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Pre-wedding night

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One of the best times I have had in my life sexually was over a two-day period where at the end of it I found myself married once again. The woman I was to marry turned out to be a total slut, and I was very happy to find out that she would do anything and kinda woman!

It all started the day that our friends came up from where I lived to where my fiancée lived, and where we were set to have our wedding in just a few short hours. The couple, Rod and Bobbie, had been friends of mine for a very long time. There was always sexual tension when I was around Bobbie, and she had made it clear on more than one occasion that she wanted to fuck me. Rod also wanted me to fuck her as well, but until that weekend it was always just talked around and they never made any serious moves to make it happen. I loved the teasing, and I loved the both of them, so I decided to wait until they were ready for it to happen, and if it never did then so be it. Little did I know just how exciting it was going to be when it finally did happen.

So they came up to the Quad Cities to join my fiancée, Jennifer, and me for a night out on the town before we tied the knot. We were all pretty poor at that time, and didn?t have the money, or the time, for anything else, but we were determined to have as much fun as possible. We had all spent time together before, and we had even fucked in front of each other and watched porn movies, but as yet had never had any more fun than that. It was all about to change.

We went out on the town and the first place we went to, after getting a little loaded, was this sleazy little strip club. It was small, and it was dirty, and the place was filled with smoke and low lifes, just our kind of place. We found a small table over in a corner and the girls went to the bar to get us all drinks. On the way there they had at least four or five of the scummy looking patrons whistled at them and tried to get them to come and talk, but they just laughed, and winked, at them and made it back to our table with the drinks without incident. The girls on the stage were piss poor, none of them had any looks, but they were naked, and that is what got the girls horny for the first time that night. The girls looked hot. Mine was a little bitty thing at about 5?5?, 105, with a nice little 34B set of tits that she never wore a bra over and an ass to die for. Bobbie is 5?4?, 120, and a very nice set of 38Ds, long dark hair, and a set of eyes that pull your right in. We all drank and laughed for a while till we noticed that our drinks needed refilled. Rod and I said we would go get the drinks this time, and off we were to go get them. We thought we might stuff a couple dollars between some legs while we were there, the girls dance right next to the bar, so we spent a few minutes enjoying what little there was to enjoy down front. We hadn?t been goner more than a few minutes, but it was enough time for a few of the patrons to try and move in on our women.

The corner we had picked was very secluded from the rest of the bar, and if one chose not to notice one might not even know there was a table over there. I am sure that is what was intended, and I am sure that is why those men thought we had picked that spot. We were still waiting for our order when I called Rod over and pointed over to our table and the men trying for our women. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and smiled. I did the same. Looking over that way I caught the eye of my soon to be bride. She looked at me intensely for a minute like she wanted to say something, but then her eyes half lidded and her mouth opened slightly. It was then I noticed that the man who was sitter next to her had his hand under the table and I knew he now had his finger in my fiancée?s cunt. I told Rod and he said we should stay back for a minute and see what would happen, so we did. It was hard to see what was going on from where we were at, so we moved a little closer. When we finally got to where we could see we saw that Bobbie, who was wearing a skirt, had a man under the table eating her pussy and a man standing next to her with his big, fat prick in her mouth. Jennifer looked at me as I walked up, and with an evil little smile she slid her jeans down to her knees and slid over onto the lap of the man who had been finger fucking her pussy. I could see he had his cock out of his jeans. He was a big fucking Hispanic dude, and his cock was enormous. She stood up for just a second, and then lowered her sweet, slutty, tight little cunt onto this big ugly man?s huge cock.

Jennifer slowly lowered herself onto this big cock, and I watched it disappear into her pussy. Her mouth was wide open, and her eyes were beginning to get that glazed look she always got while fucking. It wasn?t like they were going to be able to do any wild fucking in the bar, after all, it was a bar, but I was willing to bet that it wouldn?t stay there for long, and I was right. After a few minutes of watching this huge cock sliding into my soon to be wife?s pussy I looked at her and saw that the man also had his hand up under her shirt and was squeezing the shit out of her breasts. She moaned quite loudly several times, and soon the man was saying something to the other men about going outside. This made me quite nervous, as this was NOT a good neighborhood, but Jennifer looked at me with a pleading look, so I told Rod we should step outside and watch. We went out first, and a couple minutes later our two ladies, the three men, and two new ones, all came out and began to move towards one of the men?s vehicles. The van they finally came to was opened, and within a few seconds they had both the girl?s clothes off and two horny cocks stuffed in each of them. Bobbie, who had never had sex with anyone but Rod before, and he wasn?t very big, now had two of the biggest cocks I had ever seen probing her mouth and her pussy. When they first pulled her skirt over her head and laid her back and began to shove these huge dicks in her I could hear gagging, and then I heard her hard grunting. I had never heard that sound before, but I knew it was because her small, tight pussy was being fucked rough and hard by the huge cock of this Hispanic gang-banger. The same guy who was fucking her in the bar was fucking Jennifer, and he was making her grunt as well. Rod and I stood close enough to see the action, and smell the pussy mixed with the smell of cock, but far enough that we wouldn?t interfere with the fucking.

The seats in the van lay back, and before long the men had made up their minds to DP the both of them. I knew Jennifer had been ass fucked before, but I doubted if Bobbie had. I asked Rod and he said no with a smile on his face. We watched as the men sat the women on two fat cocks (there were no small cocks at this party) and two more fat cocks were being pushed into their assholes. Jennifer had been Dp?d before, but not with cocks this big. When that big prick entered her asshole she moaned with her mouth wide open, and then her breaths came in short gasps as the dicks began to pump in and out of her body. Bobbie, who was trying to be a good sport about it, was having trouble letting the man in. He tried several times but it just kept pushing out. The man began to get a little rough and upset with her. He smacked her ass a couple times for moving on him. We could see her face from our position, and it looked like she was getting scared. I asked Rod if he wanted to stop it, but he said no so we waited to see what would happen. Just then we saw Bobbies mouth open wide as she screamed. We looked up and saw the fat cock had entered he asshole, and the insensitive asshole was fucking her hard and fast. Tears were streaming down her face as she was being fucked hard in both holes for the first time in her life. It looked for a minute like she was going to pass out, but after a short time she began to respond to the furious fucking, and was soon moaning like a whore begging for them to fuck her harder and deeper. Bobbie bucked back onto the cock in her ass, and took him as deep as he could go for more than twenty minuets before he came in he asshole, pulled out, and watched his cum run out of her onto the dick of the man who was still fucking her pussy. The fifth man, who had kinda been neglected, came up and slid his even bigger prick into her ass. She moaned like a whore and began bucking back on his prick trying to get it deeper and deeper.

Both cocks in Jennifer had cum, and she was busy running her finger into her pussy and licking off the juices. She then began to suck the thick, white cum off the cock of the man who had fucked her pussy. Bobbie was making all kinds of noise as the two men continued to fuck the shit out of her. The man in her asshole couldn?t take it anymore and came with a huge thrust and a loud moan of pleasure as his dick pumped a huge load of sperm into her ass. The man blow hadn?t come yet when all of a sudden there were cops coming up the walk. It was time to leave. Everyone hurriedly got dressed and ran around to the front of the building where the men who had so hungrily fucked our women dispersed without so much as a thank you. We collected our cum drenched women, and moved on to the next bit of fun we had that night, but that is for another story.

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