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Tracys Big Night Out

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Tracy sat at the bar awaiting his return. The rum and cokes had numbed her senses enough that while she wasn?t drunk by any means, she was loose enough to be a ?go with the flow? kinda girl. This guy, Dan, had whispered things into her ear that would make a truck driver blush, but the only effect it had on her was making her panties wet. She wasn?t really the type to pick up (or be picked up) in a bar and go home with a guy. Not a prude by any standards, she just wasn?t the type to be a one night stand. Although, up to this point, all it had been was talk. Well whispering to be exact. Nothing about actually going home together had been said. Yet.

When he returned, he lightly brushed his hand across the back of her neck to let her know he was back. It sent chills down her spine and the hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention in response to the caress they?d been given. She also felt her pussy gush a little. WOW! Everything this guy was doing was turning her on. She couldn?t be sure if it was him being THAT good, or the rum and coke?s. Either way, she didn?t care. All it was going to take was a word from him and she?d be on her back in his bed allowing him to fill her pussy with his cock. She would suck his cock in the car on the way to make damn sure it was as hard as a rock so when they got there, they could just jump into things without waiting a minute more than they had to.

She was creating a fantasy that she didn?t even know if it had a chance of happening. Although she couldn?t see this guy doing all that he had been doing and not finishing the job. Or at least she hoped he would.

As they sat and talked some more, his hand would rest on her bare knee. Occasionally sliding up as far as mid-thigh but never proceeding further. This was driving her nuts. She tried shifting her leg a little so he might get the hint that she was ok with him going further, but he didn?t. He just kept doing things as he had been. Every few minutes she felt another shot of juices streaming out of her pussy. How was she going to get up to use the ladies room? She certainly will have left a spot on the bar stool.

Everything was moving like a dream. Almost in slow motion. No one around them seemed to be aware of what they were doing. Or perhaps they did know and just didn?t give a fuck. Either way, she was determined to make this night last as long as possible.

When she could hold it no longer, she got up to use the ladies room. She told him she?d be right back and all he said was ?I?ll have a surprise for you when you get back?. She was tempted to ask what it was, but she knew he?d never tell.

As she stood in front of the mirror, she looked into her own eyes. Was she really going to go through with this? She didn?t even know this guy. She might end up in the trunk of his car. Or buried under his porch. Her mind was going crazy with possible problems, but her pussy was going nuts with horniness. Guess which would win the battle?

When she came out of the ladies room, she walked to the stool where she had been sitting, only to find a man sitting there. Dan was gone. She looked around for him but didn?t see him.

?Excuse me, not to be rude, but I think you?re in my seat? she said to the unknown man. ?Oh, I?m sorry Tracy. Here, have a seat? he said as he got up. ?Thank you. I was talking with someone and I thought he would have saved my seat for me, but I guess he must have left? she said as she sat down. Disappointed. Dan must have lost interest. Stupid bladder. If only she?d not gone to the restroom. Oh well, if he was going to be that impatient, maybe she?d be better off?.. Wait a minute. ?How did you know my name? she asked this stranger. It finally hit her that he?d called her by name. Her heart sank into her stomach.

?Well, my name is Bill, and Dan asked me to keep you company until he gets back. He had to go for just a minute. He?ll be right back? he told her.

She wasn?t sure if she should be excited or nervous. Maybe she should be upset and Dan for passing her off to someone else. She couldn?t make up her mind.

Then Bill said he was heading to the men?s room. As he got up and walked by her, his hand brushed her neck just like Dan?s did. Ever so gently. Just enough to make the hairs stand on end again. As soon as he touched her, she got a familiar twinge in her pussy. She sat there pondering her feelings. Was she just so horny and turned on that anyone?s touch was having an effect on her? Or maybe she wasn?t as put off as she thought by Dan letting Bill take his place for a bit.

When he returned he sat next to her and leaned in to her ear. ?When Dan told me what you guys had been talking about and how he saw the wet spot on the stool when you got up, it made my cock so hard. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. When he asked me to keep you company while he was gone, I felt my balls tighten. You are so fucking sexy, I can?t wait to see what he asks me to do next? he said to her.

He sat up straight and looked at her face. Her eyes were shut and she was biting her bottom lip. He knew he had her. She knew it too. He continued to touch her and whisper things to her for some time, when she felt hands on her shoulders.

?Maybe we should go to a booth? Dan said. ?Looks like you two are getting along good. I?m glad to see that?. She turned around and saw him standing in front of her. He put his hands on her knees and leaned in towards her.

?Let?s go sit down and we?ll all talk? he said. She didn?t have to be asked twice. She immediately got up and headed to a booth. Bill got in front of her and slid across the seat first. He patted the seat and she sat down next to him. Dan sat down right next to her. It probably looked a little goofy, all of them in the same side of the booth, but they didn?t care. The three of them we in a different place. For all they knew, the whole bar was starring at them. They didn?t care.

As they sat there, Dan came up with a game. He would whisper something into her ear, and then she would repeat it in to Bill?s. Sounded good so they went with it.

?I know your pussy is dripping wet. I?d love to shove my tongue into it right now? was the first thing Dan said. Tracy looked at him with some hesitation. ?Tell him? he insisted. She leaned over to Bill. ?He says he knows my pussy is dripping. He wants to?. to?. to shove his tongue inside my pussy?. God she was wet. Her nipples were like rocks.

Both men had a hand on either of her legs. They were lightly rubbing her. Again, never going past mid thigh. She so badly wanted one of them to keep moving up and reach her pussy. She wanted one of them to reach under her skirt right there in the bar and rub her clit. She wanted to have fingers inside her and a tongue lapping her juices and probing her. Right there on the table, not caring if the whole place saw what was happening. She?d never been so turned on in her life.

She?d never acted this way before. She wasn?t a prude, she wasn?t sexually inhibited, she just never really thought about the possible variations. Well, thought about it maybe. She?d even made herself cum to more than one porn scene where a woman was getting slammed by 2 rock hard cocks at the same time. She?d seen 2 women fucking and sucking a guy?s cock and licking each other?s pussies. And she liked rubbing her own pussy while watching it. But she just never really thought of herself in that situation. Until now.

?I?d love to have my cock buried between those sweet red lips while Dan is filling your pussy with his cock? Bill whispered to her. Her pussy gushed and her face turned beet red. She leaned over to Dan and repeated what she?d just heard. ?He wants me to suck his cock down my throat while you fill my cunt with your dick? she said. Now she was adding her own words to it.

Dan finally took the initiative and inched his hand closer to her wet slit. He was only a couple inches away from it and she spread her legs willingly to allow him access. But then he quickly moved it back down her leg. She truly was going crazy.

Tracy looked down at his crotch and noticed a big bulge in his pants. As she reached for it, he squeezed his legs together and blocked her. She turned to Bill and he lightly shook his head no. They wanted to keep her on the edge and wondering what was coming next. They were doing a good job. Her head was spinning with lust. Her pussy was dripping with juices and her nipples were in a permanent state of hardness.

Almost as if rehearsed, both men leaned in and whispered ?Ready to go?? While this was a situation she never dreamed she?d be in and was totally un-expecting, she found herself answering them with ?Yes? almost before they finished asking.

?Follow me? Dan said as he took her hand and headed for the door. She reached around and grabbed Bill?s hand. Now people in the bar were starting to stare at them. It was pretty obvious what was going on. Tracy didn?t care. She had two men who were driving her pussy crazy and she wanted both of them and she didn?t care who knew it.

They walked out the door and Dan led them to his car. He opened the door and told her to get in the back seat and lay down. He and Bill got in the front. As they pulled out of the lot, Dan told her to hike her skirt up a bit and spread her legs. She did as she was told. Bill told her to squeeze her tits. She did as she was told. ?Now slowly run your hand down your body and lightly rub your pussy through your panties? Dan ordered. She did as she was told. ?Take your panties off and hand them to me? Bill said. She slid them off and without looking, reached her hand towards the front of the car. She felt him take them off her and she immediately put her hand back on her pussy. Her other hand still squeezing her tits.

Her panties literally were soaked. Bill stretched them out as far as he could. Pulling them like a rope. He wanted to see how far they would go. They pulled into Dan?s driveway and Bill told Tracy to sit up and close her eyes. She did. He then took her panties and blindfolded her with them. She didn?t object, even though she kept thinking about the fact that she didn?t know these 2 guys and she was in their car getting blindfolded. Again, her pussy won the battle and that was that.

They led her into the house and sat her on a couch. She could hear them moving around but didn?t know who was who. After a couple minutes, she felt hands on her shoulders. They rubbed her shoulders slowly and made their way down her arms. Slowly working back up and then down the front of her. Right when they were about to grab her tits, they went back up and continued back down her arms. She felt so good, but so frustrated. She badly wanted to have her tits squeezed and pussy rubbed. She kept thinking to herself that her pussy couldn?t get any wetter. When she walked from the car to the house she could feel her pussy juice running down her leg. She almost felt like she?d peed herself. This was the most erotic experience she?d ever had. But if she didn?t get some relief soon, she was going to explode.

The hands kept up their course. Shoulders to hands to just above the tits then back again. As she concentrated on that set of hands, she felt another set of hands on her feet. She didn?t know whose were whose, but she liked the massage.

She was moved to the edge of the couch and they guided her in making her sit on her hands. Nothing inside her ever told her this wasn?t a good idea. A rational person might have questioned whether she should have gone home with 2 strangers and let them blindfold her and take her into their house in the first place. But hey, just like a guy?s cock, sometimes the pussy has a mind of its own.

She could hear belt buckles clanging, and she finally thought it might be time for some relief. Her pussy gushed again in anticipation. Then she heard one of them say ?We?re gonna play a game. It?s called guess the cock. Let?s see if you can tell which one of ours cocks it touching you?. Finally, she was gonna get some cock. But not how she expected.

She sat there and out of know where; she felt something touch her face briefly. Then the other side. Then her nose and quickly down over her lips and chin. Finally she realized it was a cock. Now when it hit her she tried to suck it into her mouth. But it was coming and going so quickly she couldn?t get her lips in it in time. Then she felt another one hit her. She realized she had both of them teasing her. They were rubbing their cocks on her face and pulling them away before she could grab it with her mouth. She didn?t think her pussy could get any wetter than what it was, but she was wrong. No matter how hard she tried she couldn?t guess whose cock was touching her.

Finally, after a while of this, she felt one of the purple headed rods jamming its way into her mouth. More running along her tongue than anything. She?d close her mouth on it and it would pull back out as fast as it went in. Tracy was going absolutely bonkers. Fucking insane. She needed some cock NOW!!

They flipped her over onto her hands and knees, still on the couch, so her head was over the back of it. Right at the time she felt a cock rubbing her face, she felt one rubbing her inner thigh. Now she was getting somewhere. Almost. They both refused to slam into her and give her the pounding she wanted. They played around. Going in for a minute then popping back out. Going deep inside her pussy and then coming all the way out and just rubbing along her slit. Tickling the back of her throat then pulling out and smearing pre-cum on her lips and cheeks and chin. She was having a great time, but she so badly yearned for more that is was literally driving her up a wall.

Finally, Dan leaned forward and took off the blindfold. ?Did you like that?? he asked her. ?Oh God yes? she replied, ?But I need more NOW!!? With that he rammed his cock back down her throat. ?Get her good? he told Bill. He did.

Bill started to pick up the pace. His 7 inch cock was lubing up nicely with her juices. He had all 7 inches buried inside her. His balls slapping off her clit. Tits bouncing back and forth. He pussy was sloshing. She seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. After a while of her finally getting what she was craving, the guys pretty much had their way with her. They switched positions and she actually commented that sucking cock covered in her pussy juice was a huge turn on for her.

The guys switched a few times, and then they decided to move Tracy around. They fucked her in every position they could think of. Dan?s favorite was Tracy doing the reverse cowgirl on Bill. He could watch her get fucked and watch her beautiful tits bounce.

Finally, Bill said he couldn?t wait any longer. He HAD to cum. I think his balls were beginning to get sore from all the teasing at the bar then all the fucking at the house. Dan on the other hand was ready to go all night. But Tracy didn?t have all night. She was out later than she should have been now. Plus, if Bill didn?t cum soon his balls were gonna explode.

Tracy got down on her knees and alternated suck their cocks. Licking all over, sucking their balls, stroking their cocks, milking them. She started slow and sped up as she went. As she sucked their cocks, she thought she had seen something moving out of the corner of her eye. She brushed it off as her horny, lustful imagination and kept sucking cock.

When both guys said they were ready, she lay back on the couch and told them to cum all over her. They stood over her jerking off and one by one the shot their hot steamy loads all over her gorgeous tits. Load one hit her on the chin and the rest went right between her tits. Load two hit the left nipple and streamed down towards her belly button in a hot sticky line of cum. The third load sort of sprayed all over both tits. The final one hit her right in the mouth. She licked up what she could and wiped some of the rest with her fingers and then?. Wait a minute. Four loads? What the fuck? She looked around and realized there were two other guys standing over her. She was a bit startled but she was still so horny she didn?t really care.

?Hi guys, I?m Tracy. Nice loads. Next time we?ll have to bring you out of the shadows earlier?. She told them. Dan and Bill breathed a sigh of relief. While Dan was gone at the bar he was calling the other two guys and told them about this slut he?d met. He told them that if he and Bill got her back to his place, they could probably join in. the guys had decided to just watch from the shadows and come out when the time was right. Boy was their timing right.

Tracy?s pussy was still dripping wet and she was covered in cum. Dan pointed out the bathroom to her but she said she wanted to go home covered in their cum. That was she could rub it in and taste it and smell it while she made herself cum one more time before she went to sleep.

She walked around to all the guys, even the two who were just nice enough to make a deposit and gave them all a hug and kiss. Dan was her ride home, and said he was ready when she was. She told the boys she had a great time, and that she?d definitely be back for more. She blew them a kiss and walked out.

When she got home she kept her promise. She still had some not dried cum laying in spots on her and she rubbed it in and licked her fingers clean while she rubbed her clit and got herself off while thinking about her experience. It was the first time, but definitely not the last. She went to sleep with a smile on her face.

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