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The Poke Her Party

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It was a Friday night and Mary knew I had been planning a special evening for her but did not know what. I had told her to shower and put on a sexy dress with her special under things such as hose and garter belts. Lots of lace and heals too. While she was getting ready I set up the poker table and prepared the bar and some snacks. I told her to stay in the back of the house until her surprise was ready. About 9:00 our guests arrived. I had invited six handsome guys to an evening of poker with Mary as our hostess and waitress.

As soon as all the guys were there and everyone ready to play some cards or whatever came up, I brought Mary in. She was very surprised and quite happy with the group. I explained she was to be our hostess and was to take care of the guys needs in any way she wanted. She just got a very mischievous grin and said, OK! We began playing cards Mary began making drinks as requested by the guys and putting together some snack plates. She was wearing a very low cut sheath dress that was split up the side all the way to her waist. Her sexy lacy panties were visible at the top of the slit and her plunging neckline allowed more than a great view of her ample breasts.

When Mary came to the table she would take the opportunity to be sure to lean across the table giving everyone a great view down her cleavage. She made it a point to slide between the guys rubbing her butt against them or leaning over a shoulder to serve a drink allowing her boobs to caress someone’s back. The guys were very appreciative of her efforts to keep them supplied in drinks and rewarded her with a firm squeeze of her butt or a stroke up her skirt of her thighs. As the evening progressed Mary seemed to be making the drinks a little stronger and the guys were getting friskier with their comment and attention. At times Mary was so distracting we had problems keeping track of the bets and the cards.

Mary had been given 6 black chips at the start of the evening. Anytime she wanted she could toss a chip into the pot. The winner was to get a special reward. Mary watched the play and when she thought a particularly sexy guy was about to win she would toss a black chip in. The betting would get kind of wild with everyone wanting that pot. Carl was the first guy to win a black chip. He had not been the one Mary was hoping for in that pot but was more than happy with the result. As Carl raked in his chips he was grinning from ear to ear wondering what Mary special prize would be. Mary began to show him as began dealing the next hand. She had Carl move his chair back some from the table. She told him the next hand would have a small handicap for him. She unzipped his pants and slipped his dick out. It was nice and hard as was every dick around the table thanks to all the teasing Mary had been doing. She knelt beside Carl’s chair and began to lick his dick. She told Carl she would continue to pleasure him as long as he stayed in the next hand. When he dropped out she would stop. Carl prayed for some decent cards so he could stay in the hand and it not cost him a fortune if he lost the pot. As the play progressed Mary was sucking him in her usual proficient fashion. Taking the full length of him into her mouth and concentrating on the head and sensitive areas. Carl realized pretty quick the best hand he could get would be a small pair and was not going to have a chance of winning. The guys recognized this too and were making things difficult for him by raising the pot every time. They were laughing at him but trying to not hit him too hard in the chip count either. They knew their time would come and pay backs could be expensive. Carl was not about to drop out as Mary was sucking him like he had never been sucked before. He commented his wife would not blow him and he was in heaven. The hand finally ended with Carl stalling the play every time it was his turn to bet. As the winner pulled in a nice pot thanks to Carl, Carl leaned his head back and rewarded Mary with a huge load of cum down her throat. Mary loves giving head and very much loves the reward of a large cum load to swallow and Carl rewarded her well with her nearly sucking him dry. As Mary got up he commented he would probably not get another hard on for two weeks after that. Mary jus grinned and said, “Want to bet?”

The card play resumed with everyone waiting and anticipating that next black chip. We were playing small stakes 25 cent limit. Someone complained the pots were not big enough with no one raising. Mary had an idea. Her sexy dress had about 25 buttons down the front holding the sheath type dress together. She had already opened about 5 to let her ample cleavage show. She told everyone that anyone that raised a bet got to undo one button on her dress. The raises began coming fast and furious. Each time a button was undone the guy took his time letting his hand explore inside her dress our up her legs to caress her pussy through her panties, massage her boobs, or slip a finger inside her panties. It was not long in that hand before Mary’s dress was open all the way revealing some of the sexiest undergarments a guy could imagine. Black lace with a garter belt and black stocking with black high heals made a very sexy package. Gary decided to be helpful since her open dress seemed to be a problem getting in the drinks, so he helped her slip out of it. Every guy at the table had a huge hard on.

Mary was eyeing around the table at all these bulges and really wanted to see more so she slipped under the table and moved from one guy to the next, unzipping their pants and slipping their dick out. Each time giving it a nice little lick and suck as a tease. When she had six dicks freed and standing at attention she came up for air. The game was dealer call and Larry called a high low split game. Mary saw an opportunity and tossed two of her black chips in the pot. The betting went crazy with every guy at the table trying to either win or bluff a winner. Larry and Steve came up splitting the pot and we eagerly anticipating what Mary would do. Mary told the other guys to deal the cards. She reminded them of the rules that black chip winner play only lasted as long as the next hand. She had the two winners move beside each other. She backed up to Larry and slowly sat on his lap. She slid her panties to the side and slid her pussy down around his hard dick. She leaned over and took Steve’s dick into her mouth and began to suck him. With a rocking motion she began to fuck and suck the both. Mary gets very turned on very quickly. She is a squirter and with a dick in her pussy and one in her mouth she started cuming immediately. She began to squirt buckets on Larry’s dick. It was pouring down into his lap and soaking his open pants. He did not care and certainly did not complain. Larry and Steve were totally distracted and the guys kept having to remind them to bet or call. They had not even looked at their cards but neither was about to drop out of the hand knowing that if they did, the black chip play with Mary ended too. Mary was coming continuously while enjoying a throbbing dick in her pussy and one in her mouth. The hand finally ended and Steve ended up winning the hand without ever looking at his cards. Mary really was enjoying herself and was a little disappointed the hand did not last longer. She slipped off of Larry’s dick and apologized for his wet pants. To make amends bent over and began sucking and licking his dick clean for him. Steve was looking directly into Mary’s sweet ass. Steve took the opportunity to pull her panties off, stand up and slide his dick into her now very wet pussy.

The attention to the game was now pretty well shot. All the guys were up and maneuvering to get a better view as Mary sucked and fucked. They moved the table aside and all was shedding their pants and shoes as the stroked some very hard dicks. Mary could see the action changing around her and began to reach out a find a dick to stroke with each hand. She now had the attention, literally of four dicks. She began to share the talents of her mouth and started switching from dick to dick trying very hard to get all three in her mouth at once. All this time Steve was steadily fucking her from behind. She was squirting again and leaving a large puddle between Steve’s feet. Mary is very multi orgasmic and was no experiencing one orgasm after another. Steve began to come and as he shot a huge load of cum into Mary’s hot pussy she began to moan very loudly as she enjoyed his dick throbbing and pumping inside her.

As Steve withdrew his dick from her, Mary stood up and began walking toward the bedroom leading a dick in each hand. All six of us followed. She lay down on her back across the bed with her head hanging off. Ken was first to mount her and easily slid his dick into her sopping pussy. Larry and Mark moved to where Mary’s eager mouth was and she began sucking them both at the same time. Ken was stroking her pussy with his dick and had her legs and knees high in the air. He said he was about to cum but did not want this to end that quick. He motioned for Derrick to come up and as Ken slid his dick out he was quickly replace by a very large dick, thanks to Derrick. Mary now had a dick in each hand as Sam and Lee got on the bed beside her. Derrick fucked her for a while then tagged Sam and Derrick moved to replace Larry at the head of the bed so Mary could lick him clean. Sam was sliding his dick into Mary. She had been stroking him all this time and he was really turned on watching all the fun. It only took him sliding his dick into Mary’s very tight and extremely wet pussy for him to cum. He was a little embarrassed at cuming so quickly but the guys were too distracted to kid him about it. As soon as Sam slid out he moved to Mary’s mouth to let her enjoy cleaning the cum off his dick with her mouth and tongue. Sam had rewarded Mary with a very large load of cum. It was dripping from his dick as Mary sucked him clean and drained nay remaining drops down her eager throat. Derrick now returned to fuck Mary. He had the larger dick of the group measuring close to 10 inches. He easily slid it into her pussy which was now oozing cum thanks to Sam and Steve’s cum loads inside her. Two loads and four to go and Mary was enjoying herself totally. Derrick again moved without cuming and Mark began fucking her. Everyone was so hot now it only took him a few strokes and he added load 3 to her already dripping pussy.

Derrick, has enjoyed Mary before and knows what she likes. He got on the bed and pulled Mary on top of him letting her settle down onto his dick impaling that 10 inch monster into her. He leaned her forward. He had already told Ken what to do and Ken slid in between Derrick’s legs and up behind Mary. He placed his dick against the back of Mary’s pussy and slowly penetrated her. Mary was now enjoying two dicks sliding back and forth, in and out inside her pussy. Ken had never done a vaginal DP. He was saying how unbelievable it was feeling how tight that pussy was with two dicks in it. Mary is very tight anyway but thanks to all the lubrication in her it was no problem. When she would orgasm which was almost continuously now she would pop a dick out if the guy was not aware and did not bury himself deep as she came. Mary’s pulsing pussy milked Ken to as orgasm and load 4 was in Mary’s pussy. Another dick immediately joined Derrick in another DP inside Mary and load 5 hit it’s Mark. Derrick rolled Mary off him for a break and her legs were quickly in the air with Jeff furnishing load 6 soon filling her pussy. Derrick now spread Mary’s legs and slid his huge dick into her pussy. Cum was running down across her ass. I moved to the head of the bed and Mary took my dick into her mouth. I was really turned on from watching her enjoy herself so much. Derrick was fucking her in earnest now. His dick was slamming into her and she was squirting again. It was splashing across her belly and into her face and onto my chest as she sucked my dick. Derrick and I both began to cum at the same time. Mary was sucking like a pro as she tried to drain me completely and was thrusting her hips hard into Derrick as she enjoyed feeling him pump load 7 into her. She was sucking with all her talent enjoying the feel of two dicks filling her mouth and pussy at same time.

All the guys returned to the abandoned table to try to sort out their chips and cash in for the evening. Yea, everyone was pretty much cashed in. I moved Mary to her side of our bed. She was virtually limp, having experienced a couple hundred orgasms. I tucked her in, kissed her gently and returned to the game room to see our guest out. Mary did sleep late the next morning.

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