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Sexy Property Queen - A Whole Lot More

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Sexy Property Queen ? A lot more I was going to text her that night but didn't. Did not want to let her know just how hooked I was on her juices. After the threesome I would have done anything to keep this going.

She was such a dirty girl and loved being that way, you could tell. I mean I had seen three ways in porn but to be there and see this check take a dick in her pussy like that while taking one down her throat, see her ass stretched with a dick and have mine stretch her pussy at the same time. She just loved it.

The next morning I got a text from her.

Sexy - Did you enjoy it?

Me- Most fun I've had Sexy - were you surprised by the other guy?

Me - Yes Sexy - Should I include you next time I need more than one glue stick, wink, wink.

Me- Yes Sexy - what if I need more than 2 glue sticks Me- do not want to miss it Sexy - I'll let you know Me - Coming by today?

Sexy - Nope, not coming by you today, anyway. Wink, wink

She was getting naughty and dirty, the way she talked and texted. Even what she wore seems to show her horny side I guess. Showed more and really liked the attention. I wondered if she left the house that way or did she dress for us sometimes. Not sure how I would like it if my wife was dressing like that out. Of course dressing out like that was probably the least of it right?

For a couple of weeks it was just back to work. Yeah we flirted and she showed off but she never asked if she could do anything for me and she never asked me to look at a property. I was thinking the fun was over when after another week or so she sent me a text.

Sexy - I need you to look at a property for me Me - Sure Sexy - I think there are a lot of leaks Me - Too many for one glue stick Sexy - way too many Me - When Sexy - Today at 2:00 Sexy - try not to be late, we'll start without you Me - I'll be there Sexy - ummm...good. I want your glue. Bye Me - Bye

I'd be stopping work early today. It was the same property as last time. I guess when she needed more than one this was her place to use.

For the next couple of hours I did my best to get work done but I saw her sweet ass everywhere. And I was working on the water pipes. All I could think about was how she squirted when she came.

Finally it was time for me to head over to check things out. I got there about 5 minutes early. I started up the steps when there was another guy right behind me.

Guy - here to check the property out Me - yeah Guy - should be fun Me - yeah

I mean what do you say right?

The door was already opened a little and when I stepped inside she was right there. Sitting on her bench facing the door. Some heels, a bustier that let her tits hang out and a white boy shorts. When she spread her legs I could see they were crotch less.

When I looked around I could see another 5 guys there plus me made 6 and the one behind me 7. There were no curtains. She was right there when you walked in and anyone outside who looked in could watch. And maybe with this chick join in.

After the guy came in behind me. She told him to shut the door.

Sexy - I see you are all here to check the property out Sexy - The rules are simple, just listen to what I tell you to do, otherwise you get thrown out by the others cause it all stops when anyone does not listen.

Sexy - Got it?

Us - yes Sexy - I hope you don't mind watching me play a little first to get myself wet.

Sexy - Then I'll call you over. My holes are all open. If you want to fuck my pussy or ass you can but you need to wear protection. No exceptions.

Sexy- if you want to cum on me, then cum on me. My mound, my ass, my tits, my face... they all love cum Sexy - but remember I love to swallow, so if I tell you to fill my mouth, cum in my mouth

With that she got up and walked over to turn some music on. She walked by each one of us and ran her hands up and down our hard ons. When she got to the last guy she took his hand and led him over to the bench. She took his pants and underwear off.

Sexy - Sit down

With that she took a little oil and rubbed it on her tits, across her ass, and deep inside her pussy. She wiggled her ass in front of this guy. Giving him a lap dance. She was grinding her ass on his dick. He seemed ready to pop right then. I saw her lean into him and whisper. I guess she told him she would e sucking him off. Cause he smiled.

She bent over to take his dick into her mouth and gave us a great view of that ass. While she was sucking his dick she took one hand around to her ass and began to play with her hole. We could all watch while she made this guys dick disappear down her throat and she would keep it there for a while. All the time sticking a finger in and out of her ass. Finally she came up for air and looked around.

Sexy - I think I'm wet enough Sexy - I know I am hungry enough Sexy - get you pants off guys

With that she turned around and took this guy deep again. She started fucking him with her mouth. He grabbed her head and started pushing her head down onto his dick. Now he was fucking her mouth and you could see him pop. He came in her mouth and she showed all of us his load.

She moaned when she swallowed and smiled to all of us.

She walked around and grabbed the one guy by his dick, then grabbed the guy next to him as well. She lay on the bench. Who wants to start in my mouth and who wants my pussy?

She took the one guy and licked his dick and then put a condom on it. She laid back and spread her legs. He got between her legs and slid his dick inside of her. She grabbed the other guy and pulled him to her mouth. She had her head off the bench and he could fuck her face like it was her pussy and buy did he. The other guy was just slowly sliding his dick in and out. She just wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in and started bucking like a little slut. The guy in her mouth did not last too long and came. Filling her mouth. She smiled and showed us his load. She licked his dick clean.

She pointed to two other guys and just like before licked their dicks, slid a wrapper on them and then positioned herself. She had the one guy lay down and she sat on top of him. She started pumping him up and down. I was watching her tits bounce as she slammed back down on him each time. She was playing with her hair, almost seemed a little out of it. Caught up in the sex I guess. Finally we all heard her

Sexy - I'm cumming, oh fucking yes, yes She was bouncing up and down on him until she lifted up a little a squirted all over his body. The she bounced back down on him and shoved his dick back in her.

Another minute and

Sexy - fuck, yes, fuck yes.....

And she stood up and squirted all over him again. This time she put his dick back inside of her and told the other guy to fuck her ass. He took his time or wanted to.

Sexy- fuck my ass, don't play. Ram that dick in my ass now.

Sexy- yeah, all yeah. fuck me boys. fuck me hard, fill my holes

She looked and the third guy and opened her mouth. Stuck her tongue out and he knew. He put the head of his cock to her mouth and she made it disappear. There she was with a dick pounding her ass, another fucking her pussy and another one in her mouth.

She came up for air and told us to get our dicks over to her. She had some hands to stroke them with. A little oil on my dick and there she was....

pussy being fucked, ass being fucked, face being fucked, stroking my dick and another, her arms pulled to the side, the guy fucking her mouth holding her head so he could really fuck it, the guy in her pussy squeezing her tits and sucking on them and the guy fucking her ass, smacking the hell out of it.

Just imagine that sight. I do not know how long passed but the guy doing her ass wanted a blowjob and he pulled his dick out. I put a condom on and stuffed my cock up her ass. She turned and smiled. I just pulled her hair back. The guy in her mouth started stroking his dick, while the other one put his dick in her mouth. She was stuffed again. She took the guy out of her mouth long enough to finish jacking the one guy off. He came on her tits and she just rubbed it in. And licked him clean. Cock back in her mouth she was happy again.

It wasn't long before the guy came in her mouth. He seemed to cum and cum because she had trouble swallowing it all. She just laughed a little and grinned as it dribbled down her chin.

Sexy - can't waste a drop.

She licked him clean and swallowed everything she could. The guy still fucking her pussy wanted to fuck her ass. I pulled out of her ass and she stood up. The guy who was getting a hand job lay down so he could fuck her pussy. I took the condom off and put my dick on her lips while the other guy filled her ass. Her ass was red from one hand mark and another and he kept smacking it. He kept ramming her ass with his dick until he wanted to cum. He pulled out, took the condom off and covered her ass in glue. Gobs and gobs of it. She stopped sucking on me long enough to rub it in. Long enough to cover her fingers and lick them off. He gave her one last smack and she just grinned.

It was just the two of us left, me getting one of her best blowjobs and him getting drenched with each one of her orgasms.

She looked down at the guy.

Sexy - Fuck my ass.

Sexy - Gary, fuck my pussy.

I got under her put another condom on and let e slide my dick inside of her. She held the one guy off while she enjoyed riding my dick. Bouncing up and down like when she started. And jesus when she came, I was soaked, just soaked. I mean my chest, my dick, my legs were soaked. She just slid my dick back inside of her and kept bouncing up and down. She leaned a little forward so I could suck on her titties and so he could shove his dick into her ass. She just turned and grinned, looking at his hard dick and he just jammed it up her ass. I could feel him go inside of her. Her pussy got so tight again like last time. With no dick to suck on she was all moans and groans while we pounded her pussy and ass. It was fucking awesome. Just fucking her like this was awesome.

Her I am with her on top of me, me fucking her, her ass getting rammed and how many of us had she gotten off. Were there 7 or 8 of us she sucked, fucked, jerked off?

Before I knew it she had another dick in her mouth. The first guy was hard again and back for more. She told him to fuck her ass, and the guy there.

Sexy -Cum on my... my tits need your cum. I?m still fucking her juicy pussy when she starts sucking on him, she took him balls deep and I could see her tongue slip out and flick his balls. I guess he started to cum; I saw her swallow and then take the rest on her tits. She rubbed it in and gave us that devilish grin. I felt the other guy stick his dick in her ass and we worked in a good rhythm, me shoving my dick in her pussy while he pulled out of her ass and then he would shove his dick in her ass and I would pull out of her pussy. Then we both started ramming into her at the same time and she just lost it. Just started to gush all over the place. There was a fucking puddle under us. She must have cum 3-4 times. Soaking everything.

She was out of it. Her eyes just rolled back in her head, her hair was soaked from sweat, her body was covered in sweat, cum and her juices. She just kind of flopped off of us. She lay on the bench a minute and seeing our hard dicks, just smiled, got on her knees and sucked us dry one by one.

When she finished the last one, she smiled, went into the bathroom to clean up a little. I saw her washing her face and brushing her hair. I could see her just enjoy the dried cum on her. She got dressed and fixed herself up.

On the way out she looked around and saw one more hard dick, mine. Smiling she said is there anything I can do for you? With that she got on her knees and sucked me off.

Swallowing the last drop, she smiled again, gave that grin and left.

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