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Six Guys

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?Man, am I bored,? Kevin says, looking over at his wife Misty sitting in her chair.

?You wanna go somewhere?? she asks him.

?I don?t know, is there anything you want to do today??

?Not really.?

Kevin gets out of his chair and sits down at their computer, bringing up yahoo and signing in as cplnphenixcity, hoping to find a few guys that would like to come over to the house, drink a few beers, and maybe be entertained by Misty.

Misty gets up and stands behind Kevin, watching as he talks to a couple of guys on the internet, telling them how sexy his wife is and how she likes to be naked for guys.

?I guess you want me to change,? she says, already thinking about a couple different see thru outfits she could put on.

?Nope, but you can take you clothes off,? Kevin doesn?t look up; concentrating on the im he is typing.

Misty goes upstairs to their bedroom, as she takes off her clothes she wonders how many guys Kevin will invite over. After she is naked she goes into the bathroom to brush her hair, looking at her naked body in the mirror. Her nipples are already hard, and she can feel the heat from her pussy, thoroughly aroused knowing soon Kevin will make her fuck and suck other guys hard cocks.

Ever since Kevin returned from deployment he has made Misty do many things she never in her life thought she would do. He has made her wear completely revealing clothes to bars, showing off her tits and pussy to any guy that seems interested. He has made her give blow jobs in a parking lot, screw guys bent over the hood of cars or in their house. Everything they have done has seemed to make not just their sex life but their marriage better, both enjoying every sex act with the many different people.

Misty walks back downstairs, stopping at the bottom of the steps and watching kevin pick up the few items their girls had left strewn around the living room. He looks up, noticing her standing there.

?Damn babe, you are so sexy,? he says, looking at her naked body.

He walks to her, taking her tits into his hands and squeezing them. ?You like being my little sex slave, don?t you??

?You know I do, anything you want,? Misty closes her eyes, enjoying Kevin?s hands on her tits.

Misty sighs and raises one leg as Kevin runs his hands between her legs, the tips of her toes on the floor. He slides his fingers between her already moist pussy lips, teasing her.

?Oh god,? moans Misty as Kevin?s hand presses against her clit.

?Damn babe, I think you are really looking forward to this,? says Kevin teasingly.

In response Misty moans again, Kevin?s fingers continuing to tease her clit. She reaches down to press Kevin?s hand tighter against herself, her body on the verge of releasing the pleasure of her orgasm.

?Oh yes, oh yes,? repeats Misty as her orgasm sends waves of pleasure coursing thru her body.

Kevin removes his hand, once again playing with Misty?s tits. ?Now it?s my turn.? Kevin pushes down on Misty?s shoulders, putting her on her knees.

Misty undoes Kevin?s pants, pulling them to the floor, his erect cock in front of her. She wraps her fingers around it, slowly stroking him as she looks up at his face, seeing the pleasure her touch causes. Leaning forward she licks his cock from the base to the tip of its swollen head. She swirls her tongue around the head, then concentrates at the point just below it, knowing how sensitive it is to Kevin. After teasing him for a few minutes she takes his hard cock into her mouth, simultaneously sucking and licking it, knowing how much he enjoys cumming in her mouth. Her head moves back and forth faster as she sucks his throbbing dick, her hands move to his balls, squeezing and playing with them. As Kevin?s cock swells in her mouth she takes all of it into her, his cum shoots to the back of her throat, sliding down into her. She swallows all of him, enjoying his taste, knowing how much she has pleased him makes her feel good, wanting him to enjoy every moment of sex they have together.

Misty keeps Kevin?s cock in hr mouth until he is soft, continuing to tease it with her tongue. As he steps back from her she stands up, kissing him deeply, not caring that he can probably taste himself on her.

?Man I love that,? says Kevin as he pulls his pants back up.

?I know, and I love doing it for you,? replies Misty, really pleased that she has made him so happy.

Kevin walks into the spare bedroom, returning with her dildo, which they both affectionately call Blue. He directs her to the chair by the computer, telling her to put her feet on the ottoman and spread her legs.

Kevin hands Misty Blue. ?When they get here, I think the first thing they should see is you fucking Blue.?

Misty sits down in the chair like Kevin instructed, pulling the ottoman close to make sure her legs are spread wide for the guys coming over. She turns on Blue, running it across her tits, making her nipples standout ever further, then Kevin watches with a smile on his face as she slowly trails Blue down her body, letting its head brush against her swollen clit.

Misty?s legs shake as Blue vibrates against her clit, sending burst of pleasure thru her pussy. She loves using Blue, almost as much as having a guys cock in her, but not quite as much. She slowly works the dildo into her pussy, as the portion that is called the beaver tongue touches her clit she moans, the intensity of the vibrations driving her pussy wild with sensation.

Kevin places his hand over Misty?s, pulling Blue from her pussy. Misty opens her eyes, the disappointment visible in them.

?Maybe you should wait until our guest get here,? Kevin tells her.

?I guess,? Misty shuts Blue off as she agrees, not wanting to but doing as Kevin tells her, like always.

?Don?t be sad MJ, you know how much it turns guys on to watch you,? says kevin, smiling down at her.

?I know, I just really like it.?

Kevin opens the curtains, wanting to be able to see when their guest arrive, and also knowing whoever drives by will be able to see Misty sitting naked at the computer. They talk for a little while then Kevin goes into the kitchen, returning with a couple of Lemon Drops for Misty, one of her favorite drinks.

?Here babe,? he says, handing Misty her drinks, then going to the fridge in the laundry room to get a beer for himself.

They toast to the fun they are going to have, then Misty finishes all three of the shot glass size drinks Kevin brought her.

?Alright, we have company,? Kevin remarks, looking out the window at the driveway.

He walks up the stairs and opens the front door, watching as four guys climb from the parked vehicle. As the four guys approach the steps another car pulls into the driveway, Kevin sees two more guys; he thinks six is a good number.

They wait until the two guys get out of the vehicle and all reach the steps at the same time.

?Come on in,? says Kevin. ?Misty is downstairs waiting on us.?

Kevin steps to the side and lets the guys into the house, watching as one by one they turn to go down the stairs, then closing the door and following them. All six guys are standing at the entrance to the living room, looking at Misty sitting naked, her legs spread for them to see her pussy.

?Holy shit, this is gonna be fun!? exclaims one of the guys, watching as Misty picks Blue up off the computer desk and turns it on.

Misty teases them almost exactly like she did Kevin with Blue earlier, first running it across her tits, her nipples small and hard, waiting to be touched. Then they watch as she slides Blue down her body, her eyes on the crotches, watching as their cocks grow hard inside the jeans. As the dildo reaches her clit Misty closes her eyes and moans, completely turned on using Blue for her audience.

They all watch as Misty slides Blue down her pussy lips, then as her pussy opens then surrounds blue as she slowly pushes it in, letting the beaver tongue reach her clit, letting out a low, sensual moan as it does. All eyes are staring at her pussy, watching as Blue slides in and out of her, her body shaking each time it brushes against her clit.

Misty starts being more aggressive with the dildo, holding it tight against her, moaning as the beaver tongue works its magic against her clit. Her head tosses back and forth, the sensations becoming too much, she screams out, her legs tightening around her hand holding blue inside of her. They watch as Misty enjoys a very intense orgasm, all their cocks standing rigid inside their pants, wanting to be in Blues place.

After the orgasm has finished coursing thru Misty?s body she slowly pulls Blue from her pussy, watching the guys eyes remain on her, staring at her. She smiles, knowing how turned on everybody is, wanting their hard cocks to fill her, to use her body for their pleasure.

?You guys want a beer?? asks Kevin, already moving towards the laundry room. Returning, he hand a beer to each guy then opens one for himself, looking around at the guys still standing, their eyes glued to Misty naked body.

?You know, she loves to look at naked bodies too,? Kevin tells the guys. ?I bet you could even have her take your pants off for you.

Misty moves from the chair to the floor, crawling to the closest guy she undoes his pants, pulling them to his ankles so he can step out of them. Then watching as he removes his shirt, his hard cock erect, the blood pulsing through it. Misty takes his dick in her hand, then after kissing the head she takes all of it into her mouth, sucking in it as she slides her head back. Once the cock is out of her mouth she moves to the next guy, doing the same to him, tasting his hard cock before moving on to the next one. Kevin watches as Misty strips the six guys, taking each of their cocks into her mouth.

Misty pauses as she pulls down the pants of the last guy, looking at a large thick cock, then stretching her mouth over it, slowly sucking on him, enjoying the fact that his cock completely fills her mouth.

When she has all the guys naked Misty sits back on the floor, supporting herself with her arms; spreading her legs invitingly. She looks at the six hard cocks surrounding her, varying in length and thickness. Misty stares long at the cock that is so large, then she looks up at the guy, smiling, wanting his cock in her pussy, hoping he wants the same thing.

Kevin walks to Misty, looking down at her spread legs, her pussy open for them. He looks up at the guys, introducing his beautiful wife to them, letting them know she will do anything they want her to do.

?I?m John,? says the first guy. Tall with little body fat, his dark hair parted to one side, his cock long but not very thick.

?Oh, Mike here,? says the next, he has short blonde hair, his cock average in length and girth.

?Jerry,? says the third guy, he has a short but extremely thick cock, his dark pubic hair trailing up to his stomach.

?And I?m Bob,? the shortest, stockiest of them tells Misty. She looks at his cock, hard and long, not quite a big as the guy with the huge dick, but close.

?Taylor,? says the guy with the biggest cock, his blue eyes staring at Misty?s exposed and wet pussy.

?Brad,? says the smallest of the six guys, his hand dropping to cover himself, conscience of everybody?s eyes on his cock.

Misty takes her time looking at each of the guys naked bodies, thoroughly enjoying all the hard cock surrounding her. As she looks at Brad he moves his hand from covering himself, smiling, wanting Misty to see his erect dick.

Kevin steps away from Misty, indicating the guys. ?Enjoy her,? he says as he sits in his chair.

Brad drops to the floor, wanting Misty, not being able to hold back. He places his hands on Misty?s knees, spreading her legs further apart, his eyes staring directly at her. He moves down, lowering his head to her, his tongue brushing against her pussy lips. Misty soon discovers what he lacks in cock size is made up with a skilled tongue, he seems to lick her everywhere at once. He starts at the bottom of her pussy, running his tongue up, letting it slip inside of her, licking at her juices. His tongue moves to each pussy lip, sucking them into his mouth and running his tongue across them, then moving further up. As his tongue pushes against Misty?s clit she gasps, the warmth and slight wetness of his tongue sending feelings of pleasure and the desire to cum through her body. He sucks her clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue across it, Misty moans each time he does. He presses his face tight against her pubis, continually licking her clit. Misty?s legs tighten around his head, she arches her back, then as her body shivers in ecstasy she calls out, asking to get fucked, to have all their cocks in her.

After her orgasm subsides Brad pulls his head back, looking at her. ?You liked that, didn?t you,? he states, knowing she did.

?Oh yes,? Misty tells him, slightly out of breath.

Brad moves his body up Misty?s, lowering himself until she can feel his small cock pressed against her pussy.

?Fuck me baby,? Misty whispers in his ear.

He slides his cock into her, his hips moving fast, driving himself in and out of her pussy, his attention totally focused on him now. He places his head against Misty?s shoulder, breathing heavily on her neck. He starts making soft moaning sounds, Misty knows he is going to cum. She wraps her legs around his body, letting him cum inside of her. He slows down after he ejaculates, staying in her for a moment, then he stands up, immediately putting his pants back on, slightly embarrassed.

Brad sits on the couch, looking at Misty but not saying anything, his face still flushed from sex.

?I want you doggie style,? John tells her.

Misty gets on her hands and knees, looking back at him over her shoulder. He kneels behind her, then he slides his long cock into her pussy, enjoying the sensation of her hot, wet lips against him. He slowly slides his cock until just the tip is left inside of her, then just as slowly runs his dick back in. He takes his time, fucking Misty slowly, his eyes never leaving his cock, watching as it fucks her pussy. He is driving Misty wild, wanting him to fuck her hard but not saying anything, letting him enjoy her the way he wants to. He reached down, letting his fingers touch his cock, the spreading them and rubbing her pussy lips while he fucks her. John starts making low sounds, almost moaning but not quite, then he buries his long hard cock in Misty?s pussy, holing it there while he cums, his body jerking each time his cock spills more cum into Misty?s hot pussy.

Jerry takes Johns spot, kneeling behind Misty as soon as John moves away. He presses his thick cock against Misty?s ass, rubbing it against her, then he takes his cock in his hand, dragging the head down Misty?s ass until it is at the opening of her wet pussy. He forces his very thick cock into her, she moans as her pussy stretches open for him. He places his hands on her hips, driving his cock hard into her, closing his eyes and enjoying every stroke of his cock as it travels inside Misty?s pussy. Misty reaches between her legs and rubs her clit, wanting to cover Jerry?s thick cock with her juices.

She feels hands grab her hair, then a cock is forced into her mouth, Mike looking down at her while she starts sucking his cock.

Jerry pounds his body into her as she sucks and licks Mikes cock, the two guys look at each other, smiles on their faces, turned on to both be fucking Misty at the same time. Jerry ponds his body into Misty?s, then cums inside of her as soon as he hears her moaning around Mike cock, her pussy tightening on his cock as she cums.

Jerry pulls his cock from Misty, then watches as she takes Mike?s cock into her hand, stroking it and licking around his head. Misty takes just the head of his dick in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it while she continues to stroke the hard dick. Mike grabs her hair tightly, then forces his cock completely into Misty?s mouth, cumming into her.

?You better swallow all of it,? Mike says, watching her do as he says, taking all his cum into her mouth and then letting him watch her swallow his cum.

Mike steps away from Misty, letting Bob stand in front of her, as she reaches for his cock Bob tells her to stop, he?s going to fuck her, but she has to make him want to. He lies on the floor, telling Misty to play with his cock, make him really want to let her fuck him. She takes his cock in her hand, stroking it, then leans down and licks his balls, then moving her tongue to his cock. Misty licks his shaft up and down its length, not taking it into her mouth, she wants this big cock to fill her pussy. She looks up at Bob, her eyes pleading.

?Please let me fuck you,? Misty begs him. ?Let me ride your awesome cock.?

Bob pulls her on top of him, then watches as she lowers her pussy to his throbbing dick, settling down on him, taking every inch inside her soaked pussy. Misty leans back, working her hips in small circles, then raises and lowers herself, fucking Bob as he just lies there and watches.

?Fuck me Misty, make me cum,? Bob tells her, still watching his cock sliding inside of her.

Misty starts riding him harder, she reaches behind her and plays with his balls, letting her body slam down on top of him. She squeezes his balls, then lets out a scream as her pussy convulses around his dick, her orgasm intense enough to cause her whole body to quiver in ecstasy. She continues riding Bob?s cock, rotating her hips as she raises and lowers on top if him.

?Cum in me, I want to feel your cock cum,? Misty tells Bob, looking into his eyes.

She squeezes his balls again, then holds them tight when she feels his cock jerk, then her pussy is filled with his hot, wet semen, some running out onto her hand and his balls. She rides his cock until it is soft, not wanting to quit, wishing he would stay hard inside of her. Finally, with a sigh Misty climbs off of him, turning to look at Taylor, then smiling when he stands up, his huge cock leading the way to her sexy body.

Taylor stands in front of Misty, looking down at her. ?If you had a choice, how would you fuck me??

Misty looks at the ottoman, then back at Taylor. ?On that,? she says, pointing out the ottoman to him.

Taylor shrugs his shoulders and sits down on the ottoman, looking at Misty, waiting to see exactly what she wants. She stands up, her eyes on his large hard cock as she walks to him.

?Like it, don?t you,? says Taylor, wrapping his fingers around his cock and stroking it while she watches.

?Oh yeah, I want it in me,? replies Misty.

Misty straddles Taylor on the ottoman; he takes her right tit in his mouth as she guides his cock to her pussy. Her pussy spreads wide as his cock enters her, causeing her to moan with pleasure. Taylor bites down on her nipple, pulling her down on top if him at the same time, his cock deep inside her now. Misty starts riding the huge cock, every movement stimulates her pussy, sending waves of pleasure thru her body. She pushes back on Taylor.

?Lay back, force your fucking cock into me,? she pants, squeezing her tits in both hands.

Taylor lays back, raising his hips, forcing every inch of his cock into her, then raising his hips more, holding her weight on himself. Misty screams incoherently, her orgasm so intense it takes her breath away. She keeps squeezing her tits as she cums, not even realizing what is doing it. Her orgasm seems to last forever, her cries of ecstasy loud in the room. She starts riding his cock hard after she cums, placing her hands on Taylor?s chest, their bodies making slapping noises as they come together. She screams out again, her cum flowing onto his cock and balls. He raises his hips hard again, plunging deep inside her, letting her ride his huge cock thru her orgasm.

Panting, Misty tells him, ?Oh my god, fuck me, please fuck me hard.?

Taylor pulls himself to a sitting position, then forces them both on the floor, Misty is now underneath him. He looks down at her, smiling, then rams his cock hard into her pussy, as he drives his hard cock in and out of her Misty whimpers, whether in pleasure or pain it is hard to tell.

?Oh fuck,? says Taylor, slamming his cock hard into Misty then holding it there, his body shaking as he fills her pussy with his cum. Then slowly starts fucking her again, letting the last of his semen empty into her.

Misty moans as Taylor pulls his cock from her pussy, then she reaches down and takes it in her hand, squeezing it, surprised at the weight. He lets her play with him for a while then stands up, his cock hanging limply.

?Oh god that was good,? whispers Misty, lying on the floor, her legs still spread, her eyes closed.

By now the other guys have dressed, Misty rolls onto her stomach, watching Taylor as he tucks his huge cock into his underwear, then slides his pants on.

?We definitely need to do this again,? says Taylor, looking down at Misty, admiring her ass.

?Yes we do,? Misty says as she gets up onto all fours, then slowly stands.

After talking for a few minutes Kevin and Misty walk the six guys to the front door, Kevin leads Misty down the steps to stand on the sidewalk, watching as they get in their cars to leave.

?Have fun sexy?? asks Kevin, looking at his wife.

?It was great,? she replies, waving as the last car pulls away.

They turn together and walk inside, letting the door close behind them.


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