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Santa and his crew fucked me

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I want to tell you what has happened to me this holiday. You know Christmas is around the corner and of course I was taking my kids to see Santa. Well I was wearing a skirt and a jacket over my blouse. My 3 kids and I headed to the mall to do some shopping and to see Santa. We waited in the long line and finally it was our turn. I guess we were going to be the last to see Santa before he went on his break. My 3 kids all jumped on his lap told him what they wanted and all that good stuff and we decided to get a photo done. Well my kids started saying they wanted me to be in the photo with them. I of course said I would since it was a request from my kids. They shifted my oldest to his right leg, my two youngest on the floor in front of Santa?s chair, and me on the left leg. As we were waiting for Santa?s elves to take the photo I fell Santa?s hand goes up my ass cheek and under the back side of my skirt. As the photo snapped I feel Santa?s finger rim my ass hole. Of course I couldn?t react right there because my kids were with me. But as we got up to pay and retrived our photos I see Santa sniff his finger, I was so pissed that this guy thought he could do that to me while I was with my kids. I started to wonder how many other people he has done it to. We left that area and headed for a local Coney Island in the mall. As we were sitting there eating we saw Santa come in behind us to get his lunch too. I decided I wanted to confront him about this and told my kids to stay there that mommy wanted to talk to Santa and I would be right back. Santa grabbed his food and headed out the Coney Island, I followed him out trying to catch up to him. He went down the stairs to the basement area. I figured he was headed to the employee break area for security and mall employees. I followed him down stairs and saw him go into a door at the far end of the basement. I followed thru the door, but didn?t see him. I started walking around when I heard voices. I went to where I heard people talking and listened to see if it was Santa. I heard them talking about me. The guy was telling someone that the last milf that sat on his lap he fingered her ass and it was a tight fit and when he smelled his finger smelled fantastic. The other guy replied that he wished there wouldn?t have been kids around because he would have loved to pull up my skirt and show me his north pole. They laughed and now I was really pissed off. I stormed into the room and there were 4 guys in there. Santa, his 2 elves (which they were real dwarfs) and a security guard. They all saw me and smiled. I started to yell and scream that what they did to me was wrong and told the guard I wanted to make a complaint. I told them that I was pressing charges and would find other women they did this too.

One of the elves walked around me and closed the break room door. The guard started to tell me to calm down and let?s talk about what happen. They started to circle me. I was still screaming and yelling and making all these threats when Santa looked at me and told me that I knew I wanted him to do it, he told me he knew I liked it. I was shocked and in dis belief that he said that. He told me he knew I wanted more but had to get up. I stood there frozen as he spoke these words. Next thing I knew I felt hands on my ass behind me and a face go in between my ass cheeks. I jumped and realized it was one of the elves. He stood there smiling and told Santa he was right I did have a great smelling ass. Santa came over to me and told me that he bet I came down here to get what I couldn?t up on the chair. I started to walk towards the door when the guard stepped in front of me and blocked my way. I looked behind me and saw Santa sit on some crates and told the elves to bring me to him. The 2 elves walked over to me and grabbed my hands, and led me to Santa. They placed me in his lap and he grabbed my waist to hold me there. Santa told me he knew I was a bad girl and that I was going to get what I deserved. He used his free hand and started to raise the front of my skirt. He started to rub my pussy thru the panties. I tried to move but he was pretty strong he was able to keep holding me. Santa told one of the elves to get my pussy wet. The elf walked over and removed my panties and started to lick my clit. The other elf came over and removed my coat and my top. Now I was sitting on Santa?s lap in my bra and skirt. The elf removed my bra and my tits fell out. He started to lick and suck on my nipple. Santa reached down with his free hand and started to undo his pants. They fell around his boots and his pulsing cock was there right under my ass cheek. The elves stepped back and started to undress too. The guard locked the door and came over him self. For elves these two had nice size cocks. Santa took my hand and placed it on his cock. He started to move it up and down while he went back to fingering my pussy. I saw the guard in the corner undressing too. The elves came back over and started suck and fondle my tits. Santa?s cock started to get hard in my hand. Santa shifted me and I felt the tip of his cock at the lips of my pussy, he whispered into my ear that he is going to enjoy this. He thrust his cock deep inside of me in one stroke. I gasped. The guard came over and grabbed my hair and pulled my face to the tip of his cock and told me I better suck it. I took his cock into my mouth while I jacked off the two elves, while they fondled my tits. Santa was fucking my pussy hard with every thrust of his cock. I have to say this is not what I expected but I was really getting turned on. I would say this happened for about ten minutes before the other three were complain that Santa was hogging me all to him self. Santa pulled me up off his cock and lifted me off his lap. They took me over to the table that was in the room for them to be able to eat on and laid me down on it. One of the elves came over and started to eat my pussy out. I started to jack of the guard and the other elf stuck his cock into my mouth. Santa came over and I started to jack him off while he played with my tits. I felt the elf stop eating my pussy for a minute and heard him getting something. He came back and I felt the tip of his cock sliding in to my drenched pussy. I have never been fucked by a midget before, I have to say he was really hung. I was doing what I could to keep up with all four of them. They kept rotating in and out of my pussy, mouth, and hands. Then Santa told them to stop. He told me to get up. I did as I was told and Santa lay on the table and told me to lie on top of him. I again did as I was told. Santa had me lean back onto his chest and then I felt one of the others in the room place his cock head at my ass. Santa thrusted his cock into my ass, and while he did this an elf grabbed a stool and then entered his cock into my pussy. I was having my first dp. The 2 elf?s and guard each took turns fucking my pussy while Santa kept pounding my ass. I felt Santa throbbing in my ass then explode. As he was exploding into my ass, the others took turns exploding into my pussy. When all 3 of them we finished they let me get up and told me to get dress. I did as I was directed, and Santa told me if I was a good mom I would get my kids a pussy like mine to lose their virginity too. I left in a huff, and heard them yelling see you next season and laughing.

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