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Strip poker

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Saturday night I met my wife at a party after I got off of work. I was running late, and she had already drained a few. I could tell from her voice when she called me wondering where in the hell I was. Our friends had given her a ride, and she didn’t know anyone else at the party, so she was impatient. This was a party that our friends said only happened once a year, and some wild things had gone down in the past.

When I got there, I flowed through the crowded room looking for my wife’s pony tail amongst the partiers. I found her in the kitchen talking to three guys as they sat around the kitchen table. One of them was sitting a little closer than I would normally like, but it was loud, and it WAS a party, so I didn’t think much of it. As I got closer, I noticed that one of the guys was holding a deck of cards, and I heard the phrase “strip poker” above the din. I faded back into the crowd before she saw me. I don’t really know why I did, maybe because I wanted to see how she would react to this pressure. Our friends were outside on the deck sitting at another table passing a joint around. No one else knew me, so I sidled up behind where my wife was sitting and eavesdropped with my back to them.

“C’mon, Becky, it’ll be fun. Look, there’s 3 guys, and you’re the only girl. You have a much better chance of seeing one of us than we do of seeing you.” The close guy said.

“Yeah, and I suck at poker,” another said.

Becky giggled a bit (she was drunker than I had thought from the phone conversation). “I have a husband who might object to my playing without him.” She said, still giggling.

“So if he was here, he might let you play?” One of them asked.

“Yeah, he probably would….but I think he’d insist on joining the game.”

“well, then it’s settled.” Close guy said. “We’ll just get started without him. He is coming tonight, right? I can’t wait to meet the guy that snared a fox like you.” He flattered. He took the cards and started to shuffle them. “ Gary, get the poker chips out. Five card draw, deuces wild.”

I waited for Becky to protest. I waited some more. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw her looking at her hand. She was playing! And she had a lousy hand. Gary bet 5 chips, a grin on his face. The next guy called, and so did Becky. I don’t think she knows how to play poker very well, I thought. That hand had nothing. I was afraid she was trying to lose. She lost the hand, and her barrette, much to the chagrin and boisterous objections of the other players. A crowd started to gather in the kitchen, and I faded back a bit, so as not to be seen with an errant glance. She continued play her hands poorly, and she and the close guy were taking turns losing hands and articles. They were the only two to lose. Like they were both trying to lose instead of win. Before I knew it, My wife was in a kitchen full of people, seated around a table of 3 guys in her bra and panties. My cock was rock hard, and the girl standing next to me noticed me squeezing it and winked at me. Oh. She was a cutie. But my wife! Close guy, who’s name turned out to be Jim, was in his boxers only, and everyone was razzing him for housing a tent pole. Becky kept glancing at it covertly. He didn’t miss her interest, though. I felt breath on my ear, and heard, “If you don’t stop doing that, you’ll go blind.” whispered huskily in a female voice. It was that girl that had winked, and she was pressing against me now, whispering in my ear. I realized I was squeezing it again, and took my hand away.

“That’s my wife!” I whispered back. “She doesn’t know I’m here yet.”

“Wow.” The girl said. “You’re taking this well. Want me to take your mind off of it?”

“No, I want to watch.” I said. I did. How far would she let this go? Well, she lost again. She stood and turned to take off her bra, and looked me right in the eyes. I was smiling. Her eyes went wide, but I winked. I don’t know why I did it. Maybe because I wanted her to keep going. This was pretty fucking sexy. She took the hint, and slowly unhooked her bra, one clasp at a time. The guys were hooting. She had her back to them, and with her unclasped bra held to her chest, she turned her back to me, her gaze lingering, then flitting to the girl on my right who still had her hand on my shoulder. She let the bra drop, and they cheered. The whole kitchen cheered. Becky had a new boob job, and was not shy about showing them off. A fabulous job, the doctor had said. Nearly perfect. The best one he had done to date. I wondered if he told all the girls that, but there was no arguing about the quality of his work. They were fabulous. She sat back down to take up her hand. I could see three aces over her shoulder. She folded. She picked up her drink, and tossed it back. Then she leaned over and whispered in Jim’s ear, and he nodded and grabbed the deck. He shuffled furiously, and spread the cards out. She pulled one aside, keeping it face down. He did the same. “Highest card wins.” She said. “If I win, you lose your drawers. If you do, I’ll do an extra nice job of losing mine. Agreed?” He agreed. She flipped her card. A King. She laughed. He flipped an Ace. She stopped laughing. But she didn’t stop smiling. She crawled up on the table on all fours in nothing but her light blue French cut panties. What an ass she had. The girl next to me had moved her hand from my shoulder, and it was sliding around my hip toward mine, which had somehow ended up back on my package. I let her hand slide under mine as my wife wiggled her ass in Jim’s face. She writhed like a stage dancer, and reached back and slapped her own ass. He slapped her once too, and she screamed. And laughed. Hooking her thumb under the top strap of her panties, she pulled the right side halfway down. Jim had his fingers under the left side, and started to help. She didn’t stop him. The guy on the side of the table opposite Jim had stood, and was caressing her hair, fumbling with his belt with his free hand. Gary had his hand on his crotch, too, and I felt the girl (Audrey as it turned out) unzip my fly. Other people in the kitchen started pairing up, too. There was a guy with his girl’s skirt pulled up, his hand in her panties. Another two guys unbuttoning the blouse of a chubby blonde in the corner. She looked young.

“Wow, you really ARE turned on.” Audrey said. “ Is she as understanding as you are?”

“Yup” I said. I had to assume so, right? Jim had Becky’s panties down around her knees, and was slowly inching his tongue nearer to Becky’s writhing crotch as she eyed the big dick that had appeared in front of her. Mike was pretty well set up. Becky was taking her time with it. She gripped it by the base to keep it still, and licked it from top to bottom. She looked over at me, at Audrey’s hand in my pants, and placed the tip of Mike’s dick in her mouth as she watched my dick come out of my pants in Audrey’s hand. Jim was sitting in his chair, enjoying her gleaming pussy, as she held her ass up in the air, and slowly ground it into his face. She worked her way down mike’s throbbing cock, stretching her mouth around it, and looking me in the eye. Audrey got on her knees and started moistening my knob. She flitted her tongue lightly along the bottom ridge, working her way down the shaft and back up, nipping at it as she went. I looked at Becky who now had Mike’s cock all the way down her throat, and Jim’s face planted firmly between her legs. Jim stood up and pulled Becky down off of the table. He bent her over a chair, and Mike followed her mouth, which hung open, her eyes locked on his manhood. Gary stood and got beside Mike, waiting for his turn to fuck her face. Jim slapped at Becky’s ass cheeks with is rapidly stiffening rod, then poured a beer on her ass, causing her to shriek and then gag on Mike’s big dick as he jammed her head back down onto it, a fist tangled in her hair.

Audrey had pantsed me and was blowing me like a pro. Her hand gripped and stroked the shaft, rotating like a motorcycle throttle as she went up and down rapidly. With each stroke, she shoved my prick violently into her half open mouth, her free hand digging nails into my ass cheek. She had done this before, I surmised. I grabbed a handful of hair, and stood her up. I yanked her blouse up over her head to reveal a magenta lace bra, shoving two creamy globes inward and upward for maximum cleavage presentation. She kicked her skirt off, and I stuffed my hand into the front of her panties, cupping her mounds, and pressing my fingers against the contours. She was soaked down there. I spun her around, and she surprised me by stepping closer to Becky’s cock slapped ass, and giving her a smack of her own. Hard. Becky writhed, and turned to look at Audrey with her eyes half lidded. Audrey gripped becky’s ass cheeks and spread them apart, looking up at Jim as she did. Jim stuffed his cock into her mouth, and I rammed my granite member into the other end of her in reply. Audrey pulled his cock free of her mouth, and guided it into Becky’s waiting pussy. She pulled it back out of there, and deep throated it again. Alternating between Becky’s pussy, and Audrey’s pie hole, Jim didn’t last very long. He stumbled back a step, and blew his load all over Audrey’s face. She responded by sucking every last drop out of his cock, like she was trying to cave his head in.

Someone threw her a rag, and she wiped her face off. I was happily riding her the whole time, and when she put the rag down, she started licking Becky’s ass crack, working her way down to her pussy, then tonguing her like she knew how. Gary shouldered Mike aside, and grabbed both sides of Becky’s head, which had turned as she gawked at the girl that was licking her twat as I fucked her. Mike saw an opening, and went for it before someone new came along. He grabbed Becky’s ass with both hands, and before Audrey could grab it, he shoved his cock deep inside my wife. She was loving it. I had never seen her lose all inhibition like this. I mean she was a good sport, but this? I bet I could get some anal if I wanted, I thought. I hoped no one else tried that. We had never done that. And I thought that it would bother me if someone else was her first. It never came up, fortunately, but that night three different guys fucked my wife right in front of me, taking turns like she was a whore in a bar. And I dug it.

Now, granted, it was pretty much of a whole kitchen orgy at that point, so she didn’t stand out as much as you’d think, but being the starters of that particular orgy, she was getting a lot of attention from those who chose to spectate instead of participate. Mike and I switched places, and I took my wife’s hips in my hands and started wailing on her, calling her a whore and a slut. She just grunted around Gary’s dick as she sucked it, and smiled at me. I took my cock out, and put it back into Audrey’s waiting mouth a few times, slapping her across the face with my dick for my wife to see. I knew she liked that for some reason. It was pretty sexy. Gary wanted some pussy too, so he stood Becky up, and then shoved her back onto the table, her legs in the air. He fucked her roughly on the table, and one of the spectators moved in, unzipping his pants, and grabbing some of Becky’s hair. As Gary fucked her, she hung her head back over the edge of the table, and the new guy started to fuck her upside down mouth. She started to make the ‘O’ noises, and I knew she would be coming soon. I always started to cum when I heard her make those certain sounds. It was like Pavlov’s dog. Gary and new guy spitted her between them as cards and poker chips showered down off of the table. Mike and I had Audrey bent over and were making our own little rotisserie as we watched them. As I started to cum, I grunted urgently, and then Audrey started to emit a high pitched whine. Mike was looking like he was close to the edge too. When new guy started to go “awwwwww, awwwwww, awwwwww!....,” Becky increased the volume and speed of her cries. She came loudly, and I was right with her as I gripped Audrey’s hair, and came deep inside her throat. She came too, and Mike at the same time. New guy jerked and sprayed all over Becky’s open mouth and face. All six of us came at once. It had to be a record. When I came out of my daze and released Audrey, who was pushing at me to let go, I noticed a guy pulling down a handicam camcorder, and tucking it under his arm like a football. I went over to him and said. “ I’ll give you $100 for that tape, right now, cash money. Or I’ll tear your arms off if you try to keep it.” I was naked, and didn’t think I looked very scary, but the guy nodded, and handed me the camera. I took the tape, and went and got him his money from my pants. That would have been bad.

I fucked Becky twice more after we got home that night, and twice a day for like a month, sometimes while watching that video from the party. We can’t wait for the next one.

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