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The Swivel Chair

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While driving home from the party, my wife was laying across the front seat of our car with her head in my lap and her lips wrapped around my cock. Her pants were un-done and my hand was crammed down the back of them with my fingers alternating between stroking her clit and finger fucking her pussy. All of a sudden I saw red lights in the mirror and realized we are being pulled over. I took my time getting over to the side of the road and coming to a complete stop so that we could get our clothing back in place. As the officer came up to my window he asks me for my ID and also asks if I had been drinking. Now I know we have had a few cocktails at the party but not to the point to where it should be causing us any trouble. Well the officer apparently did not like my answer because the next thing I know he is asking me to step out of the vehicle. As I am climbing out of the car I notice another officer is now outside my wifeâ??s window asking her where we were headed and he is shining his flashlight up and down her body blatantly checking her out. I then hear him ask her if she has been drinking and for her to step out of the vehicle. So now here we are on the side of the road both being given the field sobriety test. And although both our test were inconclusive next thing we know we are being handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car. We arrive at what appears to be some sort of police sub-station and are escorted in. I am place in a holding room that has a solid door with only a small window. I see them sit my wife down at a table in the office area. Her back is to me and their voices were muffled but for the most part I could make out what they were saying. There was one female officer and the two male officers that brought us in. I heard them tell my wife that they saw us doing sexual acts in public and if it were to be pursued we would be sure to get a healthy fine, perhaps some jail time and certainly some negative press. With that the female office said well gentlemen I owe you one so I think Iâ??ll let the two of you handle this one by yourselves and donâ??t worry, I got your back and gave them a wink.

. With that she left to room and while walking out the door she turned back and said if you need any help just buzz the break room as the second shift is here a little early. One of the officers came over and sat down on the table next to where my wife was sitting and said that they had some discretionary authority in how to proceed with this matter. I then heard my wife say so what does that mean. The other officer stepped up behind her and said basically with your full cooperation and I do mean full cooperation we can make this whole thing go away. He then told her to stand up as they need to search her. She stood up and they removed the cuffs. One officer was in front of her still sitting on the table and the other standing behind her. They told her to remove her clothes, I could tell she was nervous but she slowly complied with their command. So now here is my wife with her petit little one hundred and twenty pound hard body, shaved pussy, tight little round ass and perk titties standing naked in front of these large police officers who have now begun touching her body as though frisking her. I see her body twitching as their hands probe over her private parts and for a moment they must have both slipped their fingers in her pussy for I saw her come up on her toes and her hands go down to their arms as though trying to control the depth of their penetration. The officer sitting on the table un-does his pants and pulls out what must have been a nine inch cock and says lets see if she knows what full cooperation truly means, and then pulls my wifeâ??s face down to his lap and I see her take his hard cock in her mouth. The officer standing behind her takes advantage of her bent over position as he squats down, spreads her ass checks apart, sticks his face in her crouch and starts licking her with big long strokes. He was licking her from front to back and all the way up through the crack of her ass with each stroke of his tongue. So here I am stuck behind this door peeping through the glass, listening and watching these guys have their way with my sexy wife and from the sound of things it appears she is starting to enjoy the action because I can hear her moans which were muffled only by the gagging sound of the large cock being shoved up in her throat. I had no idea how exciting this image could be, but I was now stroking my cock and wanting to see more. And as if they read my mind the officer squatting behind her stands up, drops his pants to his knees and rams his stiff hard cock into my wifeâ??s pussy. The two of them worked her over in this position for a few minutes and then they would pull out, spin her around and shove their cocks back in her as they took turns fucking her two holes for what seemed like an hour. I saw my wife have three orgasms and the forth one was so intense that it caused both guys to violently thrust into her body and erupt with two large loads of cum, one into her mouth and one into her pussy. As they stepped back my wife stood up and I could see cum dripping down the inside of her thighs. They then walked her over towards the desk and pulled out the desk chair which was a low back swivel chair with arms. They had her kneel down on the chair, lay her forearms on the arm rest and proceeded in strapping her down to the chair in this very vulnerable and accessible position. They then picked up the phone and I heard them ask for some assistance from the officers who were in the break room. A minute or two later three very large officers walked into the office and said very little as if though they knew what to do next. All five of these guys formed a circle around my naked, bent over and strapped down wife, dropped their pants, pulled out their cocks and starting stroking them. As the guys were getting their cocks hard and stiff they would slap them and rub them all over my wife. The first one with a raging hard-on was this well hung black officer, he swiveled the chair around and slid his massive tool into my wifeâ??s wet pussy. The next one took her mouth and began pumping her as if though he had not had a woman in months. Then it began, they would fuck her for a minute or two, pull out, spin the chair and where it stopped who ever was lined up with one of her holes would take it. They were in and out of her ass, her pussy and her mouth for hours. She must have cummed ten or fifteen times. They all cummed three or four times each. By the time the interview was over my wifeâ??s lips were swollen, her pussy and ass were and gapping open with a steady flow of cum running down her legs. Her hair was a sticky mess and her entire petit little naked body glissaded from the many loads of cum that had landed on her. Every one left but one officer who un-did her straps handed her, her cloths and escorted her over to the bathroom. He thanked her for her cooperation, handed her a key and said when she was ready she could go let her husband out and they could leave as they wish. While watching her interview and jacking off I had cummed twice my self, but was ready for more. We caught a cab home and while in the back seat my wifeâ??s pants were down around her ankles, riding my cock with her ass as we talked about what had just happened.

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