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The Bedroom Bowl

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It was Super Bowl weekend and my wife Dawn and I had spent the entire weekend prepping for all my guys to come over for the big game. It was Sunday afternoon and all of the snacks, finger foods, and beer were ready. Dawn said she had a slight headache and just wanted to take a sleeping pill and go to bed. I knew she wasn?t too fond of being the only girl amongst the herd of wild football fans, so I told her to have a good night and I gave her a kiss. I reminisced about the times she had taken one of those pills and I made love to her while she slept. She always seemed more vocal. She moaned and called out my name. Hmm, I thought I need to send the guys home early!

My band of brothers, all ten of them arrived an hour before the game. We chugged down beer and massacred the snacks. One of my buddies quickly realized that Dawn was missing. He asked, where?s Dawn? The others joined in. Last year she wore a halter top and short shorts and played waitress. Another said yes what a hot bod. I explained to them that she had a headache and took a pill so she was asleep. They kept complaining about how Dawn was the main reason they came. I tried to salvage the party atmosphere by telling them one of my Dawn and me sex stories. They all leaned in and listened. Enjoying my celebrity I told them about having sex with her after she took a sleeping pill. They kept begging for more.

I eventually relented and made a bold statement. I told them Dawn sleeps in the nude and sleeps like a rock when she takes one of those sleeping pills. One of my friends suggests. Hey, can we go look at her? I don?t know I said. Let me check on her first. I walked back to the bedroom and opened the door. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. Nothing. I raised the covers and sure enough she was naked. I peeled the covers back to the foot of the bed. Dawn didn?t flinch. I was about to go fetch the guys when I turned and saw them all in the doorway. I whispered ok come on in. I turned on the bedside lamp and there she was in all of her beautiful glory. Lying there on her side with her ass toward the guys, one of them asked me to give them a better look. I reached down and took her top leg in my hand and moved her slightly. She rolled toward me and onto her back. This move revealed her shortly trimmed pubes and her perfect round C cup breasts. They oohed and ahhed. I spread her legs for them and they passed one at a time to steal a peek of her pink labia.

I said ok guys let?s go back and watch the game. We went back to the game room and watched the last minutes of pregame show. Every one of them seemed distracted. They kept asking questions about Dawn. I was thrilled to have a wife that was so attractive! One of the guys suggested that we get a deck of cards and draw one each. High card would in a chance to touch Dawn. After all of them begged and pleaded, I finally gave in. Ok, I shuffled the cards and each buddy drew one. Bill won with an ace. I escorted him back to the bedroom. Dawn still lay upon her back with her legs open. Bill reached out and touched her breasts and then reached out with his other hand and slid his finger across her pussy. Dawn gave a slight moan. Bill licked his finger and walked away. I turned around and there stood Max with his king in hand. Ok come on I said. He came in and kissed Dawns nipple a stuck his finger inside her pussy. I was getting aroused at Dawns attention and let them continue to enter one at a time until all of them had felt up and fingered Dawn. I went back to the game room and the gang was contemplating their next request. I said, guys the game is about to start. They were not interested. Once again they drew cards. They had voted unanimously to eat Dawn. You are serious, I asked. Yes came the crowds response. Don drew the lucky ace and I escorted him back to the bedroom. I coaxed Dawn into a good eating position and bent her knees. Don fell into her mound and was slurping loudly. After a few minutes of his slurping and Dawns moaning, I tapped Don on the shoulder and he left the room. As happened during the previous card draw, the men were lined up down the hall waiting their turn with Dawn. Even unconscious, Dawn was getting turned on. She began calling out my name as she was being eaten. I finally had witnessed the last of my friends eat my wife and returned to the game room. The first quarter of the game was almost over. No one was interested. They kept raising the ante and before I knew it I was taking the next ace holder back to the bedroom to fuck Dawn. Jimmy was first and he climbed aboard the bed. He was a large cocked man and he knelt between Dawns legs and pushed his cock inside her. I looked around. All of the guys were in the bedroom, naked, stroking their cocks, while watching Dawn get fucked. Dawn moaned and sighed. I could tell she was cumming. Mmmmmmmm was the sound of her release as Jimmy unloaded his cock in her. One at a time they all mounted Dawn and fucked her. Ten guys had just fucked my wife. Her pussy was oozing cum and the bed was soaked. Finally, I could watch the game I thought. I sat down as the guys scarfed down chips and lunch meat. I got to see the halftime show. I noticed that a couple of the guys were missing. I knew where to find them. John and Dave had rolled Dawn onto her side. One was fucking her in the ass as the other was plowing her pussy. She was in a sandwich between them. She was still moaning and sighing. I threw my hands in the air and went back to the game room. All night the guys kept going MIA from the game. I checked on her frequently. She was doing everything in her unconscious state. One of the guys was even fucking her in the mouth. The game finally ended. The guys all thanked me for a wonderful evening and left. I put everything away and shutdown the house for the night. I went back to the bedroom to see my cum filled, cum covered wife laying there like an angel. She opened her eyes as I was undressing. She asked what happened and who won? I admitted I didn?t know who won. I told her she must have been sleeping like a rock through all of the cheering. That must be a strong sleeping pill I said. Dawn winked at me and said I didn?t take a sleeping pill!

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