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The Plan

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The plan had been rolling around in my head for a while, gradually taking shape to the point that I was ready to put it into motion. We had been in the ?lifestyle? for a while and were going through a dry spell. We had made plans to meet other couples and they had either fallen through or not worked out for one reason or another. My wife, Kris, continued to keep a good attitude, but I could tell that it was starting to bother her and she was starting to feel a little insecure. She was beginning to wonder whether she was attractive enough. Let me say here that Kris is beautiful, long brown hair, big beautiful eyes, and a body that turns heads, especially her tits which are a full D. She?s in her late thirties but can pass for late twenties. The problem was definitely not with her, but what to do about it. I decided to take matters into my own hands and kill two birds with one stone. I would end the dry spell and demonstrate her attractiveness at the same time.

The plan was a simple one, get her out on the town and get some attention sent her way. Usually, when we went out, she would get plenty of male attention but my presence always chased everyone away. I wasn?t trying to chase them off, but we had always played with other couples, never single males. Not that we hadn?t talked about it, because we had. I really enjoy seeing my wife being pleasured and we had talked about having a threesome with another guy, we just had never found the right way make this happen. I knew that if I could get her out, she would continue to get the attention; the one question in my mind was whether she would do anything about it. That was the beauty of my plan; I was going to take matters into my own hands.

When the weekend rolled around, I told my wife how terrible my week was and how I really needed to get out. After some convincing, she finally agreed and we headed to a bar that he had been to a couple of times before. The band was great and, even better; no one we knew was likely to be there so we could mix it up and not worry about anyone finding out. Kris was wearing a low-cut top that really showed her tits off and a pair of tight blue jeans that showed her ass off too. As a bonus for me, she was wearing a pair of high heels that I describe as ?fuck me pumps?. I love them but she doesn?t. She only wears them when she wants to make me happy. She also had some glittery powder on her chest that smell great and sparkled when the light hit it. This was also designed to draw attention to her chest which was just fine with me.

When we walked into the bar, the band was just starting up. There were several couples there along with several groups of single males, all mingling and getting drinks, preparing for the evening. As expected, there was no one there that we knew. We got our drinks and settled down to listen to the band. A couple of songs into the set, and couples were beginning to work their way onto the dance floor. I was pushing the drinks on Kris, because I knew that she needed a little liquid courage before she was willing to dance. As I headed to the bar for a second round, I noticed that the place was filling up and several of the guys were eyeing my wife as she sat alone, but no one was making a move just yet. When I got back to the table, I leaned over and asked her to point out anyone that had caught her attention. First the couple she though was nice looking, then the female she would most like to hook up with and then the male that she thought was the hottest. I noticed that the guy she picked was with a group of guys. He was late twenties, well built, with short brown hair. He was with two other guys that looked about the same as he did, at least to me. I also noted that he had check out my wife several times, along with most of the other women in the place.

After a little more small talk, I asked Kris if she was ready to dance. She advised that she wasn?t yet, but she was thinking about it. The dance floor was becoming more popular and there were now several single girls out there. It was now time for me to put my plan into action. I told Kris that I was headed to the bathroom and headed that way. When I was out of sight, I walked over to the group of guys that included the one she was most interested in. ?Hey man! What?s going on?? I asked the target. He gave me that confused look, but politely said ?hey? in return. ?I?m Dave?, I told him. He was now looking unsure, but still answered ?Steve?. It was now or never. ?Listen, I know this may sound strange, but I have a question. You see that girl over there in the blue shirt with the great tits?? ?Yeah?, he answered, glancing at my wife. ?I was wondering if you could do me a favor?, I pressed on before he had a chance to think about it. ?She is going through a hard time right now and is feeling unattractive. The best way I know to cheer her up is with a little positive attention. I was hoping that you and your friends might be willing to go over and show her a little attention. Maybe flirt a little or ask her to dance. It would really help her a lot and I will buy all three of you a round if you will.? At this point, Steve was looking a little more interested. He looked more closely at Kris, glanced at his two friends, who had been listening without saying anything, and then said ?sure?. I headed to the bathroom and my three new friends headed over to where my wife was sitting. When I came back from the bathroom, Kris was a different person. Steve was on one side, his two friends were on the other side and Kris was smiling, laughing, and having a great time being the center of attention. As I walked up, Kris gave me a big smile and said ?Hey! This is James and Greg?, she said pointing at the two guys on one side, ?and this is Steve?, as she pointed to our new friend. I gave them all a friendly ?Hey? and then asked if anyone needed a drink. Once they had all told me what they wanted, I headed to the bar. When I got back to the table, I was pleased to see that Kris was even more animated than before, and obviously getting turned on. She was leaning from one guy to the next, chatting them up and giggling. She was also tossing her hair around and would place her hand on their knee or arm as she talked. I sat down across from them and joined in the conversation. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and the drinks went down quickly. I headed back to the bar and returned to find my wife?s hand on the thigh of Steve and his hand was on her thigh. Greg also had a hand on her leg on the other side. She definitely did not seem to mind either. When I sat down, Kris looked over at me and smiled but did not move her hand. Neither guy bothered to move his hand either. A little while later I headed to the bathroom. When I returned, I found the group on the dance floor. Kris was a sandwich between the three guys, Steve was behind her and she was grinding her ass on his crotch while he had his hand on her waist. I smiled and raised my glass to Kris to let her know that I was aware and was ok with it. She gave me an even bigger smile and bent over even farther, grinding even harder into him. The night progressed and all three of the guys took turns behind her. I noticed that they were all sporting bulges in their pants when the passed her off to the next guy. The grinding became even more forceful and the hands began to roam more freely from the waist down to her ass and then up to brush against her tits. For her part, Kris took every opportunity to rub her tits and ass against each of the guys in turn. They would occasionally return to the table, and when they would the hands would move even more freely. At one point I glanced down and noticed that Steve was rubbing his hand over my wife?s pussy. She had her legs spread to give him free access and from the look in her eyes I knew that she had to be so wet that I would start to run down her legs soon. When I returned from the bathroom the next time, Kris looked and me and said that we were all going over to Steve?s house to continue the party. As we headed to the cars, Kris said that she was going to ride with the guys so that if we became separated, she would be able to call me and tell me how to get there. I agreed with a smile and pulled car around, following the three guys.

Greg was driving and I was surprised to see that James, Kris, and Steve were all in the back seat together. From my position behind them, I could see that Kris was leaning over to kiss one and then the other of the guys. I could also see that she had the attention of both of the guys and their hands were roaming all over her body. After a few blocks, I noticed that her head disappeared into Steve?s lap. The drive to the apartment ended a couple of blocks later and we parked beside each other in the lot. Kris exited the car wiping her mouth and buttoning her shirt. She was grinning from ear to ear and was not the least ashamed of what she had been doing, knowing that I was ok with everything. The guys were sporting hard on?s so bad that they were having trouble walking at this point. When we entered the apartment, things didn?t take long to progress even further. Kris walked over to Steve, looked over her shoulder at me, and then proceeded to put her tongue down his throat. James and Greg looked at me but Steve was too involved to pay me any attention. When I just grinned, James and Greg moved to either side of Kris and began to run their hands over her tits and ass, feeling every inch of her. Steve came up for air long enough to work his way over to the couch where he sat down. Kris sat in his lap and the kissing proceeded again. A few seconds later, James and Greg had her top off, her bra undone and her fantastic tits were swinging free. Each of the guys took a deep breath as they admired the beautiful mounds. They then took turns licking and sucking on them. After a few minutes of this action, one of the guys managed to undo the button on her pants. It took some wiggling, but a few seconds later the jeans were in a pile on the floor. The hands continued their exploration and were soon busy at out of sight. I could tell as soon as one of them was able to insert a finger into her pussy because she arched her back and sucked in a deep breath of air, but otherwise never lost her lip lock with Steve. A moment later it was obvious that Steve was ready for the next course because in one motion he lifted her up, turned around, and plopped her back on the couch. This time he positioned himself between her legs and continued to lick and suck at her tits. James and Greg moved to either side and continued to run their hands over her body. Steve worked his way from her tits, down her stomach, and between her legs. When he inserted his tongue into her pussy, I thought the top of her head was going to come off. She began to thrash and moan as the first waves of orgasm overcame her. Steve never stopped, but grabbed her ass with both hands, planted his face firmly in her pussy and road the bucking out. Greg and James had completely forgotten about me. They removed their pants and pulled out their bulging cocks, moving up one on each side of Kris?s face. For her part, Kris wasted no time in taking one cock in each hand and began stroking them. She would also take turns licking and sucking on each of the cocks. The looks on their faces made it plain that she was doing a fantastic job of giving them a blow job. Steve continued to tongue her pussy and she began to moan and buck again as a second orgasm overcame her. Soon, Steve could handle no more. In one smooth motion, he stood and jerked off his pants freeing his throbbing erection. He then moved between her legs and positioned the head of his cock at her pussy. At this point I had a little twinge of guilt as Kris and I had always agreed that we would always use condoms when we played. I knew she was too far into this to stop and would never even notice the lack of protection. I shouldn?t have been worried. She paused from giving the blow job of the century to look at Steve and purr, ?when you cum, cum on my stomach. It drives me wild!!!? Steve just got an even bigger smile and buried himself up to the hilt in one motion. Kris threw her legs even wilder and gave out a little scream. She then wrapped her legs around his ass and pulled him in even harder. I was so lost in enjoying to ecstasy on my wife?s face that it seemed like only seconds passed but was definately much longer. Steve?s pounding became harder and faster, his head threw back and began to breathe in ragged gasps. Suddenly he pulled out his cock, positioned it over her belly and let loose rope after rope of cum that splashed from her tits all the way down to the valley of her pussy. Spent, he pushed himself away and settled on the couch beside her and his friends.

With this opportunity, Greg wasted no time but pulled his cock out of her grip. In one motion, he rolled her over a position her with her ass in the air and face buried in James? lap. Kris wasted no time in taking James still throbbing cock as deep into her throat as possible. Greg moved behind her and immediately rammed his cock to the hilt in her pussy in one motion. She took a second for air from her blow job and looked over her shoulder at Greg. With a wink she said ?I like cum on my back even more than my stomach!? Greg never lost a stroke but began to pound even harder. His thrusts made Kris?s now dripping pussy make sucking sounds as if it was unable to get enough and was trying to suck the life out of the cock being driving hard and fast into it. James grabbed her by the hair and drew her mouth back down onto his cock, driving it deep into her throat. Kris made gagging sounds and I began to worry, but she never pulled away and quickly adjusted to the mouthful. The three began to rock in unison back and forth. As Greg would pound forward, Kris would be driven onto James? cock. When Greg would withdraw, James would drive up forcing Kris backwards again, just in time for the next thrust. In no time, Kris began to moan and thrash as she again reached orgasm. Her peak was followed moments later by Greg withdrawing and stroking long strings of cum onto her back that dribbled down the crack of her ass. Kris was unable to enjoy this however, as James took this moment to cum a wad that was too much for her to swallow all of. This dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Kris did not pull away until every drop had been milked from him. When they were done, all three collapsed in a heap on the couch.

At this point, the guys realized that I was there and seemed unsure what to do next. Kris was not done yet though. She pushed off the couch and crossed the room. This time she undid my pants and took out my cock. Quickly, she swallowed all of it and began to slurp, like and suck. I was so aroused from the scene I had just witnessed I knew I would not last long, and I was right. In no time, I was adding my cum to the strings that still clung to her chin. The guys all got a big grin on their faces at this point and high fives were exchanged all around. ?Anyone want a drink?? Steve asked. I had figured that Kris would be ready to leave, but she was the first one to request one. Refreshments were just what was needed to revive everyone and soon all five of us were naked and moved to the bed where the play continued until everyone had reached orgasm at least one more time. For her part, Kris came at least three more times before the night was over.

Later that night, or rather morning, we headed for the door. Kris was walking a little bow legged but had a very satisfied smile on her face. She gave each of the guys a kiss and told them that we would have to do this again soon. As I led her to the car I knew that my plan had been successful beyond my wildest dreams.

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