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Trip To Mexico

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Maria had me pack a bag for a trip one evening before leaving her place. Be here at 10 she said, be ready to travel a little. Bring two outfits for day wear and if you want to bring anything sexy make sure it will pass for a club but it can be very almost not there, understand? Sure Maria and she kissed me. I went to the apartment and Jack was not there so I packed a bag and slept. I got up and showered and took my time and made it to Marias a little before 10. I wore a dress that was sheer and yet covered everything. Nice she said, very nice. Did you bring the passport? Sure I said and she handed me a glass of wine. She had one also and we sipped till I began to feel light headed. The last thing I remembered ws being helped up and put in the car and Maria said let's go, we have people waiting. Stop and pick up the other girls on the way. I had dreams of orgasms and when I woke up I was on a platform or stage having sex with a mexican man that had a huge cock, plunging into my pussy hard. Maria was on the egde of the platform as if directing traffic. He finished and she showed him off the platform, Spoke in spanish and another man got up, undressed and climbed on. I began to try to move but my legs were tied aprt and my arms were tied also but not tight. I could move them some. They pay more if you act like you are enjoying it Dear she said and the man rammed into me. I let out a cry that turned into a sexual growl, making sure to act like I was in a porn flick, he got more excited and began really humping hard. He filled me with his cum and rolled off reaching into his pants pocket handing Maria more money. She argued with him and he ggave her more. She looked at me, Suck his cock she said. What? You hard me, suck him off and swallow it. Before I could answer he pushed his cock into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. He slowly moved it in and out realizing I had to breath and it made it better for him. I began to get into sucking him and he saw it as did the audience and they began cherring, at least I think they were. His load filled my throat and I let just enough leak out to lick my lips and make them all clap. More men got up and were standing next to the stage in line, then sitting so the audience could see. They each got undressed and gave Maria money and she let them come and take me. Sometimes two at a time and once 3 but usually one at a time. I don't know how long this went on but finally I was helped up and cleaned up and I slept. I don't know how long but I woke to a cock in my ass, pumping hard. Then cum filled it and I was again being sold to more men. Wak up and enjoy it dear. They are paying well for it. I began acting and made a few cum really fast but thee were some than managed to give it to me nice and long and some slow. These gave me orgasms which I accented a lot making sure that they knew they were real studs. I don't know how long this went on but I had gone to her place on the 7th of the month and go back on the 28th. I slept and ate some but mostly was fucked in everyway imaginable. We got back and Maria edited film of me getting fucked and while we watched it one evening I felt a little sick. I ran for the bathroom and threw up like crazy. I came out, You okay Dear she said wiping the sweat from my face. I don't know, must have caught something. Here she said and handed me something to pee in, fill this up dear. I went and filled it and brought it back. She took it and came back. Well, we did it everyone. They applauded and I looked at them, Did what, what is going on. We got you pregnant Dear she said and I almost fainted. Pregnant, by who? any one of about 100 men take you pick. It worked the way I planned it she said. I took you off the pill a long time ago, been giving you fakes and then took yoiu to Mexico during your fertile time and had yu fucked around the clock. I got you pregnant. I sat and began crying and Maria stood in front of me and took her dress off and dropped to her knees, Shut up she said as she licked my thighs and began sucking my cilt. I moaned and spread my legs. She ate me slowly and made me cum so much. It felt good. NOw she said, lets yuo and I go to bed. From that night on I slept with Maria and did not have sex with anyone else for the time I was poregnant. I had a miscarriage in my 6th month and cried for weeks. Maria said good bye after that. I left and Jack had graded and gone to his first base. I met him there but we never did get along again. After a year we divirced.

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