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Suzi Does Seattle

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1. Introduction

Suzi had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation. The 23-year-old, who had spent most of her life thus far living in and around Seattle, was known as one of the "easiest" girls to bed during her high school and college years. Not only was she wanton and loose in her ways, but Suzi was also beautiful - and she knew it. Suzi made several men her victim by charming them with her body.

Her hair was naturally-blonde and went down well past her shoulders, to the midpoint of her back. She was tight and compact at 5-foot-5 and 101 pounds, and was stunning with a 36d-23-34 figure. Suzi had an excellant tan and was more than willing to show off her charms in sexy, tiny outfits.

She made it a practice to date a lot of guys throughout high school and college, but never stayed with anyone for an extended period of time until Michael came along. Michael, also 23, had been dating Suzi for almost a year now. But at the same time, Suzi was far from faithful to him - and he knew it. In fact, Michael liked the idea of his girlfriend going out and having sex with others. It turned him on.

So, Suzi could keep Michael as her main boyfriend, but she also had the freedom to go out and see others. One thing which really endeared her to Michael was the fact that he had been arranging gang-bangs, with her as the featured attraction, once a month for the past half-year. Suzi liked being at the center of gang-bangs, because there were plenty of willing men who would do their best to satisfy her. Suzi was insatiable, though, so she always wanted more.

2a. Suzi Does Seattle - More Introductions

The latest gang-bang was about to commense. Michael had rounded up five of his best friends, all of whom he trusted, and most of whom had fucked Suzi before, and brought them down to the basement in his house. Suzi was down there too, her insides aglow with excitement at the thought of having six men - Michael and his five friends - all for herself.

Suzi sat on the big sofa, eyeing Michael's five friends as they looked back at her, all in lust. Her boyfriend was going over the "rules" for the upcoming fuck party.

Suzi decided to look at the men individually. She was well aware of Eric, who at 22, was the only guy of the group who still attended college. His cock was the absolute biggest of the bunch, a full foot long. Suzi loved his size and often got a lot of thrills from him. At the opposite end of the sprectrum was Steve, who had the smallest prick.

But Suzi liked him too, because he really knew how to use it to the best of his abilities. Suzi often thought if Eric knew how to use his cock as good as Steve did his own, Eric would be the best lover in the history of the planet.

James, the oldest of the party at 30, had blond hair and a strong, powerful body. Suzi could wrap her arms around him and his muscles, and be forever happy. James also was the best when it came to eating pussy, often bringing Suzi to quick and electric orgasms.

Todd was the only guy in the group who hadn't experienced Suzi yet. He was very good looking, Suzi thought, with dark hair and a rugged, handsome face. She told her boyfriend a few weeks back that she wanted him to bring Todd into their gang-bang group. Michael obliged her.

Nick, 26, looked like a California surfer dude, although he had never been to California. And finally, there was Michael himself. He was rather average looking, with brown hair and a regular body. But he had a good personality and really knew how to fuck, which attracted Suzi even more.

The woman loved anyone who was good at fucking.

2b. Suzi Does Seattle - The Action

Suzi was ready, wearing just a flower-print dress that could easily be pulled over her head. She was also getting a bit bored, listening to Michael go over the rules with his friends. Four of the five already knew the rules from past experiences, and Todd, the new guy, had been well versed in them before he was even accepted into their group.

"Enough chatter!" Suzi blurted out, now standing up in front of the sofa. "I want one of you guys now! If I don't get one of you now, I'll go crazy!"

The six guys looked at each other and smiled, knowing they would soon get their hands on this sexy sweetheart.

"We drew straws earlier," Michael told his girlfriend.

"James gets first crack at you, honey."

"Well bring it on," Suzi said, looking over at James.

The oldest of the group at 30, James grinned and stepped forward, toward Suzi. She turned away from him, and waited for him while seductively glancing back over her shoulder.

James closed the distance between them and reached up around her from behind, bringing his big, powerful hands over Suzi's impressive breasts. She leaned back against him and purred in delight as he pressed his pelvis hard against her backside. Suzi then reached back and hooked an arm behind his neck as he began kissing her shoulder, running her gentle fingers behind his shoulder.

The other five guys - Michael, Eric, Todd, Steve and Nick, all took a seat on the floor, deciding to watch the action. All were very interested, but Todd - being the new guy - was the most intrigued. He had heard how Suzi simply could not be satisfied - but he wanted to see for himself.

James' strong hands kneaded Suzi's breasts as he kept on kissing her shoulder, until he reached down and lifted the hem of her dress. In one fluid motion, he lifted the loose, flimsy dress up and over her shoulders, then tossed it on the floor beside them.

The "audience" smiled and sighed in delight at the sight of Suzi, who was, just like that, nude. Her hot body was firm and sculpted, and her breasts were big and luscious.

She had a really slim waist and a taut, rounded ass.

James again cupped her breasts from behind and now kissed the back of her neck, but Suzi turned around to face him.

She nestled her body up against his muscular frame and gave a flirty smile, then leaned up and kissed him on the mouth.

James cupped her drumtight, shapely ass with his hands and massaged it, digging his fingers deep into her flesh.

Many of the other guys had already unzipped their jeans and whipped their pricks out, each masturbating at the sight of Suzi and James before them. Those who hadn't done it yet, Todd and Nick, soon would start whacking off as well.

"I want your cock," Suzi said in a sultry tone, looking up at James. "Can I have it?"

"Sure!" he replied, already undoing his jeans and sliding them down. Suzi dropped to knees before him and took his jeans and briefs all the way off.

Suzi gripped his shaft with her right hand and began by first licking its very tip with her tongue. James smiled above her and quickly got rid of his shirt. No woman had ever given him fellatio better than Suzi. She then opened and closed her thick, pouty lips around his big cockhead, and proceeded to start a gentle and slow sucking motion.

With each passing second, Suzi took more and more of his length into her mouth. He was about 7 inches long, but his tool was very thick, which she liked. She increased the speed and tempo, and was soon bobbing up and down upon his cock at an alarming rate. The blonde slut rolled her head in large circles as she continued to suck him.

James soon let out a groan and screamed, "Cumming!" Suzi immediately tightened her moist lips around his shaft, steadying herself for the oncoming rush of tasty sperm.

She felt his juice first blast out against the back of her throat. Suzi quickly guzzled it down, wanting more.

More is what she got, as James emptied himself down her eager mouth and throat. She just loved the taste of sperm.

Suzi smiled up at him as he gasped in the aftermath, her lips slowly leaving his wilting manhood. She then lightly gripped it with her delicate hand and then looked over at the others, licking her lips at the sight of all five with their cocks out. "Who's next?" she asked, getting up.

Their order had been predetermined by drawing straws.

Nick, the surfer dude lookalike, stepped forward.

Suzi moaned and smiled in delight as Nick leaned down and sucked on her hard nipples. But she looked at the others, as James took a seat beside them on the floor, noticing their beautiful cocks. Suzi was well aware that by day's end, she would have had all those cocks for herself, and all of her holes will have been dutifully worked over.

"I want you to fuck me, in my pussy," she told him, her head twirling from side to side in pleasure.

Nick listened, dropping down to the floor. Suzi followed and got onto her back, then opened her thighs wide, wanting him to enter her. Nick propped himself between her legs and slowly forged his rock-solid cock into her tight slit.

He began a series of short, quick fuck-strokes into her pussy, her insides gripping his rod like a vice. To Nick, Suzi was like a fantasy come to life - she was so hot and insatiable. She could fuck for hours and still want more.

Never before had he known a pure slut who was so beautiful.

The guys watched with lust as Nick pounded himself into Suzi, her breasts flopping around wildly. The action was nonstop and continuous for a few minutes, Nick simply impaling her, until he suddenly stiffened and held himself deep inside her. "Do it!" Suzi demanded, and then Nick shot a fresh load of cum directly into her hungry pussy. Both of them moaned and trembled together in true passion.

When she rolled off of him, Michael got up from the group and grabbed a towel. He then brought it between her legs and did his best to wipe her pussy dry and clean. They were not worried about getting Suzi pregnant, since she was on birth control. They just wanted to try and keep her dry and clean so things between everyone wouldn't get too messy.

Although Michael wasn't supposed to be next on the list, he turned out to be. Suzi grabbed him and gave him a hot, passionate kiss, swirling and twisting her slick tongue in his mouth. Steve was supposed to have her after Nick, but he knew from experience to improvise. He went over and joined Michael in rubbing and squeezing Suzi, whose mouth was soon going back and forth, trading kisses with each man.

Being handled by two guys at once really turned the slut on.

Steve wanted to have a piece of what Nick already did, so he grabbed Suzi's hips and made her get onto her hands and knees. He positioned his hard cock behind her, and then stuffed himself into her, in the doggie-style position.

Suzi gasped in wild lust, but soon her mouth was filled by yet another hard cock - Michael's.

Steve pumped into Suzi's pussy from behind as Michael pistoned his hard cock in and out of her mouth. The blonde was really getting worked over, and absolutely loved it.

She soon felt another hot jet of cream shoot deep into her mouth. It was followed by a second explosion, this one in her pussy. She writhed and gasped in passion, rubbing her shapely ass in circles against Steve's pelvis.

Smiling and already sweating, Suzi then rolled away from the two guys and grabbed a towel, and wiped her pussy clean.

She looked over at the group, knowing Eric and Todd were the only ones not to sample her yet today. She didn't care about order. Suzi pointed toward Todd - the new guy - and motioned for him to come to her. "I want you."

"Let me eat your pussy, baby?" Todd asked.

Suzi grinned and laid down upon her back, opening wide for him. Todd dove between her thighs and attached his mouth to her mostly dry love hole. Todd licked and lapped away at Suzi, bringing a new wetness - her own. Suzi cupped her breasts with both hands and squeezed them hard, adding to her pleasure. Todd worked with his lips and tongue very quickly, sensing she was close to orgasm. He was correct, as she soon screamed out and then felt a sweet, hot climax.

Letting all caution go by the wayside, Todd got up and grasped his cock, then started whacking himself just over Suzi's breasts. He was so excited from the earlier action he saw that it took him no time to spurt out and cover her large breasts with his cream. Suzi laughed in delight below him, smearing the cum into her skin with her hands. She jiggled her breasts and licked her lips seductively, looking up at her stud with pure lust.

Eric, being the only one who hadn't laid his hands on her yet today, couldn't take anymore. When Todd moved away from her, Suzi soon saw Eric and his 12 inch prick hovering near her. She moaned at the sight, her body quivering in lust.

Eric positioned himself on his knees astride her neck, then lowered his massive erection between her awaiting lips.

Suzi cupped his balls with her right hand and squeezed them as she began a quick and violent sucking on the huge fucker. Eric, very excited, cupped her face with his hands and then started thrusting his cock down into her mouth, as if it was her pussy. Suzi gagged with each deep downstroke but loved the feeling of a cock so deep in her throat. She glared up at him in excitement and sucked him feverishly until he buried himself deep within her mouth, and then blew his load. Suzi choked at the huge amount of salty sperm, but quickly swallowed, clearing her garbled throat.

Nick was back for seconds. Having already fucked Suzi's pussy, he now wanted to fill her ass. He manuevered her onto her hands and knees, and Suzi caught her breath as he smeared slick lubricant across her puckered anus. Nick grinned as he did so, saying, "Little Suzi Sleaze just loves having that tight, cute ass of hers fucked. Doesn't she?"

"Hmmmh!" she gasped as Nick forged himself deep into her anus. Suzi rocked and gyrated her hips against his pelvis, loving the feel of his cock deep in her bowels.

Nick started a gentle thrusting, but soon increased the speed. He pounded her, thrusting in and out of her ass at a blinding pace. Suzi screamed and cried in total passion, but still wanted more. She always wanted more.

They fucked for over a minute, until Nick could no longer contain himself. He grunted and then emptied his thick seed in her anus, overflowing her bowels at the same time.

Michael was back by Suzi's side now. She was a sexual wreck, her body covered in cum. "Why don't you take a quick shower? A very quick shower? We'll rest and wait for you."

2c. Suzi Does Seattle - More Action

Fresh and washed, her blonde hair slicked back, Suzi took a seat between James and Steve on the sofa. She gave each sweet smiles as they squeezed her breasts and rubbed her pussy. Suzi leaned over and gave James a long, deep kiss on the mouth. "I didn't forget you," she told Steve, now giving him a similar kiss. James pumped her breast with his hand, tickling her hard nipple. He leaned down and kissed that nipple, flicking his tongue over it.

Suzi took hold of Steve's cock and gave him a powerful handjob as they continued to kiss. Her tiny, delicate hand on his hard member sent rushes of excitement through his entire body. James, meanwhile, moved his hand back between Suzi's thighs and began tiddling and playing with her pussy.

In response, she moaned against Steve's kiss.

The other four guys watched from the floor, each waiting their turn with the blonde sex machine.

Suzi was determined to get Steve to cum by pumping his cock with her hand, and she giggled against his kiss as the fluids bubbled over her hand. The kiss was broken and she brought her own hand to her mouth, and licked it dry.

"You gave me a blowjob earlier," James said, turning Suzi toward him. "But now, I want your pussy." He lifted her up and placed her down, astride his hips on the sofa. Suzi lowered herself onto his erect shaft.

She shreiked in delight as his cock filled her pussy, wrapping her arms tightly around his shoulders, burying her breasts against his face. Suzi wailed like an animal as she bounced up and down upon his cock, wildly, riding it. Her pussy felt so incredibly tight to James, who was moaning himself. Suzi was such a slut, and all of the guys loved her because of it. She continued bouncing upon James, until warned of his forthcoming orgasm by a defeaning scream.

The insatiable but sweet woman quickly jumped off of his cock and attached her mouth to it, sealing her thick, moist lips around its full hardness. Then, her mouth was again coated by a warm helping of tasty fuck-juice. She busily swallowed it down and then licked her lips afterward, her thirst still not quenched.

"Todd," she said, looking at him, "I want you now."

"You're incredible, baby," he said, stepping forward and massaging her breasts. Suzi stood and placed her face against his broad shoulder, revelling in the feel of his strong hands upon her full breasts.

Todd thought this simply couldn't be possible. Was it all just a dream? Suzi was so beautiful, a blonde with a gorgeous and trim figure, and an unstoppable sex drive.

This was Todd's first day in the gang-bang group, so he wasn't quite used to this kind of action yet. Without a doubt, Suzi was Todd's wet dream come true.

"I want you to fuck my pussy, doggie-style," she said, dropping down onto her hands and knees.

Todd smiled in delight as he got down and positioned himself for entrance. He fisted his cock and then slid it into her tight slit, straining to go deeper at first. But once he was all the way in, Todd started a series of quick and unrelenting strokes which had Suzi screaming in lust.

Their bodies slapped wildly together for several minutes as the others looked on in amazement. They noted that Suzi experienced an orgasm, but Todd just kept pounding her, not even slowing down in the slightest. Todd was determined to try and see if he could wear this nympho slut out.

Finally, out of the blue, Todd quit thrusting and rammed his prick deep into Suzi's pussy. He then groaned while flooding her insides with his cum, his grip tight as he squeezed and massaged her ass.

She still wanted more.

Nick and Eric were next. After Suzi had a little time to recover from Todd, Nick and Eric began feeling her up and down. Michael quickly wiped her cum-soaked pussy with a towel and then got out of the way.

Eric, with his 12 inch cock, went down the floor and pulled Suzi with him. He laid on his back and eased his huge member into her overworked pussy. Suzi gasped in delight at his size, going slowly, letting him fill her.

She squinted and cried once all 12 inches were inside of her, looking down at him through tears of passion.

Nick, meanwhile, had her lean forward. He positioned himself behind her and lubricated her asshole with a gel before slipping his cock into her. There may not have been anything else in the world that excited Suzi more than having both her ass and pussy full of cock at the very same time. She could really do this forever.

Nick and Eric had done this sort of thing with Suzi before, so they knew how to ignite her even more. They each took turns. Nick would thrust deep into her ass, then wait for Eric to pump his cock up into her pussy.

Then, both would repeat the same action.

Suzi was screaming louder than at any time during the afternoon so far as both men caught a rhythm, and began pumping her faster - and harder. Despite all her screams and cries, Suzi was loving this treatment. She also really liked it when sex became extremely rough and physical.

Michael went over to the trio and looked down at his slut girlfriend. She glanced up at him with a look in her eyes which conveyed her wish. Michael granted it, dropping down to his knees and then sliding his cock into her mouth.

Nick took care of her anus, pounding it, while Eric and his huge cock administered to her pussy. At the same time, Michael started to fuck Suzi's mouth, thrusting his rod in and out of it, just like she wanted.

James and Steve also went over to the group, leaving Todd, who was still resting from his prior fuck, alone. As if Suzi didn't have enough cock already, she noticed James out of the corner of her eye as he leaned down beside her.

She raised her right hand and started pumping his prick, now busy with four of them.

Steve got beside her on the other side, and brushed his shaft against her face. Suzi's eyes moved toward him and she moaned, now having to deal with five cocks. Her entire body was shuddering and vibrating as the men thrusted into her ass, pussy and mouth, but she managed to reach out with her lone free hand and grab Steve's cock, her other hand busy pumping away at James' rod.

"I'm gonna cum!" Nick screamed as he buried himself in Suzi's tight ass. He growled while blowing his wad, coating her insides with his jism. Michael, who had been fucking Suzi's mouth, quickly got up and moved around her as Nick pulled out of her. He didn't care that her ass was full of another man's cum. Michael was too excited.

Just as quickly as Nick had pulled out, Michael pushed himself into her anus. Meanwhile, Steve had replaced Michael, now fucking Suzi's mouth with his own cock.

Eric, who had been filling Suzi's pussy, had a sudden orgasm. She screamed in delight, but the sound was muffled with Steve's cock in her mouth. Eric then managed to slide out from underneath her, and James immediately replaced him, moving under Suzi. After some bits of fidgeting, he was able to shove his cock up into her heated pussy.

A few minutes ago, five guys were all over Suzi. Now she had them down to three, and still counting.

Michael was next. He pulled his cock out of her ass and sprayed his cum all over her hips and back. Steve, who was fucking her mouth, wanted a piece of her ass. But he was too close to orgasm himself, and then his cock erupted like a volcano in her mouth.

Suzi was now down to one guy, and still going strong.

She sat up and rubbed her d-cup breasts with both hands, telling James to fuck her pussy harder. He reached up and grabbed her shoulders, then rolled her underneath him.

James mounted the slut and began drilling her for all he was worth. Both of them cried in mutual lust until James could not take it anymore. His cock exploded in her pussy.

The last remaining guy, who did not take part in the five on one action, was now ready for more. So was Suzi, as she sat up and took Todd's prick into her mouth. She worked it over with her tongue, really lubricating it well.

"I want your ass, baby," he told her.

Suzi smiled and got onto "all fours" for him. Todd, like the others, was past the point of caring how much cum she was soaked in. He didn't have the time to wipe her off.

"Harder!" Suzi begged as Todd began an invasion of her ass, and he complied, thrusting into her faster and deeper.

Todd couldn't believe Suzi. She was like a machine, never wanting the sex to end. She was incredible! Without any doubt, Todd wouldn't mind "borrowing" her for a few days, so he could have her to himself. But she'd wear him out!

Todd didn't last long. The intense feeling of her tight ass as it gripped and squeezed his cock was simply too much for him to take, with everything else that happened today.

He simply collapsed on top of her, shooting his sperm deep into her sweet, overworked ass.

2d. Suzi Does Seattle - The End is Near (Sorry)

After a minute, Suzi rolled away from Todd and sat up.

She looked around the room and saw a bunch of tired, exhausted men laying on the floor, each of them fucked beyond belief - courtesy of her. The blonde clapped her hands together and said, "Come on! Who's next?"

She didn't get much of a response, then had to laugh to herself. Suzi was more than willing to take on any man, knowing not only was she the most insatiable slut in the city of Seattle, but the whole state of Washington as well.

And probably the entire country too, for that matter.

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