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The Poker Game

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The Poker Game

My husband had started a ritual. Once a month, he hosted a Friday night poker game that lasted until the early morning hours. Usually, I found an excuse not to be around; but this particular Friday, he asked me to stay and help serve up some special request menu items. I agreed and after running to the grocery store, got busy preparing up some delicious nibbles that they would enjoy later in the evening.

After everyone arrived, I decided to be the ultimate wife and make my husband proud. I greeted each of his buddies and told them to call me for anything they needed. Drinks, snacks, you name it, I would be glad to get it. Jokingly, one of his friends asked if he could take me home. “Well, there might be something we can work out”, my husband replied. I glanced up at him, laughing and noticed a mischievous gleam in his eyes. That look told me something was up that night, and I had a strong suspicion that there was more to follow.

My husband knew I had enjoyed several m/f/m experiences before I met him, and he would occasionally ask me to go into great detail describing those encounters when we had sex together. I had secretly hoped that my real life stories would turn him on enough that he would want to try having a threesome with me, but so far, no luck. But maybe tonight was different? I decided to test the waters a bit, and became a little more flirtatious as the night wore on. I decided a change of clothes was needed, and proceeded to put on a low cut white blouse, leaving more buttons undone than I needed. After all, if a glimpse of cleavage is good, then more has to be better!

Walking into the den with a tray full of fresh drinks, I leaned over the card table, making sure my breasts were visible to anyone looking. Braless, I could feel my heavy tits sway beneath the thin material of the shirt. I could barely contain my excitement, and I knew my nipples were rock hard. I caught my husband’s eye, and could tell he approved one hundred percent of where this was going. But just how far would he let me go? The possibilities of what could happen with any, or all of these men was overwhelming. I could feel the moisture building between my legs. It felt as if my heart was beating through my pussy lips. I tried squeezing my thighs together to bring me some relief, but I was too far gone. My body was on autopilot now, so I decided to take command of the situation and see where it would lead.

I let my tits dangle over the table for a few seconds more, making sure everyone of those five guys had a chance to see, as I pretended to wipe up a nonexistent spill. Then I angled my hips slightly over to the left, making sure my ass was right in front of his friend’s face, as I made eye contact with the man on the right. “So”, I asked innocently, “What are you guys playing for tonight?” With that, my husband chuckled and said, “Well, exactly what do you have in mind?” Not knowing the first thing about poker, I wasn’t really sure how to respond. “Hmm, what about this, instead of the winner taking the pot, how about getting me instead?” My husband grinned ear to ear on that comment, and I knew it was game on! Looking around the table, I could see each and every one of the men grinning, and I swear I could sense their dicks straining against the denim fabric of their jeans. Walking over to my husband, my mind was racing with the thought of having a new cock inside my pussy. I sat down on his lap and whispered to him, “You sure you are OK with this?”, I asked while grinding my pussy down on his thighs. Smirking naughtily, he turned it around on me. “Are YOU sure you are prepared for this?” he responded. Without answering, I tilted his chin up and kissed him deeply, biting on his lower lip. “More than you can ever imagine”, I huskily replied into his ear. Sitting on his lap, surrounded by men, was unbearable. The torture was intense, not only was I incredibly wet, but my pussy was throbbing in anticipation of having two dicks.

I decided to keep myself busy doing mindless chores around the house, hoping to pass the time until the hand ended. Finally, the game was over! I could hear loud laughter coming from the other room. “Was this really going to happen?”, I wondered. I heard the room quiet down a bit, and my husband yelled my name. I can’t recall if I even breathed as I walked into the den. My excitement was so great, I couldn’t even feel my legs. My husband grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. He placed a quick kiss on my forehead and stated “We have a winner, so why don’t we show them what he gets.” I looked around nervously, all the guys were still here. Surely this wasn’t what he had planned, the thought of an all out gang bang never crossed my mind. Could I be so lucky, was this what he meant when he asked if I was sure I was prepared for this?

He slowly undid the remaining few buttons left on my shirt. I could feel my skin tingling with every touch he made. He spun me around so I was facing the rest of the guys, while kissing me lightly on my neck. I pressed backwards and started to rub my ass against his cock. He motioned for one of the other men to come forward. “Take her pants off”, he commanded. I closed my eyes and decided to go with it, allowing myself to just enjoy the sensations without thinking of what was to come. I felt my pants being pulled down, and could feel the rush of cold air hit my hot and dripping pussy. Suddenly, I felt another pair of hands grab my breasts, kneading my nipples into hard pebbles. My husband had unzipped his pants, and I felt his warm penis slide between my butt cheeks. The constant pressure of his hard cock teasing my asshole was immense. I groaned in delight when I felt yet another pair of hands push past the lace of my panties and spread apart my lips. I lurched forward, hoping to make him shove his finger further up my hole. “You like that?”, he asked. I nodded my head furiously. “More”, I begged. Sliding two more fingers into my gaping, wet hole, I could feel my legs start to give out. My husband held me up, and leaned back into him, so his friend could continue to pump his fingers in and out of me.

I opened my eyes as he yanked his fingers out. I could see that all but one of his friends were occupying themselves with me. His reluctance intrigued me, or perhaps it was my own greediness of wanting more. Here I was, being played with by four men with four rock hard cocks, and yet I wanted more. I half smiled at him as I watched him pull out the biggest white dick I had ever seen. He circled his fingers around the base of his cock and slowly began to milk it. I was mesmerized by his size and girth. Suddenly, I felt myself being bent over; then pushed down on all fours, losing sight of the super sized shaft in the process. Before I could even react, I felt the head of someone’s cock traveling down the crack of my ass, over the spot between both holes, and plunge deep into my cunt. I started to rock backwards into his cock, meeting his thrusts with my own. “Fuck me”, I screamed, “ Fuck me like the slut I am!”

Looking up, I was met with the sight of one of the other guys, dropping to his knees and with his dick swinging right in front of my face. Without saying a word, he grabbed the back of my head, and guided my mouth upon his mushroom head. I eagerly licked at his pre-cum, tasting the saltiness. Stretching my mouth wide, I swallowed him whole. I was being fucked from behind as hard and fast as I was sucking the other cock, buried deep in my mouth. Just then, as I was losing myself into the rhythm of the dual cockfest; I felt someone wriggle underneath me. Three, I thought! I am going to get three dicks now, and I started rearing back onto the dick in my pussy as hard as I could. Bucking against the cock fucking me from behind, I felt his mouth cover my hairless snatch, licking all around my outer lips. “Oh God”, I thought, “Can it get any better than this?” I knew he was not only sucking me, but making sure he lapped up any juices that escaped from my pussy. He swirled my clit around with his tongue, making me cum all over his face. I couldn’t hold out, and I knew I would have the chance to cum again. This was far from over.

I mashed my clit down hard upon his face, making small circles against it, forcing him to suckle my cunt until I was finished. Exhausted from my orgasm, and feeling overly sensitive, I tightened my pussy muscles on the cock pummeling me from behind. I felt a hot gush of cum spew forth inside me, and once again pressed down on the guy’s face underneath me. Jerking the cock out of my mouth, I cried out, “Suck him, drink his fucking cum.” While I remained atop his face, leaving him no choice but to guzzle down that hot, sticky load as well. Turning my attention back to the cock at my mouth, I began eagerly sucking him off. After ramming his dick against the back of my throat a couple of times, he grabbed me by both sides of my head and shot his load deep inside my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow every drop, and I could feel myself going weak from utter satisfaction.

I dropped onto my belly, my knees could no longer hold me up, and I felt a third and new cock enter from behind. I laid there, too weak to move, and enjoyed having my raw pussy fucked hard from behind. As he was ramming his dick in and out of me, the fourth guy started for my mouth. Knowing my jaws couldn’t take any more after just being face fucked, I quickly ducked my head down. He was too worked up to wait his turn, and was ready to cum. He started jacking himself off with one hand, while I reached out and massaged his balls with my own hand. I could feel him tense up and knew he was going to shoot his milky load. He reached down and cupped my chin with his free hand, and held my head in place. He began to cum, and I realized it was the same guy that had just sucked me off a few minutes ago. I felt a rush of hot steamy cum hit my upper lip and run down my jaw. Tasting it with the tip of my tongue, I reached for the glob that had dripped onto my chest and licked that off my fingers too. I figured that was the least I could do, since I had cheated him from fucking any of my holes.

The stimulation was too much for the guy still pounding away at my pussy. I felt him grasp my hips with both hands, and plunge into me one hard, final time. He held me, speared onto his dick, while he shot his hot semen deep inside my hungry pussy. Finally, his grasp eased up and he patted me on my ass cheeks as he withdrew. He backed his cock out of me, inch by inch, leaving me stretched wide. “No”, I thought. “This can’t be all, I still want more.” I had already cum once, but yet; I found myself unable to stop my fingers from reaching down into my sticky, cum filled pussy and playing with myself. “Well, I can always fuck my husband again, after they all leave”, I thought, bringing a smile to my lips.

Before I could start to enjoy my fingers, I felt myself being pulled up. I turned to look and see who had recovered so fast that they were ready for round two. It was him! I had forgot all about the other guy who was busy stroking himself, the one with the huge, thick cock. I found myself being lifted up onto the poker table, while my legs were being spread apart by my husband. “Fuck her”, he said. “Fuck her hard, give it all to her, she’s ready.” He reached forward and grabbed my shoulders and scooted me down towards him. I could feel the poker chips scr*pe against my back and ass, while he slid my cum soaked pussy down towards him.

I looked him in the eye, mentally challenging him to fuck with me with everything he had. I was ready, I wanted it, and I could take it. After already being fucked by two other guys, I knew my pussy could accommodate his girth. He looked down at me, and slammed his dick deep inside me without any hesitation. He had scooted me so far down on the table that my ass was hanging off the edge. My husband leaned over my face, and kissed me hard on the mouth, preventing me from screaming out from the cock that was slamming merciless into my hole. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt my body rock with every slam of his dick. He was thrusting inside of me so fast, and so hard, that my tits were bouncing back and forth uncontrollably. I could feel the whole table being moved across the floor, despite my husband trying to hold it into place. The more he fucked me, the greater the amount of pain I could feel deep inside my pussy walls. Or was that pleasure I felt? I could no longer tell the difference between the two, I just knew I was filled. I was filled to the brim with his dick, and I was happy. For so long I had wanted to be fucked like this. But never, did I ever imagine, it would be so many at one time. He came after a few more forceful thrusts, and withdrew panting. I remained where I was, no longer caring about being the gracious hostess.

Later, after a long hot bath, I climbed into bed and wrapped myself around my husband. I laid in his arms while he stroked my hair and kissed me gently on my face. He whispered how happy he was, and asked if I needed anything. “Yes”, I replied while smiling back at him. “What day is the next poker game?”

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