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Taking my wife for her fist swinging party just to watch

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Susan and I had been married for 30 years and our sex life was a little dull. I had always fantisized about watching my wife with another guy but she was rather innocent and consertivite. I worked on her a long time and finally convinced her to go to a swingers party "just to watch" and turn us on so we could come home and make love. She reluctantly agreed.

Saturday it was all I could think about and finaly we left for the party. As we entered the placde a nice lady took our admission and seemed "normal". I noticed that single guys had to pay $50 while couples paid only $25. I laughed inside thinking " I guess they think Im bring free pussy to the party but im afraid they will be disapoinated" WE went in and took a seat at a back table. Susan kept saying "I cant believer we are doing this"

I went to the cash bar and got her a drink as well as for my self. While there I talked to one of the other guys telling him I was new to this and asking for the scoop. He said we were in the party room, music, drinks, flirting. Down the hall were the "sex rooms" where you could go it you hooked up and wanted to fuck. He casually asked and you and the wife going to fuck tonight? I told him she reluctanty came jus to watch but some day i hoped i could talk her into it. He laughed and said I understand. give her a few drinks, after the first round make them doubles and she will loosen up and laughed again.

I returned to Susan at the table with the drinks. I took his advice and started getting her doubles after the first round and after 4 drinks, for a girl who does not drink much, she was getting very tipsy. some couples came over and talked with us which made me hard as I thought about them being there to check out my wife and fuck her. The three young guys came to our table. They were 20 or 30 something, hot looking and started flirting with Susan. The got a little sugestive and after they left I asked her if she got offended. she replied "boys will be boys" but they sure are young to be interested in an old lady like me and laughed. I told her "your a beautiful girl and I think they want to fuck you" she slapped my are and laughed.

Susan began to feel the effects of the drinks and I began to wonder if I over did it with the doubles. she put her arms on the table and laid her head down saying she was sleeply. I decided this wa my opportunity to scout aroud and see what was going on. I told her I had to go to the rest room but really began to scope out the party. I went down the hall to the sex room and slowly opened one of the doors. Sure enough there was a couple fucking on the couch. My did got hard as a rock as i watch them fuck each other. Finally i realized that i had been gone a while and I should get back to Susan befoe she gets pissed.

I went back to the table but susan was gone. I thought, guess whe went to the ladys room and began to sip my drink. after a few minutes i began to get worried that maybe she was sick from all the drinks and was throwing up in the restroom. I went by there and as a lady come out I told her the situation and asked it she was in there. She said no I was the only one in there. I began to really worry then. I went back to the table and susan will still gone. I asked the couple at the next table if they had seen Susan and if they knew where she went.

That is when I got my shock. The lady said Oh she was laying her head on the table feeling no pain when the three young boys yall had talked to came by. I heard one of them tell her that her husband had asked them to come get her and bring her back to the "resting room" so that she could lie down for a while. She looked like she needed to lie down and giggled. Where did they go, i asked. Down the hall way over there.

"The sex rooms" I said to my self. I began to worry now and was kicking myself for letting my hard dick cloud my judgement into leaving my wife alone. I went of the hall way and began to sheepsly look in some of the rooms. I went in two room and found people fucking before I finally reached the last room at the end of the hall.

I slowly opened the door and saw a couple fucking on the bed. I almost closed the door and left when i noticed a young guy sitting on the couch watching. It was one of the young men who had come to our table. So I went in to find a shocking situation.

Susan was on the bed completely naked. One of the "young boys" we had met was fucking her. I shouted out "what the hell is going on". when a black dude stood up from the couch and said "we getting some pussy dude" what the hell is wrong with you. I told them that she was my wife, she was drunk and only came to watch. He laughed out loud which made me feel like a fool. Then he said Hey man you are at a swingers party what do you expect.

Watching the young man pounding Susans pussy was my fanticy come true. I had knots in my stomach but my dick got hard as a rock. I just stood there thinking "this is what you always wanted to see" but now that it was happening it was kinda gut wrenching. My innocent little wife who had neer fucked another guy but me was getting fucked by a young stud while other guys were watching. And there I was watching too. The black dude said "chill out man its all fun". enjoy the view.

I could not believer what was happening but i was in a trance like state. It seamed like a dream. A dream i had fantisized about for years finally comeing true.

I stood ther watching when the young guy grunted a few times and then pulled his dick out of Susan. My first thought was that he had not worn a rubber and saw his cum slowy running out of her thight pussy.

The black dude was obviously the group leader. He said "Scott, you goina fuck her next" A young guy that looked to be 20 said yea and jumped up. I protested telling them we needed to go but the black dude said "shut up man" you can leave when we tell you to leave. I knew I was out numbered and had no choice.

Scott got on the bed with susan. She was contious but seemed disoriented. That is when Scott looked at Darin the black guy and said " you think that "turn on pill" she took is kicking in yet" and laughed. Darren said it should be about now. I said wat the hell you guys talking about.

Darren said, Oh, we gave your wife a little present when we were at your table, a little pill in her drink to make her forget her cares, loosen up, and also makes her want to fuck. That is why you brougnt her here isn't it?

Now it began to make since, no wonder she was so grogy. These ass holes druged her with something and now were gangbaning my wifes pussy.

I was angry, upset, and exteramly turned on all at the same time. Scott had a nice size cock and mounted my wife and begin pushing his dick in her. Suddenly Susan seemed to be getting turned on and I could not believe it when she starded moaning and put her hands on his ass as he fucked her. He moaning turned to shouts as he fucked her and I could could not believe it was my wife. The girl pulling scotts ass closer to her telling him to "fuck me harder"

With my wife agressive fucking Scott didnt last long. He blew a second load of cum in her hot pussy which was now running over with these young mens cum.

"now its my turn" Darren said. The young black dude took off his pants to display a huge horse cock that was hard as a rock. It looked to be 9 or 10 inches long and was uncut.

I said "man I dont think she can take that. she comnplains im too big because her pussy is so thight" Darren said "Oh, she will take it, and she will love it" "once she has black she will never turn back"

Darren said come here honny we are going to do something different that you will love. He turned her over put her on her knees with her head down. Cum was running down both of her legs in this position. Then darren got behind her and started rubbing his huge black dick up and down her cum filled pussy. I kind of made me sick shen he looked and the other guys and laughed saying " i dont think im going to need any lube" then he looked right at me and said "man Im going to do you a favor - you wife will never complain about you being too big for her again after I streach her pussy out with this horse dick. and he laughed again.

I watchid as he slowly pushed that big balck dick in my wifes pussy. he got it about half way in and then began to inch it it with short jabs. Susan was moaning and saying "it feel so different" Soon Darren had his entire 10 in dick in her pussy had his hands cupped around the top of her legs and was pulling her back as her fucked her like she was a rag doll. Darren was righ. she did like it. She was going wild telling him to "fuck me hard with that big black dick" He did what she said and before long she was screaming as she started to come. That just turned Darren on more as he shot another load of cum in my wifes pussy.

After he finished he was wiping his dick off and stood right in front of me talking " you were right man you wife does have a nice tight pussy". Then he said You gona get you some too? and laughed.

That was the wildness night of out lives. I cleaned up susans pussy from all the cum and walked her out the the car. I though she may not remember what happened that night and kinda hoped she didnt. me leaving her alone and getting druged and fucked , gangbanged, by three young guy including a black guy with a horse dick would not be a good memory of our first swing party. But i was wrong, Susan did remember it very clearly. After that she freely agreed that we should continue to participaty in swing partys because it wasthe best sex she ever had. She had lost her inovitions.

Now a year later, I watch my wife fuck guys a lot. She seems to prefer black guys with big dicks and now complains that my dick is too small for her. Can't believe what I created.

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