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Tractor Park

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Tessa started working at Victoria Secret and enjoyed all the extras that came with it. It was going quite well, all the training and gorgeous females that came in to try on the attire. One day a different kind of customer came in, it was a hot young hunk looking for some clothes for his girlfriend. I found out later that his name was Jake. He came on a regular basis to inquire about different pieces and buy a couple things each time he came in.

One day Tessa was working a long shift over the holiday weekend and Jake came in about lunch time. He asked Tessa to show him some lingerie and she replied, ?I would, but I?m going on break to lunch.? Tessa stirred, Jake was a very gorgeous young man, about 6 feet, muscular, with deep blue eyes. Tessa hemmed and hawed about him going with her, but finally gave in to his reques; after all it was just lunch. Jake walked with Tessa down to the food court and they retrieved some lunch and sat down. Tessa discussed her job and asked Jake what he did for work. He was working for a construction company while going to school to be an attorney. She asked about his girlfriend and what she thought of all the attractive clothing he bought her. Jake explained that they had broken up and that he was just coming back to the store all the time to see Tessa. Tessa began to feel a tingle between her legs wondering what this attractive young man was like in bed.

Not long after they had lunch a couple of Jake?s friends showed and said hello to the both of them. Tessa noticed the guys looking her over in her sexy skirt, blouse, and 3 inch high heels.

The guys introduced themselves in between stares as Mark and Jim. They both worked with Jake at the construction company and were headed to a movie. It was time to get back to work and Tessa felt a little uneasy with the boys all looking at her seductively, but they were all handsome and built. She did not know what was coming over her, but she thought it better to leave.

Well Jake, walked her back to the store and said good-bye, he shook her hand and thanked her for the company at lunch. Tessa smiled and really didn?t understand the sensations she was feeling in her body as she touched his hand. The day went along just fine with plenty of sales and not really anymore major excitement. She wrapped up the day and was getting ready to leave when the boys stopped back in. They had just gotten out of the movie and thought they would come by to see if she was still there. The feelings started once again when she saw Jake and his friends. Tessa said she was just leaving and they offered to walk her out to her car and not really thinking about it, she said yes.

It was about 7 pm and she really wasn?t that tired, but Jake beat her to the punch, and asked if she would go have a drink with them. They went to a place near the airport in Windsor that she had been to with Johnny. Tessa again, felt a tremendous need to continue with this feeling and agreed to the drink. The place turned out to be where Tessa and Johnny had been one time before they played a scenario for sex in their erotic trailer place up the road. They sat down, had some drinks and some band started to play. They each took turns dancing with Tessa and she was loosening up with the booze that they drank. A couple hours went buy and now a slow song came on and Jake quickly jumped at the chance to ask Tessa to dance. Very loose now, she took his hand as they walked to the floor. He held her close and she unknowingly just allowed him to place his hand at the top of her ass. She put her arms around his neck. He said she smelled beautiful as she looked into those blue eyes; she started to feel like she was getting wet. The slow song continued and they were very close to each other, close enough she could feel his cock bulging against her, she closed her eyes and lay her head on his shoulder. Those feelings were now turning to lust as they continued to dance. When the song was over, they walked back to the booth and sat down with Jake on one side of Tessa and Mark on the other. Jim was on the other side of Mark. Tessa felt a hand on her thigh closest to Jake, she did nothing but let him continue. She drank as they chatted some more about how much fun they were having. Jake?s hand had moved to just beside her pussy and he must have felt how warm she was, because he pressed his hand against her pussy. Tessa felt another hand now on her other thigh stroking her, Jake leaned over and whispered in Tessa?s ear that he wanted her bad. She at this point was not resisting any of these hot guys attention. She wanted more and fast.

Tessa excused herself to the bathroom, and while sitting in the stall quickly rubbed her clit to orgasm, gasping, but biting her lip to keep from screaming. She knew what she wanted to happen and was debating the naughty feelings she was having in front of these young men. It was too late; she wanted and needed to get fucked. Tessa returned to the table and asked the guys to go and follow her. They had parked in the back of the club and were making there way outside to the cars. The guys had there hands around Tessa, feeling her ass. It was dark in the back and when they got to cars, Jake turned Tessa around and kissed her hard. Mark got behind her and lifted her skirt, pulled her thong to the side and started licking her ass. She wanted to resist, but couldn?t, she was in need to be fucked so badly and the liquor had helped make her decision easy. She stopped them and told them to follow her, Jake asked if he could ride with her and jumped into her car. Mark and Jim followed in their car. Tessa was taking them to the secluded area, where no one would interrupt what was about to happen. When they arrived at the dark lit trailer area, Jake asked have you been here before, she didn?t answer and just kissed him. His hands were all over her and reaching between her legs for that warm pussy. The got out of the cars and they rushed her again. Jake kissed her lips while removing her blouse. Mark and Jim were on either side of her, taking her thong off; Mark had his tongue buried in Tessa?s ass, with Jim licking her clit. Her hand was on Jim?s head as she pressed her ass into Mark?s darting tongue. Jake had her shirt off and removed her bra to release Tessa?s tits. Jake took the time to watch as he undressed, releasing his thick cock, seeing Mark and Jim?s rough hands work her from both sides. Tessa had now both her hands on their heads and was being eaten alive. Jake returned and kissed Tessa hard, she grabbed his cock and began to stroke it fast. She was using the pre cum to stroke him hard and fast. Mark and Jim released their assault to free themselves of their clothing. Mark had a 9 inch thick cock and Jim was a very thick 8 inch too. Tessa knelt down with them all around her still in her heels and starting sucking one while stroking the other two. She was so hungry for their cock and now she had all three naked and in her mouth and hands. Tessa was lost in lust and wanted nothing more than to taste all this delicious cock and have them fuck her senseless tonight. She closed her eyes and worked Jake?s cock in her mouth until he could take no more and then released a huge load of spunk down her throat. They marveled at her skill, no drips, she took everything and continued to suck him until he was dry. Next were Mark and Jim, taking turns deep throating the hot meat in front of her.

Mark commented, ?Look at that bitch suck cock, she cant get enough?, wow! The guys were excited about how much more they would get. Right now Tessa was moaning, slurping, and sucking as she downed these big cocks. Her head bobbed up and down on Mark, she could feel his balls tighten up and knew he was next. This intensified her sucking knowing she was going to get another delicious stream of cum to enjoy. She grabbed his muscular ass and clamped down on his cock just when he came, feeling the dessert down her throat into her waiting tummy. Jake had recovered and moved behind Tessa when she finished cleaning Mark and turned her attention to Jim. Jake lifted her ass and positioned his meat at the lips of her pussy. Jake asked Tessa, ?You want my cock don?t you,? she replied, ?yes, feed me that cock, fuck me hard?. Tessa turned back to Jim and licked his cock and balls while Jake prepared to fuck that gorgeous pussy. What and erotic sight, with her ass hiked up in the air in those heels. It was like something out of a porn story these guys were thinking. Tessa felt Jake?s cock enter her and he didn?t ease in, he slid in balls deep and held his thick cock inside Tessa?s pussy. She gasped at his thickness and pushed back, never letting Jim?s cock out of her mouth. Jim seeing this action from his body and the warm fast sucking of cock skill by Tessa offered little resistance to the feeling he was about to lose in his balls. Tessa took his cock out as he was coming to give them a show. She stroked his cock as spurts of jizz spewed from his head into her mouth. A stream of thick rope lay across her face and Jim surprised his buddies after Tessa had cleaned his cock with that thick juicy tongue of hers, and licked her face of his own cum. Tessa kissed him hard as he did this; it turned her own to see a guy taste his own cum. Mark stepped in front of Tessa to get cock hard again in her mouth. She quickly grabbed his cock and sucked him again. Jake was pounding Tessa?s pussy hard. She loves it hard and this was one time that she really felt that fat meat inside filling her up completely. Mark pulled his cock out of Tessa?s mouth as Jake turned Tessa around and have her brace herself against her car. Tessa turned her head around to watch Mark and Jim stroking their meat watching Jake fuck her senseless. Tessa put a hand between her legs to rub her clit while he drove deep inside her with each thrust. This pace would end quickly with the tight fit in that lovely pussy. Jake tensed and slammed in his meat hard bursting inside at the base of her pussy wall, she felt the surge as his cocked spasmed inside and blasted her with his thick cum. Jake collapsed on top kissing her back. Mark tapped him on the shoulder and said, ?My turn pal?. She quickly prepared for Mark, bracing against the car, telling him, ?fuck me with that meat stud?. He moved in, but not to her pussy. He put his hand in her pussy and retrieved some pussy juice and cum to rub all over her bung hole. He pushed his finger inside and at first she resisted, but before she could do anything he pressed his cock into her tight ass. His meat felt huge, and was splitting her open, but it also was forbidden and felt so good. Mark had his cock half way in when Tessa pressed back and forced the rest of that big cock into her ass. She was screaming as his pace quickened, ?Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass good?. Mark fucked her good and hard. His hands on her hips, gyrating back and forth, in and out, rapidly moving to a place she would receive another cum bath. The fit was so tight; it would not take long to milk this 9 inch meat inside of Tessa. She was sexual heaven, fucking uncontrollably this big piece of man meat in her ass. She couldn?t believe what was happening, but didn?t want it to stop. Mark?s frenzy continued, until he could no longer hold back, doing to Tessa?s ass, what Jake did to her pussy. He buried his cock as deep as that ass would allow and exploded his spunk into her tight hole. She could feel the warmth in her ass, the warm cum bath as it leaked out the sides and she pumped his tool until he was completely dry of jizz.

Jim quickly moved and started in Tessa pussy, but this time he grabbed her hair and tugged lightly. His thick cock was moving at a fast pace, he asked her repeatedly, ?You loved getting fucked, don?t you?? She replied, ?Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me good.? ?I love all this hard cock inside me, filling me with your cum loads?. Jake grabbed her head and moved it down to his cock again. She swallowed his meat again, trying to drain everything he could give her. Tessa slurped that meat good, rubbing her clit once again, while Jim pounded her pussy. Jim switched holes, fucking Tessa?s ass now, she moaned loudly as he entered and resumed his fast pace. His cock was so thick fucking her tight little hole. She bounced back to meet his thrusts, sucking Jake?s cock in and out of her mouth. She clamped his cock and stroked him, getting him to spew another load in her mouth. The boys were lasting long with these tight holes and expert cock sucking mouth of Tessa?s. Jim was not far behind; he grabbed those lovely hips and plowed her ass as just erupted into her ass with the largest load of the three. Cum was spilling out the sides of his cock down to her pussy and thighs. He knelt down and started licking his cum mixed with the others out of her ass and pussy. She came hard while he licked her; she was still cleaning up Jake?s cock, while Mark was getting dressed. He motioned for the other two to get up and go. They were supposed to be at a party and were late. Jake kissed her and said she was fantastic and said he would contact her again. She said no Jake; this was a one time deal, but thank you very much and thank your friends for me too.

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