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Swing Experiences

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This is a history of all my swing experiences over a 25-year period of time.

It first started in my first marriage. My wife Merrian agreed to meet a friend of mine, and his girl friend, Dave and Sara. The plan was to play spin the bottle. Merrian and I had talked about what could happen and both had agreed we wanted to see where it would go. We had never done anything like this before in our 6-year marriage. Merrian is a red head and is tiny, but with a nice figure. She only weighs 98 pounds.

Dave and I had planned this get together, not really knowing where it would go. The talk we had included the idea of some kissing and maybe some feeling up of the girls.

We arrived at the house and Dave introduced us to Sara, whom was a beautiful long- haired blond, with a terrific figure. Merrian is a beautiful red head and a nice package.

Everyone knew what the plan was for the evening.

I had never met Sara and Merrian had never met Dave. Strangers in the night.

After some drinks and conversation we all sat on the floor in a circle with a bottle in the middle. The plan was that on the first spin the couple would leave the room together for one minute together and do what ever felt ok to both.

Dave as the host had the first spin and it landed on Sara and they left the room for their minute and returned. Sara was a little flushed when she sat down. Merrian was next to spin and she landed on Dave and they left hand in hand for their minute and returned.

Merrian was a little flushed and looked at me and smiled. She whispered to me he is a good kisser.

Sara had the next spin and landed on Merrian. We all laughed and Sara said now what do we do? Dave said well you have a minute to find out and laughed. The two girls left together and returned after a minute smiling. Merrian whispered to me she is a good kisser too. I was surprised. I had no idea she would go something like that.

I was next and landed on Dave and I laughed and said oh well and we left, and when we were alone I asked him how is it going and he said that Merrian had been fun and a very nice lady. We just did some kissing.

The next round would be for 5 minutes alone. More to do.

We took a break and I asked Merrian if she wanted to continue as the next time Dave would want to do more than just kiss her. She said, it is all very exciting, and I am ok with it if you are. I said ok lets do it.

Dave was first to spin again and this time landed on Merrian. She looked at me and I nodded and whispered have fun. After they left for their 5 minutes alone I turned to Sara and said I wonder if we will ever get a turn and she laughed and said I hope so. I asked. Did you and Merrian kiss each other? Sara said yes, we decided to see what it was like. It was strange but nice.

Merrian and Dave returned and Merrian was obviously turned on. Her face was flushed and her hair a little out of place. I wondered what they had been doing. I knew.

Sara spun next and finally it landed on me and she smiled and we went for our 5 minutes.

When we were alone I said looks like Dave did more than just some kissing. Sara said yes he told me he would. I pulled her close and kissed her and we stood there kissing for a minute and I moved my hands to her butt and pulled her close.

She gasped and said that feels good as I rubbed her butt. I got hard and she noticed it pressing against her thigh. We parted and I reached up and felt her boobs and she made eye contact with me as I felt her up. I said you are beautiful. So we stood there for our 5 minutes kissing and me feeling her all over and her pressing against me. We were both turned on by the time our 5 minutes were up and returned to the living room obvious.

It was also obvious that Merrian and Dave had not just sat and waited for us, but had been having fun while we were gone. Break time.

I went outside to have a smoke and Merrian joined me. I said well looks like you are having fun and she smiled and said yes he is fun. What did he do? She looked at me and said well we kissed a lot and I let him put his hands on me wherever he wanted. I said Sara and I did the same.

I said well I guess that is it for tonight than and she said yes. It has been fun though and I said yes it has been fun. They are nice people.

We left a little later promising to get together again soon and went home.

Merrian and I talked about the experience and agreed it had been fun. Over the next few weeks Merrian would often mention Dave and how much fun she had with him. I started to wonder and finally asked. How turned on are you by Dave? Merrian looked at me an said I really got hot when he put his hands all over me. I was surprised I let him. I said that was what we knew was going to happen. She said yes but I am still surprised how much I liked it.

I thought for a moment and asked do you think you would like to have sex with him? She said I have thought about what it would be like, but that would be really wild for us to do that. What do you think about us having sex with someone else? I said I am not sure.

Would you do that? She said I have only been with you. Would you want me to do that with Dave? I said sounds like you would. She said only if you asked me to do it. I would do it for you. I said the Idea does turn me on. But I want you to want to as well, not just for me. She laughed and said one of us must say yes or no. I said it is a bit strange I think, but yes I would like to see what it is like. We could try it and change our minds and not do it again. She said ok.

I called Dave and we talked. I told him what Merrian and I had discussed. Dave was quiet for a moment and said that would mean you and Sara as well. I said yes, or just the two of you. He asked you would be ok with just Merrian and I. I said yes as she wants to see what it is like, she really liked what the two of you did the other night. He said Sara did too, I will talk to her and let you know. A few days later he called back and said Sara had doubts about what we discussed and although was willing to do a repeat of the first time, was uncertain if she wanted to have sex or not. I said that would be ok, but you and Merrian could. So we planned a evening together. Truthfully I had some doubts, but also some excitement.

Merrian was real excited and was anxious the whole week leading up to the planned evening. She kept asking is it ok? and I kept answering we will just have to find out. Finally I gave her a hug and kiss and told her I wanted her to do it with Dave. She seemed to relax as I had given her permission, which is what she had wanted from the beginning. The truth was I did want her to do Dave. It was a turn on for me.

We arrived and I have never seen Merrian so nervous, but she had told me she would do it as long as I wanted her to. In the end she was going to do it for me, as she had a problem with just wanting to for herself, which was the real truth.

We all sat around talking for a time. All knew what was planned and Sara kept looking at Dave and Merrian knowing what was about to happen. Finally the time came and Dave took Merrian by the hand and led her off to the bedroom. Sara and I were left in the living room not sure what we were going to do. The agreement was that Merrian and Dave would have 30 minutes and Sara and I would wait for them to return and than have our 30 minutes.

Although we could not see into the bedroom we would be able to hear some of what they were doing. We had agreed we wanted to do it that way. After a while sounds started coming from the bedroom. Sounds of rustling of clothes and some heavy breathing sounds. They would have to hurry because 30 minutes goes by fast. A longer period was planned for later in the evening if all agreed.

After a while we could hear Dave grunting and Merrian gasping. It felt strange to say the least. It got quiet in the bedroom and soon they returned. Dave had a smile and nodded to me. I smiled and nodded back that I knew he knew my wife better.

Merrian came to me and kissed me and asked if I was ok? I said yes are you? She whispered yes it was fun, but I only love you.

Sara and I were next and so we went into the bedroom. Merrian would also be able to hear anything we did, if anything. I kissed her and pressed up against her so she could feel how hard I was. I ran my hands all over her and she for the first time felt my cock under my slacks. She whispered I want you to have fun with me. I knew she had doubts about having sex, so I was not going to try that this time.

I reached out and unbuttoned her top and she was braless and her boobs fell out. I said very nice and took one in my mouth and sucked. She moaned loud enough that Merrian and Dave would be able to hear her. I slid my hand under her skirt and could feel how wet her panties had become. She gasped as I rubbed her pussy through her panties. Our 30 minutes were almost over and we stopped. I heard sounds coming from the living room and knew that Dave and Merrian for the second time were doing something. Than it got quiet as the 30 minutes ended and Sara and I returned. Merrian had a flush on her face as did Sara. We all took a break.

Merrian and I went outside so I could smoke and we could talk. I said I could hear you and Dave. She said I know. Sounded like you were having fun. We did, but no sex yet, we just played around a lot. He saw me almost naked. It was fun. I asked well do we continue. She said if you want, but this time I am going to let him in. I said I know, I thought you already had. She said no, 30 minutes just is not enough time.

We went back inside and Dave pulled me aside and told me, that Sara really liked me and was willing. I thought hurrah. I said Merrian said she wants you to do her this time and I want you to as well.

So Merrian and Dave went one way and Sara and I the other. No time limit this time.

Merrian told me what happened.

Dave and I both knew what we were going to do. I stood in front of him and he kissed me long and wet. He than took all my clothes off and looked at me naked. It felt strange having a different man look at me that way. I could see the lust in his eyes and that look of I will fuck you soon. I was very wet and ready.

He undressed himself and when he was naked I could see what I was about to get. He stoked himself for a minute and I could see how hard he had become. He looked at me and said this is for you. Show me you want it. I knew what he meant and went to my knees and took him into my mouth. He was very hard and gasped as I sucked on him.

He pulled away and reached down and picked me up. He is really strong and I wrapped my legs around him knowing what he intended to do. I was ready to do him and he knew it.

He whispered in my ear, as he sat me down on his cock, I am going to fuck you. He went deep and he filled me up completely. I held on tight and climaxed on his cock immediately. He held still as I gasped and grunted through my cum. I almost passed out it was so intense.

Sara and I went in to the room and she turned to me and said I will do whatever you want. Dave told me to do whatever you want me to do.

I said take your clothes off as I watch. She gave me a Coy look looking down as she removed her clothes for me. She said Dave likes me to do this for him. Her face was flushed by the time she was naked. She raised her head and looked at me and I said you are beautiful turn around and show me your butt. She turned around and leaned forward a little and I could see her pussy peak out. I thought wow. I had forgotten Merrian and what she might be doing with Dave.

Dave put me on the bed and went down on me. I was so wet and we made eye contact as he licked me, I could see how wet his face was from me. I almost came again, but he stopped before I could. He turned me over and pulled me half way off the bed with my butt in the air he entered me again from behind. I was so hot. I got completely lost in what he was doing to me. He road me hard and deep and I was panting and pushing back against him as he moved in and out of me. He whispered can you handle my weight and I said yes and I felt him move over the top and was sitting on my butt, riding me hard and he went even deeper. I lost it than and heard myself grunting and yelling and crashed and burned and passed out for a moment as I climaxed for the second time.

I moved over to Sara and stood behind her and removed my clothes. I was up and ready and pushed on her back and she bent over and I slipped in and went as deep as I could.

We fucked doggie, her fucking me as much as I was fucking her. She pushed back on me moving her butt from side to side, moaning and than she grunted and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she climaxed. I jerked and grunted and exploded in her pussy, pulling out still squirting all over her butt and back. We fell on the carpet both panting.

Dave pulled out and stretched out on the bed and I climbed aboard and went for a ride. I looked down at him as I rode him and we made eye contact. All I wanted was for him to cum. I was so hot and he had given me such pleasure. I could see the lust on his face. I could tell he was about to explode and when he started to moan I jumped off and took him in my mouth and sucked him hard and he grunted and exploded in my mouth and down my throat. I kept sucking until he was limp in my mouth. He said wow you are very good.

Sara and I got on the bed and recovered from our intense sex. We kissed some and she looked down at my cock and said want me to suck you? Before I could say yes she was down on me. She was very good and knew what to do and although it took some time I got hard again. I good tell she was enjoying herself and she rose up and made eye contact with me and said you can cum in my mouth, I like that. I said no not now climb aboard and she got on top and I slipped into her for the second time. She moved up and down on my cock, taking me deep and I could see the lust on her face as she rode me.

I could feel my cum rising once again. Sara just kept riding and I watched her face change as she neared her cum. She was thrusting against me and than she grunted and fell forward and kissing me passionately jerked and grunted again and climaxed, shuttering all over. I said cum and she jumped off and took me in her mouth and I exploded in her mouth pulling out squirting on her face and boobs. We were both quiet for a time and I finally said that was intense. She looked at me and said you were very good. We got dressed and went back to the living room where Dave and Merrian were waiting. This was the end of our first swing experience.

Merrian and I had both enjoyed ourselves and got into the swing life for a couple of years. Do to reasons unexplainable even now after 12 years of marriage we decided to go our separate ways. We remained friends and even had sex from time to time and did some swinging over the next few years. Neither of us remarried. Merrian decided she liked women as well and did some experimenting with the Bi lifestyle. But that is another story for later.

I moved to another city and lived the single life. I joined parents w/o partners and it was the place to get laid. I got laid a lot. I met Sherry and we hit it off. I told her about my swing experiences and my desire to attend a swing house in the bay area. I had some swinging friends that went to a house occasionally, but it was a couples only house.

To my real surprise Sherry said she would go to the house with me. I asked her if she understood what happened at these houses and she said yes and it sounded exciting.

I introduced her to my friends John and Deb one evening. We hit if off and before the evening was over swapped. Sherry told me later that it had been fun. She had been single for a long time and was not above getting laid from time to time. It was how we had met.

She was somewhat a bad girl and liked it.

We traveled to the house with the other swinging couple. They had been to the house before. We had swapped partners with them one time and it had been fun. We arrived at the house and entered a dimly lit room with several other couples sitting around talking. All looked pretty much like normal types that you would meet at any social gathering. Sherry and I found a seat on a couch and looked around, not having any idea what to do next. John said he was going to the hot tub, so Deb sat down with us.

We were both a little excited about what might happen. We had both been married before and had other relationships along the way so, sex had been part of our lives for some time. We were both in our mid thirties. Sherry was very beautiful lady with a terrific figure and really liked sex as I did.

I decided to look around the house on my own and left Sherry and Deb sitting on the couch talking. I walked upstairs to look around and entered a large room with curtained off areas for privacy. Before I could go back downstairs I could hear sounds coming from behind one of the curtains. The guy was grunting and the girl was moaning and there was a slapping sounds as their bodies came together and for the first time I was listening to two people having sex. I was instantly hard as I listened to them having sex.

After awhile I moved back downstairs to join Sherry, so she could come back up with me to listen in as well. When I looked around the living room both Sherry and Deb had disappeared. I wondered where they were? I went room to room looking and finally found her and Deb.

Sherry was on her back naked and this guy was on top of her doing her, and Deb was sitting next to her rubbing her thigh. I just stood there and watched her having sex with a stranger. She seemed ok lying there with her eyes closed as this guy slowly moved in and out of her. After a while she moaned and her breathing increased and I watched her have a climax with this guy. He never slowed down and continued his movements as she came down from her high. He was obviously in no hurry. So I left and went back to the living room looking. Most of the people were gone, having moved to different places in the house. I sat alone for a while and decided to check on Sherry and peeked in. She was now on her hands and knees and this guy was doing her from behind. Deb was rubbing her back and butt. Sherry was really into it with this guy. Her favorite position. I went back to the living room hoping to find someone for me.

There sitting alone was this young girl and I approached her and said hi and I sat down with her. She told me her boyfriend was off somewhere with someone. I said well how about me and she smiled and said sure why not. Her name was Jane. I will always remember her as she was very lovely and a nice girl. It was her first time at the house and she was both excited and nervous. She was 20 and had a very full figure and slim, with long dark hair. I was instantly hard as we talked.

I asked what she liked and she asked if I would go down on her. I undressed her and she stretched out in front of me and I went down on her. She gasped and shuttered as I worked her over for some time and she got off twice. I moved forward and entered her and we got it on. I was very hard and we did it for a long time. Finally I turned her over and rode her from behind and exploded inside her and we both collapsed on the floor.

We both went to the bathroom and cleaned up and than sat talking about the house and what was happening there. I told her about Sherry and what she was doing. We did some kissing and I moved down on her again and than we moved into a 69 and she took me in her mouth and we rocked together for a time. She was very good.

The second time was better than the first as we both were more comfortable. When I slipped into her for the second time she made eye contact with me as I did her and I like that. I watched her face as she got off with me again. I turned over and she got on top and was looking down at me as she rode me. It was great fun to watch her riding me. After a while I pulled her up to me and she sat on my face and that did it for her and she grunted, gasped and got off one more time.

Soon we got dressed and went back to the living room. Sherry was sitting there waiting for me to return. She had that I just got laid look. Her face was still flushed and her hair out of place. She said his name had been George and he had been very good, that she had really enjoyed him. That he was big and went really deep, deeper than I have ever felt. He really got me off. I asked her if she liked Deb rubbing her and she said it had felt strange, but felt good, so she had just gone with the moment. I think she is Bi. At that moment I thought of Merrian.

After I moved out of town Merrian and I lost contact, so I thought I would give her a call and maybe renew an old acquaintance. I called and she was glad to hear from me and we chatted about old times and current events.

She said she was currently single with occasional dates, but nothing serious. I said I missed seeing her and she said she thought of me often. I asked her about other women and she said that on a couple of occasions she when did some swinging, that her and the other woman played around some for the guys and she had fun with it, but it had been a while and nothing hard core. Just some kissing and touching is all, but I liked the action.

I told her about Deb and asked if she would like to come down on a weekend and stay with me. I called John and he said a great idea. Deb is really curious about other women. That she had done some things with other women at the house but not full sexual contact, but would like too.

Merrian arrived on Friday and we immediately went to bed and fucked each other like old times. Afterwards she said you are still the best. I said you too, I remember you.

I called John and they came over for a visit and to meet Merrian. Deb and Merrian hit it off and we spent the evening chatting and talking about past swing experiences. Merrian said her last swing experience had been over a year ago and she was looking forward to her next. Merrian is a small but beautiful woman and I could see John watching her every move knowing they would be in bed sometime. Merrian flirted with him knowing the same.

We decided that we would all go to the local adult bookstore and rent some videos and the girls wanted to shop for lady toys to play with later. The trip to the store was fun and the girls purchased several toys and us guys picked some adult videos, mostly with girl on girl action.

We planned to get together the next day for lunch and a day and evening of fun. The girls were both excited and later that night Deb and Merrian chatted on line talking about what they wanted to do the next day. Merrian told me that the first thing she wanted to do was John and she wanted me to watch her, which really turned her on. I had never done that in all the swing experiences we had shared when we were married.

They arrived for lunch and we spent the early afternoon around the pool. The girls disappeared briefly and when they returned both were s little flushed. They obviously and begun to get to know each other better. Later we put one of the videos on and sat watching people having sex. Merrian sat with John with a plan. We were all turned on by the video, Merrian whispered something to John and he kissed her and they began. They were going to fuck and both knew it.

John made his move on Merrian. Deb and I sat watching. He slowly removed her bathing suit kissing her the whole time. She pulled his suit down and his cock sprung free hard and ready. John stood up and removed his suit. Merrian looked at his cock and opened up to him waiting for him to enter her. She was sitting in a chair with her legs dr*ped over the arms wide open. Her pussy glistened from her wetness. She was ready. They made eye contact as he entered her and she gasped and her legs went into the air as he went deep inside her. She moaned and said oh good. Merrian pulled him down kissing him with passion as he slowly moved in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him as he increased his movements. She pulled him in deep and he held still and she shuttered and gasped and I heard her say cum and she shook all over as he held still as she thrust against his cock.

John was ready to really fuck and increased his thrusting and her legs went up to his shoulders and he begun to pound her. Merrian loves being fucked hard and was moaning and panting as he fucked her hard and fast.

He pulled out and turned her over and entered her doggie. She made eye contact with Deb and I as John plowed her from behind. We could see the pure lust on her face as John fucked her. John grunted and increased his pace and grunted again and said cum and exploded in her pussy, pulling out still squirting on her butt and back. Both collapsed on the floor panting. Deb and had been so transfixed watching them we had just sat there watching. Finally John said we have to do that again soon. Merrian smiled and said I am willing. You were really good. I said so that was what you were doing when we were swinging and laughed and she smiled and said yes.

The sexual energy in the room was high. Deb was really turned on watching her husband fucking Merrian and moved down and over to Merrian and they kissed each other passionately.

Deb removed her suit and both ladies were naked and moved together. They continued kissing and wrapped their legs around each other grinding and rubbing against each other.

Pussy to pussy, boob-to-boob, and mouth-to-mouth they moved together, both turned on. Merrian wrapped her legs around Deb and pulled her in and gasped shuttered and said cum and Deb banged against her and shuttered and came with her. Both lay there panting and holding each other kissing.

Time for a break Merrian and I had time to talk. I said looks like you were having fun with Deb and John. She said yes they were both hot. So what is next? She said well it is time for me to get off the fence and so Deb and I are going to get wild later, really wild. What do you mean? She said, we want to fuck each other. I going to be very bad girl tonight and laughed. I said so what is new? And laughed. She said with another woman.

We all relaxed for a time and the girls made dinner and we ate. We sat around talking after dinner and finally I put one of the videos from the adult bookstore and we all sat watching the two women in the video playing. Deb and Merrian watched closely and were sitting close together on the couch.

The two women in the video got some toys out and started using them on each other. Merrian said be right back and returned with a bag with the toys they had bought the day before.

Merrian and Deb undressed each other. The girls in the video had a vibrator and Merrian pulled one out of the bag. The vibrator was a plug in type with a ball at the end and Merrian plugged it in and turned it on. You could hear the sound. Merrian moved the vibrator over her body and exclaimed wow that is intense. She moved it down and spread her legs and through her clothes she rubbed it against her pussy and jerked and released and said wow wet already and handed it to Deb and she did the same.

So they traded the vibrator back and forth. Both their faces became flushed and they started kissing each other turned on by the vibrator. Finally they lay the vibrator aside and continued kissing and undressing each other until they were both naked. They had become very hot for each other and had a plan.

Merrian made eye contact with Deb and asked “ready”? Deb smiled and said “yes” for a long time. Merrian pulled out a double-ended dildo from her bag of toys. I was about 14” long 7” inches for each. They both looked at it and realized what they were going to do.

Merrian took the lead and slipped one end into her pussy and pushed it in and gasped and took a deep breath and said oh that feels good as she moved it in and out for a minute. Deb moved forward and the two girls cris-crossed their legs and Deb pushed the other end of the dildo in to her pussy and thrust forward. Deb gasped and said wow what a feeling. The two ladies made eye contact. The lust for each other was in their faces and face-to-face they begin to fuck each other. Grabbing arms for leverage they got into a rapid fucking motion.

It was an intense scene watching these two lovely ladies doing each other. After a while you could see them losing all control as they moved in and out of each other. They pulled in closer and were kissing each other passionately and rubbing pussy to pussy. The dildo had disappeared inside them.

Merrian whispered I am going to cum. She shuttered and her thrusting increased and she gasped and cried out oh yes good and held tight to Deb and losing all control over her body grunted and holding on climaxed loudly. Deb had an intense look of lust on her face experiencing Merrian cum against her and lost it herself.

Deb cried out oh yes fuck me, and Merrian increased her thrusting and held on to Deb pulling her in close kissing her and said yes cum for me Deb I want to feel your cum and Deb shuttered and held on tight to Merrian thrusting against her and cried out gasping and moaning and finally grunting several times as she climaxed on Merrian.

Deb and Merrian held each other for a time kissing as their breathing decreased and finally fell apart and the wet dildo fell out onto the floor making a sucking sound.

The girls were quiet for a time enjoying the feeling of their mutual cum. Both were still very wet. Us guys were transfixed and turned on watching what the two girls had just done. Deb said to Merrian thank you that was so intense and hot. Merrian said yes it was incredible and began kissing Deb again.

Merrian had intentions and kissed Deb on the lips, neck and than boobs. She continued downward with a clear intention. Deb new what was next and spread wide for Merrian and Merrian buried her face in pussy for the first time she tasted another woman and Deb shuttered and said oh yes good and pulled Merrian up to her and they were in a 69 licking and sucking each other.

Quietly they stayed that way for a time just enjoying their mutual wetness and taste.

Merrian made a muffled gasp and shuttered and had a quiet cum and Deb followed in the next minute. Both rose up with their faces all wet from each other. They moved back to face-to-face and finished by kissing each other. They moved apart reluctantly and the sex was over for the evening.

I met another lady in Parents w/o partners and she was a lot of fun. All I can say about Diane is she loved to fuck and got as much as she could attract. Diane was short with large boobs for her size. She had a terrific butt and was proud of it and wore clothes that showed it off. After we had dated for a while I mentioned the swing house and asked her if she would like to go there.

She said yes without any thought. She clearly understood it was about having sex with someone she had just met. On our way there she was both anxious and excited. She had never done anything like this ever. She would do you on the first date though without any hesitation. She did me on our first date. I liked her.

We arrived at the house and went inside to a living room filled with several couples, found a place to sit and waited. All the other couples were attractive and were there for the same reason. It was still early and the action had not started yet, mostly talk and planning for later. I asked Diane if she would like to go out to the hot tub and she agreed.

I told her it was a nude only tub and she got real nervous as she had never been naked in front of a group of strangers before, but we got undressed and went out in towels.

The tub had several couples sitting and talking casually as not a lot of action happened there most of the time. I asked Diane if she wanted to join them and she looked at all the naked people and finally agreed. This was the jumping off place for her, knowing that being here was about having sex with strangers beginning now or go home. She dropped her towel and we climbed in and sat next to some other people.

Her large boobs floated to the top and she was embarrassed as some of the men noticed. I whispered to her they were just admiring and she relaxed a little.

The couple next to us introduced themselves and we sat chatting with them for a time. They were George and Joyce and it was their first time at the house. I finally broached the subject and asked if they intended to play tonight. Joyce was a pretty woman with a nice figure and George was tall guy well build and well hung as Diane had noticed. George looked at Joyce and she looked back and said, if you want to it is ok with me.

George answered my question and said yes but separately if that is ok. I looked at Diane and said that means separate rooms ok with you? Diane whispered to me you mean now? I said yes that is how it works here. You can say no or jump in and have some fun, but eventually if you are going to do this, it is done this way. Diane was quiet for a moment and finally said well “ok” that is why I came here right? I said yes that is why you came here as we discussed or we could just go home if you want. She said no lets do it.

I said, “ok” George lets do it and we all got out of the tub and headed inside. We were all in towels and George looked a Diane and his towel had a tent showing. Diane could tell what she was about to get. Her face was flushed as she walked away with George knowing he was about to fuck her and her him. I turned to Joyce and said shall we? I had a tent as well and she noticed and said yes. Joyce and I found a quiet place and she said I am real nervous and I said me too. She added that she had only had sex with George for several years, but they had both agreed they wanted to try this.

I kissed her several times and she leaned into me willing, and I pulled her towel down and off and my own. She looked down at me hard cock and knew what I was going to do to her. I kissed her again and played with her boobs and she gasped as I touched her for the first time. I took her hand and placed it on my cock and she slowly stroked me as we stood there kissing. She whispered I am so wet. I said good, and we dropped to the floor and she spread for me and I slipped into her pussy and went deep. She said “oh” that feels so good. We fucked slowly at first and I was so hard inside her. She was wide open to me and said, I have been thinking about this for a long time, ever since George and I talked about doing it. It feels so good. We moved together for a time and I pushed in deeper and her legs came up in the air and were on my shoulders and I fucked her hard and she gasped and shuttered and I watched her face as she climaxed for me, panting.

She looked me in the eyes and I could see the lust in her eyes and she said glad I did that, not too sure I was going to be able cum or not. I turned her over and she knew what I wanted and raised her butt in the air waiting for me to enter her. She looked over her shoulder at me and said this is my favorite position. I was ready to do some hard fucking and entered her and she pushed back on me.

She looked back at me again and I said I am going to fuck you good, she smiled and said I know and lowered her head ready. I was in no hurry and can go for a long time. I slammed into her fucking her hard and she met me and fucked me back gasping and grunting as I fucked her. She looked back at me again and I could see the pure lust on her face and she said “yes” fuck me.

I asked can you handle my weight and she said yes and I moved up and sat on her butt going deep and began thrusting hard and fast. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she grunted and gasped cum and jerked under me and had her second cum. I was grunting and gasping for air and felt my cum rising and jerked and she felt my cock expand in her and knew I was about to cum.

She was so wet and slippery and pushed back against me wiggling her butt waiting for me to cum inside her. I continued grunting and exploded in her pussy squirting once than pulling out squirting on her butt and back. She was watching me squirting all over her and said love watching a man cum.

We sat for a time after we were finished and I said for a first timer you sure got into it. She said I have been thinking about doing this for several months, ever since George and I agreed we wanted to come here. It was everything I fantasized about. I had a great time with you. You were very good. I said you too.

We went back to the living room wearing our towels. Diane and George were waiting. Diane had that I just got fucked look I know so well. Her face was still flushed and her eyes wide open and a smile on her face. They moved on talking as they left.

I looked at Diane and said, from the look of you, it appears you had a good time. She answered how about you? I said Joyce was very good. Diane said George was terrific. He is very big. I said yes I noticed. She said I got off three times and he was still going. I finally went down on him to make him cum and he did all over me. I had a great time with him. Diane loves giving a BJ.

I said lets take a break and she said yes I need one, so we found a corner and cuddled up.

After a while I said lets go in the group room and watch, she said ok. We found a corner in the group room and Diane sat between my legs and leaning back said this is the wild place? I laughed and said it sure is.

There were several couples in the room. We watched. Two coupled approached each other and the two women moved toward each other and kissed each other. I whispered to Diane Bi ladies. The ladies had clear intentions and soon were in a 69 licking each other. The husbands stood by watching obviously turned on by watching their wives getting it on. One husband motioned for the other husband to do his wife and he moved in and slipped into the guys wife.

The other guy did the same to his wife. The one husband pulled out and his wife would suck him and than go back and lick the other woman and than her husband would slip back in and fuck her for a while than pull out and his wife would suck on him again. Both husbands were doing this and so it went. The one husband began to grunt and pulled out and his wife took him in her mouth and he exploded and she took it all and sucked him dry and he fell on the floor all spent.

The other husband increased his thrusting and pulled out squirting all over the back of the others wife and moved away. The two wives than went back to each other and finished each other off, both climaxing on the others face. They all stood up and moved to leave and there was applause from the people who had been watching from the sidelines.

Diane said, now that was wild, and I said I want you now and she turned around and I slipped my hard cock into her and we fucked. We were both totally turned on. I looked up and a guy had approached and was obviously at the ready and wanting to do Diane. I whispered to her we have a visitor, do you want to do him? I would like to watch you and she nodded and I slipped out and motioned for him to replace me.

He pushed his hard cock into Diane and she gasped and he fucked her hard and fast. Another guy approached and I watched as the first guy pulled out and the second guy replaced him. Then a third guy, and then a fourth guy fucked her. Diane put her hand up and said enough and I slipped back in to finish her off and soon she lost it shaking all over, losing all control. I pulled out and she went down on me and I squirted in her mouth and down her throat.

She said wow I have never came so hard in my life.

I asked if she was ok and she said yes, I feel like a very bad girl. I laughed and said you were a very bad girl. We got up and went back to the living room. We sat down to talk, as it was obvious that she needed to talk about what she had just done. Diane said that was wild. I did four guys in a row. I said yes.

She was quiet for a minute and than said was that ok with you? I asked her back was that ok with you? She said I enjoyed it, but I am really surprised I did it. I said: it was ok with me. I was part of it.

We decided to call it a night and went home.

A couple of weeks later I got a call from some friends and was told that a couple they knew wanted to meet us as they had heard about us. I checked with Diane and she said sure. We made a date for dinner and met them. They were Sam and Bill. Bill and I talked on the phone and of course they were interested in the swing life, and had got together with my friends and wanted to do it again. He added that his wife Sam was a little curious about other women, but it was not required.

I had asked Diane what she had felt watching the two women getting it on at the house and she said she found it exciting, but not sure she could do that. I had left it there.

We met them. Sam was absolutely beautiful. Her Hair went down to her butt. She was slim and shapely. We had dinner and chatted and I excused myself to go to the restroom and a minute later Bill joined me and asked if we would like to come to their home, with obvious intentions. I said I would have to check with Diane.

I whispered to Diane that we had an invitation. She said if you want to she would. I wanted, as I wanted to get my hands in that wonderful hair and everywhere else.

We went to their home and they wanted separate room. We chatted for a while and finally Bill led Diane into one of their bedrooms leaving the door open. Sam led me to the other bedroom and also left the door open.

We would be able to hear each other, but not see anything. Sam said that Bill wanted to be able to hear I was ok and not being hurt. I said ok. She said I am very nervous. I said me too and moved toward each other. The light was low and I asked her to undress for me and slowly she removed her clothes with her head lowered. She knew I was about to fuck her, but seemed a little embarrassed taking her clothes off for this stranger. When she was naked she made eye contact with me and waited and I said you are beautiful. She smiled and seemed to relax a little.

I removed my clothes and I was fully hard and she could see the 8 inches she was about to get. I pulled her to me kissed her several times and pushed down on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. She had done this before obviously.

I looked down at the top of her head as it bobbed up and down on me. The feel of her mouth on me was incredible. She pulled back and looked up at me and I could see her breathing hard and her face was flushed. I pulled her up to me, kissed her and whispered I want to do you now. She said I know.

I turned her around and bent her over and she looked back at me making eye contact waiting. I pushed into her and she was very wet and gasped as I entered her. I went deep.

I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she shuttered and I could tell she had cum. I pushed her down to her hands and knees and rode her.

She said oh yes feels so good. I fucked her doggie for a time and we moved together like we had done it before. We were not strangers anymore.

I heard slapping sounds coming from the other bedroom and Diane grunting as Bill fucked her. Sam was hot and making enough noise that I am sure Bill could also hear her being fucked by me. I paused and turned Sam around and we were Face-to-face. We made eye contact again and I could see her red face and the lust in her eyes as I went deep and we fucked again. Her legs went up in the air and she opened wide and grabbed my butt and pulled me in deep. She gasped again and shuttered and had her second cum panting as she climaxed on my cock.

I heard Diane say loudly oh yes good, good and she cried out as she had her cum with Bill. Sam could hear bill grunting and panting as he gave it to Diane. It turned her on even more. She pulled my head down and kissing me passionately whispered cum for me. I was ready and increased my pace and the sound of our fucking got louder as I was grunting and slamming into her hard and fast. I exploded in her pussy pulling out squirting all over her pussy and tummy. She looked down watching me twitch and squirting on her. I collapsed on top of her panting and we both got quiet and lay there listening to Diane and Bill in the other room. The slapping sounds continued for a time and Sam said Bill could go for a long time before he will cum.

We could hear them and I could see Sam was listening intently to her husband fucking Diane. Sam turned back to me and kissed me and said that was good. I said yes you are very good.

I was recovering quickly and was hard again and said again? She smiled and said sure and I slipped back into her and we fucked slowly this time savoring the feeling. I could hear Diane making sucking sounds coming from the other room and knew she was going to finish Bill off with one of her famous blowjobs and told Sam.

She looked me in the eye and said well what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I pulled out and she went down on me taking me deep and sucking on me hard and I grunted and exploded in her mouth and down her throat pulling out still squirting on her face and boobs. We heard Bill grunting and panting and knew he had just given Diane a mouth full as well. The house got quiet.

We all met in the living room. All having that I just got fucked look.

Before we left we arranged to meet again, with the intentions of discussing the ladies getting together maybe the next time.

Later that week Diane had a chance to talk about the girl-girl thing. She said she was curious. I told her Bill had told me Sam was curious as well. I called Bill and told him and Sam and Diane got on the line to chat. Us guys were left out.

The girls planned a get together. Both owned toys and decided that at the least they would use them on each other. We joined them and sat around for a time. The two girls decided they wanted some alone time first and went upstairs. They were gone for about 30 minutes and when they returned, both of their faces were flushed and they were obviously turned on by what they had been doing.

Diane told me later what happened. She said that when they got upstairs they did a lot of kissing, than Sam pushed me onto the bed and pushed my skirt up and without warning went down on me and licked me. I suddenly got real turned on as she kept licking and I came on her face. I was surprised, that it felt so good, but I was not ready to do that. And she said no problem, that she had just wanted to do that and went for it, and did I mind? I laughed and said no, anytime. I really liked what she did to me.

Bill and Sam had talked and decided that they were ready to play in front of each other for the first time. Diane and I had agreed.

Sam came over and sat with me and Diane sat with Bill. Bill lowered the lights and we began the evening of play. The girls had brought a variety of toys with them. Both had brought dildos and vibrators. I had watched Diane with hers from time to time during our relationship.

The ladies moved closer and after some kissing, undressed each other as we watched. Diane picked up her favorite toy and began to us on herself. Sam did the same. Diane was using a dildo and finally pushed it inside and began to ride it. She was obviously getting turned on. Sam had a multiple speed vibrator and was using it on her clit, and then pushed it inside and it went deep. The two ladies made eye contact and moved even closer. They sat next to each other and moved their hands to each others toys. Diane was fucking Sam with hers and Sam was fucking Diane with hers.

Their heads turned toward each other and the kissing and fucking continued. Sam moaned and began to jerk around. Diane increased her thrusting knowing Sam was about to cum. Sam grabbed hold of Diane and held tight and shuttered and climaxed. While Sam was getting off by Diane she was increasing her use of her toy inside Diane and Diane lost it and with the two girls fucking each other without restraint continued climaxing together and finally fell back panting and holding on to each other.

I was ready and pulled Sam to me and entered her and held still. Diane spread for Bill and he was inside her. The girls were already very hot and took us in and held on as we fucked them slowly. After a while Both Bill and I reached our end and squirted into our partners.

Break time.

We all spent time recovering.

A hour later the girls disappeared for a time. They re-appeared later both a little flushed. I asked what have you two been doing. Their answer was non-of-your business and a laugh.

After we went home Diane told me.

Diane said they had gone to the bedroom to talk and than some kissing and than more. Sam told me she had really liked what we had done last time we were alone, and wanted to do it again. I told her I had liked it and agreed to let her do it again if she wanted. I was not at all sure if I wanted to do her.

We moved together. I had left my panties off from earlier. I sat on the edge of the bed and she pushed my skit up to my waist and got on her knees in front of me. I spread for her. She kissed my thighs and slowly moved up. I got very excited and could feel I was wet. I really wanted her to do me. She raised her head and we made eye contact and she smiled at me and said it appears I have acquired a new taste. You should try it some time and laughed.

She lowered her head and I felt her tongue flick my clit and I shuttered and gasped at her touch. Than, she licked me, and I felt her tongue slip in and out and her licking me all over there. I got very hot. Next she slipped a finger in, than 2 and fingered me as she licked. I grunted and lost it and climaxed on her face. She rose up with her face all wet from me continuing to finger me. She held me tight as I continued to jerk through my cum. I lay back panting and with a warm feeling all over.

I knew at that instant I wanted her to feel this way, which meant I had decided I was going to do her after all. I was very nervous. I was going to do it. I looked her in the eye and said my turn. She looked surprised. I was surprised.

We traded places and I was down in front of her on my knees. I looked up and she looked down at me and smiled and said it is ok and I want you too please. I pushed her skirt up and she was exposed. I moved forward and kissed her thighs and she said, oh that feels good. There was no doubt what I was about to do. Taste another woman for the first time. I had tasted myself before off my fingers and liked the sensation and the taste, but this was going to be far different. I plunged in and reached out with my tongue and licked her clit that had become hard. She jerked and thrust forward and my face was buried in her pussy. I licked and suddenly enjoyed the sensation of her wetness on my mouth. I heard her gasp and say oh yes.

I slipped a finger inside and fingered her as I continued to lick. Once I got started all doubt left me and all I wanted was to get her off. It took longer than I thought. She had gotten very wet and my face, hands and boobs were all wet from her. I grabbed her butt to hold her down and my hands on her butt was all it took to push her over the edge and she grunted and pushed forward and exploded in my mouth and cried out as she climaxed. She shuttered and gasped for breath and than suddenly got very quiet.

Finally she said thank you. That was incredible. I came so hard. I was all wet from her and stood up and got a towel. I said yes it was incredible for me also. We will have to do this again soon. I said I have acquired a new taste as well as you and laughed. I realized I had opened myself up to a whole new world.

The evening was over.

Diane was serious about her new world. She wanted to explore. I went on a search to find a lady for her. I went through some swinger ads. There were several with single women looking for their first Bi experience. Some are real some are not, so it took a while.

Finally I made contact with a young girl named Sue whom seemed serious and was willing to move forward. She was 21 and single and had a fantasy for a long time. I told Diane and we made a plan to meet her at a bar.

When we arrived she was there waiting with a nervous smile. We sat and had a drink and got to know each other. Sue was a student and lived alone. The music started and I asked her to dance. As we danced I reminded her that we came as a couple and I would be involved along with Diane. She said yes.

On the next dance Diane and Sue went to the floor and had a slow dance. I could see them talking as they danced and holding each other close. The next dance was fast and they stayed on the floor bumping against each other laughing and having a good time.

Next a slow dance and when it ended a quick kiss as they returned to the table. Diane said we are ready to leave, Sue has invited us to her place. I said ok and we left. I was excited about the fact that I was going to do this lovely 21 year old.

But first was Diane. She had her own plans for Sue. We arrived at her apartment. She made us drinks and we sat for a time chatting. Diane was sitting next to Sue and after a while put her arm around her and pulled her close and gave her a long kiss. When the kiss ended Sue looked at me and her face was very flushed. It had been her first real kiss with another woman and it had turned her on a lot. I was turned on myself watching and knowing what Diane and Sue were about to do.

Diane took the lead and continued kissing Sue and unbuttoned her top and reached in and held and squeezed her boobs. Sue gasped at the intimate touch from Diane. Sue had large boobs and no bra. Diane looked down and said you are beautiful. Diane continued playing until her nipples were hard and standing out. Than she took first one than the other in her mouth and sucked. Sue fell back and her top opened so I could see her boobs and what Diane was doing to her. She was wide open to Diane. Diane was having a great time and both girls had flushed faces and heavy breathing. Diane moved one hand down and up under the short skirt Sue was wearing.

Sue gasped and spread her legs open giving Diane access. Diane pulled her skirt up to reveal lace panties. I thought that I would be there soon when my chance came. She knew that at some point she was going to fuck me. We made eye contact for a moment and I smiled at her with lust in my eyes that she could see.

Diane continued and whispered in her ear and she reached down and slid her panties off slowly and revealed a pussy surrounded by dark hair trimmed. Diane looked down knowing what she wanted to do. Sue knew what Diane was about to do and wanted it to happen as it was her fantasy about to come true.

Sue wanted to be licked by another woman for the first time and Diane was more than ready to do just that and went down.

Sue spread wide waiting. Diane looked up at her with lust on her face and asked are you ready? Before Sue could answer Diane buried her head into Sue and licked her. Diane moved her hands under her butt and lifted her up to meet her mouth. At the touch Sue shuttered and gasped and moaned and climaxed grunting. Diane moved back and watched Sue as she fingered her through her cum. She fell back on the couch panting as she had her cum and than got very quiet.

I moved in at this point and replaced Diane. Sue looked down as I began to lick her, knowing what was next. Diane moved over to me and removed my pants and shorts and went down on me. I was very hard by this time. I rose up and stood in front of Sue so she could see what she was about to get. She made eye contact with me as I entered her and she gasped and her legs went up into the air and than around me and pulled me in deep. I fucked her as Diane watched.

Diane moved next to her and sucked on her boobs as I fucked her. Sue pulled Diane up and Diane lowered her pussy onto her waiting mouth and Sue had her first taste of a strange pussy. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and felt my own cum rising. I moaned and said cum and Sue gasped and climaxed on my cock. I groaned and squirted inside Sue and pulled out and the two ladies watched me squirting all over Sue.

Time for a break We all put suits on and went outside to the pool for a time. Diane and Sue sat close together. Diane whisper to Sue and Sue smiled and nodded a yes. It was about Sue doing Diane. I had cum once and Sue twice and Diane was anticipating her turn soon. Sue looked a little anxious, but was clearly willing. The second part of her fantasy was to do another woman, as she had told me, before we actually met her in person. As time passed Sue and Diane began to do some kissing and the water got warmer.

Sue than felt Dianne up and tweaked her nipples. Diane leaned back against the poolside and spread her legs apart and Sue moved her hand down and rubbed her pussy under water.

About that time a stranger walked by the pool and stopped and watched what Sue was doing to Diane. He said hi Sue. Sue startled, looked up and oh hi John. He smiled and said what you doing? Knowing well what she had been doing. Sue did not answer, but did introduce John as a friend and neighbor. Finally John said, looks like you found your fantasy? Sue said yes and smiled. Sue whispered something to Diane.

Diane looked over to me and kind of nodded towards John. Indicating an invitation for him to join us. I thought why not and nodded a yes back. Diane whispered to Sue and Sue said to John want to join us? We are having a party. Sue had moved her hand back to Diane, and John said sure looks like fun. So we all returned to the apartment for a night of more sex.

Now about Molly. She was a wonder. She was a farm girl from the Midwest, transplanted to California. Her first sexual experiences were with two of her brothers and she liked it and encouraged them at the time. They would get her in the barn and bend her over and do her animal style as they seen the animals on the farm doing it.

One of my best experiences with her was she was down on me and I was ready to cum and at that moment she slide a finger up my butt and I exploded in her mouth and she took it all. I learned that she was into anal at a young age, when we had sex I started to finger her and she me. It added to our pleasure. I had never done anal before and wanted to do it, so one night Molly prepared herself and I had my chance. She showed me the way.

With great anticipation I prepared myself for a new experience. I was poised behind her at the ready. I was very hard. She looked back at me and gave me a welcoming smile and I pressed forward. She was very tight as I entered her and gasped as I penetrated.

She moaned a little and gasped yes feels good it has been a long time. She pushed back against me and I went in a little deeper. I pushed deeper and went to the hilt and held still.

I felt her shutter and she clamped down on me as she climaxed grunting and gasping for air. I moved in and out of her several more times and exploded inside her. We both collapsed on the bed. She kissed me and said that was a first time in a long time and I had forgotten how good that feels.

Molly had one problem. She would meet someone she wanted to do something with and would break up with me for a while so she could do him. Than come back to me later. She had this code that she could only have sex with one man at a time. Finally I sat down with her and explained to her that I was ok with her having sex with someone else if she wanted. I told her about my swing experiences and made her understand that she could do whatever she wanted and keep me around as well. So we tried that for a time and it worked.

I enjoyed her stories about what she did with other men. Once she was seeing me, and a friend of mine at the same time and he and I would talk. His name was Bob and we had been friends for years. I told Molly.

Bob and I talked about a threesome and I suggested it to Molly. I said to her you are doing us both anyway, why not at the same time. She just looked at me and said I am not sure I could do that. I told her to think about it.

One night when I was on and Bob was off she said to me I am thinking. I am wondering what it would be like if Bob was here now. I said do you want me to call him? She said quietly “yes”. I could see she was embarrassed by the idea. I reassured her it was ok and that we would all have fun and called Bob. Molly was very nervous.

Bob arrived and went over and kissed Molly. I went over to her and kissed her as well. So we stood there taking turns kissing her until we both could tell she was aroused as we had both been there before.

Molly wanted the room darkened and in the dim light Bob and I undressed Molly and she went to the bed. Bob and I stood next to the bed and removed our clothes as Molly watched. When we were naked she could see we were both up and at the ready and knew what she was about to get.

We got onto the bed with her, one on each side. I took one of her hands and placed it on my hard cock and Bob did the same. Molly looked at us both and said wow and her first threesome began. I made eye contact with her as Bob licked his way down her body and could see the lust in her eyes. She moaned as Bob began to lick her pussy and I deep kissed her and than slid up and slipped my cock into her mouth. So we were in a mini daisy chain for a time. Bob licked and Molly sucked. Molly moaned and shuttered and climaxed for the first time sucking hard on me and thrusting against Bob.

Once molly got started she give it her all. Than for a time Bob and took turns fucking Molly. She lost it several times. I knew what I wanted to do and motioned to Bob and he pulled Molly on top and she began to ride him. I grabbed her lube and moved behind her and slipped a finger in her butt.

She gasped knowing what I intended to do. I moved behind her. She looked over her shoulder at me knowing and waiting for me. I smiled at her and whispered a question ok? She just nodded and I entered her, moving slowly inside her butt. She shuttered and fell forward kissing Bob as I moved in and out of her and Bob moved in and out of her. Her first ever double fuck. Bob and I banged her from both ends for a time. Molly completely lost any control and surrendered to the two of us.

Molly was grunting, moaning and once yelled out oh feels so good as she climaxed on our two cocks again. Bob and I could feel each through the thin skin separating us and it was a turn on for both of us. Bob grunted and moaned cumming and I felt his cock expand as he exploded in her pussy. I felt her pussy contract on his cock and mine and I squirted into her butt moments later. We all remained still for a time with Molly sandwiched between us. Slowly we moved a part. Finally Molly kissed us both and said thanks and that was all that needed to be said.

Later she confided in me that it had been the best sexual experience in her life. We would be doing it again one day.

More Later


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