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The Night Out , My Version

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The Night Out, My Version

Glenn told his side of this story awhile back, but when I read it, it wasn’t exactly the way that I remembered it, so I thought it appropriate that I tell it as it really happened.

We live in the country as he explained, with limited sexual human interaction. And he was correct in telling that he does take me to the city and pamper me with extravagant gifts and treatment, which makes me feel sexy and lady like. He always buys me clothes and pampers me with manicures and lavish treatment that makes me want to give him whatever he wants, which is exactly what I want to do tonight…

On this particular visit, the club that we visit has a theme for the evening, which this night was Men’s shirt night. We went shopping and I found a see thru shirt that was rather long and very thin, which excited me and I knew it would him. My pussy was wet as I was getting a manicure and pedicure, then off to the hairdresser for a style. Of course accessories were in order and I found the cutest red polka dot high heels, and luckily matching thong panties, which looked great with the white sheer shirt. The meal was fantastic and when we got back to our room, I had my first orgasm of the evening in the shower as I tidied up my private areas with the razor, knowing that the evening would have me exposed to hopefully more than a few new playmates. My nipples were hard and protruding when I dressed in the thin shirt and the aroma of my perfume and pussy was going straight to my brain as I slipped into the tiny thong and those red polka dot high heels. He looked great in his blue long sleeve shirt and black slacks and alligator boots. My insides were churning and I could feel the wetness between my legs as we entered the elevator. He uses a limo service when we go out and the car was waiting when we hit the curb, the driver had the door open waiting for us and I felt like royalty.

We had small talk with our driver on the way to the club; all the while Glenn was teasing my thighs, keeping me at the boiling point. My long coat was hiding the fact that I was nearly naked underneath it, which was keeping me extremely turned on. When we arrived at the club, Glenn leaned in and whispered in my ear that he wanted this to be a special night for me, and that I was to grab, fondle and caress as many cocks as I could. My body shuddered when that thought hit my brain, as I had never done anything as bold as this, but I decided that I would do it and the more I pondered the idea, the better it sounded. So as he was paying and showing our ID’s and I was in the process of undoing my coat, I felt the first strange cock of the night…and the bouncer had a nice smile on his face as I walked away. This was going to be a fun night.

We checked our coats and I guess it didn’t count as I squeezed the nice breast of the coat check girl, but since she didn’t have a penis…but her tit felt good in my hand. On our way to find a table I managed to feel three nice packages, one was rather hard. Lots of women were in dress shirts and I felt at ease instantly as we settled in a table close to the dance floor, the music already playing loud and making me want to dance. Glenn hadn’t even noticed that I was already deep into the game he had started, but after three dances, I was already losing count of the feels of the hard dicks I was racking up. The music was loud and the room was heating up nicely, and on the dance floor, bodies were moving together and lots of touching and feeling. Buttons were starting to come undone and I so wanted to have my tits out for all to see. The rum was starting to have its effect on me and someone was unbuttoning my shirt and I had a cock in each hand and a beautiful redhead was rubbing her tits on mine. Everyone was smiling as I lifted my arms over my head and I realized that my shirt was completely unbuttoned and a nice hard cock was rubbing against my ass. Now keep in mind that we were on the dance floor and those dicks were still encased in pants and slacks, but I could still feel them as if they were out. A good looking blonde was catching Glenn’s attention and I had a cock in each hand and that one behind me was starting to really get to me, when the song ended. Glenn grabbed me and we headed for our table for some refreshment and a break.

This club has play areas and he wanted to check them out and see if anything was happening yet. Well I was busy feeling cocks, as instructed, on the way. All of the play areas were empty so we hit the bathrooms for a quick break. I went into the women’s upstairs and a couple was in there fucking. He had her bent over the sink, giving it to her from behind. Well I slipped by them to go take care of my business, and on the way by, thought that I should do as I was told and slipped a hand in and massaged his member and held his balls for a moment. Her juices had his balls slick and I couldn’t help but taste them when I sat down to pee. He was cumming inside her when I finished and I put my arms around them in passing, squeezing her tits and feeling him shudder as I hugged them both. Glenn was waiting for me when I went outside and he wanted to hit the balcony for some air. A couple was coming in as we passed and of course I felt his cock, he smiled at me. After cooling down, we went back in and two guys were sitting at the bar, and on the way by, I stopped and snuggled in between them and got a firm grip on both of them and jacked them for a time feeling them get hard. They both were fondling me as I stroked their dicks. This was really getting fun. Every man that I held in my hand was very happy for my advances, which made me have a good time too.

When we got back downstairs, the dance floor was packed. The couple we had been sitting with was now just the guy. His woman had wandered off somewhere and he was now alone. He seemed really happy to see us return and couldn’t wait to get his hands on me. And of course, as I had been instructed earlier, I went for his hard cock. And hard it was. He had a nice size penis and I could feel the heat coming thru his jeans. I had Glenn’s dick in my other hand and both of them were working my thighs and making their way towards my wet pussy, which was drenched by now. My shirt was completely undone, and they were both sucking on my nipples, which were about to burst. My clit was poking thru the thin material of my thong and I wanted a mouth on it so bad I couldn’t stand it. I was going for both zippers when they both picked me up and we headed out of the room. I knew that they were going to fuck me.

The first room off of the dance floor is called the guys room. This area is for guys without dates. It is usually full of men, lurking, hoping to see a naked woman having sex of some kind, but when we entered it was empty. My boys carried me in and we hit the couch, my hands going for the zipper of my new friend and Glenn going for my thong. I had his hardon out and in my mouth as soon as he hit the couch. It tasted divine. Glenn had my thong off and was easing his big dick into me from behind about the time I had my new prick down my throat and his balls on my chin. I cant remember ever feeling so full, my pussy full of throbbing meat and a fat one down my throat at the same time. I wanted them to both fill me full at the same time and I wanted it now. I was so hungry for cum that all I could think of was to drink his load and all at once, I was fulfilled. It only took a few minutes and he was unloading down my throat and that set me off, and I was cumming too. My pussy convulsed on Glenn’s cock and I felt him releasing inside my pussy. It was incredible. That load tasted so good and the cum I was enjoying was one of the best that I had ever had, it made me laugh and when Glenn sat down with me still on his hard cock, the room was full and I was still quaking from the orgasm and the laughter.

I couldn’t believe the audience we had. We were surrounded by men. Most had their dicks out and they were all hard and jacking them while watching me being fucked and sucking a cock. My new friend had zipped up and left, and another took his place. I was still impaled on Glenn’s hard cock, which hadn’t gone down and men were moving in from all directions. There were dicks of all sizes and colors surrounding me. I was nude with a dick in my cum filled pussy and sitting there with my tits exposed to a bunch of strange men, nipples hard, the room filled with the smell of the three of us cumming, my pussy smell overpowering all. My instinct was to reach out and stroke these needy cocks and that’s what I did. I laid back on my man and reached out and took a cock in each hand and stroked them as best as I could to help them reach their goal of an orgasm, which I wanted on me. All I could think of was for all of these beautiful dicks to shoot off their hot loads all over my skin. I wanted to feel the heat of their cum as it struck my naked skin, to feel the slickness as it ran down my sides, to taste those that hit my lips…My feet were lifted, cocks were rubbing both feet, fingers were on my clit, my pussy lips, my ass hole, entering me, closing in, dicks all around, their smell, sweat, precum, then it started. Glenn was prompting them to cum on her, shoot off on her tits, her belly, her pussy… Fuck her, cover her with your cum, make her cum…

The first shot hit my tits. It was from a guy I was jacking off in my right hand. He hit both tits with his jis and I think as I was jacking him, I hit the gut in my left hand and he went off and started cumming. I aimed both of them towards my mouth and a shot hit my lips, I felt it in my belly and I was cumming too. The taste was wonderful and it hit my cheek, and the heat made my pussy quake again and I could feel Glenn pulsing in my pussy, as he unloaded inside me. I was telling him that the guys were cumming on my tits, that’s when I felt hot wetness on my right foot and one of the guys had unloaded on the bottom of my foot. My legs by now were completely spread eagle and there was a young guy directly between my legs and pumping wildly. Another load hit my side, directly below my tit and running down my side, my left foot was getting drenched, I felt a shot hit my cheek, then another, I opened my mouth and tasted a nice shot on my tongue, another rope across my belly, then another, the heat, the smell of all that man cum. My pussy was convulsing, clamping, I was still cumming, with every shot of hot jis, my pussy was quaking. As one would finish, another would take his place. I had one in each hand, jacking them the best I could, but they didn’t need my help. They were doing fine by themselves. When Glenn finished and I squeezed him out from my orgasm, the young buck that had worked in between my thighs was working himself in. His cock was massive. I had been stroking him by hand earlier and I couldn’t even grasp the size of him as my hand wouldn’t reach around his girth. He was jacking that huge cock head up and down my soaked pussy, which was sending me to yet another orgasm, when he started leaning forwards, pressing the head of that massive cock inside me. I could feel that he was unprotected; I was unprotected from this invading cock of massive proportions. Skin on skin. Bareback. My tits, belly, face, thighs, legs, feet, coated, soaked in man cum… I reached out with both hands and grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me, feeling that fat cock head, stretching me open, filling my pussy like it had never been filled before. Oh my God….He was huge. He kept filling me. His cock was so long and it went deeper than any other had ever gone and when he was completely inside he let loose and I could feel the heat of his load as he emptied inside me, my body was shaking with yet another orgasm when I felt another cock at my asshole. The kid on top of me kissed me deeply as he emptied his balls inside me as another dick slipped into my open asshole and another load was deposited into my bowels, while two more shot off on my face and I could feel more hitting my legs. The cock head slipped out of my ass and the kid lifted off of me, his gigantic dick still filling my pulsing pussy. He slowly started fucking again, bringing me back from my stupor, Glenn underneath, now being crushed by the onslaught of the barrage from above. He picked me up and laid me down on the couch, obviously having more to deposit while being cheered on by his comrades. He slammed me with that big dick for another ten minutes and stiffened and let go with another torrent of hot jism that left me trembling and my legs useless. When he pulled out, a flood of hot cum gushed out of my open cunt. One of the men came over and licked my clit, which made me squeak out yet one more little cum, and I was completely finished. Glenn came around and made me put on my shirt without cleaning up and called our limo, I was completely soaked in cum and the smell was amazing. Our driver commented on our evening when we got back to our hotel, I jacked and sucked him off while being fucked doggy style in the back of the limo. It was one of the best times of my life. Most definitely a great Night Out!

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