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Super Bowl Party

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Being from Oklahoma, my husband and his friends had little interest in the Giants and Patriots rematch. We do a superbowl party every year and wanted to continue that tradition. Since we started this lifestyle around the time football season started, I suggested we have some of his friends that we have met through swinging join us. Just a guy thing though. My husband knows me well and smiles as I get a twinkle in my eye at the thought of me alone with a house full of sexy men. He sets it up and before we know it, the Superbowl is here.

I spend most of the day cooking, homemade buffalo wings, sliders, dips and other standard superbowl fair. I send my husband out for ice and more beer 30 minutes before everyone is due to arrive. I jump in the shower and scrub down my body with anti-bacterial soap that smells like oranges. I walk straight to the dining table, which is laden with food in various colorful dishes. I have chosen certain bowls for a specific reason?. To balance on parts of my naked body. I am the buffet for my hubby and friends tonight. My skin is on fire already just thinking about it, but as I lay down in the middle of the table the cool plastic just adds to the erotic images going through my head. I place the platter of hot wings between my thighs, just far enough away that I won?t burn pink parts with the hot sauce. Then I lay back and place a bowl of blue cheese dressing on my pelvis. I roll slowly back and put 2 small bowls of dip on my nipples and I balance the chip bowl on my stomach. I hear the door open and my husband?s best friend Chuck comes strolling through the door. He knows we are swingers but has never actually been included in anything like this. I have always had deep fantasies about Chuck but never felt that it was appropriate to act on them given how close he and my husband are. I watch his face as he walks into the kitchen. His reaction is priceless. I watch his features morph from shock, to embarrassment, to desire. My eyes scan down his body and I watch as the bulge in his jeans goes from zipper size to is that a banana in your pocket?? I feel a blush creeping over my skin as his brown eyes darken and he looks at me like I am the main course?.. Oh wait! That?s because I AM!

I hear the garage door open and my hubby walks in with the beer and ice. He sees the look on Chuck?s face and turns to see the spread on the table. He almost drops the beer, but Chuck catches it before it can crash to the ground. Chuck grabs the ice too, winks at my husband and walks over to the cooler to start stocking it up. My husband walks over to the table, leans down, kisses me deeply and asks if I am comfortable. I giggle and ask him to bring me a pillow for my head. He picks up one of the bowls of dip on my nipple and grins when he sees that the cold dip bowl has given me a serious THO. He leans down and sucks it into his mouth for a few seconds, warming the nipple and making it stand up even further, craving the suction of his hot mouth. Just as I start to moan, he stands up, puts the bowl back and walks to the living room to get me a pillow for my head.

The doorbell rings and I hear several guys clamor into the living room, talking guy stuff, ?Brady this?.?, ?Manning that?..? They sound like a herd of elephants in my living room and I roll my eyes as I picture the mess I?m going to have to clean up. I hear a chuckle from the kitchen doorway and look over to see that Chuck has busted me rolling my eyes. ?Don?t worry, I?m sure they won?t be as interested in the game once they see the buffet,? he says. I smile and feel myself blushing again. He?s got this way of looking at me that can turn my insides to mush, always has, for as long as I have known my husband. He saunters over and I watch as he reaches between my thighs. I tremble as I think he?s about to touch me, when he grabs a wing instead. He doesn?t look at my face but I know he just saw me trembling. He dips the wing into the blue cheese on my pelvis and takes a long slow bite of the spicy wing. He licks the blue cheese dressing off of the wing slowly as if to show me what he can do with his tongue. My mind is spinning and all I can do is gulp and shiver as I picture what I hope he will be doing later.

My husband is leading the pack of guys (there are now a total of five, not including my husband or Chuck.) My husband introduces Chuck to the new comers. Dan, Bobby, Steve, Will and Joe are all in the lifestyle and I know their wives. I have experienced Dan and Steve and both know how to show a girl a good time. My husband didn?t tell me who he invited so I am pleased when I see them. I smile as my hubby puts a pillow under my head and I tell the guys to enjoy the food, I have been cooking all day and just had to get off my feet. As they fill their plates my body is bombarded with touches, licks, grabs, strokes and kisses. Not only are they sampling the food, but they are sampling me in an ?all you can eat? style. No one has moved the bowls so my nipples and clean shaven lips are still covered but the sensations of so many hands and mouths on me are quickly driving me into a frenzy.

I hear the game starting but no one seems interested. Dan comes to the top of the table and gives me a deep throated kiss as he wraps a cloth napkin over my eyes. Instantly, the loss of my vision heightens all my senses. The heat of the mouths on my skin, the coolness of the bowls on my nipples, the light touch of the hands running over my stomach and thighs all begin to build up and I can smell the wetness of my pussy, dripping and wanting.

I feel hot breath on my neck and ears. I hear Chuck whisper in my ear, ?I have wanted to do this to you for years.? He takes my earlobe into his mouth and I immediately explode. I feel the bowls tip over as I arch up on the table. I hear my husband chuckle as he takes the bowls and sets them to the side. This opens up my entire body to be touched and tasted. I have 6 hot mouths and 12 hands all exploring my skin. I hear my husband far enough away to know that he is just standing back enjoying the show. I feel someone at my feet and they begin sucking my toes and massaging the arch of my foot. At the same time, I feel Chuck kiss the corner of my mouth as 2 other mouths suck on my nipples. The final mouth breathes hot air onto my bare pussy before diving in for a deep kiss. The tongue spears my clit as Chuck dives in for a deep French kiss. I scream under his mouth as my feet find the shoulders of the man kissing my feet. I use him as leverage to buck against the mouths driving me to distraction. I feel wave after wave of orgasm wash over me and I hear the plates and bowls being moved to the kitchen counters. I am screaming in ecstasy as Chuck pins my shoulders and continues kissing my neck and ears until finally I am nothing but a quivering mass of jell-o.

I barely have time to catch my breath before the table is clear of everything but me, I feel someone grab my ankles and I am pulled so my hips are at the end of the large dining table. I hear zippers and feel both hands fill with long hard cocks. I feel my legs pushed up into the air and I feel someone enter me. I get the rhythm of the man pounding into me and begin stroking with both hands, then I feel strong hands push my shoulders up so I am angled, not quite sitting up, but not laying down anymore either. I adjust my grips and I hear someone climb onto the table in front of me. I feel the hot head of another dick against my mouth and I open wide. I feel heavy hands in my hair and the hips begin to rock against my mouth. I try very hard to focus on stroking and sucking, all while trying not to orgasm again as my pussy is being pounded and licked. I smell sex in the air and the mix of cologne, spicy food and me all bombard my sense of smell. I suck gently on the cock in my mouth, stroke quickly on the 2 in my hands as I feel myself beginning to squeeze and cream around the one inside me. The man pounding me speeds up and I can?t help but scream around the large cock in my mouth. The vibrations and sucking cause chaos in the man I am sucking off, I taste his precum and feel the pulse in the underside of his cock on my tongue. I feel the condom fill inside me as cum fills my mouth at the same time. I swallow and squeeze, trying to drain every last drop from both men.

I try to remove the napkin but I get told that they aren?t done yet, I have to remain blindfolded. The knowledge that I don?t know who is doing what is fascinating and I can?t believe how erotic all of this is. I feel myself rolled to my side and someone lays down on the table. I feel myself being tugged and positioned so that I am straddling this giant cock. This must be Dan?. He?s 6?6 and has a dick to match. I slide down onto it and am just about to start riding when I feel another cock against my ass. I am not normally into anal too much, but I am so turned on that I don?t care what they do to me. I feel something lubricate my cheeks as another cock slides slowly inside me. I nearly faint with the orgasm that rocks me. I can?t believe how full I feel, I?ve never felt anything like this. I scream with every stroke as I feel Dan inside me stroking in tandem with another cock. I feel myself cream and my muscles are so tight that both men can?t hold out very long. Ass man (later I find out it was Steve) cums first and pounds me hard as he?s building up to blow. My ass is being massaged, my breasts are being sucked and all I can do is hang on for the ride as I am driven so far into a sexual haze that I have given up trying to think. I feel Dan thicken and he yells as he cums not long after Steve. As Steve slides out of me, I collapse onto Dan, completely exhausted and spent.

I feel myself being lifted off of him by strong arms. I?m carried, child like to the couch and I finally get the napkin taken away from my eyes. What I see are 7 smiling men, naked and spent (the others must have jacked off while watching) and I feel myself blush at the show I have just put on. I glance at the TV and realize it is 3rd quarter and we have missed half the game and the halftime show. My husband tucks me up under his arm and Chuck plops down on the other side of me. Everyone is hungry and so the food is brought into the living room so we can chow while they finish the game. My hubby has covered me with a blanket now and he leans down and whispers in my ear?. ?Best Super Bowl party ever???. I look up at him with a big satisfied grin?. ?I completely agree!?

***Much like fantasy football, this is pure fantasy (at least for this year)****

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