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Storeroom adventure

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It?s 3 p.m. on a weekday and all day you have been calling me, teasing me of sexual thoughts you have in your mind. By now I am so horny wanting you from those calls, I want to just go home and fuck your brains out. I have an idea, since you have been teasing me all day, I want to try to kick up the heat some more.

I call a friend of mine who has a small restaurant/bar in the historic district and make some arrangements for you. When I get home, you act as if nothing has been happening all day, no sexual temptations, no teasing, not even a phone call. Usually when I get home we hug and feel of each other, today I stand back and ask if you would like to go out to dinner. You have a puzzled look but quickly agree to dinner out. You keep watching me as we dress, I expect your wondering why I haven?t hugged you or kissed you since I got home. Our normal is to kiss and hug and feel of each other and most of the time I feel of your breasts and kiss the nipples to get you going for later in the evening. As we are getting ready to leave the bedroom, I take a sweat band from the dresser and put it in my pocket, you look at me with a big question mark on your face.

It?s a quiet drive to the restaurant, I think you?re miffed at me because of the no contact at home. As I open the car door for you and take your hand, you look up at me and smile and say ?your teasing me, aren?t you?? I look into your eyes and say to you ?would you rather I take you home and fuck you right now?? You smile and say ?hell no, I know you have something planned for me or we wouldn?t be here.?

Tom, the owner and my friend, takes us to a table in the back corner which already has our drinks sitting on the table waiting for us. You look at me and smile, and say ?now I know you have something planned because Tom knew we were going to be here.?

I had already placed the order for the food for the evening and Tom knew I wanted some time between the drinks and the beginning of the meal. My hand slips down onto your leg just below the skirt you?re wearing. Your warm, I hear you sigh at my touch and you look at me with one of those sultry melting looks and say ?I wish you had ripped my clothes off when you came in the door at home and taken me right there on the floor in front of the door, my pussy is so wet and wants to be touched so much, I can?t stand it.? I let my hand slide along side your leg and feel your panties. I say to you why don?t you go to the restroom and remove the panties and without hesitation you stand to go to the restroom. Before you get away I grab the bottom of the skirt, look around to see if anyone is watching and slip my hand up under your skirt and slip my finger under your panties and tug and they slip down until they are on the floor.

You look down at me and smile then look around to see if anyone is watching. No one is around or looking so you sit down. You look at me and say ?are you happy now?. My dick is hard thinking of you without panties and wondering how wet you might be. I have you sit up on the edge of the chair and my hand begins at your knee and begins to slip along the inside of your leg. Your eyes close and I notice you take a deep breath, then my finger finds your clit, damp, hot and standing up for me. As my finger teases your clit, your hips begin to move, my finger goes into your pussy and you gasp and grab the table. I move closer to you and whisper in your ear while my finger disappears further and further into your wet cunt. I whisper ?you know I love you, do you know I want you, I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop.? I watch as your breasts are heaving up and down and feeling you trying to take more of my hand into your pussy.

I stand and say ?lets go?. You look up at me and smile and say ?would Tom put our supper in a box to go?. I don?t say anything, just take your hand and lead you to the hall that leads to the storage room. I notice Tom has started moving towards us as we disappear into the darkness of the hallway. My dick is getting harder thinking about what is going to happen next. I push on the door and it swings open, it?s dark, no light as I take you into the room. I hear the door close and a sound like it locks, but I don?t know if Tom is in or outside of the room. I don?t care and turn and take your hands and put them behind you as I wrap my arms around you. A deep passionate kiss takes our breath and I feel you push your hips against me. I reach in my pocket and take out the sweat band and slip it over your eyes. Your breathing quickens as my hands pull the top open and I hear a tearing sound then a loud moan from you.

Now, I am so hard my dick hurts so I drop my pants then my shorts and you say ?are you going to fuck me baby?? I don?t say anything and then push you back against some boxes, my hands raising the skirt up around your waist, I take your feet and put them on my shoulders and move forward, my dick finding you open, willing, wet and very hot. The feeling of you is breath taking then I feel you moving your hips on me, fucking me, milking my cock and I thrust hard into you even further.

I had called several friends earlier in the afternoon to help with you and they were in the restaurant when we arrived, Tom had them hidden so you didn?t see them. The door opened and I noticed others in the room with us. Two of them walked up beside me and took your feet from my shoulders and held them up raising your ass off of the boxes so I could get more dick in you. I couldn?t take much more and began to cum in you and you felt it letting out a very loud ?oh fuck yes, give me all of it!.?

Then you realized there were others in the room with us and by now they had stripped and were ready to fuck your pussy. I couldn?t see much so I took your hand and began to kiss your mouth and face as the first guy?s hard dick filled you. He was grinding it into you so I suspected I knew who it was because he loved doing that. It wasn?t long and you began to thrash about on the boxes so we held you and made you take the orgasm.

For almost 2 hours, my 3 friends which included Tom, fucked your pussy, filling you with hot sticky jism at least twice each and one 3 times. When they had finished with you and you were laying there on those boxes, I used my hand to massage the cum into you, making sure to spread it around all between your legs. Your sloppy wet, my fingers teasing you, your pussy muscles with spasms from the orgasms you have had, my finger begins to tap on your clit and soon you begin to whine and jerk about and this orgasm makes you go limp on the boxes.

I go out and have Tom box our supper and put it in the car while you recover laying on the boxes. As I return, I find the light switch and turn it on. Your skirt is soaked with cum and it?s dirty from the dust on the boxes, your blouse is laying on the floor, ripped and now without buttons. I take your hand and help you off of the boxes and hold you tight to me. We try to put the blouse back on you but it no longer covers much of you, the skirt looks like it has been rolling around in a mud puddle. I kiss you and take you by the hand and out the back door of the restaurant to the car. As we begin the drive home, you look at me and smile, and say ?damn that was good but you just wait til we get home, your ass is mine.?

When we get home I take you to the shower and strip you of what remains on you and together we stand under the warm water and hold each other. Holding you makes my dick get hard and soon I am on the floor of the shower and you are on top impaled on my manhood and riding it like you haven?t been fucked in months. With all the play and the fucking earlier, it wasn?t long before I unloaded against the bottom of your cunt and together we rolled over onto our sides and let the feelings overcome us as we lay there locked together.

When we finally got up from the shower floor, we dried and then found our supper and had a quiet dinner together. It didn?t take long and we slipped into bed, holding each other, we fell asleep together

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