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Up against the fence

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They were both young, Rusty was about twenty and Kristen about nineteen. They lived in a trailer park across from school near a twenty-four hour food and beverage store that was the gathering place for cars, music, young men and action. On hot summer nights when it would rain like warm water from the shower nozzle in the tiny bathroom they shared. They sought freedom from the possessiveness that accompanied relationships, so occasionally they sought pleasure alone or with each other. Kristen was about five feet four inches and smooth with long straight blonde hair that kissed her back just above her waist and Rusty was taller, about five foot six with soft red curls that framed a face that was almost grown-up.

They loved to dress up except when it got really hot and tonight it was really hot. Then it began to rain, that slow drizzle that wets everything without really soaking it, the kind of rain you can walk in and the rain just barely gets you wet and you can brush it off your face and you don't even notice but it does make your clothing wet. The kind of rain that made them want to feel really good together and so they decided to go to the twenty-four hour food store to get a large bottle of baby oil to play with together in the shower where they could forget how hot it was and lose themselves in kisses and lips and fingers and tongues until they felt so good they would fall asleep without noticing the heat and the moisture because they were hotter than any night ever was.

They both slipped on fresh new ribbed, men's undershirts over their naked bodies and strapped thin, brown leather belts around their waists. Then they put on high-heeled shoes over thin white, short socks and, carrying their four dollars together, they crossed the vacant lot past the chain-link fence and walked up the sidewalk to the light where they crossed the street and headed towards the store. Eyes followed them as they walked up to the door and entered. The man behind the counter watched them attentively as they cruised the aisles looking for the baby oil.

Several young black men came in while the two young girls were looking and watched as they moved about, their bodies highlighted by the thin, wet material that clung to them and flared out slightly at the bottom like a short skirt.

The baby oil had been moved to the bottom shelf in the back aisle and Kristen bent over to get it as the men watched.

She was wearing no under pants and her smooth pussy was trimmed short and shaved around the lips the way both girls liked it. A drop of warm rain water ran down her slender leg on the inside and one of the young men blew out slightly between pursed lips, not a loud sound but just enough that Kristen heard it and turned. He smiled and she smiled back.

Everybody wore as little as possible in the heat and she looked at his shorts and tennis shoes and his bare chest and noticed how like a sculpture he was with his smooth, dark skin and his bright smile. The aisles were narrow and to get by she had to brush past him. Her pointed breasts and hard nipples slip across his hard chest as he breathed in to let her get by.

The girls paid for the baby oil and stepped through the doors into the rain. As they walked back to the trailer, they tore off the label and opened the squirt-top to smell the fresh scent. Their hard, wet bodies bounced seductively as they walked and giggling to each other, they failed to notice the five young dark men that gathered to watch them as they crossed into the darkness of the other side of the street running alongside the vacant lot.

They turned in at the lot and walked toward the center and turned at the hurricane fence and started towards to trailer park at the end of the fence. It was Kristen who first turned and saw the five men and she stopped to see what they wanted. Rusty hurried her steps and blended into the darkness where she felt safe. Kristen realized too late that the five men were following them and not simply traveling the same direction. She felt very naked in her thin undershirt and the rain soaked it enough that her body was completely exposed through the thin, wet material. She turned, looking for Kristen and then turned back to judge the distance when she realized they were too close to escape. Kristen was carrying the bottle of oil with the lid lifted up off the squirt-tip. She tried to run anyway, but only got a few steps before they caught up to her and stood around her in a circle. She turned, first this way and then that way, first toward one tall, bare chested man, then back towards another. Her lower lip quivered, her breath quickened, and this only served to make the thin, wet material tighten across her firm breasts.

The men smiled and she moaned as they stepped in and caressed her bare arms. From the shadows, Rusty watched helplessly as Kristen was taken into one man's arms and her mouth was kissed deeply and slowly, his tongue slipping around and around the smooth, wet inner surface of her lips. His hands were so large he gripped her easily around her slender waist and she arched back as his hands held her, his thumbs pressed gently into her hard belly.

They passed her from man to man, each one easing her along, taking advantage of her helplessness. Even though she was afraid, she couldn't resist their gentle touches and clever seduction and by the fifth or sixth kiss, she succumbed. Rusty, watching from the dark shadows, heard a familiar moan that meant she was losing her pretty little lover to someone else. Kristen's young tan wet body quickened, and the men held her gently while the tallest man slid his shorts down, revealing his thickened cock.

He stepped up to her and stroked the rubbery head of it back and forth over her ribs just below her breasts.

She watched its thick tip push first one way then the other and wondered how that must feel. How good it must feel for him to have his cock pushed from side to side like that across her firm, wet breasts, she thought.

Her eyes widened as she saw how thick it was growing the more he rubbed it back and forth. The other men were holding her lightly but firmly, their hands slipping up and down her arms as they were held to her sides. She was going to be taken and they were getting hotter and hotter as they touched her young body with their rough, callused hands, and their wet, hard bodies. One of the men took the large bottle of baby oil from her yielding hands and unscrewed the lid slowly as she watched. Her eyes widened as she watched him drop the lid to the ground and pour the wet, warm liquid into his large hands. Her lips parted as she watched the oil spill over the edges of his palms and start its slow descent to her long tanned legs. Just the touch of the oil was enough to drive her wild, and she twisted in the men's firm grip, trying helplessly to escape.

The rain began to fall harder now, beading up in droplets on the oil and running down her trembling young body. She whimpered softly as the men coated her with oil, turning her smooth skin shiny and glistening. One of the men unbuckled her thin little leather belt and let it fall from her waist. Kristen trembled as another slipped his wet tongue deep into her beautiful mouth. Stepping behind her, he began to slowly raise her thin, wet undershirt as the others watched with widening eyes. His hands slid the little shirt up above her hips and she tucked her tight little butt back, holding her knees together bashfully.

Little by little, her nubile little body was uncovered.

Soon the shirt covered only her high pointed little breasts.

His fingertips traced her graceful curves tenderly, teasing her more and more until she whimpered. His fingertips ran down the front of her body, passing over the dip of her pretty little navel and slipping down very near to her flat, taut belly below. Another finger stroked her gently between her tight plump little cheeks and she moaned as she felt it slide lower.

Then he spoke softly into her wet little ear as the rain drenched her naked body. 'Look at them,' he commanded.

'They really like you, don't they?' She nodded weakly, aware of their unwavering gaze. It was true. The others were stroking themselves as they stared at her sexy little body, displayed like a fresh little plaything for their hungry mouths. 'Please,' she begged. 'Do whatever you want to me.

Just promise you'll let me go!'

'Good,' he replied, his voice dripping. 'We like it when you beg like that. Arch your body a little more and we'll consider it.'

She obeyed, letting her shoulders raise slightly.

'Like this?' Kristen asked. 'Is this the way you want me?'

'More,' he urged. 'My friends want to see you stretched out as far as you can.' Her back bowed as she complied with his demand. The skin over her ribs stretched tight and her breasts were drawn up even higher. One of the boys whistled lowly. 'That's it,' he said approvingly.

His lips brushed her ear and Kristen sighed helplessly.

'Let your little titties jut out so my friends can touch them.' She lowered her eyes shyly and did what she was told.

The men edged toward her stretched body.

The rain drenched them all in a steady curtain of wet spray that made her slender body glow and shine. Kristen looked into the eyes of the men as they inched closer. Her little shirt was being slid higher. 'Now, let's uncover those pretty little titties,' he said, sliding the wet material higher.

Her breasts raised up as the gathered material of the shirt caught her nipples and pulled them higher. Then, popping free, they bobbed back down, bouncing seductively, drops of water flipping from their pointed tips. When it reached her wrists, he twisted it and looped it over the top of the hurricane fence behind her. Then he stepped out from behind her and joined his friends. 'Help me,' she whimpered softly.

'Please let me go.'

'All right, we'll untie you,' he teased. And with that, they all moved forward. Thinking they might let her go, she rose up on her tip-toes so that they could lift her from the wire top of the fence. Kristen sighed, relieved that it might be over but sorry that she hadn't felt their hands on her yet. The first one to her took his thick cock in his hand and gripping it tightly in his fist, began to rub its wet, smooth tip back and forth across the slippery, oiled front of her long tan legs. 'What are you doing?' she gasped. One at a time, they stroked her young, nude body as she struggled weakly in front of them, arched and wet and moaning.

Rusty, watching from the shadows, trembled at the sight and let her soft fingertips slip under the edge of her little shirt, pulling it higher. Kristen begged softly as they touched her lightly, their hands stroking her here and there, searching for the places she liked to be touched. One of them turned her around and slipping his feet between hers, urged her legs apart. Now she stood facing the fence, her little round ass raised high behind her, her legs spread open, her slick wet, bare pussy exposed to them. 'Please don't,' she sighed, looking back over her shoulder at them. The first one stepped up to her trembling young body and, gripping his stiff cock in his fist, slid the tip of it into her wet little pussy. Kristen moaned suddenly, throwing her head of blonde curls back and sending a shower of spray over their bodies. Another man reached out and stroked her smooth ribs, letting his fingertips tease her prominent pink nipples.

The thick cock slid in a little deeper.'It's so big,'

Kristen moaned. 'Did I make it that big?'

'"Do you like it that big honey?' one of them asked, his lips brushing her ear. He stroked the rubbery head of his cock up and down her smooth, slick thigh.

'Oh, yes,' she moaned as the cock slid in a little further. 'I love to feel your cock like this. Do you like me?' Her eyes blinked slowly as she looked into his face so close to hers. The boy behind her drove his cock in further and she was pressed forward by the sudden force of his thrust. 'Oh, God,' Kristen cried out.

He began to drive it in and out, lifting her tight little ass with his hands and fucking her with a steady rhythm that lifted her higher on her tip-toes. Another man slid his wet tongue into her mouth and she sighed helplessly. One by one, they took her. As her friend watched from the darkness, Kristen was fucked into soft oblivion by the five hungry men. Her body was stroked and teased as she hung helplessly tied to the fence that separated the parking lot from the alley. Kristen moaned and sobbed, the thrill of being taken by multiple men was lifting her slender body into a frenzy and she bucked back onto the last of them as she felt the on rush of the most incredible orgasm she had ever had.

Kristen didn't blame her friend for abandoning her to these horny men, but she knew now how she would pay her back for running away and leaving her alone with them.

There would be another night, one in which she would lead them both into a dark convenient spot where men would catch them together and this time she would get to watch her friend as she was taken. She trembled at the thought as the last of them slid out of her, his eagerness spent and his cock softening.

They lifted her hands from the fence and helped her slide the shirt back down. She kissed each of them tenderly and they watched her as she skipped away into the night.

They wanted to follow her to find out where she lived, but the biggest one stopped them. 'Have a little faith,' he said.

'Don't you think she'll came back for more?'

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