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The Garden House

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Our friends invited my wife Karen and I over for a cook out and evening of ?fun & games?, whatever that is supposed to mean. The girls plan all the social events so what the heck do I know other than to be there and be ready to have some good food and cold beer. Karen told me that it was a special party and that some of the other adults might be more flirtatious than we are used to. When I asked why that was she related that some of the attendees were swingers. ?You know, players, or wife swappers? she went one to explain. ?Is that something you want to do or something you want us to do? I asked and was a little surprised with her answer, ?Why not?.

The next few minutes were spent talking about what was involved and expected to happen at this kind of gathering. While my Karen was only talking from hear say evidence and what must have been a sales pitch from some of the other ladies, I listened and learned quite a bit about another side of my wife of 18 years. In full view of others, husbands and wives trade partners for sex. No one holds grudges afterward and anything goes. One other thing was that ?No? means no and that any lady can put a stop to something if she wishes.

The night grew near and Karen and I had some fantastic sex leading up to the night of the party. Comments about who was to be in attendance and what did she or I think of having sex with this one or that one if they were there. Everything about the evening was out in the open and we were still comfortable with going to try it and see if we liked it. No hard feelings afterward and we come home together. She even went shopping to get some sexy attire for herself and some tighter pants and a silky shirt for me. Karen said she wanted to do a little sexual marketing when we got to the party.

That night the clothing was laid out on the bed and we showered together, teasing that we were going to go out and have some adult fun. The kissing was hot in the shower but only teasing was allowed as we had to keep ourselves ready for other players at the party. Another hot kiss at the front door before it opened and we eagerly stepped into the den of sin. We knew most everyone in attendance. Some were already flirting and even feeling up someone else?s spouse. Cocktails were flowing and the finger food was fantastic, the hamburgers and brats along with the potato salad were delicious and the beer was cold. Our hostess introduced Karen and I as the ?newbies? and Karen seemed to have a little more insight to what that meant, but then the girls always talk and let we men learn as we need to know something. We were directed to leave the deck on the back of the main house and follow the garden path at the far corner of the back yard.

Down the path I had to duck a few times as the ivy hanging from some of the lattes work and overgrown bushes hung over the path to make it a shaded walk most of the way down the side of the property. The end of the organic cave allowed a view of a large cottage with a sign in the front grassy area which read The Garden House?. Flowers and plants landscaped the entire area around the cottage but we made our way inside to fins a great room on the first floor, balcony surrounding the open room on the second floor with doors for private rooms I?m guessing. The guests explained that the man cave in the basement was for full fledged members of the group only. I asked what it took to be a full member and he replied with, that?s up to me and my wife. I needed further explanation and learned that the men took each new lady to the lower level and enjoyed her as her initiation. The ladies needed to evaluate me and my application but I would like it if I submitted to the initiation. I would have to hold off my ejaculation till I was told that it would be okay for me to cum. ?And my wife downstairs?.????? I asked. One of the men said she would need to please and that meant fully satisfy each of the men. I looked around and counted seven men and seven ladies not counting Karen and me. While mingling with others I made my way to Karen?s side and asked if she was aware of the initiation. She said they most likely have some kind of sorority hazing for us to do. When I told her she would need to have sex with all the men in the lower level she looked at me with fear in her eye, lost all color in her face and stepped back. ?How many guys are here?? she asked so I told her seven. Then she didn?t believe me and asked our hostess. The story was confirmed and she came back to me to remind me not to climax till I was given the okay or we?d have to go through the initiation again.

Our hostess directed her husband to lead my Karen to the basement with all the men in trail. Karen had a look of apprehension on here face and a twinkle of erotic anticipation in her eye. Then disappeared down the stairwell and the ladies immediately gathered around me with random touching and un fastening of my buttons and belt and zipper and shoe laces and I was naked in seconds. They started disrobing. Some like strippers making a show if it and others just tearing off clothes and getting naked. They were all naked as I was directed to sit on the sofa. One by one they came to stand before me their crotch in my face. I licked one snapper after another; one of my hands was guided to another woman?s pussy the other hand to a boob. The chain of women came before me till each one had gotten a lick from my tongue, her boobs played with and one of my fingers in her pussy, all of which were very wet and willing. The oral parade started over again but this time as one stood before me another took my penis in her mouth. It was all I could do to not cum.

I was pushed to my back as each woman then mounted my penis and pumped her body up and down on me to drive me absolutely out of my mind. To make it worse I had my face sat on so I was licking one crotch while another rode me like a horny cowgirl. The hostess called for a break in the action. I was trying catch my breath when she approached me alone, with all the others standing around us to watch. ?It?s time for you to cum and I have just the pace for your load? as she mounted me. I began slowly at first and she told me to go faster, deeper, harder, her voice getting more and more deeper in tone and her hips returning each pump till I let go with my juices into her. Moaning together the crowd of ladies cheered. One after another sucked on me to get a taste of my sperm as our hostess dismounted and my last drop was taken from me.

We as a group descended the stairs to find Karen having a hay day with three men at a time, one fucking her while she was sucking another and another playing with her breasts. Three of the seven men were finished and having a drink while they watched. Karen saw me and the women enter to watch which only egged her on to put on more of a show. Two more men finished one in her pussy and the other in her mouth.

That left the host and one other man. The sixth man positioned her on her hands and knees to do her doggy style. Karen likes it that way sometimes and gladly arched her back to give him access to her love hole. He wasted no time entering her with a rather large penis, that she enjoyed and rapidly began to pound her as he held on and rammed himself into her. He took his pleasure and emptied himself while full in. A slow retreat was followed by coming around to guide his freshly fucked cock to be sucked on by my wife Karen. The host with the most and that was even more so true given that he had the largest manhood in the room and it was hard and ready for action. Karen was asked to get on her back in the middle of the bed. ?Are you ready for this?? he asked to which Karen said ?Anything you want is right here?. The crowd gave out with a yell and he moved to between her legs and pushed that big penis of his into my wife. Karen spread her legs high and wide to give him full access. She gave out with a gasp of pleasure when it went full in with the first plunge. They fucked for what seemed to be a minute or two then he was handed a tube of lube by his wife who then with another woman on either side held Karen?s legs higher and wider for him. He lubed himself and pushed slowly into her ass. Karen moaned and painfully accepted the man?s cock. She panted with her attempt to relax and let him take her on his terms. He was giving short strokes at first and Karen was becoming more accustomed to being his chattel. We had only done anal twice since we were married but she told me that in college she did it with a boyfriend that way for awhile.

They were going at it with regular strokes and about half his length going in with each thrust. Karen was getting into it and was showing signs of liking it more with every few strokes. The ladies were coaxing him to give it all to her and to fill her ass with cum some in an attempt to be erotic and others in a more sadistic tone. But then Karen said ?Give it to me! Give it all to me?. Then?.he did with every inch in with every plunge into her. Karen was flexing her tummy to meet his cadence when he exploded with climax. Jamming in full and holding it deep in her. Karen said ?Now that?s what I?m talking about?. They held the full deep position for a moment before he pulled out every so slowly and the ladies relaxed the grip on my wife?s legs. Karen collapsed from all the attention of seven men and the rather large last one who just came in her bottom.

The hostess invited us into the group with a cocktail toast and included a challenged for us to invite a new couple to the group. A couple who would then be subjected to the same initiation process. On the way home we started talked about a couple to two that might like it and talked about trying them out ourselves first as part of our selection process. Nothing like fucking with friends before leading them now the ?Garden Path?.

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