. The two guys that just finished left and two more guys walked up to her, looking at me for any sign of stopping them. The next two guys were average size, but instead of doing pussy and mouth, the one crawled under her, let her sink her pussy down on his cock and the second guy entered her ass. My wife was cumming in seconds. Screaming, fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes, her entire body tensed and there was gush of liquids pour out and down the hips of the guy planted in her pussy. The two guys lasted a few more seconds then her Before the one in her ass started cumming first and then the one in her pussy was set off, two more loads of cum dumped into my dirty hot cumslut wife. She layed on top the guy under neath her for a bit before getting up enough energy to lift herself off. 6 guys down, 6 to go apparently. She sat up on the bench and cum poured out of her pussy and ass. She said, those are getting a break.. Next two get blowjobs only.  The two to step up were probably barely 20, the cocks almost looked identical, super hard and standing straight out at about 7 inches. She pulled them close and tooks turns sucking one and stroking the other, back and forth, back and forth. She got them real close together and foreced both cocks into her mouth at the same time and they both came after about 10 seconds. She pulled them out, their young hard shots arcing over her head, into her hair, hitting her face and finally chest. It was a massive amount of cum. She kissed both cocks and let them go shouting. DING NEXT! again. 


I looked over and two of the guys looked dismayed as they had cum while touching themselves while watching her. She tried sucking them hard, but they just could not, that left two guys. Two guys, who for obvious reasons were going last.  Those obvious reasons being gigantic, rock hard cocks. At least 10 inches long, and matched with huge balls. She just noticed the size for the first time and said.. oh my!.. those are beautiful. She jumped off the bench and scooted over the first one and started licking it at the balls and up, sucking the balls into her mouth and letting them plop out, licking all the way up to the head and shoving as much in her throat as she could. she kept forcing it and forcing it down her throat, finally she had the entire ten inches buried in her mouth. her nose resting her in pubic hair her throat was convulsing around it. She pulled out and puked all over the floor and shoved it back in. Literally fucking his cock with the back of her throat. She pulled off and puked a little more and went back to throat fucking her self. The guy just yelled holy shit and his big balls started contracting, pumping load after load after load after load straight down her throat. There must have been 10 or 15 contractions of his balls before he finally pushed her back and off his sensitive cockhead. She smiled at me and said, now THAT was a throat fucking.  She turned to the next guy and was about to suck his cock when he said.  Oh I dont think so honey. Picked her up and layed her back down on the bench, his massive cock somehow dwarfing her whole body.


He picked her legs up over his shoulders, lined his huge tool up at her cunt and said, you are not going to walk straight when I am dont with you bitch. and slammed all 10 inches home in one hard massive thrust. My wife's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she started making sounds like she was being stabbed. ugg,ugg unn.oh,, u u u uu u u u uu u u u nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, her body stiffened up  somehow pushing him back and out of her cunt and she SQUIRTED!!.. once twice, three times, huge squirts of liquid shot out from her. splashing down her legs and onto his rippling abs and cock. Lots trickling  down her ass crack. she just lay there panting, before saying, wow..never in my life have I cum so hard. He moved  in to fuck her pussy again and she said, no way, no how.. I am just to sensitive. He gruffed at her flipped her over and said, I am fucking your ass then. He pulled her hips up somehow even though she was slippery as hell, lined his cock up and slowly fed her the entire length. she yelled.. oh god dont move, dont move, so he stopped and she started fucking back at him, after slamming back about 20 times she came again, more juices pouring out of her cunt and down her legs. She was gasping.. oh god, fuck me, fucken tear me up with that monster. He obliged by starting to hammer at her ass like no tomorrow. she looked over at me, glazed look in her eyes and motioned me over. i pulled my cock out and she enveloped it all right up to my pubic hair. She let the attack from behind her do all the work, her mouth moved slippery back and forth on my cock, her nose hitting my hair over and over and over. The guy behind her grimaced, grabbed her hips and started pouring cum into her cunt. The thought alone of him doing that made me cum too, I grabbed my wifes hair and started pumping my cum down her throat. We both fell back exhausted, my wife crumpled into a heap on the bench. As the other guy left and he thanked me and I looked at my wife, her entire body flushed, soaked in sweat and cum.  She had taken on 13 guys including me and had the biggest most content smile on her face. My loving wife, who less then a year ago would not even admit she liked being throat fucked and barely enjoyed sex, WTF did I turn her into?






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