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Sexy Jenny; Out of the Closet

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Sexy Jenny; Out of the Closet

It had been a warm and sunny fall day. Now, as afternoon transitioned to early evening, and our hike in the woods neared the place on the trail where we'd have to turn around. We were both ready for a rest before starting back to the car.

Jenny, my beloved, is a "stone fox", as we called incredibly beautiful women in my day. With deep blue eyes, long blond hair, petite, no more than 5 foot 1 inches, but packaged with a body that always turns heads wherever we go, a gorgeous rack of 34C tits, tight ass and a face with full lips, she has a smile that would melt a snowman. I consider myself one of the luckiest men in history to have had her love these 20 years of our marriage.

She has a wonderfully flirty nature, still never giving me any concern that she had taken any of the men to bed who have admired and even lusted after her sexy visage, which delights me no end. Best of all, she's a tease and something of an exhibitionist, allowing peeks of her lean legs and perky tits be revealed to the glances of admiring men from time to time. We've both discussed a mutual fantasy of being with other people, but doing it together. Her response has always been, "We can think about it". She is also somewhat subordinant, especially in the bedroom, so she enjoys mildly kinky things like blindfolding, mild bondage and spanking.

This day, as we walked and talked in the loneliness of the wilderness where we explored, I had asked her for a special birthday present. "Of course, darling, what can I do for you", she asked?

"Since we have seen no one all day long, would you hike bare assed with me", I asked?

"Only if you'll let me keep my boots on and will carry my clothes", she replied with a grin.

I laughed, "OK, but you can have your clothes back only when I say".

She grinned, and peeled her clothes, first her blouse and bra followed by her shorts and thong. I could only try to catch my breath as her natural beauty and sexiness was revealed to me and, as always, my cock stirred in my shorts as I gazed upon her beauty.

"Don't you feel a little overdressed", she giggled.

"I'd be arrested if anyone saw how my cock is reacting to you", I replied.

"I dare you to strip, then. In fact, I'll let you have the next dare with no hesitation if you'll take my dare", she said as she licked her lips.

How could I refuse? But, thinking I could maybe press the advantage of being the birthday boy, I replied, "The next five dares? No hesitation"?

Her reply, Three and no more", accompanied with a sexy wink.

So, we resumed our walk. Both of us were so engrossed in the beauty all around us, we failed to hear approaching footsteps. As we rounded a turn in the path, six clean cut, handsome young men appeared before us. We were all startled, the young men stammering apologies, to which Jenny replied, "We are the ones who should be apologising. You have your clothes on. We're the bare butts, here".

This broke the tension, and the fellows laughed and relaxed visably as they were obviously fascinated with Jenny's charms in full view.

"We are camping just off the trail and are headed back to take a beer break to cool off a little", said one of the young men. "Would you like to share some with us"?

Turning to me, Jenny said, "Only if I can have my clothes back. I feel a little under dressed". Her laughter glittered like the sound of little bells.

"Hmmm", I replied. I have three dares left, so let's leave it to our hosts to decide".

Grins and chuckles were exchanged as the not unexpected response was made, "Your natural beauty far exceeds any of nature's wonders we've seen all day long. Please don't dress on our account".

Jenny looked a little perplexed at the surprise turn of the day's events, and turned again to me. "My clothes", she asked?

"I dare you to be bare", bringing another round of chuckles from our young friends at my simple rhyme. "Sure, if your camp is close, a beer would be much appreciated. Lead on."

Jenny and I followed, as our obviously athletic new found friends led on. Down a path in the woods we walked a short distance when the path opened into a lovely meadow with a large camp tent framed by the tall trees.

So, we all sat in a circle, Jenny doing her best to preserve a little modesty by keeping her knees together. Beers were passed around, as we made introductions and small talk about ourselves. Jenny and I shared about our lives and in turn each of the young men, all members of the local college's water polo team, told of their's. I noticed, at one point, one of the lads getting a fresh round turned his back to us momentarily. Thinking little of it, but later reflecting, I suspect he dosed our beers with something. It turned out to be a small portion of Tequila. I might have said something, but I was feeling really too fine to break into the moment.

Toward the end of the new round of beers, I noticed Jenny slurring her words a little. This would not normally occur as she can hold her alcohol very well for her small frame. She was asking the fellows to share about the highs and lows of dating in college these days. Each of them replied with some candor about their most embarassing and their most scintillating experiences. I noticed Jenny's legs parting slightly as we chatted on, then a little more and more until she seemed very relaxed among these new young friends, and maybe a little aroused, too, as might be guessed by the drop or two of moisture to be seen from the lips of her freshly shaven puss. Finally, one of them asked her to share her peak experiences.

"To be very honest", she slurred slightly, "My most embarassing experience in college was also my most erotic". I had heard of this, though Jenny did not know it. In fact, it was why I first dated her. I had never known of a sexual athelete, before. She went on, "I attended a party with some really dear friends, and while the party went on my sorority sisters drifted off one by one until I was alone". When I realized my situation, I was surrounded by some of the hunkiest athletes on campus and the only girl there.

This was the embarassing part, but only momentarily. The erotic part was I suspect someone had slipped something into one of my drinks, and I found myself hotter than hell and making out with one of the frat brothers. We were doing some slow dancing when one, then another, then another of them kept cutting in. The kissing and fondling became pretty general with whomever I was dancing, and finally it all became one large group grope with me the lone female. I was feeling far too fine to say, "Enough"

When morning came, my pussy and my ass were sore but my body felt so good as I looked around at the naked buff bodies all around me. Again, the feeling was briefly embarassing, so I gathered my clothes and slipped out unnoticed. On the walk back to my house, there was no denying I had been enjoyed by and enjoyed all my partners".

Suddenly changing the subject, "Anybody up for a little volleyball", one asked?

Looking around, sure enough, there was a badmitten net stretched in the middle of the meadow. "How about you, honey", I asked, a little exercise?

"Nude volleyball", she replied? "There's a new one". But, my tittles would be bouncing and everybody else but you are overdressed. You fellows want volleyball, lose the clothes. We're all friends here, don't be embarassed", she teased.

Well, they didn't need to be asked twice, and before you could give it a thought, we were all neked as the proverbial jaybirds. Sides were chosen, Jenny and me on opposite teams, and the ball was in the air. Boobs and cocks were tossing merrily in the air as play continued. Again, I noticed that Jenny seemed a little off balance from time to time, unusual as she is a natural athlete. Also, I noticed there was a lot of touching going on as her teammates helped her, even with a smack on the ass now and then for encouragement. My side was racking up the score very quickly as I suspect the opposition was pretty distracted while oogling their teammate's feminine charms.

We took at break at 10 to nothing, beers to cool off, and before resuming the guys decided in the interests of fairness, they should rotate, three with me and three with Jenny. Big surprise, same phenomonon! Jenny's team was getting skunked and mine prevailed. So, we declared a draw.

It was a beautiful warm evening, the young moon nearly full, and at dusk a fire was started in the stone circle. We all sat around and the talk continued to be warm and friendly. Jenny no longer seemed to have any attention on keeping her knees together and much more interested in what was going on in the laps of our friends.

The talk came back to making out, and Bill, one of our hosts, asked Jenny if I was a good kisser. She replied that she was completely satisfied in all respects with me. Then, I was asked about Jenny. I replied, noticing I was slurring my words a little, "She is the hottest woman I have ever known, a great kisser and great in every other respect, too. As for how good a kisser I am, Jenny has not had a deep kiss with another male in all our years together, have you dear?

She replied, "Well, no".

"Then, could it be that 20 year old memories have faded, and there are other better kissers out there"?

"I suppose, where are you headed with this", she asked?

"I'm proposing an experiment, in the interests of Social Science and Psychology. How about if you sample the lips of each of our friends, and then I'll accept that I'm the best kisser if the experiment proves this to be?"

Jenny wrinkled up her face in the adorable way only she can do, and said, "Maybe this isn't such a great idea".

I replied, "I have two dares left, and this is one of them".

"OK, you and your damned dares", she laughed. "Who's first"?

With no hesitation, all six were on their feet in a heartbeat. They encircled her, and she disappeared from my view. I heard her say, laughing, "This won't work, form a line here and we'll do this in an orderly fashion".

And, a line was formed, and the testing began. Of course, there were tests with each, and retests needed to keep her mind on which was superior to the others. I noticed that there were hands on shoulders, progressing to hands on hips, arms fully wrapped, then hands on chests and titties and butts. Obviously, she was getting very aroused and I could see where this was headed. The curious thing was I wasn't finding it to be concerning me, just arousing. Damn, this was hot! Anyway, I called a time out, and asked that the results of the competition be announced.

Jenny came and sat by me at the fireside, her cheeks noticeably flushed and her eyes showing considerable arousal. Seeing my broad smile and very evident erection, she realized I was fully comfortable with all of this. She stood, looking down at the fellows sitting around the fire and said, "I hereby declare no winner in the contest. Each and all of you are superlative kissers, so we have six first runner's up. Or, we can have six winners. Wow, are you guys ever sexy!"

Bill, once again the brave one, said, "Well, that's just kissing. How about the full competition?"

"Well, I could handle it, but I'd fear for your safety, fellows", she replied.

Of course this brought a chorus of denials from all, and another round of beers was deemed in order.

Well, this time, I definitely did notice a slight off taste in my beer, a pleasant taste, but maybe I was imaginging it, and at this stage, maybe I really didn't care. We were having such a good time, lots of sexy fun, but I realized I would have to call a halt to it all soon.

"OK, here's a compromise", I offered. "Jenny and I will make love here in the firelight, and you fellows will be the judges. If you've ever seen better, grade us accordingly".

Looking into Jenny's eyes, I saw two conflicting thoughts; fear at being so intimate in front of others (a first for us) and intense passion as though she was feeling so sexy she could burst. She said, "Should we? I mean, isn't that a little more than you're prepared to do? Maybe, that's a little more than I'm prepared to do? I don't know".

"Yes, I'd like this, and I have the feeling you would, too", I said. "And, I said, "This is my final dare, so its settled. Stand up", I instructed, "And join me at the camp table over here". She meekly stood, being her subservient self when I wax dominant, and took my outstretched hand as I led her to the table. I tilted her chin up and pressed my lips into hers and our arms enfolded. What followed was a good half an hour of deep passion, made all the more erotic by the awareness somewhere in the back of our minds, that we had six very virile, well hung and horny young studs watching our every move.

I pressed her back against the edge of the table, cupping her gorgeous tits, rolling them and pinching her nipples just the way she likes. My cock had never been harder when it slipped into her pussy like a hot knife into warm butter. The sensation was as good if not better than ever before. I lifted her tight butt onto the table, and began driving the meat wagon home. God, she was hot and so incredibly sexy!

As the minutes passed and our passion mounted, Jenny began the little whimpering sounds as her first orgasm approached. Then a series of orgasms began, each stronger than the one before. And, I dimly became aware that there were hands touching Jenny other than my hands, and it only served to enflame my erotic charge. And, finally, Jenny was carried into the camp tent in the strong arms of her lovers, now seven in number. The rest is a blur of lips, arms, rock hard cocks and a very hot pussy and ass, long into the night.

And, in the morning, Jenny awoke as I gazed fondly on her with more love than I ever imagined possible. She said, "Once again, I feel a tiny bit embarassed. My pussy is sore, and so is my asshole. But, boy, do I feel well fucked. You are OK with what has happened"?

"My love, I am more than OK with this experience. I am totally overjoyed with what we have shared. And, I hope you enjoyed the re-creation of your college experience."

"Re-creation?" She stammered, "Then you knew of my night at the frat house. How did you find out?" Before I could reply, she appeared momentarily puzzled, then, "You mean this was prearranged? You set this up? You devil! You bastard! I love you so much! What a wonderfully loving husband you are. But, the boys? And, our meeting? How did you...?"

"Bill is my nephew. The rest of the boys really are his teammates. After showing your photo around to them, there was no problem with the arrangement."

"Well, my darling", she said, "Now that you are aware of the true capacity your sexy little wife has in the passion department, do you think you can keep up with me?"

"Honey, we have only the rest of our lives to find out. What I've seen so far is very encouraging to me. Just wait until your next surprise!"

And, dear reader, if you enjoyed this one, Jenny's next surprise will be soon to follow...Tell me by your ratings...

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