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She Just Loves It!!!

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"Oh, my god, I just love it, sweetie. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much." These words were coming from my wife of 20 years. I could not believe I was hearing her say them. I couldn't even believe where I was, what I was seeing or even if it was all real. Maybe it was a just a dream and I was going to wake up at any time. How had we gotten to this point in our relationship?

Where we were was a hotel room in a very nice downtown Miami hotel. What I was seeing was my wife having sex with total strangers. And YES, it was for real and not a dream.....I was not going to wake up from this experience.

Lying on the bed, totally naked, was my wife, Susan. She held a rather large and very thick cock in her right hand, and was stroking it quite expertly. The owner of that cock was kneeling next to Susan's head and he was about ready to cum all over her beautiful face and body. On her left side was a very handsome black man of about thirty, enjoying the same experience with her left hand. She was doing a great job of bringing each of them to the brink of an orgasm and then holding them off from cuming by slowing her strokes and promising great rewards if they could hold off till she was ready for them to cum. Kneeling on her chest, facing her, was a third stranger. His cock was so long that he would rub it on her breasts and chin and then tease her lips with his cock until she opened her mouth and let him enter with thrusts that sent his cock into the deepest depths of her welcoming throat. And she was loving it. She would take his cock into her mouth and start sucking and licking until he could take no more and would try to withdraw. She would then clamp down on him with her lips, sucking with all her might until he would relax and allow himself to be sucked back into her mouth once again. At one point she pushed him out of her mouth, turned her head toward me and uttered the above words, "Oh my god, I just love this...". She then returned to the cock on her right and started sucking and licking. She would do this for a few minutes and then turn to the cock on her left and repeat the same thing. Several times she would stop sucking and just let out a half moan, half cry of pleasure. Then, "Right there, yes right there, don't stop, don't ever stop doing that, go faster, please go faster". These words she was directing at the fourth stranger who was kneeling on the bed between her open legs. He had pulled her legs up onto his upper thighs and was pulling her onto a very thick cock that was embedded deeply in her pussy. "Fuck me harder, oh god fuck me harder, yes, right there, right there", she continued. Then......"Oh shit, oh shit, I'm cuming, I'm cuming, cum with me, cum inside me, cum on me, cum all over me, oh yes, yes, yes, I'm cuuuuummmming". And with that she let out a scream of pleasure that could be heard by anyone within 100 yards of the room. And right on command three of the four men came also, spurting cum everywhere. The forth man, the one on her right pulled away from her hand and started masturbating as fast as he could. Within a few moments he too let out a groan and emptied a continuous stream of cum onto her face, breasts and into her beautiful naturally red hair. She immediately started to lick the cum off her face and to spread the cum accumulated on her breasts and neck all over her body. Then...."oh my god....."

.....The stranger between her legs must have remained relatively hard after he came, because he immediately started thrusting his cock back into her very wet and very dripping pussy. In reaction, she immediately started pushing back until she was fucking him just as hard and fast as he was fucking her. With each thrust and with each push they both would yell out, as if it were in a women's tennis match. "Uhhh, ahhh, ohhh, yes ! ! !...,", they screamed. Each of the other men had collapsed onto the bed in total exhaustion, but she kept on thrusting herself onto the one hard cock that was now ready to cum again. "Aaahhhhh, I'm cuuuuming again", he said, and with that he let out another agonizing moan as he, too, collapsed onto his side beside Susan. "Oh no you don't", she whispered into his ear, "you're not getting off that easily". And she immediately pulled his limp cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking the juices clinging to it. She then positioned herself so that her wet, dripping pussy was laying on his face and lips. "Now finish the job you started and eat me and suck out all that cum you just put into me" she said. And he did just as she commanded. When he was clean and she had cum again from his eating her pussy, she started licking and sucking his balls. Taking each one into her mouth and sucking on it until he objected in pain. When she was finished and could see he was not going to get hard again, she went back to the other three men and started licking and sucking their cocks in the same way, first one, then another, then another, first their cocks, then their balls. Cleaning up each of them until there was no sign of any cum left and they each were starting to get hard again. She did pay special attention to one of the men. As she licked and sucked the other two men the black stranger started going down on her and eating, licking and sucking on her waiting and empty pussy. At first she started to object then realized that he was very good at what he was doing and she just laid back and enjoyed herself. After a few minutes she started to stir and it was obvious that she was about to cum again. "God that feels so good and your tongue is so long and so thick and it is hitting all the right places. How did you ever learn to do that?" Then she came. There was no warning, no announcements and no prelude. She just let out another loud scream and came with a violent shudder.

After a few moments of rest she looked at him and his growing cock and said she wanted to return the favor. As she licked and sucked his cock and balls he became instantly hard. What once had been a respectable 6-6 1/2 inch, fairly average cock continued to grow larger as she sucked on his balls and stroked his black cock. She immediately recognized this and said to him, "My god is that thing ever going to stop getting bigger?" "Not as long as you're sucking on my balls, it won't", he mumbled. "Oh my god I love it, I love your cock. Fuck me hard with it, please." she said as she continued to suck on his balls and stroke his growing cock. With each suck of his balls he would wince in pain and grow larger. Finally, she realized he wasn't getting any bigger or thicker and she rose up and displayed his cock to the rest of the men in the room. It was huge, thick and very black. "Do you guys believe the size of this man's cock? I just love it. And now he is going to fuck the shit out of me with it. OK? Let's go", she said. And she rolled onto her back and pointed her heels toward the ceiling. "I think I'm wet enough even for that monster, so lets see if I can take it all, babe". He immediately rolled between her legs and started to insert his giant cock into her wet and waiting pussy. As he started to enter her, she looked like a rag doll being ravaged by a man three times her size. He pulled her into position next to his waiting cock and began to enter her dripping pussy. "Careful now", she said, "exactly how big are you?" "Well, somewhere between 10 and 11 inches, the last few times the girls measured", he said. "but I'll go slow and easy until you decide if this is going to work for you", he continued. "I don't want to hurt you." What did you mean when you said 'the girls?' "Well, I usually fuck two or three girls at a time, just to make sure I'm satisfied", he said. And with that he slid slowly into and out of her pussy until she was taking it all and was screaming with every gentle thrust. Finally, she yelled, "Oh my god, oh my god. oh my god, you are so big and so thick, you're just filling me up and I can feel your entire cock inside me. I just love your cock. Now, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, and don't you dare stop until I cum all over your beautiful, black cock." And fuck her he did for about a half hour of continuous fucking. She must have come five times in that half hour. Each was stronger and more violent than the time before. Finally she screamed out "You have to stop, I can't take it any more, please stop" then "O H F U C K I'M C U M I N G, cum with me, cum in me ....fill me one last time with your hot cum.....aaahhhhgggg......". And they both came together in a tangle of thrusts and screams and moans, as her nails dug deep into his muscular back and shoulders, and then nothing. They both lay quietly and very still for several minutes. Neither of them moving or uttering a sound. It was at this time that I realized that the other two other men in the room and I were all just staring at them, as they lay collapsed on the bed.

Finally, Susan stirred. Realizing his cock was still in her pussy she looked down at her crotch and started to pull away. His cock was not hard or thick now but it had lost none of its length. As she moved to pull away his cock just kept coming out and coming out of her. Finally, it withdrew totally, all 10-11 inches of it. As it slid out of her and onto the bed she just starred at it. "WOW" she muttered, "that was in me and it felt fantastic". She reached down and took the limp, but very long, black cock into her mouth and cleaned it up. The licking and sucking did nothing to stir him from his position on the bed. He continued to remain motionless and quiet. Then, "That was fantastic, best fuck ever. You are an unbelievable woman. WOW.....what else can I say?" he said. But Susan was not finished with him and she told him so. "Now don't move" she ordered. "I'm not done with you and that gorgeous cock just yet". And with that she scooped up some cum from the bed sheets, rubbed it onto his cock and began stroking him back to life. "You're going to cum one more time, right into my mouth. Now just lay back and relax and enjoy this". She continued stroking and sure enough his cock started to respond. Her hand at first slid up and down in slow, gentle strokes then, the strokes became faster and longer and firmer. The more she stroked, the more he and his cock reacted. First her right hand did the stroking, then her left, then both. At times she would stop stoking and slide her mouth down onto his growing cock. At times she would take his balls into her mouth, just as before, while continuing to stoke him. And the effect was the same as before, as his already large cock continued to increase in length and thickness. Finally, as she was stoking with both hands as fast as she could he groaned and lifted his body off the bed, thrusting his cock into the air while pulling her head down to meet his thrust. Susan immediately took his hard cock into her mouth and began sliding her mouth up and down on it. His thrusts and the up and down sliding of her mouth on his cock quickly caused him to shout out "I'm going to cum again". And with that he held her head down onto his now very wet and very hard cock and emptied his cum into mouth with several gigantic thrusts and yells. At first she jerked her head back, but as he continued to shoot his cum into her mouth she relaxed and swallowed what she could. The rest she let drip from the corners of her mouth onto his legs and stomach. After he finished cuming and she finished swallowing all she could, they both collapsed, once again, onto the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity, Susan bent over and licked the remaining cum from his legs, stomach and cock. She then wiped her mouth and face with a nearby wash cloth and walked over to where I was sitting and said, "Well.....what do you think of that? Today was the most amazing, incredible, fantastic, sexy and exciting day I think I have ever had. I can't tell you how much I love the feel of a man's cock and balls in my hands and mouth and buried in my pussy. It is an indescribable feeling that I just love. Thank you for allowing me to experience this with you watching. So....what do you really think, honey?" My response was slow and deliberate in coming. "Well.....I guess I'm just waiting to wake up. And if I don't and this is for real, then I think I agree with your assessment in every way."

Now back to my initial statements. "I couldn't even believe where I was, what I was seeing or even if it was all real. Maybe it was just a dream and I was going to wake up at any time. How had we gotten to this point in our relationship?" These were all good questions that need answers. But right then I was about to enjoy the most incredible sex, with my beautiful, sexy and very happy wife, that we had ever had. She was so hot, so excited, so wet and wanted me to fuck her so badly, that I only hoped I could keep up with her and not disappoint her. The answers to those questions could wait.

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