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the festival

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?????3 years ago my wife entered us in a contest to win a free week's stay at an erotic resort during porn star week. we ended up winning but what we didn't know when we entered the contest was the winners also got a chance to audition for a part in a real porn movie. we auditioned and the producers and execs fell in love with my wife. they loved everything about her, her body, her willingness to do anything in front of the camera and be very comfortable doing it, and the way she took charge and did things naturally without any hesitation. she did 3 scenes on that trip for the movie and loved it and then signed a deal with the movie company to make more films. after about her tenth film the execs told her she was ready to be the main star in her own films. they told her that her insatiable desire for sex and love of performing and showing off her great body in front of the camera and to the whole world made her a natural porn star. she's been making XXX films now for 3 years and has been the main star in over 20 of them. last year she received a letter inviting her to the porn star awards and festival in Vegas. she was selected by her company as one of the finalists to compete for a major porn star award. this was quite an honor because at that time she had only been in about 20 movies and starred in only 10. there were 50 companies competing, each sending 1 man and 1 woman to compete for best actor/actress in a starring role. there would also be a runner up award. she was going to be competing against 49 other women for 1 of 2 awards. as she read the letter I could see her face light up with excitement. she really enjoyed making XXX films as was evident by how comfortable and good she was doing it. the letter went on to tell us there would be 5 groups of ten contestants competing in a semi final round. each contestant would perform in 1 scene and would have up to 1 hour to do the scene. each winner of the semi final round would go onto to the finalist round which would be somewhat different than the semi final round. each finalist would have 2 hours to create their own movie with as many scenes as they wanted to do with as many other porn actors/actresses as they wanted. a winner and runner up would be selected from the 5 finalists. the letter stated each contestant should be prepared and bring with them to the resort their ideas for the finalist round movie in case they made it to the finals. as she read this to me I could see her face beam with excitement as I could tell she was already thinking of some ideas for scenes. I really hoped she would make it to the finals because I knew she could come up with some very kinky and erotic scenes. the letter went on to tell us the semi final round would be held the second day and the finalist round the third day with the award ceremony being the final evening. we would be staying at a private resort with the rest of the contestants and their spouses. there would also be over 100 more porn stars and their spouses attending who weren't competing for the awards but would be used in the semi final and finalist round scenes. so, over 200 porn stars in all would be at the resort plus their spouses. the letter also told us there would be other activities throughout the 5 day 4 nights of the festival including a pool party, night club parties, and an additional contest, a sexy body part/sex game contest. we were both intrigued by this other contest, but the letter told us we'd get more info on it once at the resort. as my wife continued to read the letter I could see her exuberance as I could tell she was thinking about getting together with all these other porn stars. the festival was about 4 weeks away and I think every evening between us receiving the letter and our departure we watched porn movies and had phenomenal sex. as we watched the movies my wife would say to me, "do you think I'll meet him, do you think I'll meet her?" as the days led up to our departure my wife got hornier and hornier, demanding sex 3, 4 or more times a day as her anticipation for our trip grew. she was also keeping a notebook full of her ideas for scenes for the finals in hopes of becoming a finalist. for several weeks prior to the trip she spent hours each day tanning so she would have a deep tan for the event. she looked amazing and I knew she would do well in the competition. finally the day arrived and we headed for Vegas.

as we arrived at the resort my wife saw a couple people she had made movies with. she ran over and hugged and kissed them in her normal friendly way. she is very well liked among her piers because she is so friendly and likeable and this is probably part of the reason she was selected to represent her film company for the award competition. many of the other porn stars we saw were wearing very revealing clothing, which considering the event, was not a surprise. I was getting hard just thinking about the days ahead. I knew my wife was anxious to get to our room so she could change out of her street clothes and into something sexy. once to the room my wife immediately stripped off her shirt and bra and her shorts and g string and slipped into a sheer halter top and micro mini skirt. she hates wearing bras and panties and very rarely wears either around our home and neighborhood but she usually does when we travel. her tiny top was white and somewhat see through with a tiny string tie around her neck and 1 around the middle of her back. her very deeply tanned breasts and dark nipples were faintly visible through the thin white material. her skirt, also white, only covered about a quarter of her tight ass in the back and just barely long enough in front to cover her pussy. after she got "dressed" she said, "silly me, I need to shave". she always shaves and waxes regularly and is always very clean down below, but I knew she wanted to be at her best appearance for this event. I also knew she was very anxious to go mingle with other porn actors/actresses and to show off her great body to them. as I watched her take her skirt back off I couldn't help but admire her tan curvy body, the tiny white outfit made her tan stand out even more and made me extremely horny. my cock instantly grew hard. then she asked me if I would trim her. I said I would even though I couldn't see any stubble as she had just had a bikini wax the evening before. but I agreed to make sure she was smooth as silk. as I began using the trimmer, I was getting so horny as I starred at her beautiful pussy. as I pulled on her lips to extend them to make sure I was getting all the stubble I could feel her pussy getting very wet. I knew she was horny as well. as I continued to work around her pussy with the trimmer she told me to get naked. as I stripped I told her I was done with the trimming and there wasn't a hair or any stubble to be found. I then began licking her delicious juices from her lips and then entered her pink pussy with my tongue. I continued licking her pussy until she came in ecstasy. what a wonderful tasting pussy my wife has. then she hopped on me and began riding my hard erection. its no wonder the other porn stars love working with my wife she was incredible at every aspect of sex. we continued for probably 45 minutes until we both couldn't hold back anymore and we both screamed with pleasure. I could feel my cum surging deep into her pussy as she let out another loud moan. after we finished she put her skirt back on, her pussy still dripping with my cum, and said, "ok, I'm ready to go have some fun". I laughed and told her to wipe my dripping cum from her pussy. she laughed and said, "I guess I'm a little excited". after she cleaned up we left to mingle with the other guests. as I starred at her tan gorgeous body in that tiny white outfit I couldn't help think how lucky I was to have such a sexy fun wife.

she had made out to meet 2 women, Tami and Paula, that evening who she had worked with in several movies. I knew what they looked like from watching my wife's films, but had never met them. as we walked around the resort searching for these 2 girls I was getting horny again seeing all these porn stars dressed in their tiny revealing outfits. it took awhile because there were so many people there but we eventually found them. they all hugged and kissed each other and then my wife introduced them to me. they both hugged and kissed me and my cock got rock hard as they pressed their beautiful half naked bodies up against me. these 2 were even more gorgeous in person than in their movies. Paula was a busty brunette who was wearing a fishnet top and bottom. her large nipples were poking out the holes in the top and I could clearly see her shaved pussy through the holes in the bottom. Tami was a hot red head with a great body who was wearing a mini dress that was somewhat conservative compared to most of the rest of the guests. it was very loose fitting and was open on both sides and the back with tiny string ties at her waist, the middle of her back and around her neck and it had a very open plunging neckline. although her boobs weren't completely visible to me at first, as she walked and moved I could clearly catch glimpses of them popping out from behind the loose fitting dress. by the time we found them it was almost time for the orientation ceremony where we would get more details on the events of the festival and also the award contestants would be announced and intoduced. we found a table and sat down together. Paula and Tami told my wife they were glad she was selected as their company's representative and they strongly felt she deserved it. as we sat and they talked I couldn't help think about the possibility of having some fun with these 2 beautiful women at some point during the festival. as the orientation got under way we were given a pamphlet with the schedule of events with explanations about each event. the sexy body contest would be held the following evening and the sex games competition the evening after. the contestants scores from the 2 contests would be combined to yield an overall winner which would be announced ahead of the porn star awards on the final evening of the festival. any of the guests could enter and the grand prize winners would receive an all expenses 1 week trip to porn week at a Caribbean resort. there would be 2 grand prizes, one going to the male winner and one to the female winner, along with runner up prizes. Tami and Paula told us this was a new event at the festival this year and we were all anxious to see the details about these contests which we discovered as we continued to read the pamphlet. the sexy body part contest was broken down into separate contests for men and women. the women would be judged on 2 areas, their boobs and their vaginas. their boobs would be judged by the following criteria: firmest boobs, nicest shape boobs, largest areolas, largest nipples in length and diameter, hardest nipples, and most attractive boobs overall. their vaginas would be judged on the following: longest pussy lips, wettest pussy given 15 minutes stimulation, best tasting pussy, most wide open pussy, tightest pussy, most unique pussy, and most attractive pussy overall. the men would be judged on their penis as follows: largest erection in length and girth, hardest erection, most unique shaped cock, best tasting cock, and most attractive cock overall. as my wife and I read this pamphlet we were both becoming so turned on. this contest sounded very erotic and sexy. then we read the details for the sex games contest. this was a participation contest. for the women they would be judged on the following events: best at intercourse, the quickest to make a guy cum, most cum swallowing, most orgasms in 15 minutes, most guys to induce cumming in 15 minutes, and best blow job. the men would be judged on the following: longest lasting with stimulation without cumming, farthest cum shooting, most accurate cum shooting, best intercourse, best use of the tongue, and most prolific cum producer. this last event for the men would actually be held the same evening as the sexy body contest because the men had other events during the sex games contest that required ejaculation and the judges wanted to make sure they got accurate measurements for each man's cum producing ability. after we read this we were both ready to have sex right then and there. we were so turned on thinking about these erotic contests, but we knew the anticipation would make it even that much better if we waited till later. besides we didn't want to miss my wife being introduced as her film maker's nominee for best porn actress. as we continued to read the pamphlet we learned there would be a huge pool party the day before we departed with a special prize to be given to one lucky lady. Tami and Paula knew what the prize was but refused to tell us. all they said was they hoped my wife won.

as the organizers began calling up the nominees, my wife was more than ready to go up on stage with the other contestants. as they called her name and she walked up on the stage her tiny outfit did little to hide her magnificent body. the people in the first 10 rows or so had a perfect view up her tiny skirt of her gorgeous pussy. even though it wasn't that big of deal to anyone here, as most of these people were either porn stars or porn star spouses, there was still something about my wife's willingness to show off her body in public that really turned me on. as she stood on stage with the rest of the nominees I could tell she was still turned on and thinking about the sex games contest as I could see the inside of her legs was wet from her flowing juices. after the contestants were all introduced everyone began dancing. my wife, Paula and Tami all danced and rubbed their bodies against each other. I knew all 3 were very horny and I was so anticipating the evening ahead. when they played a slow song I went up and danced with my wife. she told me Tami and Paula wanted to come back to our room later. for a moment I got an instant hard on, but then she told me something very depressing. both girls were strictly lesbians. I said, "oh, ok". she could see the disappointment in my face and told me she'd make sure I got taken care of. I thought about it a bit and then asked her, "do you think they would be ok with me beating off while I watch you 3?" she said, "oh no that would be fine". we didn't stay and dance much longer as all of us were ready for some action.

once we got back to the room I flopped on the bed and rested my back up against the headboard and got ready for the show. I watched as the girls stood in front of me and began kissing and rubbing each others boobs. I felt my cock grow and could see the bulge in my shorts. then Paula removed my wife's tiny top and began sucking on her boobs. meanwhile Tami pulled my wife's skirt down over her legs and began rubbing her pussy. then my wife laid down right next to me in the bed with her feet facing me and told me to get naked so she could watch me stroke my cock. as I removed my clothes Tami and Paula removed theirs. Tami got on her knees right next to me and began licking my wife's juices from her legs and then moved to her pussy lips. Paula positioned herself over my wife's face and I watched as my wife began licking her juicy cunt. I began gently rubbing my cock then I took my index finger and started gently tickling the tip of my foreskin. as I watched the girls work their magic on each other I began pulling my foreskin back to partially reveal the head of my cock. as I took my finger and worked it around the edge of the head of my cock, rubbing my stretched foreskin, I could see my pre-ejaculate fluid ooze from my urethral opening. I then pulled my foreskin completely back over the head of my cock and began gently rubbing my urethral opening. I really enjoy pleasuring myself in this way. it gives me such an incredible feeling to have my urethral slit gently and slowly rubbed while it exudes fluid. as I continued to rub my juices all over the head of my cock my wife and her 2 friends continued their oral activity. after about 30 minutes I could tell I was ready to ejaculate. I always try to hold back as long as I can because the longer I hold it the better the feeling and the farther I can shoot my cum and I wanted to make sure I got off a good shot to impress my wife and her 2 friends, even though they were both lesbians. as I felt I couldn't hold it any longer I reached down with my other hand and grabbed the base of my cock and pulled back hard on my foreskin. my wife showed me this trick as she likes to see how far she can get me to squirt. this does work well as it tightens my urethral crack and makes it a thin slit causing my cum to be forced through a smaller opening. as I felt myself begin to ejaculate I aimed my cock towards my wife's boobs. I didn't know if I could hit them or not because she was the expert at aiming my cum and her boobs were probably at least 6 feet away from me as she lay on the bed, but I wanted to try to squirt my cum on them. poor Paula, she was facing me and still straddling my wife's face as she was still enjoying my wife's tongue. I say poor because she had no idea what hit her. as I exploded I shot a huge wad of cum all over Paula's tits. she probably had no idea that I could reach her and neither did I. I apologized but she smiled and said, "that's fine, I've been covered in cum before". I masterbated to my wife's movies many times before and had my wife jerk me off many times and had some good ejaculations but never anything like this. it must have been seeing and watching her and her friends in person next to me that got me so juiced up. I think it turned on Paula too, even though she wouldn't admit it, because shortly after I ejaculated all over her she came in an incredible orgasm. my wife then followed with her own orgasm from Tami's licking. then they switched positions and Paula pleasured Tami while my wife licked my cum from Paula's boobs. even though I didn't actually have sex with any of the girls I really enjoyed my night and so did the 3 women.

the next day was the semi final round of the competition. my wife didn't get to pick the people who she performed with but did get to choose male or female. she chose an equal number of men and women to be in the scene with her. being at her scene in person took me back to that day she auditioned which got this whole ball rolling as she won the producers hearts. I watched as my wife and all her co stars got undressed and entered the stage so she could be judged. as always she was magnificent and flawless with all her sexual acts. she took every bit of the 1 hour time limit and I could tell she would have gone on longer if allowed. the judges would review all 10 of the contestants in my wife's bracket and select 1 winner later that day. other judges would be selecting a winner from each of the other 4 brackets of 10 contestants so that the final round would have 5 entrants. she was so perfect, I felt they had to select her, but we wouldn't know for hours.

as evening approached Tami and Paula came over to our room again and asked us if we were entering the sexy body part contest being held later that night. we both had kinda temporarily forgotten about that. we both agreed it sounded like fun so all 4 of us decided to enter. that evening my wife wore another small top and skirt although not as revealing as the one she wore the first evening. Tami and Paula each wore tiny outfits that didn't do much to cover up their beautiful bodies. while we ate I kept thinking as I stared at both of these ladies what a waste. both so gorgeous with incredible bodies and both strictly lesbian. although disappointed about this it didn't keep me from getting a hard on looking at them.

after dinner we headed to the contest area. once there we saw chairs that looked like gynecologist exam chairs lined up around the room. we were told they were for the women contestants to sit in as they were being judged. they had a reclining backrest, a small short seat and leg rests for the women to rest their spread legs on. then we heard the judges tell everyone who wanted to enter to get in line, the men on one side and the women on the other side of the room. as I stood in line I could see they were giving everyone a leg band with a number on it. as I got my band the judge told me I should put it on and that this number was the order in which they would judge the contestants. there were over 100 entrants for the contest, 50 male and more than 50 female. my wife got number 15, and I got number 20. Tami and Paula were higher numbers than my wife so they would go after her. after everyone had their number the judges announced the contest would start in about 30 minutes, first with the ladies and then the men. as we all got back to our table with our numbered lag bands I heard my wife say, "well I guess we may as well prepare". I watched as her and her 2 friends began to strip off what little clothing they had on. my wife reached around and untied the strings to her tiny top and then removed it exposing her perky tits. then she pushed her skirt down over her legs to reveal her gorgeous pussy. then she pulled the leg band up her right leg up to her upper thigh. she was more than ready for this erotic contest to begin. I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched Tami and Paula do the same and then looked around the room and noticed almost everyone was getting naked regardless of whether they were entered in the contest or not. my wife then said to me, "get your band on, the contest will start soon". as I pulled my shorts down past my erection I saw my wife smile and say, "looks like your ready". as we sat and talked and waited for the contest to start I could see my wife was oozing with anticipation. her nipples were rock hard and I could only imagine her pussy was dripping with her juices. once they called the ladies to the stage they instructed them to sit in the chairs, spread their legs and rest them on the leg rests. I watched as my wife sat in the chair, leaned back against the backrest and spread her legs and placed them in the rests. as she leaned back her firm breasts stood out like mountain peaks and her hard nipples stood straight up. she then adjusted the leg rests as wide as they would go so she could spread her legs as wide as she could. as she spread her legs I saw her reach down and spread her pussy lips apart to reveal her open hole. I had a perfect view, as did the rest of the guests, deep inside her pink vagina as her hole was wide open and huge. the judges had placed a paper towel under each contestant to be sure to catch all their juices during the entirety of the contest and my wife's was already getting wet. as they started to judge the first lady I could see my wife's pussy just flowing with juices. as the judges worked their way towards her, her paper towel was already completely soaked and needed to be replaced with a new one. this was good for her score. as I watched all these naked women sitting with their legs spread I could feel my cock oozing with pleasure. once the judges got to my wife I watched as they examined her breasts. they took turns feeling and squeezing them for firmness and then they measured her areolas with a measuring device. then they stimulated her nipples with ice water, gentle massaging and tweaking and finally by sucking on them. then they measured them, both in length and diameter. as they did this I could see her juices just run out of her vagina so much so she saturated another paper towel. then each judge squeezed both her nipples to check how hard they were. she should do good in this area because her nipples get really hard when she gets horny and she was very horny by this time. then they examined her pussy. one by one they stared at it and then they began to pull and tug on her lips. then they measured how long they were. by this time they had to replace her paper towel yet again as it become saturated. she had already soaked 3 paper towels and the judges weren't even to the 15 minute pussy stimulation yet. then each judge got within inches of her pussy and gazed deep into her gaping hole. they each spent several minutes studying it and then made notes on their notepad. then as they started the 15 minute stimulus massage of her vagina she began to moan. I could tell she was going to have an orgasm. as they rubbed her pussy and continued taking turns pushing their fingers deep inside her, her moans got louder and louder and I could tell she was enjoying having everyone listen and watch her. I watched as they worked 3 and 4 fingers in her at a time. within 5 minutes of stimulation she erupted in a loud orgasm. her juices were flowing like a river. over the final 10 minutes of the stimulation she had 2 more orgasms and saturated 3 more paper towels. this was a strong point for her as she is always dripping wet. then they began tasting her pussy. another strong point of my wife, she has a great tasting pussy. I watched as they took turns putting their tongues deep inside her cunt, causing her to have several more orgasms. then I watched as they measured the size of her opening. we were going for either really wide open or very tight to score points. I knew tight wasn't an option and as wide open as she was I felt good about getting points for that category. the judges surely had their work cut out for them trying to judge all these beautiful women's body parts. as the judges finished with her and moved to the next contestant she continued to sit in the chair with her legs spread wide open and rub her own clit. all the contestants were to remain in their seats until the contest was completely done. they could continue to do what they wanted to to stimulate themselves to produce more juices. as the judges moved down towards Tami and Paula my wife continued to rub herself and she saturated 3 more paper towels with her flowing juices by the time the contest ended. as she finished and came back to our table she had a big smile and I told her she did great. after Paula and Tami returned to our table the girls all talked about how they felt they did. I got very hard as I listened to them talk about who had the better various body parts. I heard my wife say to Paula, "you should win the largest areola contest, yours are huge". they were very large and very beautiful. Paula also had very long dark pussy lips so she should do good in that event as well. then she told Tami she should win the best overall breasts. again, my wife was correct Tami's boobs were perfect shape, size and firmness. they both told her she should clearly win the wettest and best tasting pussy. that was obvious as she saturated more paper towels than any other contestant and the judges seemed to spend more time licking her pussy than other contestants. both good signs.

next it was the men's turn to be judged. as I walked up on stage I saw many guys with very large cocks. I was no slouch, but some of these were huge. as the judges got to me my cock was rock hard and didn't need any stimulation as these 5 female nude judges were so hot to look at and I had gotten extremely turned on watching the women's contest. first they looked at and felt my balls. they measured how far they hung down and their diameter. then they moved to my penis and measured the length and circumference of it and then they examined it closely. I may have a chance at most unique because my penis has a slight curve to the right as it gets out toward the head. as it curves to the right it also gradually rotates to the left so that my head is turned about 45 degrees and instead of my urethral slit being straight up and down it is on a slant. also it has a slight "u" shaped bow from the base to the head. my wife always told me the shape of it was very unique and extremely pleasurable during sex. my unique shape may also have something to do with my extraordinary ability to shoot cum long distances. after they examined it the 5 judges all squeezed my cock, from its base to its head, to see how hard it was. then they pulled my foreskin back to reveal my uniquely turned cock head. then they measured my head's circumference and spent a lot of time just looking at it. next they used a camera to take pictures of it from all angles, top, bottom, front and all sides. then they again squeezed it. as they continued to examine my exposed penis head and my slanted urethral slit I could see my juices ooze out. they continued to squeeze my head and watch as my juices flowed out of my urethra. as 1 of the judges squeezed the top and bottom of my head I saw my urethral slit open up and as she gazed into my open hole I could see my urethra was full of pre ejaculate fluid. 1 of the other judges got a picture of my open urethra with her camera. as the other judge continued to squeeze it I throbbed my cock and watched as a spurt of fluid emerged from my urethra. she took her finger and caught it as it ran down the exposed head of my penis. then she licked her finger. I heard her say, "YUM", under her breath. then the other 4 judges did the same. they all seemed to like the taste as they came back for seconds. then they began to rub my head and make me ooze even more as they all seemed mesmerized by my unique shape. then 1 by 1 they sucked on it. by this time I was so horny it was everything I could do to keep from ejaculating in their mouths. I heard them talking about my unique shape and my slanted urethra slit and how attractive it was so I felt good about getting points in those areas of the contest. they all took notes and then they told me it was time for the cum producing part of the contest. I remembered reading in the pamphlet that this contest would be held this evening and believe me I was ready to explode after what I just witnessed and experienced. I watched as they proceeded to put a condom on my cock and then they began massaging it to get me to ejaculate. it didn't take long for my first eruption. I watched as the explosive force of my first wad shot out the head of my cock and into the expanding condom. all the judges were fixated on my cum as it spewed out of my slanted urethra and continued to fill the enlarging condom. as I continued to erupt the condom kept getting fuller. then as I finished with my first ejaculation they began stroking and rubbing my cock again. they were very good at this as they knew the exact spots to rub. soon I came again depositing more cum in the condom. again the judges watched intently as my cum shot out of my urethra. as they continued making me cum they had to gradually pull the condom off my cock as it was getting very full. finally the condom was completely full and they got another one. I couldn't possibly have much left but they put the other condom on me and began working my cock again. after I got hard it didn't take long for me to cum again. I could see more cum flow from my urethra and into the new condom. they continued to rub and make me cum until very little came out. then they pulled the second condom off and I heard one judge say, "looks like he's finally done". as they finished with me 1 judge smiled at me and gave my drooping cock one last lick and said to me, "that was very impressive". I filled 1 and a half condoms full of cum. I heard my wife and the other girls cheer as the judges moved to the next contestant. I then pushed my foreskin back over my cock head as I headed back to the girls' table. once there my wife said, "it's ok if we don't do that great in all these categories today, our strong areas will be tomorrow during the sex games part of the contest". as we all sat around talking about the contest I couldn't help stare at my naked wife and her 2 naked friends. their bodies were so gorgeous and hot I got hard again. my wife looked at me and said, "are you horny again so soon?" I told her I couldn't help it. she then reached over and pulled my foreskin back over the head of my cock. I said to her, "what are you doing, the contest is over?" she said to me, "you have such a sexy cock head I want you to show it off to all my friends I work with". then she asked if anyone wanted a drink. I told her I could use one. when she returned she had a guy in tow following closely behind her. she had drinks in one hand and his cock in the other. she introduced him to Tami, Paula and I as Jim and told us she met him in her first movie she starred in. she pulled up 2 chairs next to me and as she sat in the one closest to me Jim sat in the one on the other side of her. I watched her hand continue to grasp Jim's erection tightly and then she pulled his foreskin back and began gently rubbing his exposed head. I could see his cock head begin to get wet from her massage and then I looked down at my exposed urethra and saw I was beginning to ooze again myself. she then reached over with her other hand and began rubbing my cock head. as she continued to rub Jim and I, her, Tami and Paula sat and talked as if nothing special was going on. then Paula reached over and grabbed Tami's hand and then moved her chair closer to her. soon both their hands were in each others crotches as they leaned in towards each other and began to kiss. my wife then sat back in her chair and began rubbing Jim and me with intent. I whispered to her, "should we be doing this here?. she replied, "look around". as I gazed around the room I saw other people having sexual contact with those sitting next to them. then I sat back and enjoyed the hand massage. after a bit I saw Jim was getting ready to ejaculate. shortly after he shot his wad and my wife directed it towards her boobs. as I saw his cum spew out of his cock head I felt myself getting close. soon I erupted and again she aimed the cum for her tits. as I watched my cum shoot out of the end of my urethra and land on her boobs next to Jim's cum I saw her smile. then she began to rub our cum all over her breasts and pointy nipples. shortly after Paula and Tami erupted in orgasms. then my wife began licking her fingers as she continued to smear our cum around on her body. after a few minutes of conversation Jim got up and told us he needed to go visit a few other friends. as he got up from his chair my wife spread her legs and then grabbed his cock again. he leaned over and gave her a kiss and then rubbed her pussy with his one hand. she smiled and then kissed his cock head and said, "I'll be seeing you soon, we have a movie coming up together". after he left Paula and Tami excused themselves to go mingle. my wife looked at me as she began rubbing my cock again and said, "as soon as you get hard again we'll go meet some of my friends". it didn't take long until I was rock solid again. as soon as she felt my stiff rod she got up and led me around, holding my cock the entire time. the first people she introduced me to were 2 guys she knew from a movie she did with them. they both had big girthy cocks. as we stood talking to them I felt her hand loosen its grip on my penis and watched as her hands gravitated to their large erections. as she pulled their foreskin back and began rubbing them I could tell they were getting very horny. I watched her as she worked her hand back and forth and then she rubbed their oozing cock heads with her thumbs. then she dropped to her knees and began sucking them. she had a magical tongue and in just a few minutes I could see they were ready to explode. as they erupted she again directed the cum onto her boobs and then she took their cock heads and rubbed them on her boobs and nipples, smearing their cum around in the process. as she got up from her knees I heard her say to me, "ooh, ooh I see someone you have to meet". she then hugged the 2 guys and told them she was sure she'd see them around over the next few days. as they kissed her goodbye they both grabbed her pussy. she then grabbed my cock and pulled me behind her as she headed across the room. I was so turned on again as I saw her boobs still shining and glistening from the cum she had just spread around on them. once we got to the person she wanted me to meet she introduced me to Keri, a gorgeous busty blond with an incredible body. she said to her, "this is my husband, you know I told you about his special cock". Keri looked at me and said, "I've heard so much about you". then she looked at my cock and said, "aw, it's so adorable". my wife then said, "you need to see his exposed head", as she pulled back my foreskin again. Keri gazed at my head and said, "that is very unique and extremely erotic". my wife told her to touch it and as she did I could see my urethra ooze fluid. then my wife said, "why don't you 2 go "talk" while I mingle some more". as Keri and I headed back to our table I saw my wife immediately start talking to a guy she was standing next to and within seconds her hand was on his penis. once Keri and I got to our table she reached down and rubbed my cock head, smearing my fluids all over it. within seconds she was on her knees sucking me. I was so turned on, her body was absolutely amazing and perfect. no wonder my wife wanted me to meet her. she had nice firm, round tits with large areolas and big puffy nipples. she had a necklace on that dangled in her cleavage between her large breasts. her ass was firm and round and her shaved pussy was gorgeous with long dangling lips. as she sucked my cock I watched as my wife continued to stroke the guy she was with. then I watched another guy come and start talking to them. within minutes he positioned himself behind my wife and gradually pushed his erection into her anus while at the same time reaching is arms around her body and grabbing her boobs with his hands. shortly after they both fell to their knees and she began sucking the guy she was massaging. then I heard Keri say to me, "you have such a great looking and tasting penis. your wife tells me it feels amazing inside her. will you fuck me and let me experience that feeling?" I couldn't believe she just ask me to fuck her. I nodded and then she bent over and spread her pussy with her fingers to invite me in. as she did I could see her wet open hole. I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her vagina. I worked it slowly in and out until my entire cock disappeared in her hole. then I reached around her body and grabbed her tits. as I started to work my curved tool in earnest deep inside her she yelled, "oh yeah, right there, that's the spot, oh, oh yes, more, more". as I continued to pound Keri and make her scream with pleasure, I noticed the guy my wife was sucking let out a groan, thrust his pelvis and pushed his cock deeper in her throat. I knew he had shot his wad in her mouth. I watched as she swallowed it. she was probably getting some practice for the cum swallowing competition during the sex games the following evening. she loves swallowing cum and swallows mine very frequently. then I watched the guy in her anus thrust deeper in her and moan and I knew he had cum in her ass. as Keri and I continued to enjoy each other I saw my wife heading towards us. as she got to us I heard her say, "well, looks like you 2 are getting to know each other better". as she turned around I saw the cum dripping from her ass. she then get some napkins and wiped it off before she pulled up a chair. she positioned her chair right in front of Keri's face, sat down and then spread her legs. she positioned her cunt inches from Keri's mouth. Keri Immediately began licking her as I continued to pound her pussy. soon after, Tami and Paula came back to the table and was watching us. I could feel I was getting close. as I felt my cum surge into Keri she let out a loud moan. my wife simultaneously erupted with her own loud orgasm. it was great, all 3 of us came at exactly the same time. after we finished I heard Keri say to my wife, "you were right, his cock is extremely arousing and pleasing". she then kissed me and my wife and gave us hugs and told us she'd see us later. my wife, Tami and Paula then went out and started dancing. as they did it didn't take long for them to start rubbing their boobs against each other, grabbing each other's asses and start kissing. I watched as they worked their naked bodies up against each other. it was such a turn on. shortly after the organizers came out to announce the 5 finalists for the best actor/actress awards. my wife's name was the first one they read. the 3 girls came running back to the table and my wife said, "I am a finalists, let's go back to the room to celebrate". as we walked back to the room I could tell my wife was so horny. her nipples were enormous and I could see her pussy lips dangling and dripping with moisture from under her ass checks as the 3 girls walked ahead of me. I could also see her juices just running down the inside of her legs. I saw Tami and Paula's nipples were hard also and the insides of their legs were wet as well. these 3 girls were so insatiable when it came to sex.

once back at the room we all assumed our same positions from the evening before except this time Tami was facing me as she straddled my wife's face. I said to her, "so I guess you want a cum shower tonight". she smiled and said, "you can't shoot it this far now after all the ejaculations you just had tonight". I laughed and said, "you may be right the contest drained me, but we'll see won't we". as the girls pleasured themselves I worked my cock much in the same manner I did the night before. after about 30 minutes, I could tell I was ready. I held back as long as I could then I reached down and pulled my foreskin tight to narrow my urethra crack just like before. the result was slightly different. tonight I aimed my cock more for Tami's boobs rather than my wife's. tonight's wad went even higher as I shot it all over Tami's face. had she not been seated on my wife's face my cum probably would have gone at least 15', out past the bed and onto the floor of he room or even hit the opposing wall. I smiled at her and then apologized. then I watched as she began to lick some of it from around her mouth with her tongue. I said to her, "I'll make a man lover out of you yet". she smiled and said, "maybe, your cock is awfully attractive and interesting". then my wife said, "you think it looks attractive, you should feel that beautiful curved thing inside your pussy". Tami, then said, "hmmm, maybe I'll have to give it a try sometime". I couldn't believe after all the activity I had that evening that I had such a cum shot in me, but I am very prolific. after the women all pleasured themselves several times and Tami and Paula were getting ready to head back to their room, Tami grabbed my cock and said, "tomorrow evening I want it in me". I smiled and said, "ok, if you think you can handle it. you saw how far I shot my wad now think about that exploding inside you". she smiled and said, "that's what I want to experience".

as the next day came my wife prepared for her big finale. when she got up in the morning she did some stretching and exercising so her muscles would be nice and loose for various contorted and erotic positions she would most likely find herself in during the shoot. she was doing her stretching nude right at the foot end of the bed. she always exercises and does other things around the house nude and enjoys me watching her. I climbed on the bed, laid on my stomach, put my elbows on the bed, rested my head in the palms of my hand and watched as she began to stretch. I positioned my face inches from her ass and as she bent over I had a perfect view of her pussy and asshole. her lips were slightly spread apart and dangling like cherries. I could feel my cock grow as I watched my beautiful wife bend over. after a few minutes I reached out and began tugging on her lips. she was already wet. I said to her, "you're wet already". she said, "yes, I'm really looking forward to my movie scenes I came up with for the finale, I've been thinking about it ever since I found out I was a finalist. I'm so horny right now". I told her I was too but that she needed to save it for the scenes. she agreed and continued to stretch as I watched. she was really flexible and could put her body in some very unique positions. I watched her stand on one leg and bring her other leg up over her head. then she switched legs and brought her other leg over her head. next she sat on the floor and began spreading her legs. she continued until she did a complete split with both her legs straight out. then she laid on her back and brought both her legs up over her head and then brought them down and put them under her arms. then she leaned her body forward between her legs until her face was inches from her crotch. I could hardly wait to see what she had planned for her shoot. after she finished stretching she showered and she again asked me to trim any stubble from her pussy. as I did I got hard again and I could tell she was incredibly wet and horny again as well, or should I say still. I wanted to fuck her so bad and she wanted it too, but we both decided the hornier she was for the shoot the better. with the finals she had 2 hours to work with and as many co stars as she wanted. it was her responsibility to decide how many individual scenes she wanted to do and to organize those scenes. now that she knew she was a finalist for sure she spent the rest of the morning thinking about those scenes and jotting down notes in her notebook. I knew she'd come up with some really kinky and erotic scenes and positions. as she sat thinking about the shoot I heard her say to me, "I've been doing a lot of thinking and I decided I want you in the final scene of the shoot". I looked at her and said, "really, are you sure?" she told me yes the rules stated she could have anyone help with the scenes and she wanted me in the finale. she may have been sure, but I sure wasn't. I didn't want to screw up her big chance at winning the award. I told her this and she said to me, "you'll be great, just act normally. you know how much of a turn on your cock is for me". I told her, "ok, what do you want me to do?" she said, "I'll tell you before the scene, I think you'll like it". as the morning slipped away I told her we should soon leave because we had to be at the shoot an hour before the scheduled start time so she could go over her scenes with the other actors. her shoot start time was 1pm and it was already 11am. I asked her if she was hungry and she said no. as we got ready to leave the room, I watched as she got "dressed". her attire consisted of a tiny cutoff halter top and micro g string. the top did little to hide her large boobs and the g string only covered part of her pussy. as horny as she was I was really surprised she wore anything. before we left she wiped her juices that were running down the inside of her legs.

when we got to the shooting area she immediately stripped and went to greet all her co stars she'd be doing the scenes with. I watched as she hugged and kissed them all. I could tell it was everything she could do to wait till the start of the scene to start her sexual activities. she was as horny as I can ever remember seeing her. as she was going over what she wanted them to do I could see her juices again flowing down the inside of her legs. by this time Paula and Tami had arrived to cheer her on. when she finished going over her scenes with the other actors she came over to the three of us and hugged and kissed both of them and then they wished her luck and told her they knew she'd do great. then I asked her what she wanted me to do. she said, "when I motion for you during the last scene come join us and you'll know what to do, now get naked". I realized I would need to get naked if I was going to be in the shoot so I pushed my shorts down to release my large cock. as it sprang free I heard Tami say to Paula, "we might as well get naked too". I watched as they both stripped and exposed their gorgeous bodies. as I watched my wife's first scene begin and Paula and Tami standing naked in front of me I was so horny. my wife started with 5 guys. she began sucking and stroking all of them. I watched as she shoved 2 cocks in her mouth at a time while stroking the other 3. she took turns sucking each of their hard erections and then as the 1 guy lay on his back she straddled him and began riding him. then she bent over him as one of the other guys entered her anus. the other 3 guys positioned themselves around her face and then she began sucking and rubbing their cocks. as they took turns fucking my wife's pussy and asshole I could tell Tami and Paula were getting as turned on as I was. I could see their juices running down the inside of their legs. as my wife's scene continued I could feel my cock begin to ooze. I inched myself closer and closer to Tami's ass until I was inches from it with the tip of my cock. then I gently rubbed the tip against her one ass cheek. she didn't let on she felt it but I knew she did because she started jiggling and moving her ass and then she slowly started backing up into my cock. I could tell I was oozing my juices all over her ass and she seemed to enjoy it. as she continued to back into me I aligned my cock to slide under her ass cheeks and between her legs. as it went through her legs I could feel it rub against her wet pussy lips. then I felt her reach down and pull my foreskin back over my head. she then raised her arms and began dancing and began massaging my cock with her body movements. I reached around her body and began squeezing her large breasts. as she worked my cock against her pussy I could tell we were both ready to explode. I quickly pulled my cock out from between her legs. she looked at me and said, "what are you doing?" I told her I wanted so bad to stick my cock deep in her pussy and fuck her until I exploded, but I needed to save myself for my wife's last scene. she was disappointed but she understood. then she said to me, "I'll get you later, I need to have that special cock of yours in me." I agreed we'd play later. meanwhile my wife was lying on her back being fucked by one of the guys while she sucked the other 4. shortly after I watched as he thrust deeper in her and let out a moan just as she also moaned and clinched her body around him. I could tell he came in her pussy as she had an orgasm. then I saw her do what she was practicing earlier that morning with one of her stretching exercises. she brought her legs up and put them under her arms, brought her head up between her legs and had her face inches from her own pussy. then I watched her begin to lick his cum from her own pussy. I could see her tongue lapping up all his cum from her pussy lips as she licked and tugged on them. then as she continued to contort her body I saw her tongue enter her own pussy. as she did this Tami and Paula began rubbing their own clits and the other 4 guys in the scene began rubbing their own cocks. I continued to watch in amazement as my wife buried her tongue in her own pussy. as she continued she started to moan and I knew she was going to give herself an orgasm. soon she erupted with a loud moan and sigh as she gradually removed her tongue from her pussy. what a sight and an incredible turn on. then she instructed one of the other guys to fuck her. as he did she sucked the other guys' cocks. as he came inside her she let out another loud yell in orgasmic pleasure. then we all watched as she did the same thing, licking his cum from her own pussy and bringing herself to another orgasm. by this time Tami and Paula had started licking each other's clits. as my wife did this to all 5 of the guys in her first scene she had orgasms each time one came in her and also each time she licked their cum from her own pussy. by the time my wife was on her 3rd guy Tami and Paula had erupted in their own orgasms and I was so horny I couldn't take it anymore. as my wife moved to guy number 4, my cock had gotten so hard and I was so turned on I ejaculated. I was disappointed in myself because I wanted to save myself for my wife's last scene, but I couldn't help it, it just happened. I wasn't even rubbing it, it just exploded on its own, as if I had no control over it. Tami told me not to worry, she felt confident after seeing how prolific I was and how much stamina I had that I would be fine for my wife's last scene.

my wife did several more scenes as Tami, Paula and my self watched her. she continued with her erotic and contorted positions throughout the various scenes. she sucked, fucked and licked everyone in her scenes bringing them all to orgasms and ejaculations as she also had many orgasms. this woman was becoming a sex fanatic who would stop at nothing to give or receive pleasure. she had to have had at least 20 orgasms during the first 1 1/2 hours of the shoot. she tirelessly swallowed cum did anal licked cum from other women's pussies, got fucked and she did it non stop and amazingly well for the entire time.

as the final scene started I had grown incredibly hard and horny again from watching all my wife's erotic positions and actions from her other scenes. the scene started with herself, 3 guys and a woman as they all entered the shooting area. I watched as one of the guys, who had an enormous cock, sat on the edge of the bed with his legs hanging over the edge and then he laid back on the bed. I kept wondering what my wife had planned for me as I waited for her to signal me. then I saw my wife lay on her back on top of the guy and shove his cock in her pussy. this was an awkward position as I continued to wonder what she had planned. then the other 2 guys and the woman came into the scene. the woman straddled my wife's face with her legs and the 2 guys got on their knees, one on each side of my wife. then just before she began licking the lady and stroking the 2 guys she motioned for me. I had no idea what she wanted me to do. I entered the scene and slowly went over to the group and bent over my wife and whispered< what do you want me to do?" she whispered back, "I want you in my pussy". I thought for a minute because the guy on the bed was already in her, but then I realized she wanted me in too. as I approached my wife's already filled pussy I wasn't quite sure how this was going to go as we never did this before. as I started my cock head in along side the other guy's cock she wrapped her legs around my waist and let out a loud yell. I continued to push my cock in along side his as she continued to scream. her pussy was very slippery from her juices and wide open but this was really putting it to the test because the other guy's cock was huge and I was above average. as I continued to push deeper she reached out and grabbed the 2 guy's cocks who were kneeling next to her and then she started licking the girl's pussy who was straddling her face. as I got my cock all the way in I could feel the other guy's penis next to mine and then we started working in and out in unison. my wife continued to moan and scream loudly. I felt she had to be in pain, but knew she wouldn't want to stop. as we continued to work our cocks in her hole her moans had more of a pleasurable sound to them. she really began stroking the other 2 cocks and burying her tongue deep in the woman's pussy, I could tell she was really enjoying this erotic position. as the other guy and myself continued to work our cocks I could feel his cock rub up against mine. I'm not the least bit gay and having another guy's cock next to mine in my wife's pussy was kind of a weird feeling but also a turn on for me. as she continued to stroke the 2 cocks I could tell those guys were getting close. then all at once they both exploded together shooting cum all over her tits. as I continued to work deep in her I watched as she took their cocks and rubbed both her boobs with their heads, smearing their cum over her tits and rock hard nipples. then I heard the woman my wife was licking scream in orgasmic pleasure. all of a sudden the guy whose cock was next to mine inside my wife's pussy let out a grunt. Immediately I could feel myself begin to ejaculate also. I could feel both our cum surging deep in her pussy and around my penis as we both ejaculated together and continued to pound her. within a few seconds my wife had the orgasm of her life. I felt her clinch her legs around my waist as her entire body got stiff and her eyes rolled back in her head. then she yelled, "deeper, deeper". I shoved as deep as I possibly could into her and let out one more burst of cum as she continued to scream and rave in enormous pleasure. the guy lying under her continued to pump cum into her pussy from his enormous cock. finally we all finished and myself and the other guy pulled out of her. my cock was dripping with all kinds of fluids, my cum the other guy's cum, my wife's juices. she then began licking all 4 cocks until they were clean. what an experience. I knew my wife would come up with some erotic scenes and she didn't disappoint. as the movie my wife created came to an end everyone clapped as they all seemed to love it. Paula and Tami ran over to her and congratulated her. I don't know how they could not select her as the overall winner, but we'd need to wait till the following evening to find out as the judges pondered their decision. on the way back to the room my wife told me I did great. I told her I thought I blew it as I had prematurely ejaculated while watching her lick her own pussy. she laughed and said, "so, you liked that scene?" then she told me she had no worries about me being able to perform when the time came.

before dinner that evening the results from the sexy body part competition from the night before were posted in the lobby. we all were above the average and did well in the areas we thought we would. we were all still in the hunt to be crowned champ depending on how tonight's sex games contest went. the contestants that scored very low in this section and had no chance to catch up in tonight's sex games were eliminated. after we ate, we walked to the contest area. we all decided to go to dinner that evening completely nude because we'd just have to strip anyway for the contest. as we waited for the competition to start I was extremely horny as were the 3 girls. I wasn't sure how much my wife had in her for the day after all the sexual activity and orgasms she had earlier from her finale shoot, but as I was about to find out she really is unsatisfiable when it cokes to sex. the women went first. I watched as my wife along with the rest of the naked contestants entered the stage. there were only about half as many as the night before due to the contestants who had been eliminated. as the judges got to my wife the first event was best intercourse. they each had 5 minutes to fuck her and then give her a secret score. I watched as each of the 5 took their turn with my wife. I could tell they were all impressed as she made the most of each of the 5 minutes. next they had her suck them to give her a score on her blow job. I knew they'd enjoy this because my wife can do some amazing things to a cock with her tongue. again, I could tell all were impressed. after she finished giving them all head they brought out a line of men and women. this was to see how many guy's cum she could swallow. each man had a girl with him whose job it was to work the guy's cock and get him close to ejaculating before my wife would take over and finish him off and have him ejaculate in her mouth. I watched as all the girls started working their guy's cock. as the first guy indicated he was close my wife took over. as she continued to work him I saw him thrust his cock deeper in her mouth and I knew he shot his wad. then I watched as she opened her mouth to show the judges the wad and then I watched her gulp it down. she did 5 men fairly quickly. this was a perfect event for her, she loves the taste of cum and loves swallowing it. she did 6,7 then 8 men. 9, 10 and 11 men's cum went down her throat. she finally said she had enough after 15 men. that was great because after the contest we found out the next best number was 6 so she really scored high in that event. next up was the quickest to make a guy cum. I watched as she approached the guy, not even touching his cock for the first few minutes. she did a magical dance in front of him spreading her legs to show him her beautiful pussy and dangling pussy lips and then spreading those lips to reveal to him her perfect pink pussy. finally she pulled his foreskin back and with the tip of her tongue licked his cock head. then she pushed the tip of her tongue into his urethra and worked it in his crack back and forth and up and down. within less than 5 minutes from the time she touched his cock he came. this would also be a great score. next up was most orgasms in 15 minutes. the timer would start once she had her first orgasm. she could have any stimulus she wanted to use. she chose Paula and Tami. it took the girls awhile to bring her to her first orgasm, but after her first it was off to the races. I counted about 11 in that 15 minute period, almost 1 per minute. another great score. the final event was to see how many guys she could get to cum in a 15 minute period. a group of 15 men were brought on stage. once the timer began she was a woman on a mission. sucking and stroking every cock she could. she had 2 and 3 in her mouth and hands at a time. she ended up causing 12 men to cum in the first 10 minutes. as a result she needed more men for the remaining 5 minutes. as more men came on stage she continued to work feverously. she ended up making 18 cum. another great score. my wife did extremely well in all these events tonight and I felt good about her chances of winning the contest. Paula and Tami did well in this part of the contest as well, but not as good as my wife.

now it was the men's turn. my first event was farthest cum shooting. Tami looked at me and said, "don't let us down, show 'em what you can do". I told her I would do my best. as one of the judge beauties began to jerk me off I could tell I was going to shoot for the moon as watching my wife do her events got me incredibly horny and I also couldn't quit thinking about all the erotic things my wife did during her finale. as she worked me I could feel I was getting close. I looked at her and said, "I'll take it from here". as I rubbed the head of my cock with my index finger I grabbed the base of my cock with my other hand and pulled back very hard on my foreskin. I aimed my cock high and let loose with an incredible burst of cum. I couldn't tell exactly what the measurement was where it hit on the premeasured mat rolled out in front of me but it looked to be around 20'. the exact measurement came in at 21.25'. I heard the crowd oh and aw and I knew I had ejaculated a great shot. next was the accuracy test. for this I had my wife help me. she was great at guiding my cum in the direction she wanted it to go. she liked practicing this at home and got very good at hitting her targets. as I watched one of the judges lie down on the floor in front of me and open her mouth my wife began stroking my again hard cock. my goal was to shoot my cum in her mouth. I'd receive 100 points for every shot of cum that made it in her mouth. I was positioned standing at her feet between her spread legs so I not only had to be accurate but I had to be able to at least shoot it 5 feet which normally isn't a problem, however I had just ejaculated so I wasn't sure how I would do. there were other points available too. if I was able to land a shot directly on her nipple I would get 75 points, 50 points for a shot on any part of her areola, 25 points for any other part of her boob and 15 points for a hit on her pussy. as my wife continued to stroke me I told her the first shot shoot for her open mouth, then with my next wad go for her nipples or boobs and finally with what I had left aim for her pussy. I could feel I was ready. as I could feel it beginning to surge to the tip of my cock I told my wife to aim higher. I felt I had another strong blast in me and I didn't want to over shoot her mouth. as I exploded with my first wad my wife had my cock aimed perfectly and it was a swish shot right in her mouth without even touching her lips. then I yelled, "aim down a bit, let's go for another mouth shot". before we started I didn't think I would have the distance to try for 2 mouth shots, but I was wrong. another hit in her open mouth, just not quite with the same force as the first wad. the next 2 shots were good ones one on her nipple and one on her areola. we had to be precise as this girl had small nipples and areolas, but we pulled it off. I felt I had one last surge so I told my wife to aim for her pussy. it was a hit, directly on her pussy. I ended up with 340 points, a great score, thanks to my wife's good aim. I then watched as the girl I shot with cum swallowed what I shot in her mouth and began using her fingers to wipe off my cum from the rest of her body. she then began licking her finger and then she came over to me and said, "you have incredibly good tasting cum". I thanked her as I prepared for my next event, which was to lick the judges cunts. I had 5 minutes with each one. they then would rate me. my wife gave me some advice on how to make them cum quicker. I used it and made the first judge have an orgasm in about 4 minutes. I then moved to the next and the next until I had spent 5 minutes with each one of the first 4 judges. finally I got to the girl I shot cum on from the last event. as I got my tongue close to her pussy I saw some of my cum still dripping from it. I was very hesitant as I really didn't want to lick my own cum. but I knew I had to if I wanted to win the contest. as I began licking I could taste my cum along with her pussy juices. as I continued I began thinking this isn't that bad. the combination of my cum with her juices was actually not bad. I continued to bury my tongue deep in her for the next 5 minutes causing her to erupt in an orgasm. I ended up making 4 of the 5 cum in orgasms and 2 of them twice, not too shabby. next I had 5 minutes to fuck each judge. by this time I had gotten hard again and was ready to go as all these judges were incredibly hot. my goal was to make them all have orgasm, but in 5 minutes that would take some doing. but I forgot how stimulating my curved cock was to a woman's vagina. as I worked the first lady I heard her begin to moan. she got louder and louder and within 3 minutes she had a full orgasm. she looked at the next judge and said,"you won't believe that feeling". the next lady came in about 2 minutes. she looked at me and said, "that thing is amazing". my cock was rock hard again as I worked my magical curved tool inside the next judge. it took her about 4 minutes but she came. I had 2 to go and my cock just kept getting harder and harder as I took turns fucking each of these beautiful women. number 4 went quickly so I moved to the last one. she looked at me and said, "you won't make me cum in 5 minutes". I said, "we'll see". as I rammed my dick into her I could tell she was fighting hard to hold back her eruption. it took me almost the full 5 minutes but I finally made her have an orgasm. she congratulated me and said, "that is an amazing cock you have". my next event was to try to last as long as I can without cumming. the judges told me they were going to get even with me by making me cum very quickly. I told them I was good at holding it back. as they worked me I was very horny and knew I would not be able to hold off too long. as all 5 ladies sucked and stroked my cock I was able to hold off for about 10 minutes but finally succumbed to their stimulus and exploded shooting a fair amount of cum all over several of their faces. afterwards they told me they were impressed with my ability to hold back and the fact that I still had enough umph to squirt a wad in their faces. I was done as the cum measuring event took place the evening before. after the contest we all felt we did good at the evening's events. Tami wanted to experience my cock that evening, but I was exhausted and completely drained and I think my wife was finally exhausted also. I told her it would be better to wait till the following night. actually we all were exhausted so we decided to call it an early night and get a good night's sleep for the big pool party the next day.

the pool party was going to be huge with most guests anticipated on attending. as we prepared for the party I could tell my wife was horny from anticipation of the party. I could see her pussy lips were already wet and puffy and her nipples hard. I knew she was ready for anything. I asked her if she was wearing a bikini. she said, "why it'll just come off shortly after we arrive anyway". so we went to the party completely nude. as we made it to the party area we noticed most of the gusts were also nude. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, this was a party full of porn stars. then my wife noticed 2 guys, one named Larry, who she had done a scene in a movie with a few months back. She immediately ran over to him and gave him a hug, pressing her breasts up against his chest and pushing his half grown penis between her legs. Larry introduced my wife to his friend, Ron, who was already fully erect. As she attempted to hug him his enormous cock got in the way. they both laughed as she pushed it down to align it and then slid it between her legs, and in doing so rubbed it against her wet pussy . his penis was huge, at least 6" stuck out from the back of her tightly clinched legs as she embraced his muscular body. I could tell the 2 guys were getting turned on by her naked body and warm welcome. she told me to grab a table and some drinks while she "talks" with the 2 guys. I knew she was very horny and ready to go because her pussy lips were dripping with juice and her nipples were rock hard and huge. I picked the table right next to the guys and as I headed for drinks I heard my wife say to them, "looks like you 2 are happy to see me". when I returned with the drinks it was no surprise to me she was already stroking the 2 cocks. she then dropped to her knees and began sucking Larry, slowly pushing it deeper and deeper into her throat, while still holding on to Ron's enormous erection with the other hand. his cock looked like a telephone pole in my wife's tiny hand. as she sucked Larry I could see her keep looking at Ron's giant cock. I could tell she was anticipating having that huge thing in her mouth. finally she moved her mouth to Ron's mega dick. I couldn't wait to see this. my wife had never met a cock she couldn't deep throat, but this would be a challenge as his cock had to be at least 12". after several attempts she just couldn't quite do it. I then heard her tell Ron she wanted to feel that thing deep inside her pussy. he immediately obliged. As Ron pushed the head of his cock into her cunt she let out a loud moan. he worked his tool slowly in and out, going a little deeper each time causing her to moan louder almost as if she was in pain. once all the way in she was all smiles and then directed Larry to enter her anus. as I watched I began rubbing my hard oozing cock. she then motioned for me to join them. as I approached she grabbed my cock and shoved it deep in her mouth. I could tell she was having a blast as she worked the 3 cocks and continued to moan incessantly. as Ron continued to pound her pussy with authority I could tell he was getting close to cumming. as he unloaded deep inside her she erupted in orgasmic pleasure like. Larry then pulled out of her anus and was ready to shoot his wad all over her ass, but she told him to "get back in there, I want your cum in my asshole". so he did and as he came she erupted again with another orgasm. I then unloaded deep in her throat and watched as she gulped it down. As she dismounted Ron and Larry both men laid back in relaxation. she then, knelt down on her hands and knees, spread her legs and proceeded to lick their cocks clean. as she did so I had a perfect view of her cum filled pussy and asshole. as I watched the cum drip from her lips I became hard again and pushed my cock into her already oozing pussy as she continued to work on Ron and Larry until they both came all over her face. I then unloaded more cum into her cunt. as my wife and I went back to the table and sat and relaxed, she began licking the cum from her facial lips and then rubbing her cum filled pussy. I became rock hard again as I watched her dip her fingers in her pussy and then lick them clean. just then Tami and Paula came up to us. Tami saw I had a huge erection and asked me if I was ready to show her a man's version of a good time. I told her, "you'll be spoiled after I fuck you". she laughed and then hopped on my cock and began riding me. meanwhile Paula began licking the cum from my wife's dripping pussy. as we continued Tami began yelling, "oh that feels so good, right there, that's the spot, yes, yes, oh yes". I told her to get ready for the blast of her life. I had already came twice already that day but felt I was still good to show her the force of my ejaculation. as I erupted Tami let out an incredible moan of enjoyment. as I continued to pump her with bursts of cum she continued to moan and sigh and yell, "oh yes, yes that feels so good". after we finished she looked at me and said, "I will need more of that". then I told her that was my third time in less than an hour. she was even more impressed and told me she wanted to experience me when I was fully loaded. Paula then gave my wife an orgasm and then my wife returned the favor. we then noticed the organizers of the event were passing out tickets to all the female guests. we asked what that was for and they just told us it was a surprise, but whoever had the winning number would need to come forward to claim their prize. after they left Tami told us the winner would be honored with a cum bath from all the male guests. her and Paula knew what the tickets were for because they had both been to this festival before as they had been in the business for several more years than my wife. as the winning number was drawn my wife said "I guess that's me". she was uncharacteristically reluctant at first but after some encouraging from myself and her 2 friends she went forward to the center of the "stage". the host instructed her to lye down on the mattress and then told all the men to come forward and surround her. I could tell she was unusally uptight about this as she uncharacteristically had her legs squeezed tight together, hiding her beautiful pussy. but as the guys surrounded her and started to masterbate she began to loosen up as she began spreading her legs. she then began reaching for nearby cocks and then started sucking every one she could reach. she then started rubbing cocks with her feet. as the men started exploding she tried to catch as much cum as she could in her mouth and then proceeded to swallow it. over 100 men taking turns cumming all over her body. as the last of the men finished she was covered in cum from head to toe and all smiles. as she made her way back to the table she was dripping cum everywhere. as she reclined in her chair I asked her how many guys she sucked. she replied "I'm not sure but probably at least 50". as she sat there covered in cum she began rubbing it over herself. as she did so my cock grew once more. Tami and Paula also became horny again as they started rubbing their own clits. I could tell my wife was extremely horny again as her pussy was dripping so much there was a puddle under her chair. Tami and Paula then moved to my wife and began licking the cum from her body and then each taking turns licking her dripping pussy until she erupted in orgasmic pleasure. as the party went on I watched as my wife made her rounds trying to meet everyone there. I have no idea how many times she had sex, how many more cocks she sucked or pussies she licked or how much more cum she swallowed by the time the party was over, but she had to have had some sort of sexual encounter with most everyone there. she was having a blast and the time of her life. I also had my share of pussy licking and fucking partners. we both were exhausted and decided to head back to the room for a break before the big evening of the announcement of the winners of the contest and the big movie award.

my wife was so excited about the award ceremony. she felt she had a great chance to win and she did. she dressed in a very nice evening dress. her choice for dresses wasn't as revealing or provocative as I thought it might be, but it did have a deep cut open neckline that showed off her nice rack very well. it also had a high leg slit up to her upper thigh which clearly revealed she wasn't wearing a thong. as we sat and waited for the announcements in anticipation I could tell my wife was nervous. first was the contest winners. as they announced third place my wife said, "that wasn't me, do you think I'll win first place?" I told her I thought she would. second place went to Tami. my wife congratulated her and then prepared for the first place announcement. as the name came out my wife jumped up and down, she had come in first place in the sexy body/sex game contest. everyone congratulated her as she went up on stage and claimed her prize. she won another free week at a resort during porn star week. next was the men's winners for the contest. I felt I had a chance to at least get honorable mention. as the names were called I wasn't 5th, 4th or 3rd. I wasn't too upset and then I heard my name. I had come in second. my wife, Tami and Paula all hugged me and congratulated me. as Tami hugged me and pressed her naked body up tight against me I could feel her large boobs press against my chest and my erect cock which was bunched up in my shorts, press against her crotch. as she let go of me she smiled at me and said, "you better be ready for me after the awards". I told her I'd rock her world and then we both laughed. it was now time for the big awards to be announced. as they called the first name for 5th place it wasn't my wife. then they announced the 4th place winner, again not her. she was so nervous she couldn't stand still. then the third place winner's name. it was her. she had come in third place. I could tell she was disappointed, but myself, Tami and Paula all told her she shouldn't be down about it. it was her first try at the award and she'd have many more trips to this festival and many more chance to win. she was going up against 4 seasoned veterans in the business and she beat 2 of them, that was something to be proud of. she finally saw our point and became her normal friendly, cheerful, sexy self. after the announcement Tami and Paula told her they'd make her feel better back at the room.

once back at our room Tami jumped right on me and began riding me. meanwhile Paula and my wife did a 69 on each other. as I pounded my hard cock deep in Tami I heard her say, "come on, give it to me good. I want to feel you eruption all through my body. as I worked it in and out she sighed, moaned, screamed and gasped with pleasure. I felt close and I told her to get ready. as I erupted I could tell I gave her an explosive blast of cum. as I released my load inside her she leaned way back pushed her large boobs high in the air and screamed, "oh yes, yes, yes right there, right there". then she clinched her legs around me tightly and let out a loud scream of pleasure. as both our eruptions ended we were both gasping for air. she fell on top of me and laid there motionless for several minutes and then said, "oh, wow that was amazing". I agreed. then I said to her, "I told you I'd turn you into liking guys". she said, "yeah I may need to rethink my sexual preference". then my wife and Paula each erupted as they continued to lick each other. Tami said to Paula, "you need to try riding his cock, it's the best feeling I ever had". after some persuasion from Tami and my wife Paula agreed to try it. this was completely new for her as she never had a real dick before because she has been a lesbian from the time she was young. as she climbed on me I could tell she was reluctant and even scared. I told her to take her time and put it in gradually. as my cock head entered her pussy I saw her face light up. she continued pushing it in deeper and deeper until it was completely buried inside her pussy. she then began working up and down on me, moaning the entire time. she worked it harder and faster as I saw her smile and gasp for air. I reached up and grabbed her large breasts and then I started to work in unison with her movements and as a result she moaned and yelled louder. I heard her say, "more, more, harder, harder". we continued to work in tandem until she exploded in ecstasy. she had cum ahead of me. I continued to pound her with my tool and as I exploded in her she erupted again with another amazing orgasm. I could feel my cum just pumping in her as she yelled, "oh, I feel it. I feel it". as I finished she continued to yell, "more, I need more". she continued to ride me as I almost instantly got hard again. as I treated Paula to her first real intercourse my wife and Tami were 69ing each other and shortly after Paula and I erupted I heard both of them have orgasms. after they finished pleasuring each other they both came over to watch Paula and me as I continued to give her more of what she wanted. as I was approaching another eruption the 3 girls all leaned in towards one another and began kissing. as all their boobs dangled over me I reached up and grabbed them and then exploded inside Paula again. she yelled, "oh, that feels so good, keep it cumming". after I finished I told her I was done for awhile. I watched as my wife licked my cum from her pussy as Tami cleaned my cock off with her tongue. my wife made Paula cum one more time as she buried her tongue deep in her pussy. I asked Paula if she enjoyed it. she told me, "I never knew what I was missing". then I heard my wife say, "well, not every guy can please like he can". we all sat around and talked about the fun times we had at the festival the past few days and agreed we need to meet up again sometime for more fun. Tami and Paula kissed and hugged us goodbye as they left for their room. my wife and I were already looking for ward to next year's festival. as my wife said to me, "next year I'm winning first place in the porn star awards". I told her I was absolutely sure she would.

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