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Suzi Does Seattle - The Sequel!

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1. Suzi Does Seattle - The Sequel!

Almost a month since the last gang-bang, Suzi was up to more of her slutty ways. She had talked Michael, her boyfriend, into renting a cabin in the forest for a full weekend. There, Suzi wanted to take part in yet another gang-bang, along with the same group of men as the last time. That would include Michael, of course, plus James, Todd, Nick, Steve and Eric. All of the men eagerly agreed to go up to the cabin for the weekend and chip in for the rental and food costs upon hearing of Suzi's intentions.

They just wanted to get their hands on her hot body. It did not matter to them where it happened, or how much it would cost them - just as long as it happened.

2. Suzi Does Seattle - Cabin Fever

James, an avid admirer of exotic and topless dancers, asked Suzi before the group left for the forest if she would give them a strip show prior to the gang-bang. Suzi happily agreed to grant his request. She had been a cheerleader in both high school and college, and had a background in dance instruction. So dancing sexy would be nothing new to her.

After arriving at the cabin, Suzi slipped off into the restroom and told the guys to wait for her while she changed into a "surprise" outfit. The six men milled around the place while Suzi changed, trying to pass time, but were most eager to get their hands on her. They knew that before this weekend was over, all of them would have penetrated Suzi from every single angle and position. But they were still very anxious, not wanting to waste any precious time.

A loud, collective gasp was heard as Suzi stepped out of the restroom, looking as hot and as desirable as ever.

She definitely fit the mold of an exotic dancer, wearing a sexy leather bra that was black and had silver rhinestones scattered all over it. The blonde also wore a slutty, short skirt which was cotton and also the color black. There was a slit up the right side of her skirt, and a button just above it that held the skirt in place. Suzi also wore a G-string which matched the bra - black and made of leather, with silver rhinestones. The outfit was topped off with a black pair of stiletto high-heels which had white tips.

A chorus of nasty catcalls and whistles was then heard as Suzi stepped out into the living room, a big smile on her sweet face. Many of the men laughed and clapped in delight at the sight of Suzi, who looked absolutely divine. She kept smiling and then gave a sexy twitch of the hips, which brought a new round of whistles.

Once all the noise had died down, Suzi looked over at James and gave him her sweetest face. "Well big boy... like what you see? I am now Stripper Suzi!"

"Oh, I love it, baby," he gushed, grinning and shaking his head in disbelief. Suzi was so incredible, he thought.

She really was willing to try just about any and everything.

"You don't know how much of a fetish I have for strippers.

Seeing you like this is a real turn-on for me."

"Turn on the music," she said, "and let the show begin!"

Everyone took a seat on the nearby sofa or in chairs as Eric flipped on the portable stereo/cassette player. A loud rock song eminated from the speakers, and Suzi knew it was time for her to give the studs the strip show of their lives.

Suzi strutted over to the middle of the room with a stoic expression, cupping and squeezing her leather-clad breasts.

Just before reaching her destination, she brought both hands behind her head and gave another twitch of her hips, which brought more whistles and cat-calls from the guys.

The bimbo turned and went over to where James was seated, and began a lewd dance just in front of him. He smiled and watched her in pure fascination, the erection in his jeans getting larger by the second. She cupped her breasts again and squeezed them together, then licked her lips at him, her hips gyrating in erotic circles in tune with the rock music.

Suzi turned her back to James and continued the bumping and grinding action for a few seconds. Then, she glanced over her shoulder and grinned, just before slowly bending at the waist and hiking her short, flimsy skirt up. James then gasped in lust at the sight of Suzi's perfect, drumtight ass as it wiggled back and forth just in front of him. Her tasty pussy was just hid by the tiny black understrip of her leather G-string, and her tanned, toned legs looked most intoxicating to him.

James had no choice but to unzip his jeans and whip his cock out. He immediately grasped it and started pumping himself as Suzi continued the sexy dance and striptease.

Still bent over, she reached down to her ankles and then slowly ran both hands up the insides of each leg, all the way up to her pussy. She extended a few fingers from each hand and massaged herself through the leather G-string, then noticed that James was busy masturbating himself.

Suzi licked her lips at the sight but continued on with the show. Still bent at the waist, she gyrated her ass for him some more, being as sexy as possible, before deciding that the other guys would need some personal attention too.

The blonde slut danced and strutted over to Todd, who was seated in a chair. She reached between her thighs and knelt down before him, and again started gyrating her hips to the loud beat. Suzi was crouched so low that her ass was no more than four inches from the floor. Todd rubbed his hard crotch and smiled as the woman carried on before him.

Her next move was to go over toward Eric. Suzi sashayed over to him, unbuttoning her skirt and sexily twirling it around her hips. Then, suddenly, she whipped the skirt up and off, exposing her tiny G-string. Suzi turned on a heel and kept dancing, twitching her tight ass at the roomful of admirers. She draped the skirt over her shoulder and then finally got rid of it, tossing it to Nick.

The bimbo went over to the far wall and leaned her back against it, her hips still moving and swaying, just before unclasping the leather bra. Seductively, she peeled it from her 36d-sized breasts, baring those luscious melons for her personal audience. Suzi let it fall to the floor and then raised both hands high, her body still bumping and grinding.

She stepped away from the wall and strutted toward Steve while slipping her G-string down. Still twitching her ass, she rolled the tight fabric down her hips and let it fall to the floor, just before collecting it on a high-heeled foot and kicking it over to Michael.

Completely nude now, Suzi reached between her thighs and rubbed herself while dancing in front of Steve. If the guys did not know any better, they would think that Suzi was a professional stripper who had been doing this for years.

All of them realized that this woman was really incredible.

She then strutted back over to James, who had requested the strip show, and noticed that his erection was at full strength now. He looked up at her with passionate eyes as she gave him a sleazy dance, openly massaging both her large breasts and wet pussy, her hands moving back and forth.

"I want that cock," she silently mouthed at him, before dropping down to her knees.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Suzi reached out and grasped the base of James' prick. Everyone looked on in arousal as her mouth and lips closed over James' cockhead.

He moaned at the sudden rush of excitement as Suzi started yet another expert blowjob, her head bobbing up and down over his erect shaft. She absolutely loved sucking cock, especially big and tasty ones like James'.

He sighed in lust as Suzi looked up at him with a sexy expression, her mouth full of cock. Her head kept bobbing, her lips providing hot, wet friction while clamped tightly around his member.

She tickled and kneaded his balls, and James could feel the liquid heat of orgasm become stronger and stronger in him. Suzi kept sucking away, her mouth feeling like a vacuum to him. James was close to cumming but knew that he needed to try and hold it in for as long as possible. It would mean Suzi would blow him longer!

He moaned and sighed, his head rolling in circles of hot passion, fighting himself. But Suzi's mouth was too much.

The explosion occured, and James grunted while shooting his thick sperm into the slut's hungry mouth. She guzzled the cum down her throat, wishing he had produced more for her.

"Eat my pussy," Suzi begged while getting up in front of James. She felt that he was the absolute best when it came to giving her oral sex.

A bit tired but still full of enough energy, James went to the floor, and Suzi immediately followed. She got onto her back and spread her legs wide for him, and he got to work, licking and tonguing her slick love hole.

She cupped her breasts and openly massaged them, her face turning from side to side in erotic arousal. Meanwhile, Steve could not take the nasty sight anymore, needing to get off himself. He raised up from the nearby sofa and quickly got rid of his pants, then dropped to his knees beside Suzi's head and started whacking away like never before.

The slut opened her mouth in anticipation of a cum shower from Steve but continued moaning and writhing about due to James' oral work on her pussy. Steve aimed his cockhead at Suzi's open mouth, wanting to fill her with his gooey load.

She reached up and kneaded his balls, and that was the last straw. Steve growled while shooting his sperm all over her face, completely coating her, and getting some in her hair.

Not long after that, Suzi let out a high-pitched squeal and then had an orgasm of her own, courtesy of James. She was an expert at giving blowjobs; James was one at eating pussy.

"Someone fuck me!" the slut begged, as James and Steve backed away, wanting to give the others their chance.

All four of the other guys were willing, but Michael was the quickest to react. He darted over to his girlfriend and already nude, positioned himself between her outstretched thighs. "Fuck me!" Suzi demanded, and Michael then mounted her, and began a powerful and deep invasion of her pussy.

By now, everyone had taken their clothes off and was enjoying the show. They watched with lust as Michael's hips pounded away at Suzi's, his big, hard cock thrusting in and out of her at warp speed. She screamed and cried in passion below him, her hands and fingers digging hard into his back while embracing him tightly. Suzi really loved all of this attention. Life was really good for her.

Michael's thrusting motion suddenly stopped and he buried his cock deep within her, and then emptied his seed into her. She writhed around on the floor beneath him for some time, her body alive with strong and powerful sensations.

As Michael got up and went back to the sofa, both Nick and Todd stepped forward with towels. Todd wiped her pussy clean and dry of all cum, while Nick moved behind her and brought her into a seated position against his chest. He wiped her face dry with a towel and then cupped her breasts, his mouth close to her ear. "Hi there, Little Suzi Sleaze.

Feel like some more sex, or do you wanna rest for a bit?"

She smiled up at him, liking the nicknames he came up with. "I don't need a rest," was her strong reply.

Nick grinned in delight. "Ahh, Little Suzi Cocktease...

always eager to please!" He placed his lips on her neck and began kissing her there, his hands still cupping, and now squeezing her breasts. "Little Suzi ButtSlut... always willing to take it up the ass!"

"Yes," she begged, "fuck me in the ass! Please!"

Suzi got onto her hands and knees and thrusted her hips back at Nick, wanting him to enter her rear quickly. First, he had to spread some lubricant over her tight anus. He did so, and then forged his cock into her tiny asshole.

Todd, meanwhile, got on his knees before Suzi and offered his cock to her mouth. Squinting at the pressure in her bowels, she nonetheless opened her mouth and took Todd's shaft inside. Nick started a gentle thrusting that grew stronger with each second as Suzi gave a blowjob to Todd.

This woman was a dream come true for Nick. She really was. Never before had he thought someone so beautiful, and on the surface, apparently sweet and virgin-like, could be such a slut. But Suzi was a slut; a slut willing to take on all cummers. He figured a woman with her sex drive and physical appearance could become a high-priced hooker and never have to worry about money again. But Suzi was not interested in money. As the prototype "blonde bimbo", Suzi was only interested in sex. Nothing else really mattered.

Her mouth and ass full of cock, Suzi moaned in passionate delight as the two studs pounded each end of her, bouncing her back and forth like a pinball. She loved this type of physical and near violent contact, always wanting more.

Nick was really giving it to her in the ass now. His hands were spreading her cheeks as far as they would go, and he was absolutely searing her anus with his fat cock.

Meanwhile, Todd busily fucked her mouth, his prick almost causing her to gag with each powerful forward stroke.

"Little Suzi Sleaze!" Nick screamed as his cock damn near exploded, filling and flooding her bowels with his sticky cream. The slut screamed in the process too, though the sound was muffled because her mouth was full of cock.

Sensations ripped and tore throughout her, her hot body shuddering in the aftermath of Nick's orgasm.

Nick gave her ass a hard slap as he pulled out of her, bringing a sharp squeal. He shook his groggy head and smiled, amazed at her enduance. She was still on her hands and knees, and was still busy sucking away at Todd's cock.

Eric had been the only man thus far not to experience Suzi yet today. That was about to change.

Eric had been sitting in a chair with Suzi's wet G-string wrapped around his 12 inch prick, whacking himself off at the sight of Nick and Todd giving her the goods. But once Nick went back to the sofa, Eric decided it was time to grab a piece of that hot blonde for himself.

"OH FUCK!" Suzi screamed, her mouth still full, as Eric slowly wedged his shaft into her slick pussy. She didn't even have to look back to know who it was. Suzi knew the feel of that cock better than any other. "Oh Eric! Yes!

Fuck me with that huge thing! FUCK ME!"

Never one to deny beautiful women such a request, Eric obliged. Soon, he had caught a rhythm and was pounding her pussy with quick, full fuck-strokes. Meanwhile, Todd kept his cock in her mouth, somehow managing to hold off an orgasm. She had been sucking him for quite some time now.

"CUM FOR ME!" Suzi demanded, pulling Todd's cock out of her mouth and pointing it at her face. He too obliged, letting himself go and showering her beautiful face with his thick, creamy sperm. She laughed in delight as his cum dripped from her entire face and head down to the floor, pooling beneath her in a thick puddle.

Still being pounded from behind, Suzi looked back at Eric and gave him a forceful expression. Eric had seen that look before, and knew what it meant. Suzi wanted him to fuck her even harder, if that would be possible.

Eric did his absolute best, using every last energy cell in his body to pump her faster and quicker. Suzi enjoyed the results too, screaming and crying, that 12 inch cock filling her pussy like only it can.

The nympho was too much for him. Eric suddenly shot off, his load gushing into her soaked slit, coating her insides.

She is such an incredible fuck, Eric thought to himself, as he gently pulled himself out of her.

Suzi, very tired but still wanting more, looked over at her group of guys and offered a sweet smile. "Who's next?"

She rubbed her pussy as an overflow of cum dripped from it.

3. Suzi Does Seattle - The End is Near (Sorry)

The remainder of the weekend was more of the same for Suzi and her six studs. The cabin provided them with a secluded and safe place to fuck, and they took complete and total advantage of that fact. Even though the surronding forest was very beautiful and there was a huge lake for swimming, no one left the cabin until Sunday night, when they all went back home. If Suzi wasn't eating or sleeping, she could be found fucking more often than not during this particular weekend. All of the guys kept her really busy, making sure her mouth, pussy and ass received good workouts.

And likewise, Suzi made sure every cock got a good workout.

It definitely was a two-way street with her.

The slut couldn't pinpoint why she was so crazy for cock, especially multiple cocks at the same time. It all started a few years back, when two of her boyfriends almost got into a fight over her, each of them claiming they had a date with her on that particular night. Suzi didn't want to see them fight, so she told them not to - "I'll fuck both of you."

Ever since that night, Suzi has craved being gang-banged.

And Michael, her loyal boyfriend, has craved watching her being gang-banged ever since meeting her. So as long as these two are together, there will be many more gang-bangs, just like the one which transpired up at the cabin.

And who knows? Maybe one day, Suzi will be able to claim that she has done ALL of Seattle.

One thing is for sure - this slut is working on it.

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