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Quarters – An Amazing True Swinging Story

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Quarters ? An Amazing True Swinging Story

Why haven't you taken me to an adult movie yet?" We had been in the car for almost an hour. Neither of us talking. Only thinking about the days work and the terrible traffic on the way home. Or, so I thought.

"They're a lot different at home. We can do things that we can't in the theater.

"Why?" "I was wondering what it would be like. One of the girls at work was talking about one she saw last night with her husband." "If you want to see one, we can get off the expressway here. I think there's one about 2 miles from this exit." "If you don't mind. Unless you have something you want to do." "No, I can't think of anything better." "She said that it's different. Is it?" "Well, it's not the same as renting a video." "When have you gone to one?" "Wait a minute." "I'm sorry. I was wondering if you did go, why didn't you ask me to go with you?" "I've seen some couples there, but not many. Usually, there's a bunch of guys in rain coats, and they have the coats turned the wrong way." "I didn't mean that type of theater. She was talking about something else. She said they had to get a lot of quarters from a counter and then went to the back and picked their own movie. She said it was more private and she felt more relaxed.

"Even with all the men there." "You want to go to an ADULT BOOK STORE!" "I may be in upper management but, contrary to you computer people, we are human." "OK. We'll find one. If you don't like it, we can leave. I think you're a little over dressed to go in a place like that." "You're the one who likes to see me dressed-up. Besides, I had that award luncheon today." Eileen parted and crossed her legs slowly so I could see her stocking tops and the garters, then asked me if I really thought she looked good.

"Honest, you look great. And you're right; I like to see you dress up. I think you look sexy as hell in a skirt or dress and high heels.

They show off your long legs better than gym shoes and blue jeans." "I know. I just like to hear you say it." We found a store, and also came across 2 drunks and a bar next door.

Inside, there were 5 rows of magazines and books, each with the plastic wrap on them. The whole wall next to the counter had all dildos. Behind the counter, were all the video tapes, and the 25 cent booths were off to the right. Instead of checking the movies, Eileen started looking at the first row of magazines. There were only 3 other guys (dressed in suits) in the place. I walked over to the counter to get some quarters.

"You're one lucky guy to have a wife that pretty. Not many like her come in a place like this." "Thanks." He gave me $5.00 in quarters and I went to see what my wife was looking at. She was in the third row and toward the back of the store. Two of the guys were 'looking' at magazines on either side of her. She was crouched down looking at a magazine from a lower rack. The guy on her right got bold and stepped closer, going for a book on a shelf above her. He almost had his crotch in her ear when she turned around and bumped him. Because of her position and the contact, she fell backward, legs bent, knees apart, and skirt up to her waist. She extended her hands to get up, but both guys just stared at her exposed nylon tops, garters and sheer black lace panties.

"I'm glad you like what you see, but this floor is cold." The guys must have been crazy. After helping her and asking if she was OK, they left her, went to the counter, paid for some stuff, and they both left.

"Feeling a little frisky tonight aren't we." "Oh it's you. Where have you been? Have you seen all the different magazines they have? I'm only half way through and excited already.

Can we get some of these? How come they don't have shopping carts like other stores?" "Calm down will you. Yes we can get some magazines, and they don't have shopping carts because of the prices. These aren't the same as buying a can of corn." "There's so much here, I'll have a hard time making up my mind. Let's take a look at the other rows." "Sure. Oh, by the way, I already have $5.00 in quarters for the movies. That WAS the reason we came in here." "You know me. Something grabs my attention and I go for it." "That guys pants had a magnet and your head has a metal plate. Is that what you're telling me?" "OH LOOK! This row has all ropes and chains and that stuff. Why was he embarrassed? I wasn't. WOW! LOOK AT THIS ONE! The girl's tied down and four guys are on her! Why do they wrap these? You can't look inside." I gave up. We looked, or rather she looked at all, and I mean every single magazine in that row.

"You know I get excited some times by the idea of being helpless. It's a BIG turn on for me." "Yes, I'm well aware of the urges you get from time to time. Are we going through one now?" "There's nobody here except the guy behind the counter. And, he could use a bath. Loosing 50 pounds wouldn't hurt him either." "Let's buy what you want. I thought of something you might like." We paid for all $105.00 worth of items she picked. I told Eileen to go next door to the bar and get us table. I was going to put our purchases in the car and purposely took my time getting to the bar.

She was seated at a table, by herself, in the middle of the place. Only six other men were there, and they sat at the bar talking. She didn't see me come in, so I went straight to the bar to order drinks. While waiting for the bartender, I overheard the 6 guys at the bar.

"Did you notice that fine piece of ass that walked in? Wouldn't mind sticking my dick in that at all." "Hell you say. Too classy for anyone here." "Shit, you're both wrong. She wouldn't have come in here if she wasn't looking for a pick-up. No broad that good looking ever comes in here." "Just look at her. She's out of our league boys so don't get excited." The youngest of the six then spoke up. "All five of you are fucked in the head. I'm going to ask her to dance." He introduces himself and asks her to dance. She got up and walked with him to the juke-box and selected songs. When the music started, a slow tune, they danced near the end of the bar in a small open space by the bath rooms.

He acted like a gentleman, with his hand holding hers and the other around her waist. They chatted a while longer then stopped talking. She put her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck. Eileen is 5' 7" in bare feet; in her 4" high heels she was as tall as the guy. She was facing the bar, her eyes were closed and she had a contented look on her face.

Everyone was straining to see where the guy?s hands disappeared to. He turned her around to show everyone that both his hands were massaging her ass through the thin material of her skirt. He had pried her legs apart with one of his and pulled her closer. His fingers slowly raised the back of her skirt until everyone at the bar could see her stocking tops and sheer panties.

They no longer pretended to dance and stood facing each other. He was pulling her ass cheeks toward and down on his thigh in a grinding motion. At the same time, his hands began to slide into the back of her panties. We all watched as my wife pulled his head to hers and they kissed until the song ended.

They chatted briefly and he came back to the bar and Eileen went to the table.

"Bar keep, give me a double quick and get that lady anything she wants. Jesus is she hot! Hell, I had my hands all over her, and she didn't even try to stop me. All she said was, "You're a nice dancer". She said she was waiting for somebody and that if he didn't show up soon she'd love to dance some more." "Watch your self boy, she might be a pro." "Yeah. She might be waiting for a 300 lb. boyfriend or husband too." "Get off my case! I'm not blind. I saw her wedding ring. But fuck it, if she wants to, I'm not going to stop her." "You might get real lucky and her husband won't show. Maybe they had a fight. Maybe she's pissed at him. Never know. Just be careful." "Careful nothing. If somebody doesn't claim her in the next 5 minutes, I'm going to fuck her right here on this bar. And if you're nice to me, I might let you guys have a crack at her too." The bartender finally came over to me.

"The lady wants to know what you're drinking since this guy is buying.

You are her husband aren't you?" "Yes I am. I'll have a beer. And, here's some money. I don't think he meant to buy me drinks." All the guys hid their faces, some lowered their caps, and one guy couldn't help himself and start laughing at the young guy.

"What were you doing at the bar?" "I just wanted to see how far you'd let him go. Your urges are getting the best of you." "They're building up fast, so you better be prepared to take care of them." "Is that an order?" "No silly, just to let you know that the longer we stay out, the more my other side is going show itself. If you want to leave, we can. The last thing I want tonight is for you to be upset. I have plans." "OK. How about if I help with these plans?" "What did you have in mind?" "We sit here, finish our drinks and see if those men are willing to share you with each other." "You serious? How are you going to find out if they're willing or not?" "Simple. Leave a note in the bathroom. The way they're drinking, one of them will find the note and at least be curious enough to find out if it's true." "What, right here in the bar?" "No. Next door!" Her eyes lit up. We sat there talking about the note when the guy who 'danced' with her came over to apologize for the way he talked and acted. I told him no problem and that he should be a more careful like his friends suggested. I finished my beer and told Eileen to give me her lipstick.

I was going to the bathroom and write the note and then we'd go next door.

Once outside the bar, she asked what kind of note I left.

"Don't worry, it was simple and to the point." "I want to know exactly what you wrote!" "A beautiful women with sensual lips, long legs, and tight pussy wants to suck and fuck men next door. Find me! Think that will work?" "If it doesn't, they're homosexual." The store was empty. The guy behind the counter said hello again. I told him we wanted to see the movies this time.

"Yeah sure go ahead. Get it! GO A HEAD." Eileen turned away from him and went off to the booth area.

"What's wrong with her? It was a harmless joke." "She thinks you're a sleaze ball." 20 booths lined the walls, nine on the left and eleven on the right with a small aisle down the center. The place smelled musky and the air was dry and hot. The only bright light came from a single overhead lamp in the middle of the aisle.

"How do you know which movie is in which stall?" "They have closed circuit TV and you switch channels to see the movie you want. That's what the numbers are for above each one." "Glad I came here with someone as knowledgeable as you. Listen, I was thinking. There's nobody else here, so why don't we put some money in different booths and that way we'll be harder to find." "Really into this aren't you? I get you first before you're too messed up. Gooey 14 is not my big turn on." "You can always have me. First, middle or last. You think there will be 14 guys?" I let her think about that for a while and went to get more quarters. We put a dollars worth in four different booths and then went to booth number 5.

"Why this one?" "You didn't want to be found so easily. The back is too obvious." She didn't notice the 'glory holes' on each wall, but I did. The other thing I noticed was that the place was cleaner than most I've visited. A roll of paper towels was in each booth, there was also a trash can, and your shoes didn't stick to the floor. Even so, we didn't sit on the small bench.

I turned to channel 3. I knew this would get her juices going faster. We lucked out. The movie actually started from the beginning, not in the middle.

"What's this one about?" "Just watch and enjoy. I'm going to." "Which one? Watch or enjoy?" "Enjoy first then watch, then maybe enjoy again." A girl appeared walking to her car in an underground parking lot. Out of the dark came a man with a gun and told her to be quiet and do what she was told. He grabbed her car keys and told her to turn around and waved his hand. This signaled the rest of the gang. 5 men ripped her clothes off and forced her to the ground by the car.

"OH! You know I like that. I'm talking about the movie and your hands." I had my wife's skirt down at her ankles and was rubbing her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other from behind. Her lace panties were soaked and I could hear wet sounds cumming from her as I fingered her clit.

"Put your hands on each side of the TV and don't look back. Now spread your legs more. Kick the skirt out of the way." She was now spread up against the wall with her legs wide apart and a hand on each side of the TV, watching the movie and pretending it was her that the men in the film were going to r*pe. I ripped her panties off quickly rolled them into a ball and shoved them in her mouth. She moaned slightly but kept watching the movie. I dropped my pants, pulled my dick out and began to rub it on her ass. She was trying to move back at me but couldn't because of her angle.

I grabbed her blouse with each hand and ripped it open. She started to yell.

"Who told you to move? Stay where you're at! I'm going to fill your tight wet pussy and your firm round ass. When I finish that, you're going to suck me off and I'm going to cum all over that beautiful face. You look like a slut the way you're dressed so I'm going to fuck you like one." This brought a louder moan from her as she was really getting into the 'fantasy r*pe' now. As I was sliding my dick in her pussy, I heard other people come into the booth area. They found the note! I could hear several voices and doors being opened and closed. They were searching for her.

I was fucking her faster now and could sense that she was going to get off real soon if I kept it up. So I stopped.

Eileen groaned when my dick left her wet hole. By this time, one of the men found us. He called to one of his buddies and the doors next to our booth closed and locked. I could see their faces through the holes as they watched us. I took the panties out of her mouth and told her that it was time to suck. She pushed herself away from the wall, removed her torn blouse and knelt in front of me.

"Look over to your right. See the guy looking through the hole? There's another one on the left. Take a look! They're going to watch as I put my cock in your mouth and down your throat. They'll watch when I cum on that beautiful face and you lick it all up." She didn't say anything.

"They get to fuck you and you'll suck their cocks until they cum too!" Again, remaining quiet, she looked me in the eyes and her expression told me this is what she wanted to do.

I stuck my dick in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it tighter than she ever did before and almost had me cum right then. I told her to play with herself as I silently opened our booth so the other men could also watch.

I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck in slow deep strokes.

Each push forward would swell her neck slightly to show my cock buried there.

Not once did she gag or cough, but only moaned around my dick. This was getting me off faster than I wanted. I was enjoying the show we were giving these guys and didn't want it to end. Before I came, I backed out of the booth and into the aisle directly below the light and told her to come out and suck me some more, but she had to keep her eyes shut.

The 6 men from the bar formed a circle around us to watch her swallow my dick in her throat one more time before I came. I stopped pumping her lips and pulled out fast. I then shot cum at her mouth and face. Her tongue wiggled trying to get all I was shooting while still fingering herself. When I finished, she slowly swallowed the cum in her mouth. She brought her fingers up from her pussy, wiped away the cum on her chin, and then sucked it all off.

"Look, I know the guy on duty at the counter. Why don't I have him close the place so we're not disturbed?", asked one of the guys.

"Sounds like a good idea. Also see if I can borrow a blindfold, and if any of you want to fuck her ass, you'd better get some condoms out front." I gave Eileen instructions to keep her eyes closed and not to move.

"There are 6 guys here plus the guy at the counter. First, each one of them is going fuck you. They decide if they want to fuck your pussy or your ass. Second, you?re going to give each one of them a blow-job.

You don't have a choice. Nod your head if you understand." My wife didn't nod her head, but she kept her eyes shut, and her arms went more rigid to her side. I caught the drift of her movement.

"OK! If that's the way you want it. Two of you hold onto her, I'll be right back." I knew what she wanted. She wanted to act the part of the girl from the movie in the booth. By not answering, she was consenting without showing her desire to the men. By stiffening her arms, she was signaling that she wanted to be held or restrained in some way. I went out front to the counter.

"Is it true? You?re forcing your wife to fuck and suck everybody back there!? Mr. Sleaze Ball asked.

"You want us to leave?" "NO! NO! It's OK with me, but I have to stay here at the counter because my relief will be here soon. I'll keep the door locked, and then join you guys. If that's OK with you?" Fine. Can I borrow some things. If they get broken or too dirty, I'll pay for them." "No sweat! Take whatever you want. Shit, I'll pay for anything you want to fuck HER." I left 5 guys with Eileen. They had her standing now, with 2 of them holding her arms and another 2 had her feet spread wide. They were exploring every part of her body. She had fingers in her pussy, both of her tits were being squeezed, one guy was licking her thigh just above the nylons, and another guy was licking her feet through the openings of her high heel sandals.

Without saying a word, I motioned for the men to stop, let her go and wait.

I understood, first hand and objectively, the power women have over men when it comes to sex. None of them argued or said anything and did exactly as I asked. I took Eileen's hand and led her out to the magazine section. When we came out, Mr. Sleaze almost had a heart attack. I put my finger to my mouth to tell him to be quiet and turn around, which he did. I knew he could still see us in the security mirror behind the counter but didn't mind that.

"Is that you honey?" "Does it make any difference?" "I was glad you had them hold me. My pussy is sopping wet and swollen I'm so excited!" "I thought that's what you wanted. Mr. Sleaze behind the counter said I can borrow anything I want. You pick it out because I don't know how far you want to go with these guys. You can open your eyes now." She went to the last row by all the sex aids and toys, not once giving a second thought to being dressed only in high heels, tan stockings, and black lace garter belt. She had picked up a pair of black leather wrist and ankle straps with silver studs, a matching neck collar, and a blindfold.

"Give me your pearl necklace; it doesn't go with the things you picked. You really want to do this?" "Yes. Make sure they're not too rough, if you know what I mean. I feel like a slut tonight, but don't want them to know it. Does the slob at the counter have to join?" "Yep! I'll make sure there's no hitting or biting when we get back there." "I feel like being used and controlled." I dressed her up in the items she picked and started back to the booths.

Just then, there was a pounding at the door. Mr. Sleaze opened it and his relief came in, with a friend. I whispered in her ear, "Make that 8 men." "I'm sorry." "No problem. She'll fuck and suck them too." They quickly locked the store and the 'CLOSED' sign was put on the door.

When we walked in the booth area everyone applauded and whistled. I spun her slowly around for everybody to get a good look at her 36C-24-35 body, then I walked her toward the men.

"Now, there are a lot of dicks here and you're going to satisfy all of them. One at a time. You don't stop fucking or sucking until they each cum twice. That's 16 loads of cum. Let's get this show on the road. Since Mr. Sleaze was so nice to let us use this place, he goes first. Put her on the floor." 4 of the men laid her down and spread her out. Blindfolded, black leather collar & straps on her; she really did look like she was ready to be gang banged.

"You're not so high and mighty now are you? I always wanted to fuck a beauty queen and now I got my chance. I'm going to take my time about it. I want you to beg me to fuck you." "Well get on with it you dumb son-of-a-bitch! We want a piece of her too before she turns gray!" This came from the guy she danced with.

All of them started a chant to egg him on. "FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUCK HER" They kept shouting this until he finally got his dick out and squatted between her parted thighs. Placing the head of his cock on her pussy, he was slowly moving it around, but not in her. Keeping this up for another minute, he finally had her trying to raise her hips to get him inside.

"Hold her tight! I want her to beg for my dick. It won't take long because I'm pretty good at this. I may not be big, but I know what drives broads crazy." Yes, he did know how to tease. His dick was average length but he knew just where to poke and rub. Soon Eileen began to moan in frustration and bit her lips, but he just kept teasing her with it. She was tossing her head from side to side and moaning louder, trying to get his cock in her but the other men held her firmly. 2 were massaging and sucking her tits, adding to her aroused state of mind.

"Come on lady! Tell me how much you want to fuck my dick. Wouldn't it feel nice filling your cunt right now? I can see your clit standing out waiting for it. Your juices are getting the head of my dick soaking wet.

I know you want it. We all know you want it. Just tell everyone how much, then I'll fuck you." He poked her erect clit with his dick and her whole body jerked and she sighed and moaned again. One more poke and it brought the response he was waiting for.

"OH YES! I need you. Put it in me." "I'm only a slob compared to the men you're use to. And now you WANT to fuck me?" "YES! YES! I don't care who you are! Just put it in me. Please! I'm begging you whoever you are." His teasing was the opposite of his fucking. In one swift lunge, his cock was buried in her, causing her to scream at the sudden invasion. He didn't pause when he was in her, but immediately fucked fast and hard.

"Here beauty queen. Take my cock and milk the cum out." Uncle Ben couldn't be any faster than he was. He fucked my wife, but only for 2 minutes before he came inside her. When everyone started to laugh at him, he told them to shut up and watch as he pulled his limp dick out. Her vagina was clamped so hard around his cock that it looked like it was going to snap off. He slowly pulled back, his dick stretching, the head was being gripped vice-like between her pussy lips. Her hips were arching up to keep him from getting away, and she was crying.

"NO! NO! Not now! I'm not there yet! Please don't tease me anymore. Put it back in damn you!" Caught in her own lust, Eileen never knew she had already drained the guy.

The young man she danced with lifted Mr. Sleaze off of her, causing his dick to make a wet popping noise when it came out. The young guy's dick was bigger and hard from the action he just saw and had with her in the bar.

"OK, let her go. She's not fighting. Here I am. Take my cock and put it your pussy. Come on take it! Feel how hard it is. Now put it in.

Yeah that's it! Now fuck me." "OH! YES! You feel so nice in me. Keep it up like that. YES! Oh God it feels so good! Yes do it! Do it harder! HARDER! YES!" They were putting on quite a show fucking each other harder and faster.

Every time he shoved in her, Eileen would shove back at him harder. He was over her body in a push-up position and pumping away. Arms and legs free, Eileen still kept them spread out, but arched her body up to meet his. It was as though her pussy had taken over control of everything she did. Her head rolled from side to side and she was straining to breathe. The guy was sweating in streams but still fucked her fast and hard.

Suddenly he pulled out of her.

"What are you doing? I'm almost there! Stay with me! Put it in!" Instead, he stroked his dick a few times and shot cum all over her pussy and stomach. My wife thrust her hips in a fucking motion hoping to get him back. Gobs of cum were on her stomach and matting in her pussy hairs.

"SOMEBODY PLEASE!" Her fingers dove for her wet hole. I pushed them away.

"No you don't! When and IF you cum, it's going to be with a cock. Not your own fingers! Up on your hands and knees! I want to see you fuck and suck at the same time." 2 different men got down with her. What Eileen didn't know, was that the guy behind her wore a condom. The guy in front grabbed her head so she could suck him off. When she started to protest his rough treatment, he stuffed her mouth full of cock. The guy in back was playing with her garter straps, while he wet his cock by rubbing it along her soaked pussy. This done, he spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand and positioned the tip of his dick at the small opening of her ass with the other. She felt him back there and was moving herself forward to avoid him.

Her movement only excited the guy in front because she was forced to swallow more of him. Her moan and sighs were being muffled by the cock between her lips. The guy behind grabbed her hips and pushed all the way inside her ass.

"GOD IS SHE TIGHT! I think she had a virgin ass!" I corrected him. "No she's been fucked in the ass before. Plenty of times.

It's just that all her holes are that tight. She has this unbelievable muscle control and strength that makes you think she's virgin." The other men who didn't have a turn yet were telling the 2 guys to hurry.

They wanted to feel how tight she was before she became too loose from all the fucking. One of them couldn't wait and knelt down next to her face and started to jack-off and played with her tit. She was rocked back and forth by the two guys fucking her ass and mouth, and was loving every stroke.

Moaning and pushing back, Eileen began to cum. She was trying with all her might to fuck the dick in her ass, and at the same time trying to suck the dick in her mouth. She was visibly shaking and her moans and sighs were higher pitched. Her arms gave out and she collapsed on the floor, loosing the dick in her mouth. The two guys in front picked her up and held her up as they both jacked-off on her face.

They shot cum everywhere. It landed in her hair, on her cheek bones, neck, nose, and she managed to get some in her mouth. When the guy behind saw this, he came to, but didn't pull out. Eileen was still going through the spasms of cumming as the dick in her ass popped out. She must have been clenching tightly because the rubber stayed inside her, hanging down between her ass cheeks and swinging back and forth as she kept shaking from her own orgasm.

This got to everyone and 3 different men turned her over on her back. One got between her legs and fucked her pussy, another got above her head so she could lick and suck his dick, the third guy straddled her chest and was fucking her tits. 2 other guys took her hands and wrapped them around their cocks and began jerking off. When the 5 of them finished, it started over- with others taking turns. I told Eileen that jerking off, or tit fucking didn't count, so they could still fuck her and get blow jobs if they could get it up. At one point, she was sitting over two guys being double fucked in her pussy and sucking off a third guy. All of this went on with only one short break in the action so she could wipe herself of cum and sweat.

She had fucked and sucked every guy at least once, some of them three times.

Almost every position imaginable was tried.

It was already 11 pm when I looked at my watch. We first entered the store at 5:30. I figured it took us maybe 45 minutes to buy the magazines the first visit and then maybe an hour in the bar before we came back. This meant she fucked and sucked 8 strangers in an adult book store for at least 3 and one half hours! "How do you feel, besides sore, weak, thirsty, and probably hungry?" "Not too bad. That was something else! You guys were great! I especially liked the different sizes." The young man who danced with her asked, "Listen, why don't you two join us next door for a drink. My brother is tending bar so I can get him to keep it open for us past 12." We agreed then all the men dressed and left for the bar.

Alone now, I looked at Eileen still lying on the floor. Her dark brown hair stuck to her face in spots from cum and sweats in it. Her tits were red with finger marks from the men and covered with cum, dripping down her sides and the center to her chest. She had one hand on her stomach, swirling cum there with a finger. Her other hand was over her pussy, gently massaging it. Her feet, still in the high heels, were pressed flat against the floor, and her legs were spread apart.

One of her stockings had come loose from the garter and fell to her ankle.

There was a puddle of cum under and around her ass. Playing with herself, she made loud sloppy wet noises with her fingers each time she inserted them in her pussy. I would have thought that after all the fucking and sucking she just had; she would be close to dead.

"Look, we can't stay here much longer. Those men might call a friend, or two, and we'd really have a problem on our hands." "You're right. I'll get dressed if you help me find the rest of my clothes. I'm not walking to the car in only a garter belt, nylons, and heels no matter what I just did." Well, she did get in the car dressed only in garter belt, nylons, and high heels. Some or one of the men had taken her skirt, blouse, and bra as a souvenir. We found this out when I pulled the car in front of the store and opened the door for her.

The men, standing in the doorway of the bar, applauded, cheered, and whistled when she came out of the book store nearly naked. We have not been to that store since.

It may seem strange or even perverse, but I enjoy watching Eileen with other men. One or more at a time. I'm not Bi-sexual nor does she do this when I'm not around. We both love each other very much, but we also both like the variety of other people during sex once in a while. She gets as excited as I do while watching me with other women.

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