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Today I was thinking about the time I met a stranger who drives an 18 wheeler

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Today I was thinking about the time I met a stranger who drives an 18 wheeler, he was broke down on the side of the road and he needed some help, so I pulled over and asked him if he needed to call someone. While he was using my cell to call for help I climbed in the back of his truck and laid down on his bed, when he got off the phone he climbed in the truck and came over to sit on the bed next to me and we started talking all the while he could not take his eyes off my big tits and since I was horny my nipples were nice and hard while I could not take my eyes off his huge dick that was hard and bulging in his pants. After a few minutes I was so horny I couldn?t stand it any longer and I spread my legs slightly and since I was wearing a mini skirt with no panties he could get a nice view of my shaved pussy. His eyes went from my huge tits to my pussy and I slowly slid my hand down and slid a finger into my already wet pussy. He just watched in fascination as my finger slid in and out of my so wet pussy. He never said anything while I fucked my pussy and I couldn?t take it anymore so I asked him if he was ever going to fuck me without a word he stood up and stripped off his pants, I could not wait any more as I was going out of my mind horny and before he could actually get his pants off I grabbed his dick and started sucking on it, as it was throbbing in my mouth my pussy was getting even wetter and I sucked his dick harder until I couldn?t take it anymore and I needed his dick in my pussy so bad I then laid down on the bed and pulled up my skirt the rest of the way up revealing my entire pussy to him, my legs automatically spread as he bent down and started to eat my pussy, I am moaning but could not take it for long as I needed his dick in my pussy and to be fucked hard, so I begged him to fuck me very hard and not stop. He then stood up and slammed his throbbing dick all the way into my wet pussy. I screamed and clawed at the side railings while he rocked the big truck so hard I could have sworn it would fall over. He was still slamming his big dick into my pussy when the help he called showed up. The guy seen the truck rocking and heard me screaming so he opened the door to see what was going on watched us fucking for a few minutes and the guy fucking me nor I noticed him, finally the man couldn?t take it anymore and moaned I looked over and seen this guy watching us stroking his dick. I motioned for him to come over and pulled up my shirt revealing my tits, he bent down and started to suck my hard nipples. The guy fucking me couldn?t take it anymore and cam into my pussy as I shuddered in pleasure. I let go of the railing but the guy sucking my tits didn?t stop, instead he reached down and spread my legs again and slammed his finger into my pussy, I moaned and spread my legs wider for him. He then stopped sucking my tits and came over in between my legs and just looked at my red pussy for a few seconds while the other guy came over, grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and pulled them up almost over my head, as he held onto my ankles the other guy grabbed his dick and slammed it into my pussy while the other guy held onto my ankles and shoved his dick down my throat. All I could do was hold onto the railing and scream and moan as best as I could, the guy fucking me cam into my pussy and the other guy cam into my mouth.

I sat there panting for a few minutes and then noticed a 3rd guy who came with the other guy for help, who was stroking his dick and watching us. I smiled at him and spread my legs again and asked if he would like to take a turn at my tight pussy, he said ?hell ya, but not in here, lets go outside? so all 4 of us went outside, before I could even get my bearing the 3rd guy bent me over, threw up my skirt, spread my legs and shoved his massive dick hard into my pussy while the 2nd guy dropped his pants and shoved his dick down my throat and the first guy rubbed my clit. I was screaming as cars whizzed by, slowing down and honking. A couple of cars pulled over and was watching the show, one of the guys in the car yelled ?fuck her ass!? so the guys forced me onto my knees and the 1st guy shoved his dick hard into my ass while I continues to suck the 2nd guy and the 3rd guy continued to fuck my pussy. The 2nd guy cam in my mouth, and I licked it all up. The guys in the cars got out and were all standing stroking their own dicks when one of them came over and shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked it hard while my pussy and ass continued to be pounded. One of the guys from the cars asked the guy fucking my pussy if he knew me, the guy told him that I was a dirty slut who could not get enough dick and that they did not even know my name. That was all the guy needed to get out of his car and stand in line and wait his turn to fuck my pussy. As he was standing there he asked how my ass and pussy felt to be fucked, the guy fucking my ass said it was so tight and that he could fuck it forever, I moaned ?oh yes!? and the one fucking my pussy said that I was so wet and sweet tasting that he could just fuck and fuck me I moaned ?please don?t stop? but of course it didn?t last and the guy fucking my ass cam just then all over my back. I reached around and scooped up the cum and rubbed it on my tits while the guys dick in my mouth cam and I lapped it all up. I then just had the guy holding onto my hips thrashing his dick hard into my pussy while I screamed for him not to stop. That was all he needed to cum into my pussy.

Out in the middle of nowhere with cars going by and my clothes by then thrown on the ground, I laid down on the ground, naked, and looked at the last guy who hasn?t touched me yet and asked him how he liked watching all of my holes filled up. He said he loved watching it and he would love to take a turn but he was married. I spread my legs, reached down and spread my oh so red pussy lips and said ?I wont tell if you don?t?. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard dick and came over to my spread legs and pussy lips and help the tip of his dick at the entrance of my pussy. I reached down and grabbed his dick and slid it into my pussy. He fucked me slowly at first and then he fucked me harder and harder as I moaned and screamed louder and louder One of the other men could not take it and he became hard again so he came over and shoved his big dick into my mouth and fucked my mouth while the other stranger was fucking my pussy. Oh I can not tell you how good it felt to have one dick slamming into my pussy and one dick slamming down my throat.

While I was being fucked by the guys from the cars the other guys watched and fixed the 18 wheeler, the got it fixed and since it was late they drove away so now all I had was the 2 guys from the cars there. So while my mouth and pussy was being fucked hard I was rubbing my clit and moaning. The guy in my mouth cam and since it was late he left so I then just had the one guy still fucking my pussy. When he came he got up, zipped up his pants and got in his car and drove away without saying a word to me and just leaving me there naked and on the side of the road.

I was sore from all of the fucking that I was resting and I couldn?t close my legs and since it was dark now and chilly out my nipples were hard as rocks when a concerned citizen driving by seen me and pulled over, he came over and asked me if I was ok. I told him ?yes, I am just resting. You see I was just fucked by 6 guys in my pussy, mouth and ass and I am tired.? He asked me if I was r*ped and need help I said ?no I was not r*ped these guys all had big throbbing dicks and I could not help but spread my legs for them. I did not know who any of them were and I didn?t care I just wanted to be fucked. As one of them said I am a dirty slut who can not get enough dick. I don?t know how he knew that but he was right.? The guy came over, knelt down to me and unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick and asked me ?did any of the guys have a dick this big?? my eyes got wide and I breathed ?no? while the guy was still holding his semi hard dick in his hand I asked ?can I touch it?? he said ?please do? I rolled over onto my side and could not help but slide the dick into my mouth where it became harder and throbbing like nothing I have ever felt before. As my head was bobbing on his dick my pussy got wet again and I could not help but reach down and finger wet and red pussy. My hand was slamming so hard into my pussy I was going crazy as I had to have that dick in my pussy more than I ever needed a dick in my pussy. I laid down and wrapped my legs around his waist and asked him if he would fuck me. He asked me to beg. ?Please please please ram your big hard cock into my pussy and don?t stop, don?t ever stop just fuck me forever here on the side of the street with everyone watching us? he said that was not good enough he needed more to prove how much I wanted it. All the while he was rubbing my pussy with his hand getting me wetter and wetter. I reached down and grabbed his fingers and slid 3 of them into my pussy, I laid there moaning while he finger fucked me, I asked for more, he slid in another finger. I moaned ?oh God yes, fist me, please fist me hard? he slid in his thumb and made a fist inside my pussy. He held onto my tits and slammed his fist so hard into my pussy I thought he was going to break through my womb all I could do was scream for more with each thrust he slammed his fist harder into my womb. With his fist still clenched his pulled his hand out of my pussy came over and got on top of me and without even looking or touching his dick he slammed it all of the way into my pussy. He moaned and said that no girl has ever been able to take his entire dick before. I wrapped my legs around his waist and smiled as I grabbed his hips and told him not to stop. As he kept thrusting his dick harder and harder all of the way into my pussy and I was screaming bloody murder as it felt better than I thought it would. He started kissing me hard to mute my screaming. He slammed his dick into me all night until the sun came up.

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