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Spring Cougars

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My friend since childhood, Anna and I were turning forty. Our husbands decided to send us to Panama City Beach for Spring Break as a birthday gift. Anna and I knew this was just an excuse to get us out of town, so they could hit the strip bars and drink heavily. It didn?t matter. I was looking forward to a week with my BFF.

On the morning of our trip, the hubbies loaded our SUV and kissed us goodbye. We saw them high fiving each other as we drove away. During our six hour drive, Anna and I reminisced about our childhood. We covered everything from our first boyfriend to our first kiss. Anna reminded me that she and I had kissed first for practice when we were about twelve. I reminded her that she had let a fourteen year old boy touch her boobies when she was thirteen. We laughed about all of crazy things we had done.

Anna began a thought with, Do you remember? and then said never mind. I said what? Tell me. Anna restarted her thought. Well I was thinking about the time when we were spending the night at your house. We were sixteen I think. We took a bottle of wine out of your parent?s refrigerator and drank it in your room. I immediately knew why Anna had paused. I did remember that night. Yes, that was a wild night, I added. Anna continued. After we drank that bottle dry, we used it as a dildo! We both cracked up!

I changed the subject. What are we going to do if the spring breakers think we are cougars, I asked. Depends on what they look like, answered Anna. That stunned me and I asked, for real? Really? I don?t know, but I?ll cross that bridge when I come to it, Anna added. We finally arrived at our beachside condo. The beach was crowded with spring breakers. We checked in and got our key. Several young men offered to carry our luggage up to our second floor unit. We let them. Four buzzed guys staggered into the elevator with all of our beach baggage.

I opened the door to our unit and the boys bolted through the door with our stuff. One of the guys dropped our luggage in the hall and ducked into the bathroom. He stood there peeing with the door open for all to see. Wow, I said to Anna. This is going to be a trip to remember. We thanked them and then shooed them out the door. Anna and I made a grocery and alcohol trip to the local supermarket and were back to our vacation home within an hour. I mixed us some strong cocktails as Anna went to her bedroom to change into her swim suit. Anna appeared in the kitchen wearing a fluorescent yellow thong bikini with a tiny barely covering her nipples bikini top. I commented how the years have been kind to her.

Anna had a hand behind her back and brought it forward with a small white bag. Surprise Anna yelled and gave me the bag. Inside the bag was an identical bikini that she had on. I laughed. Anna, my tits are too big for this top and my ass is going to swallow this thong! Anna coaxed me, try it, try it. So I took a gigantic chug of my pineapple alcohol concoction and retreated to my bedroom.

In a few minutes, I had changed and I stepped out in front of the hall mirror. Hell, I look alright in this, I laughed. My ass needs some sun though. We loaded up our cooler with two large jugs of tropical cocktail and grabbed up our beach bags. We headed down to the beach serenaded by a throng of whistles. We took a position in amongst all of the spring break revelers near the surfs edge.

Anna and I applied sunscreen on each other?s backs to the accompaniment of ?Yeah Baby? and ?let me help you with that?. We laid out a large beach towel and both of us dropped face down onto our temporary home for the afternoon. We were constantly interrupted by requests to join an amateur wet tee shirt contest. My ass was getting hot, so I rolled over. I didn?t realize that the tiny triangle patches of bikini top had left their perch over my nipples. I was laying there nipples to the world. I didn?t realize my exhibition until the sun kept getting blocked by young men standing in front of and staring at me. I quickly adjusted my top to the roar of boos from the crowd. I told Anna that my double Ds were too large for this top. She just laughed at me. She said her little Cs felt completely at home in the top.

A young man from Texas plopped down on our beach towel between Anna and me. He had a guitar in hand. He asked us what we wanted to hear and we both answered in unison, ?The sound of silence?. We laughed, but then I wanted to hear a beach boy song and made that request. The young man tuned his guitar and started singing surfer girl quite well actually. He sang several beach boy songs and then requested some beverage. I took a cup from the cooler and filled it to the top with my special recipe. I handed it to him and he drank it down in about four gulps. He noticed that Anna was getting a little red on her backside and offered to reapply some sunscreen. Anna shocked the hell out of me by agreeing. The young fellow introduced himself as Will. He tossed his guitar to the side and grabbed the sunscreen. I watched as Will squirted a large dab of lotion in his hand and began applying it to Anna. He started at her neck, down to her shoulders, down her lower back and then he squirted another large dollop of lotion into hand and crawled over between Anna?s legs. He sat on his knees and reached forward. Will slimed up both hands at began to massage the sunscreen starting at the back of her knees and up her thighs. Will was within an inch of Anna?s crotch, when she let out a sigh. Will continued all the way until he met the junction of her thighs. Will squirted another dab on each of her buttocks and massaged that in as well. Will finished applying sunscreen to Anna?s lower legs and then took a seat between us again.

Will spoke to me. He said, mamm, your front is getting a little red too. I laughed, oh no you don?t big boy. Anna chimed in, let him Beth. What the hell, go ahead Will, I surrender. As I lay there tits to the sun, this young man went through his mixing ritual and laid his coated hands on my face. He applied lotion from my forehead and headed lower. After my shoulders were thoroughly coated, Will loaded up his hands again and tried to maneuver discreetly around my breasts. Anna piped up and said those are getting red too. With that Will began massaging my breasts with his lotion covered hands. I just shook my head in disbelief at Anna. I enjoyed the attention Will gave to my belly, but when he reloaded his palms, I became tense. I knew the territory that lay ahead. I closed my eyes. Moments later, Will hands dropped upon my thighs. He massaged the lotion up and down, outside and then his fingers found my inner thighs. It excited me as his fingertips approached my crotch. Wills thumbs bumped against my vagina. I didn?t move. I didn?t open my eyes. Will didn?t change locations either. He kept pressing his thumbs against my thong covered vagina. I lay there in silence, enjoying this procedure. Will got brave on one of his strokes and pushed my thong to the side. I lurched forward and grabbed his hand. No Will, not here in public. Anna laughed out loud. Anna booed me and told me not to be such a prude. I glared at her. Will had moved on to my knees and lower legs, but was soon back about my thong. The crowds had thinned as it was about six pm. I looked around and said go ahead Will. Knock yourself out. Will pushed my thong to the side exposing my labia and vagina. I felt his fingers playing about and then plunging inside my hole. I jumped in shock, but lay back down. Will began finger fucking me. I kept my eyes closed. The lotion stung my vagina but subsided in a short time. I opened my thighs a bit wider and Will continued. Will was hitting all of the right spots and I couldn?t contain my public orgasm. A cheer from a gathering crowd of coeds arose as I moaned with an exploding orgasm. Anna clapped for me.

I demanded that Anna receive the same treatment as I re-covered my vagina with my thong. A beautiful young bikini clad brunette coed threw her hand in the air and shouted, I want to do it! The crowd gathered around tightly, protecting the view of this debauchery from the public eye. The young lady said Hi, I?m Heather. She dropped down between Anna?s legs and peeled off Anna?s thong. Heather took no time in invading Anna?s vagina with her beautifully manicured fingers. Anna did not flinch. It was like she was waiting for her orgasm to come. Just minutes into the finger fucking, Heather raised Anna?s knees and dropped her mouth onto Anna?s crotch. Another cheer arose from the surrounding crowd. In moments, Anna was gasping and moaning through a powerful orgasm. Will had moved behind me and was rubbing my shoulders.

After Anna had recovered and the crowd had cleared, Anna put her thong back on and we gathered our things. We both gave Will and Heather a goodbye kiss and headed to our condo. Anna and I shed our bikinis in the hallway of our condo. I washed them out in the bathroom sink and hung them up on the shower rod to dry. We walked around naked for awhile sipping the last of the cocktail of the day. I was impressed by Anna?s tight little body and complimented her. She replied, I wish I had your tits. Anna went to shower. It wasn?t long before I heard Anna calling me. I walked into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back. Anna begged, can you help me get this damn lotion off my back? I climbed into the shower and scrubbed her back with a soapy washcloth. Anna took the cloth from me and started washing me. It got playful from there. We giggled and washed each other squeaky clean.

After we got out of the shower and dried, Anna suggested that we go naked as much as possible for the week. I agreed to her request. We prepared and ate our supper naked. I poured two glasses of wine and we sat out on our balcony overlooking the pool. It was after sunset and the only illumination came from the pool light below. There was a Tiki Bar beside the pool. The whole pool area was filled with drunken coeds. A voice pierced the chaos below. It was Will. Will screamed, Hi Beth, Hi Anna! He stood there waving like a fool. The whole crowd erupted into Hi Beth, Hi Anna! We raised our wine glasses to them oblivious to the fact that we were naked.

Anna took our empty wine glasses inside for a refill. She returned with two glasses of wine and a two headed dildo. I gasped what the hell, Anna? Anna laughed at me again. Isn?t this an improvement over the wine bottle? Anna sat down beside me. She teased me by giving the toy a blowjob. I laughed at her. Anna knelt down in front of me with her toy and chided, open wide! I was feeling warm under the influence of the wine and succumbed to her playfulness. I scooted forward in my chair and parted my thighs. Anna played about my vagina with her toy. It was about sixteen inches long and as broad as a soda can. The toy wouldn?t go inside because of the angle, so I stood and leaned over the balcony railing. This time the dildo slipped past my opening and advance deep inside me. I held on to the railing and bent over further as Anna attempted to back into the other end of the toy. We ended up on our knees ass to ass. We both swayed to and fro fucking ourselves with this tool of pleasure. The crowd below was busy with their own pursuits and we were alone above the crowd.

I orgasmed twice to Anna?s once. We sat back in our chairs and finished our wine. I was tipsy with wine and we staggered back inside. Anna led me to her bedroom and we both collapsed on the bed in the darkness. Anna embraced me and instinctively, our lips fell together. She kissed me so passionately. Our legs entwined and we made out like teenagers. Anna straddled me and I felt her lips upon my nipple. I writhed in ecstasy as she bit gently. I felt her breasts brushing across my belly. I was so turned on! When Anna proceeded lower, I shuttered with anticipation. Anna ate me like I had never been eaten before. I wanted to taste her and I wrestled her for that position. When my tongue met her vagina, a bitter musky beautiful flavor invaded my tongue. I devoured her with my tongue. It was two am before we fell asleep in drunken exhaustion.

We awakened the next morning in each other?s arms. We agreed that the nudity rule was in effect. Minimal clothing was required in public. We spent an uneventful day at the beach in a new pair of bikinis we purchased from the next door surf shop. That evening, we decided to go out to the local club for some dancing. We agreed that I would dress her and she would dress me. I chose a pair of Daisy Dukes and a skimpy sheer halter top for Anna. She chose a short denim skirt for me and a bikini top. When I leaned forward in front of the hall mirror, I could see my vagina from the rear. I couldn?t believe we were going out like this. We both finished off our sexy look with four inch heels.

The club was just a half block from our condo so we walked. We had several offers for rides, but we refused. As we approached the club, we could see a line of coeds around the corner. I grabbed Anna by the hand and we marched right up to the velvet rope. The bouncer was a fiftyish huge specimen of a man. He looked us over and motioned us through to the jeers of the crowd. There was standing room only, but some young gentlemen took pity on us and offered their stools to us. The drink offers were constant. We were both getting drunk. Our dance card was full as well. Somehow, I ended up in an elevated cage. The bouncer gave me a wink when he closed the cage door. I was dancing my ass off. I neglected to comprehend the view from down below.

When I returned to the table Anna was missing. I inquired of my table mates as to her whereabouts. They pointed at a door across the dance floor. I made my way through the crowd and opened the door. Inside were a couple of billiard tables. A crowd of young men were gathered around one of the tables. I squeezed through the wall to find Anna naked on the table with her legs dr*ped over the side. She was being fucked hard by a well endowed young black man. Her abdomen and breasts and face were splattered with cum. The young man tensed and cum shot out of Anna?s vagina onto the young man?s pubes. Anna yelled Next!

Another young man took his position while others stroked their cocks and launched forth their cum anywhere on Anna?s body they could reach. I asked Anna if she was ok and she replied Hell yeah! I felt hands all over me and I was hoisted into the air laid on the other billiard table. My legs were positioned over the edge of the table just like Anna. My clothes disappeared. I didn?t fight. Whatever crossed my mind. A giant of a young man unzipped his jeans and released the largest cock I had ever seen. I repositioned to accommodate him. It hurt so good as his cock stretched me open. I looked around and there were cocks everywhere. I felt a splattering of cum across my breasts. From that moment forward, the cum flew at me from everywhere. A monstrous black cock appeared at my lips. I sucked it in and proceeded to blow the young stud. The cock suddenly jerked and five large streams of cum sprayed into my mouth. By now, I was three studs into my gangbang. Cum flowed out of my vagina and down my ass. I was covered from head to toe with cum. One of the guys gave me a bottle of beer and I chugged it down between blowjobs. I lost count of how many guys I had blown and how many had fucked me. Last call rang out from the club p.a. system. I collected my cum covered clothes from the billiard table and dressed myself. Anna was in process of doing the same. The bouncer came in and led us to his car. He took us back to our condo. We showered and scrubbed each other. We douched several times. We both collapsed on Anna?s bed.

The next morning, we awoke and swore never to do that again! My legs ached. My vagina was throbbing. Anna and I spent the rest of the week at the beach and in our condo. After a day of rest from the gangbang, we made love again. I will never forget the week with Anna in my arms. We returned home to find our houses littered with beer cans and glitter covered crusty clothes in the hamper. We agreed not to pry if our husbands didn?t. They both agreed with great fervor. Best friends forever Anna and Beth

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