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Roxxies Ride Home

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Roxxie's Ride Home

It had been a long week spent visiting family and friends on our first vacation in a while, with a week of a sexually frustrated kitten I was more than pleased when my Boyfriend shoved his hands up my skirt and started to caress my lips as I drove. It only took him a minute to realize his touch was more than welcome as a moisture started to collect in my cotton panties. With a slick grin he smiled and slid them to the side exposing my puss for anyone driving by to see and began to rub my soft lips and flick my clit.

He was driving me mad as he teased and prodded me opening my wet lips wide, scooping up the wet fluid and making me lick it off of his fingers, it was hard to keep my concentration on the road when I was craving for more. I had one hand on the wheel and one hand on his zipper trying my hardest to get his big cock out of his pants and into my hand. I could feel my wet pussy start to drip even more and with a big smile my Boyfriend gave the great suggestion of stopping at the next rest stop to get situated and take care of this issue in a hidden parking spot, I was crazy with lust and I wanted nothing more than feel his cock slam inside me and stretch my tight cunt as I screamed for more.

It was pretty late when we got to the rest stop and seemed a little busy but I had found the spot I wanted to get the relief I needed, but a stop to the restroom was the first thing on agenda. I was waiting outside for him when I spotted him over by a picnic table waving me over. I walked over and he grabbed me, throwing me ass up onto the table I felt his mouth between my legs licking my pussy making me squirm, then he stood up and walked around and quietly whispered in my ear " This is for your little unused pussy" and just at the moment I felt a huge dick slide into tight untouched cunt.

His Cock was big and I could feel it slowly start to stretch my pussy hole as he drove his dick inside me. This big cock slowly filled and stabbed into my cunt, in a moment of shock I looked up at my boyfriend, he was working his cock out of his pants. I was getting impaled by this cock and I never knew how much I would enjoy a strangers huge tool inside me. Before I had time to think or say anything my boyfriend rammed his cock down my throat making me instantly gag. I was sucking feverishly wanting more and more of his salty cock down my throat , gagging, sucking, spitting I wanted all of his cock and with each thrust of the dick behind me I got all that I was asking for.

In my moments of ecstasy I looked over to see 2 men walking there dog on the path near by, this drove me to cum all over the cock deep inside of me with the thought of these two men watching me be used like a whore. I?m not sure if my boyfriend had signaled them over or if they decided to join the cum dump party without invitation but before I realized what I was doing I had each of there cocks in my hands stroking them nice and hard. Apparently this whole production was not going unnoticed because men we starting to line up in hopes of entering one of my holes one after each other?and to be honest I was looking forward it.

The tool inside me now was pumping me harder and harder shifting the table out of place and fucking my pussy nice and raw when I felt the spew of his cock inside of me as he dumped his hot gooey mess inside my twat and god it felt so good I could feel his cock spasming inside me and as he pulled out. I could feel his cum start to run down my leg and with a "Thanks Bitch" he wandered off into the dark. It wasn?t a second later another cock was being pounded down deep into my pussy as I cried out. He was not taking his time to work his cock inside my hole he just shoveled it into me and started to slam me. As I was taking this brutal banging I heard "shit" the cock in my right hand could not contain itself and began to shoot its big load on my face.

Had I known it was about to blow I would have paused from sucking the cock in front of me and opened my mouth wide for it but neither of us was prepared. He must have not been accustom to seeing a slut thrown up on a table and being gang banged before, I couldn?t blame him though I was cumming every time a new cock was being placed into any of my holes. The second big cock did not last very long and he shot two good spurts into me as he pulled out in a hurry and scurried off, making sure the wife did not catch him enjoying a good slut. I was sucking, stroking, and fucking any cock that came close, Im not to sure my boyfriend was off recruiting these guys or if they were just naturally attracted and in all honesty I didn?t care. My pussy and mouth were getting the well over due attention they deserved and with every load blown inside me I became hotter and hotter. I could only imagine what my pussy looked like gaped open and stuffed full of sticky hot cum and believe me I wanted more.

Cock after cock pounded me in what felt like an eternity of bliss. Big cocks popped there heads in, fat cock squeezed in, and even the smaller cocks were a warm welcome in giving me relief from the big ones all of them pumping me full of cum, but most men could not wait and dropped their loads on my face or somewhere on my body. I loved the taste of cum and i opened my mouth wide for the ones who could aim it there and the others just plastered me where ever they could. The taste of cum was refreshing as my boyfriend scooped the cum off of my face pleased, and shoved it into my mouth, periodically he would scoop some out of my pussy and make me eat the multiple loads mixed with my own cum and I would gulp it down in hopes of pleasing him. After the last cocks finished, I was left there used and covered him cum I looked up at my boyfriend with a pleased look, I knew I had taken all the cocks well. I stood up to adjust myself and take in what had all just happened when my boyfriend bent me over once more and stuck my panties up inside my twat roughly.

" You think you are going to get away with out getting fucked good my me, Stick those panties in there good I don?t want to loose any cum" he said as he tossed me to the ground, He slid his cock in my mouth again and started to fuck my throat as he teased me, rubbing my sore pussy and pinching my nipples. He fucked my available hole harder and harder making me choke on my own spit. Finally he pulled his cock out of the back of my throat as I gasped for air he had no mercy. He threw open my legs pulled the cum covered panties out of me and rammed his cock inside. I shuddered instantly and came all over his cock it felt so good. There was enough cum inside me that we was able to slide in with ease his cock pumping out the cum left deep in my cunt. I was screaming out and grasping him tightly as he fucked my raw pussy, I could feel the previous cocks cum running down my ass.

His cock was hard as a rock as he beat my pussy with it. He has been waiting patiently for his turn in me and he was going to enjoy every second of it. He fucked me hard and deep and with a final stroke I felt his load start to flow inside me, string after string his hot gooey load filled my twat to the brim. It gave great relief to my pussy which was completely fucked out, he cum instantly soothed my aching cunt. He slowly pulled his cock out and replaced the panties. Stuffing me full once more. He made me lick my pussy juice and cum off of his cock before he put his pants on. And like a good little whore I did all that he asked and rode home with a smile on my face and pussy still full of cum. This was the best ride home ever!

- ---Roxxie Bukkake

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