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To oblivion and beyond

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You know the proverbial slut that got drunk at a party and got fucked by the whole football team and pictures were passed around the whole school? Yup, that was me when I was sixteen. Skinny little 5?2 white girl blew the whole team. I had to change schools after that. Only to get caught by my boyfriend Deshawn at my new school blowing his father in the parking lot.

Now I don?t drink as much. But god help me, I still love getting gangfucked. My boyfriend after Deshawn was into it. And yup, my boyfriend after Deshawn was his father Steve.

The football team was my first. But I only remember bits and pieces. Like that it was my first time trying anal. Actually, it was my first, second, third and fourth time trying anal. And after that, things get blurry.

When I turned eighteen, Steve got some of his friends together for a party. That was my second gangbang, but the first time Steve ventured to suggest it.

Since then for the next two years, Steve and some friends got together every once in a while and we threw bigger and bigger parties, tried new things. 3 became 4 became 9. Things got crazy. I learned to like things I never thought I would. Elias even showed up once and him and Steve tag teamed me while their friends cheered. And then this last party ? alcohol meth and gangbangs don?t mix well.

20. That?s how old I was. And that?s how many guys Steve invited. 1 guy for every year of my life. Or so he said. I think they were his friends from back in the day, when he lived a less than legal life. Most of them were in their forties, some younger, some older. All of them black except for these two white guys. I said no way babe. Maybe 12, but even 9 last time almost killed me. ?You love me?? He asked. ?Trust me.? He said.

We started the party drinking and smoking. They sat around in the living room while I went around the room in my thong holding up the meth pipe. Not all of them smoked, but all of them drank. I saw them rubbing themselves. I knew this was going to get crazy.

And one blink later. I was riding on top of this old guy hard, and getting fucked in the ass by another. He tried to touch cocks with the guy fucking my mouth, trying to meet somewhere in my stomach, making me moan through my mouthful.

I could hear Steve laughing. That?s when the guy I was sucking off pissed down my throat.

I choked a bit, then laughed. I was used to drinking piss. Steve liked when I did that. But there?s something that happens when guys get together, they get competitive, rough, try to outdo each other. And today, they were getting mean.

The guy fucking my ass pulled out, came around, and made me suck my own shit sludge from his cock. That was new. And another guy was already pounding my asshole as I tasted myself for the first time.

I guess I ate something bad, because as the second guy was fucking me, I squeezed out a little watery shit. He didn?t like that. ?What the fuck??

He grabbed my hair, yanked my face into the puddle of my own shit, ?Lick it up Bitch!?

?Steve!? I yelled.

Steve grinned. ?It?s okay baby. It?s all part of the fun.?

My stomach sank. ?I never..?


I kneeled and took a tiny lick off the floor. That was it. No one made me eat shit. But everybody laughed. It was like I?d given permission to do what they wanted. And that?s when things got crazy. Suddenly I was drinking a lot more piss.

Three or four cocks pissed on my face as I got fucked in the ass. My pussy was getting fingered by some guy who didn?t take off his ring. ?Steve!? I muffled a scream through the rain of piss.

When the pissing stopped, this huge guy picked me up and set my asshole down on his cock. It was so huge my asshole imploded. He shook his knees bouncing me up and down on his cock. And that?s when it happened. Another guy came up from behind and rammed his cock in my ass. I screamed. My first anal DP.

I got pounded by two cocks at once. Things came in bits after that. One guy came on my face. Another caught his cum dripping out of my ass in a cup and made me drink it. I got fucked in the pussy. I got fucked in the ass. I got fucked in my mouth. I drank cum. I swallowed piss. Someone shoved a can up my pussy.

I was delirious on cock cum and piss. Hours and hours of getting pounded. Time passed in cock and cum. My asshole gaped open like flaps of meat. And my pussy was raw red. And that?s when one of the white guys slipped a fist in my pussy. And lifted me impaled on his arm, my legs wriggling useless under me. Everyone cheered.

He lowered me back down, limp and wimpering. And then Steve came up, my boyfriend Steve, flipped me on my belly, lifted up my ass and fisted my asshole. I screamed. But it only made him pump harder, punching my asshole like a machine gun. I think they were laughing when I passed out.

I woke up in a slime of cum and piss. I could hear guys shuffling about, putting their clothes on. Still laughing. I heard Steve come up to me. ? Hey babe? he kissed me on my cheek. I laid still, unable to feel my legs. ?I think we need to break up, I mean, what were you thinking, you licked your own shit!? He laughed as he walked out.

It sounds terrible, but god, I miss that laugh. God help me, shame makes me hot. It?s been two years since Steve left me on that floor. And I?ve been gangfucked a few times since, but damn, I miss the shame. I miss the oblivion.

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