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The Worm Turn, a story of a woman who needed to explore her limits.

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The Worm Turns...

In recent months, my prim and proper little hottie of a wife of three years, had become progressively more bitchy. The last few weeks had been even more intolerable. I told her several times she was starting more than she could finish. Her taunting replies were along the lines of "...lots of big talk and very little action."

Earlier in our marriage, better days to be sure, we had shared our fantasies. One of her's was often about a friendly r*pe scene, and our lovemaking was always vigorous after she fanaticized it happening. Well, a plan began to form...

I asked my bride if she would enjoy a day in the country, near a swimming hole I know of. She agreed, and she even agreed to my inviting my good bud, Mike, along. I had a hunch she had a little "thing" for Mike, as she had looked him over a few times when she thought I wasn't looking. And, finally the day arrived...

I drove over to Mike's told him of my plan. It was time to make good on my threats with Debbie, and I invited him to help me do it right. He was more than willing as he had resented her behavior with me of late. Also, I knew he had the hots for my sexy and petite little wife for a very long time.

We drove back to our house and picked up my wife on the way to the country. Debbie had packed a picnic lunch, and bottles of wine. Usually, she overdressed for every occassion. I had asked her to dress sexy for Mike and me, just for this one time. She didn't disappoint. She looked very fetching in a white dress shirt knotted below her ample breasts which certainly didn't need a bra to support them, wearing a short denim skirt which flattered her long and lovely legs, and tennies on her feet. Debbie had not a clue as to what was in store for her.

Off the main road, we pulled down a dirt road, another turn and came into a clearing maybe a mile off the back road. I stopped the truck and invited them to get out so we could enjoy the summer weather. I laid a large quilt down and also put out the picnic basket, cooler, lawn chairs and a table for us to use. I suggested we enjoy some wine and lunch, and perhaps go for a walk after, maybe even a swim.

As we ate, Debbie was making little cracks at my expense, telling Mike how she had pretty well managed to get me right where she wanted me. She taunted that I did not follow through on my threats, and she was beginning to feel she had married a boy, not a man. I kept her wine glass full, and she managed to drink a good deal of both bottles.

I also noticed that as the wine began to take more and more effect, the tie on her shirt began to loosen. Judging from her coy and sexy glances at Mike, who was sneaking peaks at her firm boobs being so seductively revealed, she was well aware of the effect. It wasn't much longer that she was giving both of us nipple shots, nipples which were obviously becoming firm and pointy with excitement.

Finally, I stood and walked behind my sexy little wife's chair. I said, in a low voice, "It's about time the piper be paid". She shuffled to her feet, somewhat drunkenly, and turned to me. "What? What, is it time for the worm to turn? What would you do, little worm?" She circled around the chair and advanced on me. I reached out and grabbed her shirt and tore it off her shoulders, spinning her in a circle with one hard yank. Her eyes sparked and a squeal left her lips. Before she could say a word, I snatched her short skirt from her waist the same way, leaving her standing in front of us in her skimpy panties.

The look on her face was one of fear and intense excitement, both at the same time. I grabbed the sides of her panties, ripping the thin fabric, and yanked them off her, leaving her naked in the summer breeze. "What do you think you are doing?", she managed to stutter. The look on her face was positively lustful, with just a tinge of uncertainty.

She began to back away, trying to cover her breasts with one hand and her pubic region with the other. She was looking from side to side, from Mike back to me as we stalked her like a wild animal. She tripped over a tree root, and sprawled on her back with her firm full breasts and shaven pussy displayed in all their glory. She realized then that she was our's for the taking. We had her!

I yanked her to her feet, and as she struggled to get away from me, Mike grabbed her from behind, pinning her arms to her sides. "Gotcha", he cried, and her struggles intensified.

"What are you going to do to me?", she groaned. "What you deserve bitch!", was my response. "We are going to fuck you everyway and everywhere we want, and you can love it if you want, or not. Your choice!" Her only response was a sharp intake of breath. Grabbing a handful of her hair at the back of her head, I wrestled her over to the quilt and pushed her down on it. "Don't move", I snarled.

Reaching into my back pocked, I produced a length of strong rope, hidden there earlier for this very occasion. I tossed it over a limb above the quilt, and formed a slip knot in one end. This I slid over her wrists, and tugged hard on the other end. This pulled her to her feet with a cry, stretching her arms over her head. I tied off the loose end of the rope, and there she was, at our mercy.

Now, she was ready for what we had in store...almost. In my anger and frustration with her belittlings, I had one more arrow in my quiver. I returned to the truck and produced a vibrator I put there for the occassion. I turned it on low and pushed it up inside Debbie's now very wet snatch. Her moans began immediately and intensified with the passing of each moment. Then, maybe a little cruely, I said, "Mike, let's finish the wine, and watch the bitch twist and turn". And, we brought the chairs over and raised our glasses to a fine afternoon.

Minutes passed as we watched the very sensual writhings of her body and the moans escaping her lips become more pronounced. Suddenly, her body was wracked with her first orgasm of the day, and it had to be a big one! Her knees buckled from under her and the rope came taut with the weight of her body. Concerned for her wellbeing, I jumped to my feet and to her side.

Forcing her to stand, I began to run my fingertips over her willowy body, first along the sides of her upper body, then down over her hips and legs. She moaned a distinct cry of heat. I then started working on her nipples and told Mike to work on the other one. As we sucked, nibbled and bit her hard nipples we took turns smacking her ass with a steady cadence. Her buns began to glow, first pink, then red. Her moans intensified, her body writhing under our smacks on her ass cheeks, and our licking, and nipping her nipples.

She was now in a sexual trance with her body, and our's to do with as we pleased. I then took her tied hands from the tree branch above her head, and led her over to a large tree stump, about waist high. I bent her over and tied her hands down to a root beyond the stump. She was now bent over with her lovely ass, glowing cherry red in the air, and her legs spread. "Please, someone fuck me, please", she pleaded, "I've never been so hot, I need hard cock, now!"

Without hesitation, Mike dropped his pants and began to slam his cock into her pussy hard and steady. His pace increased and he grunted over and over again, "Take this you bitch. This is what you want and what you deserve". Her squeals of passion began to match his, and she began to chant, "Yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy hard, punish it, abuse it, fill it with your hot cum". Their bodies began to buck in a feverish dance until he unloaded into my wife's hungry pussy, and her body was wracked with it's second orgasm.

Moving in front of her so she could see my cold eyes, I growled, "Clean his cock bitch, and do it well!" Mike and I traded places, as I stripped my shirt and pants while moving behind her. Pushing herself up off the stump with her hands, still tied at the wrists, she began to nosily engulf his cock with her eager lips. Mike began to fuck her face as he pulled on her tits roughly. "Good girl", I growled, as I scoped a palm full of gooey cum from her just ravaged pussy.

I began to massage it onto her tight butt, scooping more and more and then beginning to swirl it on her buns and around her little untouched pucker hole. She groaned with approval at the pleasure she was receiving at both ends. When I inserted a cum slicked finger into her asshole, she shrieked. "No, not that! You know I don't like you're touching me there!"

"Tough, Bitch!", I replied. This will be for all the insults, the wisecracks, the belittlement and teasing you've been dishing out. You now will become my ass-fucking slut, and your ass is mine whenever I want it. You're Mike's cum slut, too, whenever I want to share you. And, you're everyone's cum slut I want to share you with from here on out. And, with that, I shoved my full meat to the hilt in her tight little virginal asshole.

She shrieked! Poor Mike jerked his cock out of her mouth at her exclamation. "Take it you bitch!", I screamed. "Take every inch, and love it or hate it, I don't care, but I am fucking your tight ass and it won't be tight for long". "Mike, come here and take this butt hole slut for a ride", I shouted! He popped his big cock in just as I pulled out, bringing another shriek from her, and another even greater orgasm rocked her body. I moved around in front of her, and said, "Clean up this mess on my cock from your asshole".

Complaint now, she attacked my cock with masterful sucks and swirls of her tongue. "Yes, master, whatever you say, my master", she managed to gasp while sucking her musky scent from my cock. "Master, I love it when you fuck my ass, and when you fuck my cunt", words I had never heard her use before. For nearly an hour she sucked and fucked us, tied in every position we could put her in. Her body rocked with orgasm after orgasm, each seemingly more intense than the one before. Then we double teamed her with two more loads inside her hot pussy and ass before we declared "break time".

The taunting sound in her voice returned. "What's wrong boys, is that all you have?", she asked. "I'm good for more". No more than the words has escaped her lips than two couples came through the trees on the nearby path.

They had to be in their early twenties, and very fit looking. All were shirtless, enjoying the sun on their upper bodies. The girls seemed a bit younger, maybe late-teens. They were both very cute and both had nice hard bodies and firm tits swinging as they walked.

"Whoa!", one of the fellows said. "Are we interrupting?", asked the other.

"Not if you are willing to bring reinforcements", I said. "My cum slut here was just declaring she needs more cock. Are you up for it", I asked. The guys looked at the girls, one of whom replied, "Looks like fun", and the other smiled and agreed. "You two do her, and we'll do them", she said, grinning at Mike and me.

Clothes began falling, and before we knew it Mike and I were feeling refreshed and good to go. The two nubile cuties took their pick of us and the fuck-a-thon was back on.

"Fellas", I overheard Debbie say, "I could have slipped this rope off long ago. I you don't mind, I'd like to have my hands free for you two". I huskily replied, as the hot little sexpot under me rocked to my thrusting, "Go for it guys, she'll give you a good ride". And, she did. And, we bucked and fucked the afternoon away, each of us combining and teaming and double teaming with one another. At one time, Debbie had two cocks in her cunt, one in her mouth and a fourth in her ass. Clearly, there was no such thing as "enough" for her. Her capacity to orgasm blew my mind.

Finally, late in the afternoon, we all were just tuckered out. The girls were cum slicked from head to toe, the guys breathing hard. We all left our clothes where they lay and walked down to the pond, washing away our joyful fatigue.

We exchanged our numbers with our new friends, they continued on their way, and we climbed back into the truck.

Looking next to me, for the first time in our marriage, I saw a truly contented look on my wife's face. And, I understood where all that bitchiness had come from. I was blessed with a beautiful woman who loved to suck and fuck with a capacity to rival a team of women. She hadn't known it, I hadn't either. I just needed to keep finding her more cock, and I did, and we have lived happily every after.

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