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The Things I Do for My Husbands Birthday ..... Hot but True

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The Things I Do for My Husband?s Birthday

By Jackie

Mark has always wanted me to get a nipple ring so I decide to get one for his birthday. The only way I knew to get one was to go into one of those tattoo parlors. Since there are not too many near Lake Forest (North Shore Chicago) I decide to jump on the ?L? and head toward Belmont (Boys Town) in Chicago where we have seen many of them. This is a very nice section in Chicago because all the gay people keep the area looking great.

I get off the train and go to the first store. It had a kind of funky smell to it and the people, customers and operators were really weird with many, many tattoos and piercings. Some one finally asked me what I wanted and I almost jumped because I was too scared to answer. ?Just looking,? I screamed as I made my way for the door.

I walked around to a few other places with out much luck. They were all pretty bad. So I stopped in a little Italian place for lunch and went to the bar for a glass of wine and some fried calamari. The guy behind the counter was cute but very young for my taste. I am fifty five but everyone can not believe that I and over forty. Several years ago I had my boobs surgically enhanced and they are absolutely beautiful. I get tons of complements and wish I had done it much earlier in life. I am very fortunate that I had a good surgeon because I have seen some bad ones. I take off my winter coat reviled my hard nipples inside my low cut very thin sweater. I see him go for a double take as my tits were stretched out while removing the coat.

He then came over and asked if I needed anything else and as they say in England he started ?chatting me up?. I had several more glasses of wine and finished off most of the bottle. He kept filling my glass before it was empty and only charged me for one glass. I noticed that he had several ear rings and he told me that he lives in the area, so I asked him about a good piercing shop. He asked. ?What are you planning to do?? And I could not say it out loud so I just pointed at my nipple. At that moment I think my nipple jumped out about an inch from the attention that it suddenly got. Also, I noticed the bulge in his pants and his eyes caught mine looking down there. He just smiled and gave me that ?Busted? look. He then started telling me, as I put my arms together and leaned over the counter so he could see my nipples for real, about a really cool shop where that is all they do is piercing. He also told me how to get there and that the guy that owned the shop was a good friend of his and he often hangs out there. So, he drew me a map while trying to look down my shirt while drawing. I leaned over really far like I was studying the map so he could see all the way down at my now very hard nipples.

When I pulled my head up we were face to face and I caught myself before I almost kissed him. We were so close I could taste and smell him. I really wanted to grab his head and run my tongue down his throat. He then asked me my name and told me that he would call Alex and tell him that I was coming. He also said that he was off in a little while and he would stop by and show it off to me. As he said that he brushed my nipple with his finger. I did not flinch. But it really excited me and I wanted more. I told him, ?I don?t think so, but you can do that again.? He then touched my nipple and pinched it a little. He could definitely tell that I enjoyed it. I then leaned over a little more and grabbed his hand and put it on my tit as I pulled my sweater down. Soon another waiter came by and he quit jumped back. He walked me to the back door and he ran his tongue down my throat as he ran his had up my sweater. I pulled back after what seemed to be an eternity standing in the door with my tit being fondled along with my tonsils with his tongue. Then I picked up the map and walked out with my nipples hard as a rock and guys on the street were noticing as I walked along.

I followed the map and it led me to the back door of the place where his friend Alex was standing with the door opened. ?You must be Jackie,? he said, ?and you must be Alex? I said as I walked in with my nipples still protruding from my light sweater and screaming to everyone,?Look at me!?

The shop looked very nice and clean. Alex was wearing a tie and a nice white jacket like pharmacists would wear. He was also nice and very good looking. All the guys working there were clean cut and good looking. He said almost in a whisper, ?I understand you are looking for a nipple ring.? I said shyly, ?yes.? He then said, ?Do you know what you want?? I said, ?Yes, a nipple ring.? He then said,? There are many sizes and shapes. Let me see.? I said in ashstonishment, ?See what? My nipple?? ? Yes,? he said, ?so we do not get the wrong size to overpower the beauty of your nipple. Do not worry. We are all professionals here and I have seen many nipples.? ?Okay,? as I started pulling up my sweater. I looked around and there were no other customers in the shop but the two other technicians were there so I turned my back to them.

He then started holding rings up to my nipple and after the third one he said, ?How is that?? I could not really see it very well so we went over to a mirror that was directly in front of where the other two guys were talking. I just went with it as he asked them what they thought. He saw that I could still not see very well while I was holding up my sweater and trying to cover myself as much as possible. He then said, ?We are all professionals here,? as he helped me pull my sweater over my head and hung it in the back.

So there I was standing there topless as three guys kept bringing rings and holding them up to my nipples. We picked one out and we were heading to the back for the installation, when the door opened. I thought when we were doing this as soon as I took my sweater off, ?What if a customer comes in?? They did not seem bothered so I went with the flow but we were getting busted. Alex yelled out,? Hey Joe.? It was the waiter that sent me here! ?How do you like this,? he said as he turned me around and held the ring to my nipple. ?Very nice,? he said as he touched the ring and my nipple!

?Okay let?s go? I said as I headed to the back. Once in the back room it took Alex a few minutes to get there. I could hear them outside whispering and giggling like little girls. I was sure they were planning something but I was so turned on by all those guys playing with my nipple and standing out there bare breasted, I was ready for something to happen. I was horny as hell after the kissing and touching of my nipples. He told me to lie down on a table and it did not take long for him to get to work. His face was very close to my nipple and I could feel his warm breath making my nipple even harder. My hand was on the edge of the table and a few times he brushed his cock across the back of my hand and it felt very nice. The professional guy had a professional hard on! Soon he was finished.

?The guys wanted to see the finished product. Do you mind if I let them in?? ?Why not, they have already seen me.? Then the three stooges came in all grinning and supporting bulges in their pants. Joe said, ?You need another over here.? As he flicked my unpierced nipple. ?Not today.? I laughed. ?How about a clit ring or stud? ? ?Ooooooo that sounds too painful? I whimpered. Joe said, ?It is not too bad. We all have bolts in our cocks.? ?What, bolts in your cocks. I have never seen that!? ?Would you like to see?? Alex said. ?I, I, I, am not not too sure? I nervously stuttered.

Okay, picture this. I am lying on this operating table with my shirt off and my skirt is hiked dangerously up and the guy closest to my face is pulling out his cock. It looks delicious as I at first start to inspect it medically but soon I am stroking it. One of the guys says, ?If you like that you should see Joe?s.? I boldly say, ?Sure Joe. Whip it out! Let?s see more cock bolts. Let?s see them all!?

He pulls out this beautify massive cock with a big barbell through the head. ?Wow, that looks great but won?t that knock your girl friends teeth out when she gives you a blow job,? I said. ?No, not at all. You can not even tell it is there but it feels great to me. Why don?t you try it?? he says as he moves it up to my mouth. So I start blowing him. His cock is so big I can barely get my mouth around the head. I continue stroking Alex and all the while my short skirt has creped up to my pussy because I am leaning over to give a BJ. ?Wow, that would look nice with a big clit stud,? one of the other guys say as he pulls my skirt up and spreads my legs. Joe says, ?Yea, clit rings really stand out on a shaved pussy like yours. I would put it right here,? as he starts rubbing my wet throbbing clit. I almost explode at first touch and take his big cock that is my mouth further down my throat.

All four guys have their cocks out and one of the other guys that started the clit thing has gone down on my pussy eating it all up. He has my legs wide open because Alex and the other guy are holding them for him. He then runs his tongue up my ass and it drives me absolutely wild. After a few minutes, I can not stand it anymore and I grab him by his hair and pull him up on top of me. ?Fuck me,? I say without skipping a beat sucking Joe?s cock. ?You bet I am going to fuck you! I am going to give you the best fucking you have ever had!? he says as he slips this big bolted cock inside me. I could not see him and at first he didn?t feel too big but he just kept cramming more and more cock inside me. That big bolt hit my clit on each stroke because he purposely pulled it out each time because he knew it would drive me wild. I was having one orgasm after another and I did not notice that this cock in my mouth was about to explode as Joe grabbed my head and fucked my mouth like a pussy going deeper with every thrust. When he had it all the way in my mouth to his pubic hair, he shot a huge load of hot sweet seamen down my throat. I took it all and never gagged a bit because I was concentrating on the best set of orgasms I had ever experienced in my life.

So, I spent the rest of the afternoon being the sex cum slut toy to these young guys. I do not think their girlfriends so much with them other than regular sex because I had to swallow all of their cum at least once. They thought that it was amazing that I was allowing them to cum in my mouth but it was kind of cool making them happy. It was like I was the master and teacher. Well most of them were younger than my children but these young guys hardly ever lost their hard ons. They cam too quick but tickle their dick with your tongue and they are back at full attention. I was having the time of my life and loved all the attention I was getting.

Also, they all wanted to fuck my ass. I do not think that some of these guys had ever done this. At one time I had one in my pussy, one in my ass while two of them were trying to cram their cocks in my mouth at the same time. There were pictures made of this. Once the camera came out they were really trying to show off with many different positions.

After they were all spent, I was still rather horny and wanted a good fucking from Joe?s big cock. So, I asked him if he would fuck me one more time by himself. Joe had a huge cock but it was lying limp now. I told him, ?No problem.? And started sucking his limp cock down to the hairs. It did not take long until he was back to full strength. I then got on top of him. I did not have to guide his cock into me because my pussy was sloppy wet and wide open. I climbed on him and must have had 20 climaxes of the next half of an hour. It felt so good, I could not get enough. After that, I was done but Joe was back alive. He said he wanted to cum in my mouth one more time and started fucking me in the normal missionary style. It seemed like he fucked me forever while the others watched and stroked their cocks. Finally he was about ready to cum and he jerked it out and crammed it down my throat so far I could not spit it out if I wanted. He came what seemed to be a gallon and quickly got up then Alex replaced Joe?s cock with his and gave me another big load to swallow. These four guys came at least four times each and Joe and Alex five times. I got in one afternoon more cum than a normal woman might get in a month.

After all this I said it was time to go. I cleaned up as much as I could but noticed in the bathroom that I had dried cum in my hair and I had four very visible hickies on my neck and tits. I asked them about it and they said that each of them had given me one and there was another one next to my clit. Well, I got the nipple ring for free and they encouraged me to cum back sometimes for more. They unloaded the camera into the computer and e-mailed me the pics so I could show Mark what I had to do to get his birthday present.

I left and called my husband at work from the train and told him to go straight home, I had a present for him.

I (Mark) left work immediately. I got home before she did. When she came in I noticed her hair was sort of messed up and she had a sly grin on her face. I asked her about my present and she started unbuttoning her blouse. I first saw the hickies and then the nipple ring. I asked what had happened and she told to turn on the computer and we looked at the pictures as she told me the story. I massaged her messy clit and stroked my hard cock. As soon as it was over I started fucking her wet sloppy pussy. It did not take long but when I started to cum I pulled out and shot my huge load down her throat. It was fantastic and she did not waste a drop. She promises me that the next time she goes that I can cum too.

The next day we looked at the pics on the computer and we had incredible sex again while we looked at my cum slut wife getting screwed every way imaginable by these four young studs and their massive cocks. Every time I see the ring, I think about her bold and wild afternoon and get horny as hell. She is a wonderful wife that really knows how to keep the spice in our relationship!

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