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Taiwan wifey caught with 3 black, and my best friend.

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My Best friend Tom know each other for 10 years already since I came to Los Angeles in alhambra, Me and my wife is from taiwan in our middle age she is in her 50's and I am in my 30's. I introduce my wife into alternative lifestyle and she groom on liking it with other asian man. My life is very busy at time with the distribution business and have to be everywhere sometime withen a week all over west coast. As asian couple I stand at 5,6 and wifey yi stand at 4,10. My best friend who is a African American is whooping 6,7ft. tall. To make a long story short I alowed tom to live with us, for the time being and know what our lifestyle is he doesn't mind and is curious about my wife yi. My Yi like me rent interracial XXX sometime to watch at home, Tom sometime would ask yi do she enjoying watching black man with asian ladies, As a husband I said my wife like sex a lot that why we in this lifestyle and she is curious about the big size. Tom ask me if my wife would enjoy having a threesome and I said tom you are my friend and you can ask yi directly because I trust my wifey, and she want's you can do what ever you like and you have my blessing. The next day wednessday I to leave on a business trip and expect to be back on saturday night, but came back friday night instead to my surprise when came home I heard tom upstair with my wifey yi oh... As I listen Overheard Yi my wifey saying in chiness to much big black dicks. I heard 4 manly voice, I took off my shoe and went upstair there was tom basketball friends unbelievable 3 of them was over 6,5ft. tall. the 4th one was in under pants with my camcorder filming my wifey. Tom begin have his 2 friend and himself slap yi with there penis and it cover her face very hung. Yi was trying to fit tom penis into her mouth and only head of penis was in her mouth only and was suck there huge dick every 1 minute and one of tom friend said I cum Yi began to lick dick head, I never say a man spurt that much sperms before it cover my wifey tongue and into her mouth and began to suck most of his semens down her mouth which never try it with me because she claim it wasn't exciting of my penis size. Other friend lift my Yi up onto the bed and lubricate my wifey pussy and anus, as he lift my wifey under her shoulder to her feet on the bed in a sitting position he was try to fit his huge penis head into my wife pussy hole it took about 2 minute before tom push my wife from the top off her shoulder onto his friend penis. Yi being a small chiness wife she scream in mandarin to dawm big oh... big... so hot.. please...I was so excited to watch my wifey with a black man He was 10 time biger than my. I could't believe it penis huge and fat my wifey leg just spread across over the bed sitting on his penis. He began to grab my wifey shoulder and push all the way down, Yi cry out big in english to big whoo..tom told yi he going to fuck her asshole she one at a time to much big, tom said is ok let try. Yi my wife said please slow tom to very big broken buthole husband very mad. I walk into the room tom turn and saw me and gesture with my hand shee.. quite is ok. I my wife unable turn and look behind because have yi look onto his friend downstair and I began to grab the ccv camcorder from the other black man, he began to go top of the bed and put his penis into my wifey mouth. Tom with large hand and finger shelf in 2 finger into my wifey asshole she was try to moans, but not able as the 3rd person hold my chiness wifey hand and face fucking her, tom press his dick head into my wifey asshole and she began to cry out ouch..ouch.. to big slow..please.

Tom penis must been about 10 inch and very large rigid began to fuck my wifey asshole she was bitten her teeth swinging her head up and down right and left. Yi but was small and tom was pound my wifey very hard and it was on and on about 1 hrs or more yi asshole was purple around tom penis and redish, never seen yi cum that much the bed was wet full of tom friend cum because during the past 1 hr, he said I cum inside you chiness wife 3 time and Tom finally pull his huge penis out from my wifey asshole and not able to believe huge the hole was it was almost the size of the my medium coffee cup. yi turn and say me she yell oh. know.. I said it ok yi, you enjoy the group sex.

Yi later told me she like tom very much and want him and his friends and me in the same bed every few days a week together. I told tom to invite 2 of his friend over twice a week to used my chiness wifey she is tom wifey as well so He doen't has have to as permission from me. Tom said I know you wifey said you cum to litte that why she need blackman, I laugh yes I know you guys cum a cup full which my like to swallow. Tom ask to sleep downstair and he would butfuck yi all night with the door open his way.

Yi point her finger saying to me in chiness go downstair and sleep I need true black man who can stretch my pussy and buthole... and don't watch us. So I went downstair and that was that.

Sincerely Black king, Adam lee

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