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Secret Club

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Jeanie knew tonight was going to be the night of her life. She was recently divorced after 15 years of marriage to a man who would rather masturbate than have sex with her. She took her time preparing for this night out with the girls. She had taken a job at the hospital and made new friends and these friends invited her to go out with them. She checked her hair and make-up one last time before heading out the door.

Jeanie arrived at the club that she was told to go to. It was a quiet looking little place with only a few cars in the parking lot. She sat in her car, waiting to see anyone she might know going in before she even got out of the car. A few minutes later a car load of laughing women pulled beside her and waved. Her friends finally arrived. Together they walked into the club to find it dark and nearly secluded except for the bartender who looked a little scary with his big bushy moustache and long hair. He nodded to the ladies as they passed by. Jeanie was in the middle of the group and just went along with them as they headed to back of the club. They were laughing. Jeanie noticed that they had walked into a dressing room. There were mirrors all over one wall and sofas along the other. Darcy, the head nurse takes Jeanie had and pulls her over to a sofa and sits her down.

"Girl, this is a very exclusive club. Not many know of it and you have been picked to be the main course of the night." Darcy smiled and gave Jeanie a kiss on the cheek. "You will love it baby."

Jeanie first thought was to run away but her pussy was on fire for some reason. The room was heavy with perfume and she felt a sexual charge in the air.

"What do I do?" She asked.

Darcy smiled. "Just wait here and all your fantasies will come true tonight. You said you hadn't been fucked in years...well tonight baby..You will be fucked and fucked by real men who know how to fuck!"

Jeanie only nodded. She couldn't remember the last time she felt a hard cock pushed up inside her. Her husband could only masturbate or have her suck him off to his own pleasure. She felt her clothes being taken off by the girls as they giggled. She was in a daze. She heard them talking about her perky nipples and large breasts and even felt a warm mouth of two cover them. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the heat of a warm wet mouth. Soft hands were kneading her body and stroking her pussy. These women were getting her ready for something.

A few minutes later, the lights dimmed and four men came into the room with black hoods on their heads to hide their identities.

Darcy leaned forward. "You ask no questions and do what you are told. Understand?"

Jeanie nodded and whimpered as the last of her clothing was taken off and she was left naked in front of everyone.She was then surrounded by the men. One of them fell to his knees before her and began sucking on her pussy through a hole in the hood. She nearly came off the sofa in pure had been so long since anyone had licked or sucked on her clit. Two other men where beside her, sucking and licking on her nipples and the fourth man straddled her chest and began to trace his cock over her lips...he laughed as her tongue slipped out to lick him, but he pulled it away. He then let her have the head to lick, but not suck. Every time she tried to suck, he would pull away. Jeanie was losing herself in this pleasure. Every inch of her was on fire and screaming to be fucked and fucked now. She moaned as the her pussy got wetter and wetter. She could hear it slurp as the man stuck his tongue even farther into her snatch. Her nipples were being sucked and bit as male hands kneaded the fleshy roundness of her tits.

The man who fed her his cock moved away and motioned for her to be flipped over. The pussy eater than began to eat her ass. She could feel his tongue probing and swirling around her hole. She squealed as he slid it into and tongue fucked her ass. One of the tittie suckers moved in front of her and gave her a cock to suck on as the other tit sucker slid under her to eat her dripping pussy.She was being eaten alive and she loved every minute of it. The ass eater spread her cheeks wide to show the tiny button of her ass. He slid a finger in, then two fingers. She wiggled as he stretched her ass. She knew someone or all of these men where going to fuck her in the ass and she didn't care. She was in a sexual frenzy. She wanted to be used. She just wanted cock...and as if they could read her mind...the fingers slid out and the head of a broad cock had replaced them. Jeanie moaned aloud as the head broached the button of her ass. She could feel her ass stretch wider and wider. The guy had to be five inches around. She screamed as he went deeper and deeper without any care if it hurt her. She didn't care if it did...the pain was pure pleasure. She was being possessed by a man she never met before or even talked to. Jeanie felt the man sucking her pussy stop and jam three fingers into her dripping cunt, then four....he had his whole hand inside her fisting her as his friend ass fucked her frantically. She hit her orgasm in the first time in years and screamed. She soaked the sofa under her and the arm of the man who fisted her. She fell into the sofa between the legs of the man whom she had been sucking as the cock in her ass exploded filling her with hot steamy cum. She could feel every jet of semen shoot down her ass. She didn't have time to rest. She was pulled over onto her back, her legs lifted over the shoulder of a man and he entered her with such force that she couldn't breath. He slammed his nine inches of cock inside her over and over again. She felt someone holding her shoulders down as she once again orgasmed...the man shot a wad of cum deep inside her and left without a word. A third cock took his place...not as big but almost as wide as the cock that fucked her ass. He to wasn't gentle as he rammed his stiff throbbing cock inside her. He didn't mutter a word as he took his pleasure on her and came quickly for her to have another climax. Soft hands begin to clean her. She opened her eyes to see Darcy with a wet washcloth wiping the spent sperm from her thighs. Darcy only smiled and raised one finger up. There was one more cock to fuck her. She looked up to see the last cock. She gasped. It had to be 14 inches long and five or six inches around. She snapped her legs shut knowing her pussy couldn't take it, but he pulled those legs apart and slowly inserted the head into her pussy. He was slow and delibrate. He inched his way into her then slammmed home the rest of his cock until his balls slapped against her ass. Jeanie's eyes grew as she felt him bottom out on her vagina. He was stuffing himself into her. She was full of cock. He grunted with every stroke making her think he was about to cum, but every stroke made her squeal in delight...he pounded her pussy until she came once again with a scream. As slowly as he entered her, he pulled out. He layed beside her, as two of the men helped her up and impaled her upon their friends cock. They were not gentle about it and she was once again in that pleasurable pain. They moved her up and down on that massive cock until she took over and began to ride it herself. Her hands steadied herself on his massive chest as she rose and fell on that monster cock. Darcy moved around Jeanie and pulled that cock out of her pussy and helped it find her gaping asshole. Jeanie didn't complain at all as the cock slowly worked its way into her ass. She took all fourteen inches into her ass and loved it. She rode him with all she had wanting to feel his cum spray all over her insides. He grabbed her hips and pumped inside her as hard as he could and gave up his baby batter to her ass for her great pleasure. When she felt the streams of cum inside her, she felt her own cum. Every inch of her was alive. She felt every nerve ending explode in pure sexual pleasure. Jeanie squeezed her asscheeks to get the last drop of his cum before she was taken off him and layed on the floor on her stomach. Her pussy was sore and her ass was sore but she didn't care. She had been fucked and fucked right well!!!!

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