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Sally at the Bachelor Party

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"That low carb diet has really taken the pounds off," remarked Sally. "You are one hot wife," I said as I gave my wife the once-over. She had always been shapely but just a bit overweight. Since she had been on the diet for the past few months she had taken her weight down to 130 pounds, just right for her height. Fortunately she hadn't lost so much weight that she looked like one of those skinny-assed teenage models. Her breasts were now 36 C. Her waist was as narrow as it had ever been and her hips had gone down to 38 inches. At fifty-two she looked like a very sexy mature woman, an older MILF.

Sally pulled on a tight skirt and spaghetti strap camisole. The camisole was just tight enough to push her breasts up and just thin enough to reveal the outline of her large nipples. We were going out to a local dance club. It was the sort of place that empty nest baby boomers went to, with a mix of sixties and seventies music and an older crowd. Sally pulled on a pair of "fuck me" platform shoes that she had kept since her disco dancing days and we went out to the car.

The club was pretty busy when we arrived. There were a number of couples on the floor already, with groups of single women and men at some of the larger tables. Sometimes Sally and I dance only with each other when we go out and other times we pretend we are single again, dancing with whomever we want. This time Sally headed to the bar to sit alone and do the "single" thing. I got a drink and walked to another area of the club. We both spent the night dancing with others and didn't dance with each other once. I did notice that Sally was dancing mainly with one man, who looked to be about fifty-five years old. She was kissing him and rubbing against him and they were getting pretty hot and heavy on the dance floor. By the end of the evening they were sitting very close to each other at the bar. Their faces were close together as they talked and kissed. I finally caught her eye and signaled that I was ready to leave. She gave the handsome stranger a long and lingering kiss and then headed for the door.

"So, you were busy tonight," I remarked in the car.

"You know I like older men," Sally replied, "He was very nice."

"I was surprised that you cut it off when I signaled to you. I thought you might just go home with him."

"Not tonight," said Sally, "although he did have an interesting proposition for me. His best friend is getting married next Saturday and he is the best man. He's in charge of the bachelor party."

"Isn't fifty-something a bit old for a bachelor party?" I asked.

"That's the thing. He doesn't want to throw the kind of party someone in their twenties would throw, with a stripper jumping out of a cake or some such. It's going to be a small group of about six guys, all in their forties and fifties. He asked if I had any ideas."

"Did you?"

"Actually I did. I jokingly suggested a Viagra party. But he took it seriously. Not like he was insulted but more like it would be both a great gag and a lot of fun."

"But what are they going to do once they are all hard. I assume they aren't gay."

"Of course not, that's what we were talking about at the bar when you signaled me."

"I'm surprised you had much time for conversation with his tongue in your mouth," I remarked.

"Welllll, that's part of it. We kissed a lot and he ran his hands all over my body as we were dancing. He seemed to like me a lot so I made a suggestion. I offered to help out with the party. As sort of a hostess. He said his friends would enjoy being served by a sexy woman their age. Most are family men and their wives have kind of let themselves go to seed. He thought that would be better than having some twenty-something strip for them. A sweet young thing might remind them too much of their daughters."

My cock started stiffening as I listened to my hot wife discuss the plans for the party. Ray, her new friend, was going to show X-rated movies on his large-screen TV while Sally served food, drinks, and the Viagra. Apparently Sally had also offered that, for $1000, she would make sure that the Viagra wasn't wasted. She was figuring on using the money to buy a new chair for the living room.

The night of the bachelor party arrived. I would go to the party as Sally's driver. Sally put on a sexy French maid outfit with a little black and white apron, fishnet stockings, and a g-string. The top of the apron just barely covered her large breasts. She also wore white lace gloves, a white garter, and a small white lace cap. She pulled on a pair of high heeled black shoes and a coat and we got in the car.

We got to Ray's townhouse before any of his guests arrived. Sally and I went into the kitchen to put the sandwiches and other foods on platters while Ray cued up the DVDs in the living room. Sally was shivering, mostly with anticipation. She had a couple of shots of vodka and that calmed her down. By the time the guests had arrived, she was feeling pretty good and looking even sexier.

Ray's friends were all older, as had been expected. There were two white men in their fifties, with salt and pepper hair, a younger man in his early forties, a bald black man, Ray, and the groom. The groom looked about Ray's age as well. He was overweight and not particularly handsome, but had a big smile and was clearly likeable. Then men settled down to watch their first movie and Ray called Sally to bring in some drinks. "Whoa," said the groom, "this really is a bachelor party." "Of course," said Ray, "it's your last fling before tying on the old ball and chain." The other men didn't say anything but their eyes followed Sally across the room as she approached them with the a tray full of beers. She smiled and bent over to serve the groom his beer, giving him a clear view of her tits. "I'm Sally and I'll be your hostess tonight." Behind her, two of the men had a clear shot of her ass, with the g-string riding up her crack. "I do believe it's a full moon tonight," said one to the other. Everyone laughed, including Sally. Ray then introduced her to the men. The two older white men were Jeff and Bill, the younger man was Shane, the black guy was Carter and the groom was George. I had followed Sally out of the kitchen so she introduced me as her driver and a "friend." I took a seat in the corner of the room, away from the group. I watched as my wife served each of the man his drink and then walked out of the room, her hips swaying. Some men might have been jealous but I was relishing the attention she was getting.

Ray had chosen a movie that featured several short featurette that involved gang bangs, since he was getting the men primed for a little action later (although they didn't know that yet). The men drank their beers and watched silently as a young brunette took on three men in the back room of a bar. Just as the action got hot onscreen, Sally came into the room with a tray of sandwiches. She walked quietly among the men, trying not to interrupt their concentration on the movie. That didn't work well at all. Their attention was clearly divided between the action on the television and my slut wife's body. Once again she returned to the kitchen.

The featurette concluded with the three men shooting cum all over the brunette's face. Then the next story began. Ray had really been careful in his choice of movies. It featured an older woman with short blonde hair in a gang bang with six football players. She was wearing a short cheerleader's skirt with no panties and a tight crop top sweater. With her short blonde hair and older, but cute, face, the woman in the movie resembled Sally.

"I used to be a cheerleader," we heard from the kitchen door. There was Sally carrying a plate with pills on it. It was the Viagra. Ray paused the movie and made an announcement, "I thought it would be fun, in honor of George's impending nuptials, to present him with a little Viagra so he can get the job done on his wedding night." All of the men laughed as George turned a bright red.

"I don't need that stuff," he protested.

"Ah, you may not need that stuff but have you ever thought of trying it?" replied Ray.

"Well yeah, I have been curious."

"Don't be shy George, I can still get hard too but the Viagra gets me even harder than usual. You ought to try it," said Jeff.

"We should all try it. I dare you." said Ray as he reached over to plate and popped one of the pills in his mouth, washing it down with his beer. Then, one by one, each of the men got up and took a dose of the Viagra.

"Looks like they're all gone but don't worry George. I have a full bottle for you as a wedding gift," Ray said and laughed.

"Wait," said Bill,"what are we going to do now? We all took Viagra."

"I used to be a cheerleader," said Sally again and sashayed out of the room into the kitchen. The men looked at each other in confusion then turned their attention back to the movie.

In the movie the six football players had completely stripped and the blonde cheerleader, still clothed, was kneeling with them in a circle around her. She sucked one, then another and then another until each player had a hard cock sticking straight out. Then she walked over to a bed and got on her hands and knees, spreading her legs. One player got behind her, pushed up her cheerleading skirt and shoved his cock deep in her pussy. Another one knelt on the bed and put his cock in her mouth while two other players pulled her top above her breasts and played with them. The other two players patiently waited their turn while jerking on their cocks.

It was only a short time before the video and the Viagra had their effect on the watching men. I could see them shifting around as they tried to keep their rock hard cocks from getting bound up in their pants. Then Sally entered the room.

"Anyone want another drink," she sang out. The men shifted even more uncomfortably now that a woman was in the room. Sally smiled and repeated one more time, "I was a cheerleader." Then she walked over to George, the groom, who was sitting on the couch, and sat on his lap, squirming around on his stiff dick.

"Ooohh," she squealed, "you certainly have a lot to offer your new wife. But I don't think this is going last until tomorrow night. We'll just have to do something about it." My wife then got off of his lap and knelt in front of him on her hands and knees. Opening his pants, she grabbed his cock and engulfed it with her mouth. George moaned, grabbing her blonde head.

"Now you know what she meant by 'I was a cheerleader," said Ray. Unzipping his pants, he knelt behind Sally. She spread her legs and, pushing the g-string to the side, Ray shoved his cock into her wet pussy. My slut wife rocked back and forth between the groom and his best man. Jeff, Bill, Carter and Shane all undressed as they watched Sally fucking their two friends.

"Look at the movie," said Shane. On the television the blonde continued to be fucked doggy style in the mouth and pussy just like Sally. It was almost as though the scene in front of them was being repeated in the movie, or vice versa. Then one of the football players pulled his cock out of the blonde's mouth, squirting his cum over her cheeks and hair. At the same time the player in her pussy pulled out and jerked himself off on her ass and back. "Do that to Sally guys," Shane said, "Do that to Sally."

By now George could clearly not hold himself back and he pulled out just like the player in the movie. His cum caught Sally in the lips and chin dripping to the floor between his legs. She engulfed his cock one more time, cleaning and sucking it as it jerked. Then she turned to Ray, "You wanted to do this to me last week at the club, you were so hard as we danced. Now is your chance. I'm your slut." Then Ray moaned and gave a jerk as he pulled his cock out, spilling his seed all over my wife's ass and back.

As Ray backed away from my wife, Jeff was right there, steering his Viagra-hard cock into her pussy. He grabbed her by her hips, pulling her against him and away while he rotated his own hips. His dick went and out and around and around. George scooted away on the couch and allowed Shane to take his place. Soon Sally's blonde head was in Shane's lap, giving him the blow job of his life. First she licked the head, sticking the tip of her tongue in the tip of his cock. Then she would take the entire 8 inch cock into her mouth so that her lips touched his crotch hair. Each time she deep throated the dick she almost gagged and each time her head came up and away from it a little string of his pre-cum dangled from her mouth.

"Man, I am so hard," gasped Shane, "and I am so close to coming. Take it deep in your throat and swallow it all." He grabbed Sally by the head and pulled her down all the way once more. He pushed his hips up as he pushed his dick as deep in her mouth as possible and grunted. I could see Sally trying swallow and not to choke as he poured his cum down her throat and into her belly. He finally let go of her head and she pulled back and away from his cock. Some of the last of his cum drooled out of her lips as she gasped for air.

While Sally had been concentrating on Shane's dick, Jeff had been pumping away. Now both Sally and Jeff concentrated on the doggy action as he pummeled her from behind. My slut wife loves fucking doggy style and it is nearly impossible to pound her too hard from behind. His thighs against hers made a loud slapping noise.

"Cum on my back," gasped Sally, "add your semen to Ray's and then rub it in. Fuck me, I'm your whore." Jeff continued to pound her, faster and faster, until he finally pulled out and an arc of cum shot up and fell on the middle of her back. He continued to cum, with his semen spattering on her lower back and oozing down her crack. Jeff then masssaged his and Ray's cum into the skin of her back, just as she had asked.

"Who's going to fuck me next?" Sally asked, wiping her face off with a washcloth. "Bill, why don't you lie down and I'll ride you?" Bill lay down on his back, his Viagra-enhanced erection standing straight up like a flagpole. Sally straddled him and slid down on his cock. Slowly she started moving up and down, his cock sliding in and out of her, wet with her pussy juices. Carter moved over to stand next to her, his thick black cock directed straight at her face. "Give me a little chocolate to eat," Sally begged, opening her mouth. She took his cock into her mouth and started pumping it with her right hand. In and out, up and down, in and out, up and down; the two cocks penetrated my slut wife's body. Finally Carter said, "If you don't stop sucking now I am going to cum. I don't want to cum yet, I want to fuck your creamy white body."

Sally stopped sucking Carter and asked Bill if he wanted to fuck her on her back next. Without saying a word he lifted her off his cock and rolled her over on her back. She spread her legs, wrapped them around his waist and pulled him into her. Carter stood back and watched and waited.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum," Bill whispered in Sally's ear.

"Then pull out and shoot all over my belly," she whispered back.

With a loud exclamation, Bill pulled out his cock, leaned back a little and sent an arc of cum up over Sally's belly to land near her navel. The next spurt actually landed in her navel, filling it up.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, keep cumming," Sally purred as she rubbed Bill's fresh semen into the skin of her stomach. She writhed beneath him as he stood up. "You're next," she said to Carter, "fuck me like your white whore." Carter fell to his knees and crawled between her legs. Sally gasped as his thick black cock penetrated her. "You're awfully thick, you feel like you're splitting me. Take it a little slow at first." Carter grabbed his cock and eased it into her wet pussy.

"Yes, yes, slow like that so my pussy gets used to you," Sally told him. "Now it's starting to feel good, you can pump a little faster," she prompted him. Soon his cock was pistoning in and out of her.

"Your pussy is just right, not too loose and not to tight," Carter told her. The rest of the men, having all cum, were standing in a circle watching Carter fuck Sally. Even I had left my spot in the back corner of the room to watch.

After fucking three men, Sally was close to orgasm. Her face was flushed and she was breathing harder and harder. All of a sudden she started moaning, louder and louder, then took a deep breath and sighed. She had had her first orgasm. Carter continued pumping away and I could tell that Sally was starting a second orgasm. Her head was moving back and forth and her eyes were closed. Her legs were spread wide and her hands were on Carter's ass, pulling him in and out of her.

"Give it to me, give me your cum," Sally almost shouted at Carter. "Cum inside me, fill me up." He intensified his pumping, his buttocks tightening. Then he grunted and pushed hard into Sally. "Yes, yes, give it to me. I'm your white bitch." she moaned as her body shook under him with another orgasm. Then Carter shivered and jerked as his hard cock shot its first load into her. He continued to jerk as he unloaded more and more sperm into my wife's body. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, I can feel your cock jerking and shooting inside me, it feels so good," Sally moaned. Finally exhausted, Carter collapsed on top of her and she rubbed his back with her hands and the back of his legs with her feet. They lay there for a while as the rest of us watched, unsure whether to clap or give them privacy. Finally Carter pulled out of my wife, got to his knees and then stood up. Sally lay on the floor, her eyes closed, her legs wide.

Shane finally broke the silence, "Hell of a bachelor party but I've got to get home. The wife will be wanting me to come to bed with her, not that anything ever happens. It doesn't matter, I'll be jerking off to memories of this for a long time."

Ray looked over at me, "I guess you'll need to be getting her home now. By the way, she looks like she's almost asleep. Can I trust you with her $1,000."

"I expect so," I replied, "after all, she's not just my friend, she's my wife. Thank you all for the money...and the show." With that I helped Sally to her feet and we left.

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