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Use Her

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Use Her!

We go out to a house party one Saturday night really looking forward to it because it has been for ever and a day since we have been out with out the kids. Tessa is dressed in a black mini-skirt that really hugs her hips and comes to about mid thigh a white shirt that really accentuates her breasts, no hose and high heels complete the out-fit. We arrive at the party it?s already under way and there are a lot of people mingling about, we realize there are more men there than there are women. There is only a smattering of couples, no single women that we can see. We get our drinks and start mingling and socializing with the ones we already know, and talking to the ones we don?t. One rather good looking young man shows up at the party and starts chatting with Tessa. I?m there but I?m just hanging back letting the conversation develop on it?s own, he asks her if she wants to dance - she looks over at me and I nod my approval she smiles and accepts the young mans offer taking his hand.

They move to the area that is set aside for dancing and they start dancing to a fast song, Tessa is moving seductively against him, she turns around and presses her back against him, grinding up against him his hands roaming her hips and sliding them around to her front, He leans in and starts kissing her neck. I can see her hands rubbing against him slowly and coyly playing with his crotch. That?s where I last saw them. I started talking with the host of the party. The next thing I know Tessa is gone and so is her ?boy-toy?. I slowly make my way back to the bedrooms, the first one being empty and the second and third occupied, but no Tessa. I make my way to the last bedroom and I start hearing some very familiar sounds from a very familiar girl. I slowly open the door and peek in. ?Oh yes baby that?s good!? I can see boy-toy?s head buried between Tessa?s legs. ?Oh yes! God that?s good! Oh God I am going to cum!? Oh fuck yes baby I am Cumming!! She sees me standing at the door and gives me one of those seductive little winks. Boy-toy kisses his way back up Tessa?s body and they start to kiss very deeply, their tongues exploring each other. She rolls him over with her on top and starts kissing her way down. She pulls his shirt up over his head, kissing her way down until she gets to his nipples, which are apparently very sensitive?he arches his back while she licks from one to the other. She starts making her way down a little further and slowly starts undoing his khakis. She pulls them down while rubbing a very well sized bulge in his shorts. She pulls them down just a little until the head of his dick is poking through. She kisses it and starts licking around it. She takes her tongue and runs it over the head of his cock. Tasting his pre-cum, she hungrily takes the whole thing into her mouth. He arches his back and grabs the back of her head as if to keep her there. She had no plans of going anywhere but further down his pole. ?Oh God?, I know he?s filling her mouth. She takes it all and licks him clean. She kisses her way back up until they are lip-locked; tongues probing. She reaches down and grabs his cock and starts stroking it. After just a few minutes of this and some deep French kissing he?s back at full mast (you have to love younger men). They roll over until he is behind her and sliding his cock into her. She loves this position. He grabs her by the hips and starts stroking slow and deep thrusts. ?Oh yeah, that?s it? He starts going faster and harder, and I can see his nut-sack slapping against her- ?oh God yes, harder baby!! Fuck me, yeah!? Tessa, you like this? ?Yes! Oh shit, I am about to cum again!? I see her body rock with an orgasm, and this spurs him on, feeling her pussy muscles gripping his cock. ?Oh God I?m going to fuck you!! Yeah baby fuck me!! Yeah! I love this pussy!!? ?Do it baby, fill me up? This pushes boy-toy over the edge and he explodes. I see his come leaking out from around his cock. He starts to soften and slips out of her. I leave and about five minutes later I see them come out of the bedroom and he goes his own way and Tessa rejoins me. ?Did you have fun?? I got a big smile and ?wonderful? she says, several dances later we are hanging out -out back when another guy we know asks Tessa to dance.

She accepts and they head off to the dance floor, this is a perfect chance I realize to myself to set something up I know she has been fantasizing about. I give Tessa and the guy several dances and let them slowly head back to the bedrooms in the back this time paying attention to as to which room they go in and I give them some privacy for a little while. I go and find the host to tell him what I have planned and the grin that appears on his face tells me he wants to be involved GREAT!!! We both go about looking for people and 6 guys and 1 girl later we head to the bedroom. (The girl wants to be the fluffer and to clean Tessa?s well used pussy). When we get to the room we hear the sounds of some pretty hot fucking - OH YEAH GIVE IT TO ME! HARDER BABY HARDER! He is standing at the edge of the bed and Tessa is in the doggy position. The host is the first one naked so he walks around and puts his cock next to Tessa?s head , this catches her by surprise but not for long , she slides his cock into her mouth and starts sucking it . Mmmmmm oh shit I?m going to cum and the man that?s in her explodes, he with draws and is quickly replaced by another one and this really catches her by surprise! OH YEAH -shit she feels good I LOVE FUCKING A WET PUSSY yeah baby suck that mans cock. The host starts thrusting into her mouth YEAH FUCK IM GOING TO CUM! Two of the other guys get on the bed and starts playing with her nipples one on each side. I can hear Tessa swallowing the hosts load. She takes his cock out of her mouth and looks around and smiles and say?s ? OH GOD ? I?m so hot and just then another cock appears in front of her which she hungrily sucks down . The fluffer girl is busy getting another guys hard , The guy fucking Tessa from behind starts really thrusting into her ? SHIT BABY IM CUMMING ? I can see cum leaking out of her , The fluffer girl walks over to Tessa & leans down so she can clean out her flowing pussy , This drives Tessa into another orgasm.

After cleaning Tessa out the fluffer girl starts working on another Guy (the last of the 6) the other one walks over to Tessa and has her lay down on her back. He lifts her legs and starts feeding her his dick, the one that was having his dick sucked arches his back and explodes! ?OH GOD YES ?she swallow?s the load & licks him clean. The guy fucking her really starts to pound her. OH mmmm yes BABY!!OHHHH! YESSSS he pulls out and explodes shots of hot cum land on her chest & breasts she has cum leaking down Every where the last one takes his place immediately after , no slow feeds he just power drives into her and starts fucking her . The fluffer girl straddles Tessa?s face and lowers her pussy so she can get some relief as well. The guy pounding Tessa?s pussy is really giving it to her I can hear Tessa moaning into this girls pussy and it sends fluffer girl into an orgasm! Oh shit baby suck my pussy GOD YES I?m CUMMING! She covers Tessa?s face with her juice, the guy pounding away yells out he is Cumming! And pulls out and shoots his load all over Tessa?s stomach and breasts The fluffer girl gets up and leans down so that she can kiss Tessa and clean her face up , and starts working her way down Tessa?s body cleaning up all the cum she finds, she makes it to Tessa?s pussy and starts her swollen pussy . Tessa arches her back ?OH GOD YESS? I?m CUMMING! The girl is really fucking Tessa?s pussy with her tongue she slides a couple of fingers inside her and starts working her over. The fluffer girl looks up at me and says this would be perfect if someone would slide their dick in my ass! Well you know how much can one person take! My dick was as hard as a steel pipe and was aching to stick something. The Host throws me a bottle of lube and I apply it to her ass in generous amounts and I cover my cock with it. I slowly play with her ass with my cock.

I start to feed it into her she gasps and moans into Tessa?s pussy. Well as you can imagine this sends Tessa into an orgasm, after a few strokes I finally have my cock all the way into her GOD!! BABY YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT!! Her ass is squeezing my cock and is really working my cock, I would like to say I fucked her silly and long and hard but alas it was a mere 10 or so strokes and I filled her tight ass. At this point Tessa was on the verge of exhaustion and everyone started getting dressed and leaving the room. The fluffer girl stood up and kissed Tessa telling her she was absolutely amazing. She kissed me as well before she left she handed me her cell phone number. The host before he left told me to let Tessa rest and when she was ready she could use his shower. I cuddle up next her and kiss her ?Baby you were fantastic? I hope that?s what you were looking for. She looks at me says it was wonderful baby! We start kissing and soon I?m back at full mast and slide into her. I lift her leg and we slowly make love spooning each other we both explode with each other at the same time. After the shower and a few more hours of just mingling and dancing we head for home. In the car she looks over at me and smiles and says well I cannot wait till the next time!! GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!

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