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The Bness Trip (or Our Philadelphia Story) Exhib, MF, Voy, MMMF

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The Business Trip -a.k.a -Our Philadelphia Story

(Author’s note: This story is inspired and based loosely around actual events that took place on one of my business trips with Jenny, the love of my life. Names have been changed for obvious reasons.-Enjoy! wildponies.)

It was supposed to be another boring business trip. At the last minute, however, Jenny decided to join me, since things at her work had slowed in recent weeks.

“sure,” I said. “you can help ,‘keep me up’, on the long drive, heh, heh,” I stated in jest. With that I could see her mind wander behind those dazzling blue eyes.

Jenny is mid 40’s about 5ft tall, long blonde hair, with a terrific body. Her breasts are somewhere in that perfect area between a C and a full D cup. When she’s at work or in the supermarket, she looks like your typical soccer mom. But with a little bit of eyeliner, a snug skirt & heels, she transforms in the classic MILF. And as far as her intellect, she is smart as a whip, and as passionate and loving as a person can get. A real turn on for me. When we’re with friends, or amongst new acquaintances, she lights up the room. It’s not that she craves attention, people, both men and women, are just naturally drawn to her.

Anyway, several days before the trip, she made a point of shopping for ‘travel clothes’. I didn’t mind, however, because every time she bought new stuff, it always knocks me out. This was to be no exception. Among her purchases was a very sexy cocktail dress, several new bras, and a bevy of thongs, nylons and perfume. Oh, did I mention the shoes? A very sexy pair of black heels. I remember how fascinated I was that she could actually walk in them. They were that high. “did you get knee pads with those?” I asked in jest. “just you wait. You’ll be begging me to get on my knees”, she retorted. I could tell this was going to be a great week.

We left early that morning. I tried to plan the trip so that we would miss all the heavy traffic when we passed through major metro areas. Since we weren’t in much of a hurry, that took a lot of pressure off & we really enjoyed the upstate NY spring weather.

After about an hour, things really got fun when Jenny hiked up her short, loose-fitting dress to reveal no panties & a freshly shaved pussy. “Keep your eyes on the road, buster. Do you want to get us both killed?” she said, as I fidgeted under the restraint of my seatbelt” I don’t want some EMT or cop seeing me like this in some ditch!”

“Now, you look straight ahead. I’ll 'keep you up', as best I can. Ok?” she said. With that, she slid over to my side of the truck & began to loosen my belt and open my fly. Out came my chubby and all was right with the world.

As we glided down the interstate, she continued to amuse me with her sexy teasing sucking and licking. But after a while, teasing me was not enough. Soon she was pulling at the neckline of the revealing dress, trying to get more comfortable and getting the attention of the truckers we passed along the way. Again, she bent over my lap and began sucking my cock. Only this time, however, she had released her seatbelt and knelt on her seat . This created a perfect opportunity for anyone on our right side to get a very good look of the steamy pussy.

For kicks, I adjusted my speed slightly above that of the right lane traffic. There was a very long line of trucks to our right, negotiating a slight grade. As we passed the first few, it became evident that each subsequent trucker we passed was craning his neck to get a nice long view of her show. Then I noticed this one guy talking into his CB mike, as if he were giving a sports play-by-play. He was obviously talking to the other truckers in the vicinity. I doubted from his appearance, that it was a very eloquent broadcast.

As we crested the hill, I blew my wad. And the trucks we had recently passed, began passing us in short order. They were bunched so close together in the right-hand lane, that it was impossible for me to get over. As a truck would get along side, he would slow, bringing blasts from air horns of the trucks behind.

Having been sated, I urged Jenny to get back on her side of the truck. I was now getting nervous; not only because of the aggressive truck drivers, but the speed was easily approaching 90!! “Take it easy, babe”, she said. “This is really turning me on!”. As she said this, I saw one of her hands leave my lap for her own. The trucks continued to blockade the right lane, but eventually, because of a few lane closings, we were eventually allowed to merge to the right and pull off for a break.

I was convinced that every truck on the interstate had followed us into that rest area. However, since no one really saw our faces, {no surprise} we were not approached as we ate our breakfast. After a short while, we were again tooling down the interstate on our way to Philly.

Jenny’s mood changed visibly from that point of our journey. She seemed more sultry and more preoccupied with sex. But after a while, she was her old self, joking about our morning exploit. “I wish I could have seen their faces”, she said. “That must have been a real turn-on for them”.

“And don’t think I’m done with you, mister. There is a little matter of a really hot pussy that you need to fuck. And I’m not kidding!”, she said. I was amazed that she didn’t make me pull over at some point to do her.

We rolled into town in plenty of time to grab a few cocktails in the hotel lounge. I thought I would have time for a quickie before dinner, but a call came up from the front desk. We were informed of a mixer that was being held for early birds and we made our way to the conference room. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, except for some snack food. We were starving, horny and tired. When we got to there, we found that there was nothing to eat other than some exotic canapés that smelled like cat food. We grabbed some crackers and looked at each other with that “don‘t say a word“, expression. . While I busied myself with meeting and greeting some of my associates, Jenny found a comfy place where a few of the women had collected. The booze was free and top shelf.

Since it was springtime, the NHL playoffs were in full swing. Our team was in the thick of it, so the two of us made every attempt to get regular updates on the scores. At one point, the bartender from the lounge came in to refresh the liquor & mixers. Jenny inquired about the scores.

“Why don’t you come back with me, honey. No one here will miss you. I’ll even let you drink for free”, the young man said. Cyn had always had a thing for younger guys. And being all horned up from the trip did little to mitigate the humidity in her panty-less loins. She checked in with me and I gave her the O.K.. “Just don’t go anywhere else. We have some ’bness’ to catch up on. At that, she purred in my ear and promised a hot and steamy session later on.

I had made some good connections at the mixer, but since it was getting late, and none of us had eaten, it was time to go. I went to the lounge to fetch Jenny and a room service menu.

When I walked into the lounge, I had recognized the familiar small cocktail dress at the bar. I was relieved to see another girl from the meeting sitting next to her. When I approached, Cyn was in a deep discussion about the game with a young, out of town contractor. I think he said his name was Gary. The girl next to them was just standing there, staring into space.

I could tell right away, that everyone was blotto. And the girl’s stare which at first seemed a blank one, was focused. She was looking at Gary’s hand on Jenny’s lap. I was ready to intervene, but then I stopped. I had told the host company that my travel companion was my new hire, not my girlfriend. This way, both rooms & meals would be covered by the business. If I got into it with Gary, I might have to explain my jealousy. Rather than speaking to him, I whispered in her ear.

“you ok, babe?” I said. She giggled and said “ don’t sweat it. I’m having a great time!”

As it turned out, the bartender and Gary were working as a team. They figured on getting her all juiced up, and taking her to Gary’s room later on. They had also been working on the other girl, presumably as a back up.

As the game on the TV finished, the crowd thinned. I tried to stay in ear shot of her conversation with Gary and Steve, the bartender. My district sales manager also stayed nearby, limiting my intervention. At one point, Jenn leaned in my direction and said, “Babe, remember that thing I told you I wanted to try? Let’s do it!”

She was referring to a fantasy of hers where she would take on a few guys at the same time. Her conditions were, they had to be strangers. They had to be from another town, and they had to be young enough to keep her well fucked. All the conditions seemed to be there. I was suddenly faced with a dilemma. Step in and ‘save’ her from herself, or play along. I didn’t have long to decide.

Gary slid his keycard into her cleavage and took his hand off her lap. His fingers glistened, obviously from Jenny's drenched pussy. In the dim barroom, he had been making his point the easy way! She followed him out of the lounge, but at a respectable distance so as not to attract attention.

“Closing time!” Steve shouted from behind the bar. The remaining few lights and the music were shut off.

In the meantime, my Sales Manager, Scott, joked about my 'new hire'. “boy, she’s really got a snoot full. I hope she’s as good as she looks!”.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I said with a bit of concern in my voice.

“Her selling. She obviously knows a few tricks. Look at the trail of prospects she has!” Scott stated plainly.

Looking out into the hotel lobby was indeed, a trail of admirers. Including the plain-looking woman from the meeting.

“324. Great. I’m right next to you. Lets grab an elevator and get some sleep.” Scott said, as we filed into the lobby. As we got onto the elevator, Jenny asked out loud, “ 218, what floor is that on?” Everyone laughed, including me. Scott thought it was the booze talking, but I knew better. It was her way of letting me know were the room was. Before she got off, she whispered that she’d leave the door ajar.

In my clouded, but aroused mind, I assumed the plan was for her to go to Gary’s room and start things moving. From outside, I would then present myself and join in. Simple enough plan, I thought. As long as I didn’t get my head blown off, or some other dumb shit like that!

As the elevator started on it’s way to the 3rd floor, Scott made some small talk about the weeklong seminar. We exited and went straight to our respective rooms. As soon as I heard his door close, I slipped out into the hallway, only to find Scott there as well. In a covering move, I said “what? Did you say something?”. He said he forgot something downstairs and walked back to the elevator.

My internal clock told me that I had to make my way down to the 2nd floor. But I was trapped on the third by Scott. It wasn’t till he disappeared into the elevator, that I was able to may my way down to 218. It seemed that all the elevators were in use. As I emerged from the stairs on the 2nd floor, I could hear laughter and music. I must not be far from 218.

I stopped outside the room. It was closed and latched from inside. I could hear low voices, but it was unclear as to the conversation. I thought for a moment that it may be the wrong room, except for the lone spike heeled shoe on the floor at my feet. It was Jenny’s. And there appeared to be more than one male voice in the room!

It was at this point that the elevator down the hall stopped on the 2nd floor. I quickly picked up the shoe and ducked into the stairway. As I watched from the crack in the stairwell door, Steve, the bartender emerged with w cart full of beverages. He made his way down the hall directly to 218, paused and entered the room. He didn’t need to knock since he apparently had a passkey.

I had known that the crafty bartender was involved from the start. And as the cart followed him into the room, I swiftly darted to the doorway and placed my foot at the base to prevent it from latching closed. Now, at least, I could clearly hear what was being said, and by whom.

“Let’s get this par-tay star-ted!”, the comedic bartender chanted. “All right!”, said Gary. There was a muffled female response, and then I heard, “fuck, yeah!”. It was that bastard Scott!!

The rooms in the hotel were set up with a hallway that led past the bath and some closets and into the main sleeping quarters. While everyone gathered around Steve, I took the opportunity to slip into the closet alcove. No one noticed my arrival.

I had planned to casually enter once things started. Then I would just join in the fun. And I would have too, except for the unanticipated appearance of Scott! As I tried to concoct a plan, things began to get started.

From my vantage point, I could clearly see everyone in the room. For obvious reasons, no one looked in my direction. There was Gary, kneeling next to bed. On the bad lay Jenny, her skirt bunched up around her waist, Gary’s head between her legs. On the chair in the corner sat the other woman from the bar. She sat, staring blankly across the room, legs splayed, arms hanging over the arms of the chair. And Scott, he was standing in the middle of the room, taking off his belt.

By this time, our bartender was already naked, making his way to the opposite side of the bed that Jenny occupied. Without much ceremony, he placed his hand under her chin, turning her head towards him. She was oblivious to him up to that point. But upon opening her eyes, was confronted by his sizable cock, dangling inches from her face.

“mmmmm”, she said, as she parted her lips to accept his selfless gift…

to be continued.

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