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Training the Wife to the ways of the Club

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She sighed contently as the last waves of climax resided in her. She picked up the vibrator and smiled thinking of the many times she had used it to get herself off. She placed it on the nightstand next to the bed and laid down preparing for sleep. As she closed her eyes, she once again had the vision of the line of men gathered before her, waiting their turn. It was the same vision she had just masturbated to, a line of twenty men standing before her completely naked waiting to fill her every entrance.

She had this vision often. When he was away and she would lie alone at night thinking of him, inevitably she would end up at this place. Excited, hot, and eager. Wanting to be fucked by these faceless men. He had told her many times that it would happen. At first it was a fantasy. Merely a passive thought that intrigued her. But as time rolled past it had become an anticipation. She wanted it every day. When he was away she would have trouble sleeping due to the her lack of sex. She would lie awake in bed horny and wanting sex, but sex would not come. It was then that she would reach for her toy and close her eyes envisioning these men waiting to please her. She would turn her vibrator on and place it at her entrance, wanting to be entered.

She would imagine the first one walking up to her and licking her below, getting her wet. His tongue flicking her clit and sliding into her awaiting pussy. It was not what she wanted. She wanted to be fucked. She needed that hard cock inside of her. She needed to feel her lips part as his cock slid in as deeply as it would go. She wanted dick. She loved foreplay, but right now she wanted to be filled. In her mind she would see her unknown lover stand before her placing his cock at the entrance to her hole. She would moan with anticipation as she could feel his cock resting on her lips. He would slide the head up and down lubricated himself. Suddenly he shoves his entire length deep inside of her, stopping only because he can go no further. She cries out in pleasure feeling him inside of her filling her completely. He begins pumping his cock into her. She writhes with pleasure, knowing that there is so much more to come. She feels warmth on her lips and opens her eyes to see another hard dick bobbing in her face. She smiles and parts her lips as the second cock fills her mouth. The second man begins pumping into her eager mouth as the man in her pussy continues his administrations as well. Both men come to a matching rhythm, one sliding in her mouth as the other slides out of her pussy. He slides back into her pussy as the other slides out of her mouth. This continues for a few minutes until she feels the beginning of her first orgasm. The electricity begins to course through her. She is moaning around the cock in her mouth. Her pussy begins to tighten on the cock inside of her. The waves of climax cascade upon her as she comes, her pussy clinching like a vice. The sudden change in pressure sets off the guy in her pussy. He moans that he is coming. He pumps a final time and explodes deep inside of her. She moans again as the cock in her mouth erupts, spurting its seed deep down her throat. She swallows every drop, not wanting to waste a bit. Both men step away, as the next step up.

One lays down on his back and instructs her to mount him. She squats over his stiff cock. Slowly she lowers herself down, impaling herself. She begins to rock her hips. The second walks over and places his cock near her mouth. She swallows him deep. She is now controlling the tempo of this fuck fest. She grinds down hard onto the man below her, wanting his cock deeper in her than is possible. She slides her mouth back and forth on the cock she has in her mouth. She feels something on her ass. A third man has walked up and is licking her asshole. He lubes her up with her own pussy juice and grabs her ass. She stops moving because she knows what?s coming next. The third man puts his cock in line with her asshole. Slowly he inserts himself into her. He bottoms out and stops, letting her adjust to his width. She is so hot she is close to climax again. The third man grabs her hips and slides her up his cock. The cock in her pussy glides out simultaneously. The ass fucker begins rocking her back and forth on both of their cocks slowly at first but building up speed. The man in her mouth cant stand the sight anymore and blows deeply into her mouth. This sends her over the edge as she comes again. She comes hard and the cock in her mouth slips out as she collapses on the man under her. The man behind her starts slamming her harder into the two cocks. Its too much for her to handle and she instantly comes again. Her pussy explodes into orgasm squirting all over the man underneath her. He cant hold off any longer and launches his load deep into her pussy. She feels the cock in her ass swell as she feels the jets of hot come spurting inside of her bowels. He steps away. She dismounts the man under her, and he steps away as well.

The next two men step up for their turn. One takes her by the hand and leads her to a sex swing hanging from the ceiling. They help her into the swing, as she is still wobbly. One stands in front of her and the other behind. They both place their cocks at an entrance and in unison slam their cocks into her well lubricated ass and pussy. She screams as another orgasm sweeps over her. The two men begin fucking her as hard as they can from both sides. She feels them ramming into her holes as hard as they can. She closes her eyes and listens to the sound of their thighs slap against her. They are fucking her so hard she can?t concentrate as she feels another orgasm rip through her body. The two continue to fuck her as hard as they can as her pussy and ass convulses on each of their cocks. Come in me please, she begs the men and they both bottom out deep inside of her letting torrents of come rip through her. The simultaneous swelling of their cocks cause her to come again and she gushes all over the man in front of her. The two men step away and she falls back in the swing from lack of support.

Her breathing is heavy as she hangs there suspended in the swing. A single man walks up in front of her. She looks down. His cock is huge. it?s the biggest cock she has ever seen. He scoops up some of the come draining from her pussy and lubricates his enormous dick with it. He grabs her by the thighs and lines himself up. He attempts to enter her but he is to big. He knows there is only one way to get his cock inside the well fucked pussy. He gets a better grip of her thighs and pulls her as hard as he can into her. His cock shoots into her as she screams in pleasure and pain. She feels like she is being ripped in two. He starts rocking her back and forth as she adjusts to his size. She begins to come again and as her pussy clenches up. Her pussy grips his tool so hard he cant move her. Her orgasm subsides and her pussy relaxes around his cock. He takes this as his signal and begins pounding into her as hard as he can. She is screaming the entire time. She has never felt like this before. It feels like he is climbing into her pussy. She feels another wave as it crashes down hard on her. Over and over she comes on this huge cock. He never slows down slamming her over and over. The multiple orgasm continues to wash over. She is one single orgasm that?s not stopping. The man grunts that he is about to come. He pushes her off of his cock and he jacks himself off in front of her until he begins to come. Squirt after squirt continues to shoot from his dick. It looks like a fire hose in front of her showering her with his come. Her orgasm continues as he finally slows down his spurting. He slaps her on the ass telling her thanks and walks away. Her orgasm subsides and her head falls back into the swing. She is completely spent and lays there to recuperate, falling asleep. The men remaining in line leave the room to give her some rest. They will be back later to finish her off.

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