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Quenching The Thirst,,, Piss Party Train...

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Quenching The Thirst Piss Party Train...

I had moved in with my girlfriend Sandy. We had only known each other a short time. We liked each other very much & were very compatible. We were both very nasty minded and uninhibited. We loved getting each other off. She was the submissive type and liked pleasing me. She loved being talked to nastily & told what to do. One night I had fallen asleep earlier than normal. I had been working double shifts and was very tired. However I hadn?t deprived Sandy of any sex. As I lay asleep, Sandy leaned over and softly whispered ?Are you asleep?? as though not to wake me up. When she did this it did wake me up, but I lay there like I was asleep. I didn?t move or say anything. Again she whispered to see if I were asleep. When she was sure I was fast asleep she got up and went to the kitchen. I thought she was just being quiet and considerate. When she returned she had an empty wineglass with her. Again she checked to see if I were sleeping. I played possum. She slowly walked towards the bathroom and dropped her nightgown on the floor when she got inside. She sat on the toilet and peeked out around the corner. There was no door so she couldn?t block my view. The way the bedroom layout was I could look in the mirror and see in the bathroom perfectly. I rolled over as though I were turning in my sleep. Peeking through my eyelids. She froze as I turned. When she thought the coast was clear she relaxed and started to piss. I could hear it hitting the water. I was thinking, What the hell is she doing? What?s the wineglass for? She took the wineglass and put it in the toilet. She peed into the glass filling it half full, then she stopped peeing, took it out of the toilet, then finished peeing. As she held the glass I could see her rubbing her clit with a look of enjoyment on her face. Then while still rubbing her twat she brought the wineglass near her face gently smelling it. I was intrigued by what she was doing as I lay watching her. She dipped her finger in the glass and rubbed the warm piss on her twat lips. Playing with herself, she again dipped her finger and continued playing with her pussy as she brought the glass up smelling it enjoying the scent of urine. Still rubbing her twat, she dipped her fingers with more urine and rubbed it on her nipples. Round and round on the nipple itself. Sandy was getting really turned on, her nipples were hard and erect. And she was definitely turning me. She dipped her fingers again, With little pinches of piss she played with her nipple between her finger and thumb. She stuck her fingers in again for a fresh dip of urine. This time she brought it up to her lips. With a look of lust on her face, she took her finger and rubbed piss on her lips like she was putting on lipstick, then kissed her finger & licked her lips. She was enjoying the taste of her own piss. I never expected this, but I was getting a huge erection. She was really enjoying it. I could see it on her face. She then got up and stepped into the shower with the wineglass. I was really glad we had smooth clear glass shower doors. I got out of bed as quiet as I could and stood near the door in the shadows. I could see everything as she stood in the shower. She took the glass smelled it as she placed her arm under her breasts to hold them out then slowly poured piss all over her tits. I watched as it ran down over them. Glistening and dripping off her tits in gold streams. Slowly she rubbed and played with her tits covered with pee. I loved this. She still had some in the glass. I wasn?t ready for this. Though I don?t know why. She brought the wineglass of piss up to her face and smelled it one last time. She then swirled the glass around like someone smelling fine wine. Looked at it, Then drank all that was left. She savored the flavor for about 10 seconds, then swallowed it. I couldn?t take anymore. As I stepped into the bathroom I let her know I was there. It startled her and as I stepped into the shower she turned around facing away from me. She was very embarrassed, and told me to go away. With Sandy reeking of pee, I turned her around and kissed her deeply on the lips. I could taste her urine and told her, "It's OK, Why didn?t you tell me?" She said she didn?t know how I would take it. I told her it doesn?t bother me. I fact I like it. I told her I had to piss myself. She smiled and asked, ?Will,, Will you pee on me?? I was hoping she?d ask that. She got on her knees and I held my cock and pointed it at the front of her. I relaxed and started to go. Onto her tits it went. She swayed her tits back & forth with a look of absolute lust on her face as I peed. She said, "I want it in my mouth." I acted like I didn?t know that. ?OK? I said. She opened her mouth, and I raised my aim as the gold stream went into her mouth. She was loving it. I watched it fill her mouth then she let it run out over her lips and down the front of her. She was half smiling as it ran from her lips. I told her I only have a little bit left. She wrapped her big full lips around my shaft and sucked the rest of the piss right out of my cock and swallowed it. After we showered we were laying in bed. I asked her, "Since you are so submissive and always take care of my needs." " I want to know what you want?" We started talking about her fantasies. Not like before but now she was really letting go and telling me all. She said she wanted to have a group of men piss on her and then have them pull a train on her while she was covered with pee. She liked being degraded and used like that. Sandy said it would make her feel really dirty and nasty and would add to her climax. She told me all her needs. I told her that it could be arranged. I set it up with five friends of mine. They couldn?t wait! I told Sandy to put on her nastiest dress. It was a white mini dress that was made of very thin material. She didn?t know why I asked her to wear that dress, but she?d know why later. I told her to wear her white fishnet stockings and high heels too. The stage was set. We got a keg of beer for the guys and Sandy served our guests. She sat there looking the nastiest I?ve ever seen her. She had her empty wineglass with her. When the guys asked why aren't you drinking, she just said later, you'll see. Every time one of the guys needed a beer she?d take their mug and fill it to the brim. After all the guys had their fill, I had Sandy dance a very nasty teasing dance for them pushing her tits and ass in their faces. After a while of drinking, they all had to piss. It was finally time. I instructed Sandy to get in the shower fully dressed. I'm glad it was a walk in shower. She took her glass and went in the bathroom. However this time the glass wasn?t for piss. I told the guys. ?OK, line up in the bathroom and wait your turn." "You can piss all over her, but don?t piss in her hair." "Keep it in her mouth or below." "Then she?s going to suck and jack you off." I told them, "After you cum, come out into the bedroom." ?You can call her anything you want.? ?A piss whore, Cum slut, just enjoy yourselves as you go on her.? They all agreed as they lined up. The line was out the door. Sandy was so excited. Her face just beamed with anticipation. All the guys had their cocks out in hand and had to piss badly from all the beer. The first guy stepped in the shower. He took aim at her big breasts and relaxed. Urine began to flow all down the front of Sandy. She loved it, holding her big tits out as he pissed on her. She softly said, ?Yes, Yes give it to me.? Then she dipped down and let him piss into her mouth. Careful not to get any on her hair. When he was done. She took hold of his cock and started jacking him off. His big dick just inches from her face. Sandy just loved to jack & suck cock to a creamy climax. She loved the taste of jizz. As she jacked him clear precum was going to drip from the tip of his dick. She saw it, smiled and licked it off. When he was ready to dump his load, Sandy picked up her empty wineglass and held it under the tip of his dick as she jacked him. He shot spurt after spurt of hot thick cum into her glass. I could see the look on Sandy?s face, she was enjoying acting like a pissy sperm whore. The next guy entered. He to pissed all over the front of her. Afterward she sucked and jacked him off. When he was ready to cum she stroked him into the glass as well. I watched, as the men pissed in her mouth and all over her big tits and down the front of her. She was enjoying it very much. This was a fantasy come true for her and a nasty well used whore would be ready for me when all were finished. After all had shot their loads in Sandy?s wineglass, she stepped out of the shower. She was soaked with urine, reeking of piss. She told me she felt so sexy. I could see it in her eyes, she loved this! Her hair was still done up perfect. Piss was still dripping off her chin and tits. I looked at the front of her. She was soaking with urine and the thin material of the white dress was now totally see through like I'd hoped for. It clung to her body showing her shape. I could see her pussy patch as well as her nipples through the wet material. She looked hot! The perfect piss whore. We were both so turned on by all of this. She dropped to her knees in front of me. I said, "Wait, we're not in the shower!" She said, "It's ok, I'm going to drink all of yours!" and took my cock and shoved it into her mouth. I relaxed and she started drinking. As she drank I said ?YES BABY, YES, DRINK IT!!? I could hear her gulping, gulp after gulp. When I was done, she came off my cock almost gasping for air, breathing very heavy she said, "I love it." Some of my urine had trickled from her mouth and was running down her neck. She said to me ?Oh thank you honey, I feel so nasty." "I just love it.? She picked up her wineglass that was full of the men?s cum. Sandy loved to see raunchy lewd acts of porno. Now she was getting a chance to do it. She went and sat on the bed in front of all the guys. The conversation stopped as they all looked at her. She said. ?Thanks guys, I love to be used and I love the taste of sperm.? She put the wineglass to her lips and took a drink of Jizz. When she took the glass away from her lips long strings of jizz stretched from her lips to the glass. The look on her face was sheer ecstasy as she relished the taste of their cum. She told the men, "MMMmmmmm I love the taste of sperm." licking her lips. "It's so hot and sticky." She then put the glass back to her lips and drank all their loads with out stopping. When the glass was empty, she licked her lips again saying, "That was so good, But now I need to be fucked." She was so beautiful and acting so raunchy, with her dress stuck to her all see through with piss. She was loving acting like a piss/cum guzzling slut in front of the men. She was using them to live her nastiest fantasies. Being covered in urine and drinking sperm, teasing them for the next step. She wanted the men to pull a train on her. She laid back on the bed looking each one of them in their eyes with her bedroom eyes. The men's comments were along the lines of, "You nasty slut, you need to be fucked." & "I'm going to use your cunt whore." She pulled up her urine soaked dress exposing her pussy. As the men mounted her, she?s say to them. ?That?s it, take your turn, I want you to fuck me.? And they did one after another. She put her legs on their shoulders high in the air. They fucked her long and hard, shoving their cocks deep into her cunt. She coaxed them on by telling them to use her pussy, telling them she loved their piss & drinking their sperm. Now she wanted their next load in her cunt. She loved it & they loved it. One after the other they used her, fucking her & filling her pussy full of cum. After they had all shot their second loads in her they left. It was my turn now. She knew I liked the idea of going last on a train, fucking a used whore. I knew she wanted me to fuck her and talk to her like a degraded bitch, like she was the cheapest slut around. The bedroom smelled of nasty sex. Sandy was laying on the bed. She spread her legs wide for me saying, "It's your turn, I want you to fuck me too." "I've been such a nasty slut, fuck me honey, fuck me." "I'm your used whore, fuck my pussy too." As I climbed on top of her I could see her pussy was oozing jizz down across her asshole. I kissed her hard on her lips. Her breath smelled of cum and she reeked of piss. It just added to the nastiness of mounting her. "You're such a dirty slut, a nasty fuck whore, all hot and sweaty." I told her. "I love well used sluts like you, freshly fucked & covered with piss." I kissed her hard again shoving my cock in. She held me tight as I drove my cock deep over and over. She moaned as the men's sperm oozed from her cunt. I told her, "Your cunt's full of cum, and I can smell it on your breath." Continuing to fuck her hard and deep. "Your a cum drinking whore, a slutty bitch!" "Aren't You!?" "You sucked and fucked all those men, now fuck me!" "Take my cock you filthy whore!" Over and over I called her a filthy whore. She loved it. Her fantasy was to be used and degraded as a slut. It made her feel so nasty and sexy to be used like that. She was so turned on by what the men had done to her, and that I was fucking her last as a used whore. It was so nasty. I could hear her murmur, "Use me, I'm a slut, I'm a whore." as I fucked her. We were both nearing a climax. As I shoved my cock in her I whispered into her ear, "All those men pissing on you, cumming in your mouth!" "Fucking your pussy until it's raw and swollen!" "It's my turn, I'm going to drain my balls in you." I reached around and grabbed her ass tight as I shoved my cock home. This set her off and she said, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!" As she started cumming. I loved feeling her cum, her body shaking as she pumped me back taking my cock even deeper, legs in the air. The room smelling of nasty sex and urine. I came hard with her, both of us cumming together. Shooting my cum into her already sperm filled pussy. She was going, "Yes,,, Yes,,, Fuck me,,, Give me your cum too!" "Oh yea, Oh yea, Cum in me, Cum in meeeeeee!" I continued to fuck her sloppy cum filled pussy as the sperm ran out and down her ass. I told her, "I love you, you?re so nasty, taking everyone's load." We kissed each other and she held me tight. We had cum so hard together. Both cumming at the same time. Afterwards we laid there drained. It was the best & hardest climaxes we had ever had.....

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