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It was four days after my wife?s gang-bang that I first began to feel ill. Not physically ill, but emotionally something was going on. I?d wake up feeling as if some disaster was about to come tumbling down on me. The closest feeling I?d ever had like it was during an IRS audit where they were going after one of my partners ? and I would wake every morning with a feeling of dread that I?d get sucked into his quicksand.

I knew there wasn?t a reason for it ? after all I was the one who had provoked it. I?d done so in response, it was true, to her being caught on film being eaten by five of her friends and then getting fucked by a male model hired by her sketching club. Still I didn?t really know why I was upset. It had been the most erotic experience I?d ever had ? my wife of twenty years getting done by my five best friends. Watching her have that many orgasms and get that turned on had made me and my friends each cum three times ? and that was definitely something that hadn?t happened to me since my teen years.

I thought I?d look up a psychologist I?d contacted when I was worried that my eldest son was getting a little too caught up in smoking grass and I made an appointment for the following week. I?d met the psychologist while we were working for the same company. We?d come close to having an affair at a conference fifteen years ago, but after a session of heavy petting following a tequila tasting we?d both decided that an affair would be a bad idea, though we?d remained distant friends since. The next day was my weekly golf date with my five buddies and I thought about canceling but that I figured that would be ridiculous.

It was early fall and there was a hint of crisp in the air, the sort of day that makes you think of Macintosh apples and warming fires. Patrick asked to share a cart with me. Patrick was the only one of our group who didn?t know the full extent of the activities of the Teapot Ladies, an art group primarily developed by the six wives. The rest of us had seen our wives sucking and fucking, but Patrick seemed to have real jealousy issues about his wife Paula, and the rest of us were concerned about showing him the evidence. The rest of us had decided to collectively seduce our wives, one wife at a time.

Patrick waited until we?d driven off the first hole. ?So why aren?t you jealous??

?Maybe I am.? I said, ?I?ve been feeling kind of anxious since last week.?

?Gosh, I?m sorry. That?s what I?m afraid would happen to me. I mean what if I got Paula to go along and we all fucked her and then she just starting fucking everyone? I mean I could get seriously pre-occupied about that. Maybe its just better to leave some things alone.?

?I know what you mean. I?ll tell you my reasoning. First I?ve come to believe that we can?t really control people?s behavior. If someone wants to do something they?re probably going to do it. I guess I?d just as soon figure out what people want and then see if it coincides with what I want. I figured that Maddie was ready for a little adventure.?

?Why all the guys??

?It seemed to me that if I just invited one of you over it would be, I don? know, personal, or more intimate. I mean I like you guys, all of you, but I wouldn?t want any of you falling in love with Maddie. Does that make sense??

?Sure, I understand now. I mean if one of us hadn?t been there it would have been just one cock less, it?s not as if it had anything to do with a relationship.?

?Exactly. It?s almost as if the personal, the intimate aspect was diluted. That night was pure recreational sex. I guess I?d be surprised if any one of you phoned Maddie afterwards asking for a date or if she did the same.?

We were at the next hole and didn?t talk again until the cart was on the fairway. Pat said, ?What if it changes her, though. What if she just wants more. We all have urges, but I always thought that ignoring them, locking them away, was the healthy thing.?

I put the ball on the green with my next shot. ?Look at that crazy congressman. The one who was sending the dirty messages to the pages? Turns out he was seduced by this priest when he was a kid. Now maybe he was born gay and the priest was just helping him along, but it seems to me that repression isn?t good. I guess I became convinced that Maddie wanted to be a little more open about her sexuality. I had a number of things I could have done. I guess I could have asked for a divorce. I could have confronted her and told her that her behavior was unacceptable or I could have gone with it the way I did.?

Pat looked at me for a long time. ?I get it. Something happened that you were reacting to.?

I?d momentarily forgotten that Pat had spent most of his professional life as a prosecuting attorney.

He continued, ?That?s the missing piece. I?ll make another assumption. Whatever it was involved the other guy?s wives too. None of them were as surprised as I was when she shucked off her clothes and went for it.?

He didn?t say anything further until we were all sitting in a corner at the clubhouse, enjoying the fireplace and a drink. ?OK guys, it?s time for the truth. You guys all know something that I don?t.?

I stared him down, but I had practice at it. I?d been staring down Boards of Directors at public companies for years. Roger was the first one to break.

?Right it?s bullshit, but none of us wanted to tell you. It concerns all of our wives. You get so goddam jealous that I guess we figured you wouldn?t deal with it well.?

Pat looked at us. ?What?s going on??

I said, ?Listen, we found out that our wives have been experimenting, in the same way that we have over the years. They get together to paint and then have a little orgy with each other and the model.?

?And my Paula??

?Listen, Pat. This isn?t just about you. It?s all of our marriages. And I guess part of it is about having respect for our wives.?

?What the fuck do you mean by that??

Roger said, ?I?ve been thinking about this a lot.? Pat made an impatient movement. ?Hear me out. Do you know how difficult it must be to be a woman? Just think about having all that power over men, about always being asked and having to spend most of your life keeping your legs closed. I always figured they were different than we are. Can you imagine if we had pussies? We?d be the world?s biggest sluts. I would have fucked my way up and down the company I owned if people were always hitting on me. I always figured that women just didn?t have as strong a drive as we did. The I saw the video and I realized that my wife is a horny little bitch and that she?d kept that side under wraps her whole life.?

We all laughed. Pat said, ?Well there?s something else I think you guys are ignoring.?

We all looked at him. ?I think our wives are even closer friends than we are. I mean we see each other a couple of times a week. Paula is always on the phone with one of them, and I know they spend more time together than we do.?

Jack said, ?So??

Pat said, ?I like to think that none of you guys would fuck my wife unless I approved of it. I know I hope I have the strength of character to say no.? He looked around and I saw that all of us were thinking. I had to agree. He continued. ?So if Maddie is even closer to our wives than we are to each other, how likely is it that she?d fuck all of us without their approval??

I had to laugh.

Roger said, ?Maybe it was the tequila.?

Pat responded, ?No, that bottle was new and capped when she came in wearing that robe and negligee. She hadn?t had more than two drinks before the robe came off.?

It was good deductive reasoning. I looked at Mel. ?Mel does Gloria know about the cameras??

?Sure, I mean we used them to monitor the babysitters, but you know that was a couple of years ago. ?

Pat said, ?I think you guys were set up. Bill, you told me about the way you introduced the idea of having other guys join you two. Did you ever ask her about a gang-bang??


?Would you say that her reaction at poker the other night was consistent with someone who had been introduced to the idea of one guy joining you in bed a few nights previously??

Pat had a point, but then Roger stepped in. ?Where does this get you other than where we are? The girls have collectively decided that they want to have us join them in being more sexually adventurous. They?ve concocted a plan. It seemed to work pretty well. Even better if our wives are in on it. I mean I hope they are, because if they?re not then I imagine Maddie will have lost a lot of friends, because logic dictates that it?s going to become known. I mean we can keep on having poker games and over the next four weeks see if each of them individually go for the same thing, but I?m delighted that they want this enough to plan it.?

Jack said, ?It makes a lot of sense. Gloria?s a smart girl. I don?t think she would have forgotten about those cameras. Now that I think about it didn?t it seem strange that all of the action took place in front of those cameras? I mean that guy got into five holes on camera and they were all licking pussy on camera.?

I didn?t know whether Jack had slipped in the fact that five wives had gotten fucked, but one look at Pat told me that he had picked up on the statement.

Jack continued, ?You know how quiet my wife is? When I saw her licking pussy, coming like a faucet and then taking that guy?s cock in front of her friends I realized that she was a lot different my idea of her. I thought, ?do I want to yell at her and tell her to put it in a box and save it for me?? Bullshit. We?re both in our fifties and if the little girl wants to come into her own and take charge of her sexuality then I?m damned if I?m going to stand in her way.?

We refilled our drinks and Roger continued. ?I sat down and counted the number of women I?d fucked in our twenty year marriage. It was around fifteen. I then had this thought that we could have a lot of fun if we had some of these adventures together. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to be sexually free with your wife there??

I had to laugh. Mel said, ?I don?t know if you?ve had any regrets Bill, but I?ve got to tell you that when Maddie took us on I had more fun than I can remember, and all I could think of afterwards was how proud I was that you two would share that.? He looked at Pat. ?It looked as if you were enjoying it too Pat.?

He nodded and Jack said, ?If you enjoyed that what makes you think Paula wouldn?t enjoy a little recreation too? You know that saying ?what?s good for the goose?.?

?You?re right.? I guess I just don?t see Paula that way. I mean I believe you saw your wives but Paula is so shy, I didn?t think she?d even be interested. I think I?d rather watch you guys fuck her than that tape though.?

I spoke up and said, ?Look guys, since we?re being honest I?ve got to say that I?ve noticed since our get together that I?ve been feeling a little off emotionally. I think in some ways I went about it wrong. I wanted to bring her sexuality out in the open, but I still wasn?t honest with her. I probably should have told her about the video and that it was OK and then gone from there. I guess I also need to have a talk with her about limits. I don?t think I?m ready to have a completely open relationship. I think having sex with others is fine but I?m uncomfortable with her having a regular lover on the side and I don?t want that either. Anyway, I know I have to talk to her and get it straight. I just wanted to tell you guys in case there is some fallout to your own wives. I guess I don?t have to tell her anything other than the fact that I saw a video. Have they held their meetings at anyone else?s house??

Pat said, ?Listen, I think it?s a sound conclusion that they?ve been one step ahead of us the whole way. I can?t stand the idea of being manipulated. I sure wish we could find a way to get in front of this rather than being behind the curve.?

I said, ?Imagine putting all this work into getting us to fuck each other?s wives. It makes me kind of excited.?

Everyone else raised their hands. Jack said, ?So when you talk to her I guess that raises the possibility that she?s going to tell our wives that she fucked us??

I said, ?I hadn?t thought about that, but yeah I guess so.?

That evening I felt the way I had the many times I knew I had a difficult meeting ahead of me. I kept reviewing different strategies. There was difference here though. Most business meetings were somewhat static, I mean all business is a dictatorship. My relationship I hope was a lot closer to a democracy. I waited until we?d had dinner and then I got out a bottle of lotion and told her I wanted to give her a massage.

?Maddie I want to talk about something.? She made to turn over and I said, ?Just lay there. I want to get this out, and then we can talk.? I told her that I?d seen the video tape of one of her art club meetings and then I gave her the talk about wanting her to be free to explore her sexuality, but then I said that I wanted to talk about what that meant to our relationship.

She didn?t say anything until I?d finished. I continued to rub her calves and her feet and then she turned over. She pulled the sheet and covered herself. ?I don?t know why we started doing it, but it made all of us feel ten years younger. I guess that explains why we had that little party the other night.? She looked up and grinned at me, ?At least I know you don?t mind my having sex with other people.?

?Well to tell you the truth I?ve been wondering if that was a mistake. I?ve made an appointment to see that therapist we took John to. What are we going to do if the therapist and I agree that sleeping with others just doesn?t work for me??

She looked at me and I felt a sick slide in my guts. ?I don?t know. I mean I really like fucking other people. I?ve got to tell you that doing your friends was really great for me. I know I?d like to do that again, but I?d like to do it with everybody, so I could be really relaxed about it. I don?t want to get drunk either. I want to feel each experience. We?ve talked about this before. I?m fifty and I?ve raised my kids and run a good house. Now I think both of us should celebrate a little.?

I felt my eyes starting to leak.

She took my head between her hands, ?I?m sorry sweetheart, but I promised myself that I wasn?t going to lie about this again.?

?Well I guess I have the alternatives now. I?m going to sleep in the guest room tonight. I just want to think.?

I thought about it most of the night. And jerked off twice, thinking each time of the way Maddie?s pussy had stretched for all those cocks. Still part of it just bothered me. I phoned up my psychologist the next morning and told her that I really needed to see her immediately.

Dr. Edith Thorsen was my age. Other than phoning her about my son I?d only seen her socially, at parties with my wife since she?d left my company. Neither of us had ever mentioned our near fling. I knew that she?d gotten a divorce about five years ago. She still looked good. Tall and slim, her hair was now silver gray and matched her skirt. She looked cool, detached and elegant. I didn?t really know how she was going to react to questions about our sex lives.

?Edie, I?m having some relationship issues dealing mainly with sex, and I really don?t know if that type of counseling is up your alley.? The moment the words left my mouth I realized the ridiculousness of talking to a female about sex and using the phrase ?up your alley? in the same sentence.

The corners of her mouth twitched but she said, ?Actually sexual issues is the main part of my practice.?

?OK. Here goes. We have a small circle of friends, five couples. The men get along and the women get along, I play golf and poker with the guys and she does girl things with the girls. That includes art classes. One of the men has a video surveillance system that caught the women having oral sex with one another and with the male model they hired. He shared the tape with all of us and we came up with a really stupid idea, or rather I did. I started talking with Maddie about having sex with other men and then the next poker night I invited her to have sex with all of the males in the group and she did.?

Edie no longer looked quite so cool. She said. ?You mean she seduced them one at a time??

?No, it was a poker night and she did all of them at the same time. We took turns.?

Her grey skirt was of knee length and I caught a glimpse of thigh as she crossed her legs. ?That?s quite a story. I mean I?ve met Maddie. I?m a little surprised.?

?Well after we did it I started feeling bad about it. Then when the guys got together we figured out that the girls probably wanted us to see the tape and that the girls had probably talked about it. We?d planned on getting all of the wives to have sex with all of us. I guess I started having second thoughts. But when I told Maddie of my concerns she said that having sex with others was too much fun to give up.?

Two red spots had mounted high onto Edie?s cheeks. ?So when you say that you took turns how did that happen??

?Well, I?d teased her about having sex with other guys the night before and then when the guys came over she brought us beer and then said she?d come say goodnight. When she came back in she was wearing a teddy and a short wrap. One of the guys asked if she was interested in playing strip poker and she lost most of her clothes. She wasn?t wearing anything under the teddy and she managed to sit on me while she was playing. You know, she unzipped me and sat on me.?

Edith now crossed her legs in the other direction. ?You mean she was having sex with you while wearing a teddy in front of your friends.?

?Yep. And then she made me cum, and then things, well things got out of hand.?

?Tell me how they got out of hand.?

?Well one of the guys had lost all his clothes and she lost the teddy just after she made me cum and then she went down on her knees and started performing oral sex on him.?

?And everyone was watching??

?Yes, we were sort of standing around.?

?Then what happened.?

I looked at Edie more carefully. A flush was rising from her neck. She was wearing a white button up shirt with a single long strand of pearls and I swore I could see the faint outline of a hard nipple against one of the shirt pockets. She crossed her legs again and sat back in the chair. ?Are you getting aroused Doctor??

?Well, yes. I think it?s only natural. I mean you?re telling a very erotic story. So you were saying??

?Well the guy she was, performing on, lay back on the carpet and she followed him down and her butt was in the air. She spread her legs a little and we could see she was wet. I mean, my cum was dripping down her leg. The other guys asked and I said OK. So we all took turns, getting sucked and then having sex with her.?


?Is that a professional opinion, Edith??

?No, of course not. But I?ve got to say I admire her. Do you know how much courage it would take for a woman to express herself like that? And how much confidence she?d have to have in you and your friends??

?I know. But is it any way to live? I mean can people be happy having sex with a group on a regular basis? Won?t it destroy our marriage??

?So do you think she orgasmed. It?s very difficult for a woman to orgasm from just vaginal sex.?

?Well, while one guy was having sex with her the other guys were playing with her, you know touching her clit and playing with her breasts.?

?So she did orgasm??

?She said she came too many times to count. It went on for a long time. I think nearly three hours. All of the men came at least three times. I guess that?s part of the problem. Every time I think of it I get hard.? I pointed to my trousers and the erection that was now tenting them and now details were flooding my mind about my heavy petting session with Edie so many years ago. I remembered touching her, and feeling her pussy. I think she had a big clit, maybe the biggest I?d felt. We?d been talking about sex all evening and she complained that her husband hated oral sex.

I said, ?And most of the men performed oral sex on her as well.?

?Was everybody wearing condoms.?

?No. You?ve got to remember that this is a group we?ve known for years. It?d been years since any of them had had affairs and we all take care of ourselves.?

?So she had all these men cumming inside her and then they were eating her??

?Nobody seemed to care. Everybody was just caught up in it. I went down on her while someone else, I don?t remember who, was inside her.?

Edith had both arms clenched on the sides of her chair and she slid back in the seat and then she said, ?Oh. My. God.? She started shaking and I knew she was coming. She flipped back her skirt and I saw that she was wearing lace panel panties. With one hand she pulled them aside and I could see her clit, standing pink at the top of her lips. It was big.

I made a motion towards her and she held up her hand, ?No, stay where you are. Let me see it.?

I stood up and unzipped.

?God, you?re huge. I didn?t remember you being so big.? Her fingers were stroking her clit, ?Touch yourself.?

?Only if I can taste you first.?

?Absolutely not. I?ll show it to you all you want but we will not touch each other.?

Her lips were long and her pussy was so wet that when she put a finger in it came out soaked and she rubbed her clit with it. She pinched and pulled it and I found out just what those tissues in a psychologist?s offices were good for.

When I finished and we?d both put ourselves back together she said, ?Whew. I needed that. That was the most erotic session I?ve ever had. Now then, let?s talk advice. So five men have five women who are sexually adventurous and who want to fuck each other?s husbands and who love the idea of being gang-banged by five guys at once. This sounds like a dream come true. What?s your problem??

I had to laugh. ?What if she decides that she wants a relationship with someone else??

?That sounds like the pie theory. You know that love and affection is a pie that can only be divided into so many pieces and once all the pieces get taken there?s none left. In fact sexual love doesn?t have that kind of limit, though it is true that we have only so many hours in the day to give attention to each other. Besides, she?s told you that she?s not going to stop. Sounds like you have to make a decision. I can tell you that if you try to control her you?ll probably end the relationship. I can also tell you that having shared sexual experiences stands a good chance of strengthening your relationship.?

I nodded. ?So should we have any rules about extra-marital activities??

She looked down. ?I think that some rules are a good idea, but you?ve got to be ready to follow any rules you set. You can?t be asking to lick pussies if you don?t want her sucking cocks. So it would be unreasonable to ask her not to have the group host any more male models if you?re interested, for example, in having a woman join your poker group.? She paused, ?Say a woman who could talk about something interesting, like, for example tantric sex.?

I looked at her, ?You?d know such a woman??

?When?s your next poker game??

?We were supposed to play at Pat?s house tonight, but I?m not sure he?s ready.?

?Well why don?t you do this. Bring the cards and yourselves to my house tonight. I?m sure it will get back to the girls that you?re disrupting their plans by not going to one of their houses. Maybe you need to take the initiative.?

I emailed everyone about the change in venue and they all phoned to confirm. All I?d say was that we weren?t using any of our houses tonight and that I?d arranged a surprise.

We arrived at Edie?s house at seven. It was located on a great street in a good part of town. Edie seemed nervous, but she had a great room that overlooked the pool and she?d set up a great table and had iced beer.

We sat down and played a first hand. I began to wonder if she?d decided not to do anything more and went in search of her after I dealt myself out of a hand. She was sitting on the sofa and smiled at me. ?I thought I?d wait until you came to find me. When do you think they?ll be ready for the discussion.?

?What shall I tell them you?re going to talk about??

?Female sexuality. There?ll be a demo and a test too.? She was grinning.

I said, ?You want to get fucked don?t you?? She nodded. ?About ten minutes.? They all looked at me when I returned. ?My surprise will be ready in a few minutes. We?re going to get a lecture on female sexuality. With a demonstration and a test.?

We played a very quick hand, but nobody?s mind was on the cards. In a few minutes Edie walked into the room. She was wearing a wrap dress that crossed her heart and was made out of some very fine knit. She introduced herself and lowered the lights. She picked up a remote control; the TV turned on and a picture of a vagina flashed on the screen.

?I?m going to share with you some things I?ve learned about sex and pussies. I?ve heard a little about the adventures you guys have had already and my self-appointed job is to make you into lovers such that your women will be fascinated with your skills. First off. Most of you will think that this is a woman?s sexual organ. You?re wrong. This is.? A picture flashed of a woman?s head and face. ?Sex starts in the mind. Specifically, right here.?

She flashed a pair of eyes onto the screen. ?This is your first sexual point of entry. Look into her eyes. Really look. Tell her you want her without words. One at a time, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me you want to fuck me without words.?

We all did. Only Roger passed. And we spent some time practicing until she was satisfied ?Next, I?m going to show you the layout of the nerve clusters.? A slide came up showing the distribution of nerves on the skin. ?Look at the concentrations. Here? she pointed to the neck, and the sides of the breasts, the arms, the thighs, the feet and hands. ?This is what you must stimulate. I?m going to give you the order in which you must touch, and you will remember this.?

She read off a list. ?First, kissing. Studies have shown that the first death of intimacy for a couple occurs with reduced kissing. Kissing technique is very important. Use your tongue only when invited. Now, I want a kiss from each of you.?

I was the only one who passed. ?Now I?m going to give you a lesson in telling when you can move on from the kiss. All of you can sit in a circle around us, and you should all be able to see my pussy.? She undid the tie of her dress and shrugged it off. She was wearing a black bra and black garters holding up thigh high stockings, but no panties. She motioned to me. ?Kiss me and tell me when you think I?m ready for the next stage and you guys can tell me what you see.?

I started kissing her. I?d forgotten just how plump her lips were. I touched the tip of her tongue with mine and waited for the invitation and then we explored each other, moving back and forth, dancing with lips and tongue. After five minutes I felt the temperature of her mouth change. I backed up. ?There.?

She said, ?Right? she looked down. ?Any observations??

Roger said, ?Just before he said ?right? a drip of moisture formed between your lips.?

?Exactly. What did you notice?? She looked at me.

?The temperature of your mouth changed.?

?Perfect. Now touch. If you?ll help me with this swing here, I?m going to show you how to maximize touch. Patrick will you unsnap me.? The bra came off. Her breasts were generous, nearly a D cup and her nipples were puckered. They swayed gently when she walked.

She asked us to set up a device that was suspended from a hook in the ceiling. It held each of her legs and supported her head and back. She kept her legs together.

?Now I want you to touch my breasts Patrick.?

We watched him circle her nipple with his finger and then lift them together.?

Her face had become rosier. ?Not bad, but first I?d like you to start at the sides without touching the nipple. Mel, I want you to tell them when they?ve gotten it right. And we both know the indicator.?

She spread her legs and I saw Mel get down on his knees so he was looking straight at her lips. I moved closer to one side and Jack moved to the other.

?Now, strokes upward, lifting gently, touching every part of the sides. I?ll give you a tip too. Fine sandpaper on your fingertips will make them more sensitive and softer. You can touch the tummy too.?

We stroked and saw her breath deepen. Pat lifted her head and stroked her neck. She seemed to relax completely. After only a few minutes Mel said, ?She?s getting wet.?

Edie opened her eyes and said, ?When you see moisture, it?s OK to touch the nipples, but be soft until she indicates she wants more pressure. Remember the nipples have a direct connection to the clit.?

We rolled her nipples between our fingers, gently at first, until she moaned and said, ?Ah, pinch them. Hard. Pull them.?

We did so and Mel said, ?Oh she?s getting really wet. ?

She said, ?Now, suck them.?

We did and she started shaking, ?Oh yes, oh yes.? She opened her eyes. ?Not all women will do that, but a lot will. Now the pussy. Mel since you?re there, start stroking my thighs, and you too get my feet.?

We took our positions. ?Gentle strokes, never touching my pussy until you see the sign.?

It was only a minute before Mel announced more floods.

?Now, Patrick, stroke my lips. Never touch the clit until you?ve played with the lips for at least two minutes. The best strokes go up and down. Never in a circle.?

We watched Patrick play and then we saw him put his finger in a little way.

?Oh yes, play with the mouth, and find my g-spot. Oh yes, there it is, fuck it with your fingers.?

I leaned down and did what I?d wanted to do for a long time. I opened my mouth and sucked her clit in, savoring her taste and moving it with my mouth.

?God, bite it, pull it with your teeth.?

I did and she started cumming. Patrick kept on finger fucking her, and I held on with my lips. When she stopped she said, ?Now, who wants to fuck me??

Patrick stood up, dropped his trousers and took off his shirt. His cock was at the right height and he rubbed it up and down her slit.

?Put it in.? He did and she moaned, ?God it?s been three years. Fuck that pussy.?

He did, and we all did. She was just as hungry as Maddie had been and she took it in every hole. We all came multiple times in the swing and then on her king-size bed. She asked in the middle what other things Maddie had tried and went crazy over having two cocks in her pussy at once. It was one in the morning when we left.

I kissed her a final time at the front door. She said, ?I hope you enjoyed the lecture. Call me to tell me what happens when the girls hear.?


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