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Topless surprise

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I had been seeing "sheila" for a while. She was wild in bed and told me she had a fantasy of multiple men. We had had threesomes. But couldn't find more guys to get together.

I have a camp on the mountain and it borders state forest. We would go there and take nude or topless walks in the woods as there was never anyone around except hunting season. One day I was there alone. She was stopping by in a few hours. I went for a walk just to check out the trail after a storm yesterday.

There was a crew of five men working in the woods clearing an area that had a lot of blow down trees. I talked with them a while. They seemed like good men. So I told them our habit of walking topless or nude in the area. This interested them a lot. They asked when we were going to again. I told them Sheila was on her way to camp. And I could arrange it in about an hour.

I then went back to camp to wait. Thinking they would be long gone before we got back out there.

Sheila arrived. stressed from her days work. I suggested a walk would do good to relieve stress. She agreed and promptly took off her shirt. She is a well endowed woman. Just a tiny woman of 5'2" 120#. But at least 20 of those pounds were tits. 39D's on a woman that small. So of course I had fondle and kiss them before we left.

We walked along the trail we always did. Her breasts bouncing ever so slightly with each step. She was enjoying the scenery and a casual walk when I first got a glimpse of movement ahead. They were still there.

I began to talk to her so she wouldn't notice the noises they made working till we were close. Glad they weren't running saws at that time. We walked a bit further and were within 25 yards till she noticed them, all looking at her. Now sheila isn't what you'd call shy. But happening on men when she didn't expect it, She tried to cover her tits. This brought calls from the men to move her hands. Sheila has, although frisky, an attitude. She drops her hands and quickly/purposely strides up to the men. To just inches away from the closest one. They exchanged some words when the closest man reached over and pinched her nipple. You could see Sheila get turned on right there. But true to form she asked him if he saw something he liked. All five of them, in unison said yes. She looked at me for apporval first, then said all of you can look closer then.

Like a stampede they all converged on her. Feeling, fondleing and even kissing her tits. Sheila gets a certain grin when she is going to be naughty. And she had it. She noticed a couple of the guys adjusting their crotch and asked if she could help. She didn't wait for the forthcoming yes. She unzipped first one then another and another. She pulled the first ones dick out and immediately began to suck him. The others either lowered their pants or popped it out through their zippers and began jerking themselves. They formed a circle. All pushing their cocks close to her face. She obliged by turning and sucking each. That's when she found it.

One of the men was hung like a horse. How could she get that inside her when all the others were so wound up. So she stayed with the bj's, and the guys kept jerking until it was their turn again.

Then it happened. As it had to. She had just started sucking the youngest guy there. Couldn't have been over 22 or 23. He blew his load almost immediately. She withdrew from him. Some cum dripping from her mouth. But he was still spraying man juice on her chin. It dripped in strands onto her tits. This excited the others as one by one they all started to shoot also. Sheila had cum dripping from her face, her hair, even her tits.

The man she wanted, the hung one then moved in front of her. He took the head of his dick and started wiping the cum from her face, the putting it in her mouth. He continued to do this to her tits and even a shot hanging from her hair. She got extremely turned on.

I looked at her and saw she didn't want it to end. So I invited them back to camp for a beer. Turns out the hung guy was the foreman as he says it's late, we should knock off and have a beer with these people.

It was late. By the time we walked back to camp and had a beer it was getting dusk. The foreman,"the hung one" asked Sheila if she enjoyed her walk. Sheila shook her head yes. He then asked if she would like any more. Now Sheila will tell you just what is on her mind if asked. She was asked. She said I want to fuck you. I want to fuck all of you. I turned to head to the cabin to invite Sheilas guests in when I heard them lay on her on the picnic table.

They were all undressing her at once. When "the hung one" entered her she screamed with delight. The youngest moved in to her face and she readily began sucking. The guys switched off a few times. But the youngest stayed right there at her mouth. Then the first one came in her. Pulling out too late he continued to spray her belly. The other guys didn't mind. The next one slid in her exploding almost immediately. But he stayed in her. This got he youngest. He exploded on her face and chest again. "The hung one" waited till last. He wasn't instant. He took his time. Fucking her slowly. Then pounding into her. I've long since lost count of how many times she came. But you could tell "the hung one" was going to cum. She knew it too and started cumming while he got his last few lunges in. I have only a few times seen a woman cum that hard.

"The hung one" withdrew from her and I just had to see her swollen pussy after that work out. She lay motionless for a long time. There was cum coming out of her pussy. Streaming down her face and glistening on her tits.

They all began to say their good byes. And soon we were alone. I've never smelled that much cum all over a woman and it turned me on. We went to the cabin. I think because her pussy was sore I only got a BJ. But it was a BJ from a woman that sorely wanted to please the man that found her so much pleasure. Now when I take her to camp she always wants to walk. But the crew hasn't returned to that area. Their work was well done there.

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