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The VIP Room

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The scene is a dance club in South Beach. On this trip, my wife, E, and I had decided that visiting such a place was an experience we should at least have once, given that it is such an integral part of that culture. Consistent with that, we?d arrived just after Midnight, our last stop before being for some strong drinks a few blocks away. The club was relatively crowded, but since it was a weeknight, we had no trouble getting in. We imbibed a few more drinks, each getting a chilled, double Hypnotique that glowed neon in the club lights. E's was gone much too quickly.

Not surprisingly, the music was more than my wife could resist, and she set down her empty glass and stepped onto the edge of the dance floor. With my drink still mostly intact, I stood watching her. The fabric of her clingy halter dress, with nothing but her thong panties underneath it, was revealing every aspect of her luscious form. Apparently also noticing this was a well-but-scantily-dressed party girl that had come out of the VIP room. She was just about as tall as my wife, about 5' 11", and looked to be Dutch, mid-20?s. She began matching her movements, while keeping her eyes locked on E's. I gather that the rather older, well-dressed man who had watched her every move through the window of the VIP room was her significant other.

E's actions demonstrated that she was interested too, and they danced together, without speaking, for some time. The music got more urgent and carnal, and soon their bodies were touching, then grinding. Positioning herself behind E, her hips tight to her ass, the Dutch woman began speaking into E's ear. After a while, E's head turned to kiss her, and they shared a long, deep, open-mouthed kiss. The Dutch woman took E's hand and began guiding her toward the VIP room. At this point, E looked at me, gauging my reaction. It?s not clear that her friend knew that she was with me. I lift my chin up, gesturing that she can go on up.

Through the window, I can see the two of them, seated on a couch and making out intensely. I can also see?though I don?t think E notices or has seen?that her friend's man is very much enjoying the sight. Her new friend undoes the halter on E's dress, and begins attending to her breasts. Her hands lift E's skirt to find her bare ass. That was all the encouragement she needed, and she strips off her skimpy dress, and then slides E's down over her legs. And she doesn?t stop there, the thong goes too. Before she can contemplate that, this woman's mouth is buried in my wife's cunt. The intensity of this causes E to throw her head back and she barely finds enough awareness of the moment to begin running her hands through the woman's hair.

There are a number of people in the VIP, and they are all now enjoying the show. But none so much as this woman's man, who has now taken out his cock and is masturbating. The Dutch woman sees that out of the corner of her eye, as he is not standing close to them. She arises from my wife's cunt and moves her mouth to his impressive member. E sits forward, placing a hand on the woman's ass, and watches. The Dutch woman reaches over, placing her hand behind My wife's head, and pulls her face into her own, with the head of her man's cock between. Their lips and tongues strain to reach each others, all the while surrounding his cock head. Finally, she relinquishes his prick to E, gazing on approvingly as she takes him all the way into your mouth and throat. As he begins fucking her face, her eyes, for the first time, leave those of her female companion, and she looks up at the face of the older, though handsome man whose cock she's now sucking.

The man sits down on the couch, which allows the Dutch woman access to my wife's cunt from behind. She resumes eating her cunt. It is difficult for me to see now, as the people in the VIP room have largely encircled the three of them to watch the show. I see the Dutch woman stand, however, and then sit down next to her man on the couch. Now she guides my wife's head to her crotch, from his, raising her knees up to give her full access. E seems not to give it a second thought, as she covers her cunt with her mouth. Clearly, her tongue has found the mark, and, though I cannot hear her, I can see she?s being very vocal about it. Then I see E's head rise up, albeit rather briefly, her mouth wide open, and I realize that the woman's man has entered my wife from behind. Her mouth returns to the woman's cunt, though now I can see your head jolt forward against her crotch with each thrust she's receiving.

Both the woman and the man seem to cum rather quickly. Now I notice something that I had not before. Some of the other men also have their cocks out masturbating and some of them are in various states of undress. The Dutch woman is now kissing my wife again, clearly pleased with the orgasm she's provided for her. Her man has moved away, but another man from the room is positioning himself behind her. He thrusts himself into my wife. Again, her head jolts up with surprise, pulling back from the Dutch woman?s face. With that, the Dutch woman rises from the couch, and a man from the room takes her place. As E turns her head back around?having confirmed for herself that her senses were correct, that indeed another man was now fucking her?she is faced with yet another erect member as her head is guided to it and then down over it. The man on the couch begins bucking his hips up to meet my wife's face, nearly in rhythm with the one behind her that is thrusting into her cunt.

I see that the other men in the room, of which there are about five, have all gotten undressed. The Dutch woman and her man are leaving the room, which surprises me, until I notice that it has gotten rather bright outside of the VIP room. The club is closing, and a bouncer tells me that it?s time to leave. My protest that I?m waiting for my wife, who?s in the VIP room is met with a half-hearted chuckle as he just points me toward the door. Suddenly, I?m out in the never quiet South Beach night able only to imagine what?s happening now, able only to return to our room and await a knock on the door.

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