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Some Like it Hot

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This has to be the hottest day on record I thought as I got out of my car, grabbed my bags and opened the door. I was looking forward to that blast of cool air from the central air. I was in a for a rude awakening; however, as I walked in and felt the stifling heat from the house being locked up all day. It felt like a sauna. Oh no, I thought, we must have turned the air off and forgot to turn it on again. I dropped my purse and bags and checked the controls and noticed the setting was in the on position. I turned it off and on again and waited. Nothing. There?s no way ? I thought ? this can?t be happening. I called Rod and he told me to call a repair shop right away because in this heat there was probably going to be a lot of calls.

I ran to my computer and started calling around. I finally found a place that could send a guy within the hour. I quickly had a cool shower and threw on a sundress. The cool water didn?t do much as before long I once again had glowing skin from the heat and humidity. I put my hair up to try to stay as cool as possible and poured myself a drink with lots of ice. I grabbed an extra ice cube and ran it along my neck feeling the quickly melting ice drip down my chest.

I sat at my computer with a fan blowing full blast at my face and thought it was a great time to write another story. The heat has always been a turn on for me, sweaty bodies, few clothes and cool sheets ? the thought made me squirm in my chair. I began to write and was a few paragraphs in when the doorbell rang ? oh man I thought ? I was really getting into my newest slutty creation.

I went to the door and invited the repairman in. His eyes seemed to fall to my chest which made me glance down and I realized that the melted ice I used to cool myself off had moistened the front of my dress and with the fan on me it made my nipples cool and hard. I cleared my throat and he looked up at me again and said he?d better get to work. He asked to see the control panel for the a/c unit and seeing it was at the correct setting he asked to look at the furnace itself. I lead him to the basement and left him to his work. I went and poured myself another cold drink and figured I may as well continue my writing. About 15 minutes went by and he called to me. I was happy thinking it was working again but no such luck.

?Good news is I found the problem ? bad news is I don?t have the part with me. We have one in the shop so one of the other guys is going to bring it over on his way home.? I thanked him as I knew he was staying late in order to get the a/c running. He said it wasn?t a problem. ?Would you like a cold drink?? I asked and he said ?please and thank you.?

I motioned for him to come up to the kitchen and asked if he wanted water or a beer. He said he wasn?t supposed to drink on the job. I respected that and poured him a tall glass of water with ice and, once again, replenished my drink. As I gave him his glass I couldn?t help but notice his muscular arms. His t-shirt was drenched from the heat and clung to his body. I started to think this repair was going to help me to create an even better story.......

It wasn?t long and the doorbell rang. I opened the door to 2 more repairmen. ?It must be a big part that I need? I said with a chuckle. They both smiled and said they had to bring a couple of extra tools as well in order to get the job done. They came in and the 3 of them went down to the basement. I was happy I was going to have a cool house again very soon.

?Ma?am? I heard coming from downstairs. ?Yes? I called back. ?Can you please come down here for a minute?? ?On my way? I said and was hoping nothing more had gone wrong. ?What is it?? I asked as I walked into the room. They said they needed to show me something so I made my way over to the furnace. It was in a little cubby hole off the laundry room. One of the guys was in beside the furnace and I went to see what was going on. It was a very closed in space so our bodies touched as we inspected the furnace. I couldn?t see what he was talking about and he told me to look further around the corner (where he was). I ended up sandwiched between him and the furnace and I could feel the heat from his chest on my back and his sweat was dripping down on my neck. Normally that would be anything but exciting but there was something incredibly hot about being next to a hard working, sweaty man as our overheated bodies were glistening in the glow of the flashlight. ?I don?t know what I?m looking for? I said and he said ?It?s fixed. That?s what I wanted to show you.?

?Oh thank you!? I said ?You guys rock!? ?You make us rock? he said ?rock hard that is.? ?I beg your pardon?? I said although I knew exactly what he was talking about. He pushed his body against mine and his rock hard cock pressed against me. His arms came around my waist and reached up to my chest. He cupped my breasts and I knew my nipples were getting hard from the manipulation. Then I felt his 5 o?clock shadow rubbing against my neck, gently nuzzling, and making shivers go up my back. I pulled myself away and told him I would get my credit card so they could be on their way. At this point he told me they didn?t have the machine for the credit or debit card. ?Well I?m out of cheques and don?t have any cash? I said. I told him I would bring a cheque to the office within the week and he said he had to get payment that night and asked what I could give them in trade for the work. I told him I had nothing of value and one of the others said ?I beg to differ. I see something we would love to take in trade.?

I said I didn?t like where this was going and I turned to walk away. I felt hands grab my arms and I struggled to get free but they were much stronger than me. I was turned around and forced against the wall and a hot, hard body was pushing against me and said he wasn?t leaving without being paid for his work. He looked into my eyes and before I could say anything he pushed his mouth to mine and kissed me, forcing his tongue in my mouth, and his hand reached between us and grabbed my breast and then pulled back and his mouth found my nipple and began licking and sucking and lightly biting it. It?s like he knew what I liked. I started to say stop but a hand was placed over my mouth and then someone had found a pair of panties in my laundry basket and shoved it in my mouth. I struggled but could not get away. ?We put in a lot of time and effort today? he said ?and we believe that you should do as we say for the next couple of hours. You work for us the same amount of time as we worked for you. With that they pulled me upstairs and grabbed the extra tool box the other 2 guys had brought with them. ?Now you will see what we meant about needing to bring more tools?

My eyes went wide as he opened the box. He grabbed what appeared to be a leash and placed it around my neck. I had no choice but to do as they said since I was now gagged and on a leash and obviously at their mercy. They told me to kneel in front of them and one of the guys left the room. He came back and said ?you guys should see this.? They pulled the leash and I had no choice but to follow them in a crawl ? I was so humiliated and embarrassed. They had gone into my computer room and found the story I was writing. OMG I thought to myself. They can?t read that!!!! But it was too late. They looked at me and said ?Did YOU write this?? I just gave them a dirty look and they smiled and kept reading. ?Well, well? one of them said ?quite the creative little thing aren?t you? Lots and lots of good ideas here. Maybe we should try some of them......hey? Starting with this one........? and with that he grabbed the panties out of my mouth and unzipped his jeans and shoved his cock in my mouth. I gagged and he told me to relax and do the job right. He pulled back a bit and I just sat there but then he said I better do a good job or they might try some of the other ideas in my story. I grabbed his cock and I started stroking it and licked the moist tip and looked up at him. He was looking at me and I could tell he was enjoying the treat as his eyes were closing and his head was bobbing back and forth so I could see he was close to orgasm. I felt him pulsating in my mouth so I pulled him out and made sure he came all over my chest. The other 2 were watching and one of them said ?oh yes, you like men to cum all over you don?t you slut? Your stories tell a lot about you.? He grabbed the leash and pulled me to my feet. His strong hand forced my legs apart and he could feel how wet I was and let me know it too. He put his mouth to my ear and said ?so, you want a gang bang you horny little slut? Hmmmm? Is that what you want?? I shook my head but he looked at me and said ?your eyes tell a different story and so does your pussy. You?re so wet you probably want me to fuck you right now. Don?t you?? I started to say no and he pulled on the leash and led me to the bedroom. He made me lay down and he straddled me and I could feel my legs being spread and my feet being tied to the bed posts. I was nervous and scared but so incredibly turned on. He had read my story, my innermost feelings, my sexual desires, and he was planning on having me act them out. My head was spinning as so many things were happening at once. The guy straddling me was sucking my nipples and pinching in between kissing my lips and my neck and my ears and at the same time I felt someone running their hands up my legs ? getting higher and higher and I could feel my pussy aching to be touched. The guy straddling me must have noticed my faster heart rate and said to be patient and that everything would happen in due time. My body was on fire, and then I noticed the 3rd guy had gotten completely naked and was stroking his cock and he kneeled on the bed beside my face, grabbed my head and turned it and he fucked my mouth with his stiff manhood. I was really into it this time and could hear myself moaning as I licked the tip and tasted his wetness, all the while feeling myself getting more and more aroused at the thought of these 3 men taking control of me and my body. All of a sudden I felt warm breath hitting my pussy and I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I jumped when I felt his soft, wet, warm, wiggling tongue touch me for the first time. His licks were light at first and as I responded to the touch he started going faster and then as he was licking and sucking I felt his fingers entering me and he was a master at his art as he found my g-spot and began finger fucking me and licking and sucking my clit. I was unable to concentrate on the blow job I was trying to give so that guy started stroking his cock and watching me get out of control as someone was straddling and teasing me and another was working my pussy to cause me to have the most intense orgasm of my life. The guy between my legs started gagging himself as I squirted with a lot of force into his face and he pulled back so the guy stroking his cock exploded all over my mouth and face and I opened my mouth hoping to taste and swallow his cum as I was making someone do the same to me. I felt another wave coming on and I squirted again and this time someone shoved their big, hard cock into my pussy and I came all over his cock at which point he let out a holler and he came inside me. The guy straddling me had had enough by now and he jumped off of me, untied my legs and forced me onto my hands and knees on the bed and he came behind me and shoved his cock into me and another cock was forced into my mouth so I had 2 cocks at once which has always been one of my ultimate fantasies and I said ?Yes! Yes! Harder! Deeper!? and they both obliged and my mouth and my pussy were filled to the rim as the guy behind me reached around and played with my nipples and as he came inside me I could feel and hear his balls slapping against me and that sound made me cum again and his cock was soaked from the both of us. This caused the guy fucking my mouth to cum and he held his cock inside my mouth so I had to swallow every drop.

We all fell to the bed, sweating and panting, fluids covering our bodies from head to toe. I turned to look at the original repairman that came to fix my air conditioner that day and asked if they would come back in winter to service the furnace............and me.

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