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Vacation Island Sex Slave

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I awoke suddenly. Where was I? What was going on? My drugged mind struggled to remember and put together answers to my own questions. The room was cool and dark, with only a dim light on the far side of the room. Long, black curtains extended with the breeze from several windows beside me as the cool night?s breeze blew into the room, making me shudder with the cold.

I tried to move, but quickly realized that my hands were firmly tied to the head of this bed where I was lying, totally naked. One hand was pulled to each corner of the bed and secured by some sort of leather straps around my wrists.

I felt hammered and my body ached all over, like I had been through some sort of ordeal for which I had no memory.

I soon realized my legs were also tied tautly in a spread open position to the lower corners of the bed.

Slowly, my senses returned as I tried to figure out what was this situation. I felt wetness under my hips on the sheets of this bed. What had happened? Had I been r*ped? I could not remember anything.

My large 38DD breasts were standing up and my nipples were taut from the cool breeze and frigid temperature of the night?s ocean breezes blowing into the room.

Still I could make no sense of where I was or why I was there.

Slowly, I regained a few blurry memories of a guy, ?.several guys?.., hovering over me and doing sexual things with me. Laughing, noisy, drinking, party-type sounds of their being over me and having their way with my body, handling my breasts, probing my pussy, fucking me hard and deep, and also violating my rectum. So fuzzy. So vague. Guess I was conscious during some of that and unconscious from time to time as they had their fun with my naked body. I don?t really know. It is all just a blur.

But suddenly I realized how much my pussy hurt. It was on fire from what they had done to me. It had been used and abused without my knowing what had happened. This was so strange. Why could I not remember more?

Then it hit me. I remembered drinking a mixed drink on the beach. I remember reclining on a lounge chair and watching the waves roll onto the beach in the darkness of this night club.

Some waiter had brought me what I ordered and now here I was in this room, totally naked. Maybe someone had slipped something into my drink. What else could it be?

In my wooziness and state of half-consciousness, I now felt my left arm being grasped abruptly by someone. Looking over in a blur, I saw some dark-skinned guy injecting a needle into my arm and emptying the contents into a vein. Then I passed out again.

The next time I regained consciousness, I was face down on a bed and my mouth was filled with a ball gag. My eyes were blind folded so I could see nothing, not even knowing whether it was day or night. My hands were now bound together and directly over my head, but my legs were loose with no restraints.

This time my ass was on fire to match my pussy. And again the bed was very wet under me. There was still nothing for me to remember to explain why I was in this situation of bondage.

Suddenly I heard a door open and someone come into the room behind me. Listening intently, though my mind was still very blurry and barely able to comprehend anything, I felt someone crawl on top of my naked buttocks with bare legs.

This person then quickly and roughly grabbed my butt cheeks, spread them apart, and shoved a lubricated finger into my anus, poking and probing in a frenzy to lubricate me without any effort at tenderness.

Moments later I felt the guy pressing his penis head to my anus and shove it inside my rectum. In spite of my drugged and semi-conscious condition, the pain was horrific. But there was nothing I could do as this guy plowed deeply and viciously into my rectum with his large, hard penis and humped my butt for all he was worth. He lasted maybe ten minutes before he ejaculated inside me. I felt his warm semen being pumped deeply inside my body, filling me up with he juices.

It was painful but there was nothing I could do. I was not able to move my legs in any way to make a difference as he finished hard thrusting his semen inside me and slowly pulled out, giving me a hard slap on the buttocks when he left. He mumbled something in Spanish and left. I heard the door open and close again.

Again I felt wetness between my legs as his semen oozed out of my anus and onto the bed underneath my naked body as he apparently left the room and everything was silent again.

Seemingly only a few minutes later, someone entered the room again, loudly opening and closing the door in the process. I felt my body now being roughly flipped over and turned face up on the bed. This guy bumped my legs apart as I felt his bare legs pushing my legs open on the bed.

Suddenly he rammed his huge penis inside me with no preparation of my vagina. I felt him drop on top of my upper body in my naked, bound, gagged, and blind-folded condition. I noticed that he smelled bad, REALLY BAD. His body odor and the dripping sweat was my only memory of him as he rammed his penis repeatedly inside me for the next fifteen minutes or so. Finally, he made sounds of pleasure as he expended himself inside my bound and prostrate body. I felt his semen pooling inside of me as he continued humping and pounding me into the mattress as he pleased. After another five minutes or so, I felt the hardness of his penis start to decrease in size.

Without a word, he removed his wet, semi-rigid penis and left the room, again leaving me to wonder my fate.

I dozed off, only to awaken with some guy climbing on top of me and toying with my vagina with his fingers. He only laughed and made sounds of pleasure as he knocked and slapped my legs apart and quickly entered me with his also huge, rigid penis. And then it was more of the same as he humped my immobile body mercilessly on the bed to relieve himself.

Finally, he got from me what he wanted and I felt his massive semen bursts shooting deeply inside my vagina, filling me again. He continued to thrust himself deep inside me and finish using my body.

Slowly I now believed that I was a sex slave on this vacation island that I had chosen.

A drug in my drink had put me at their mercy to use me now sexually however they wanted, drugging me when they chose to do so. I realized that no one would know where to find me.

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