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Pool Table GB

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Pool Table GB One day I was feeling REALLY horny. Mike has been working a lot of hours lately and hasn't had the time for me. Today was no different. I didn't have to work but he did so he told me to go. "You know, why don't you go out and find someone to play with?" I wasn't sure if he was serious or not because he knows I am always such a chicken when it comes to going out and searching for someone to fuck. I said, "OK! I'll take you up on your suggestion." He bet me that I wouldn't go through with it but I was so hot & so horny, I was in rare form from being sexually neglected the last few days, I figured I would try. If nothing happened, hopefully the thrill of looking would be enough so I would really be able to get off good when I get home & fuck myself with my vibrator.

I got dressed in my short tight black skirt and high heels with my lace camisole and a see through white blouse I had just bought. I put my make up on heavy and blew out my hair so it was kinda wild looking and got in the car. Mike just smiled as he kissed me good bye and told me, very sarcastically, to "have fun and to call if you get lucky."

I got in my car and started to drive towards the shore. It was a beautiful September day in the 70's and the sun was shining. I cranked up the radio and rolled down the windows. I wasn't sure where I was headed but I figured I would find some place that looked interesting sooner or later. I was enjoying the looks I was getting from the truck drivers and SUV's as I was driving down the highway. I pulled my skirt up a little farther and rubbed my pussy for the passerby's. Boy was I wet.

I was down around Sandy Hook when I spotted a run down little bar with a few Harley's parked outside. I began to feel really scared and self-conscious. I was about to pull out of the spot until I saw Mike's face with a look of disappointment as he said, "I knew you wouldn't do it." So, I decided it was now or never. I put the car in park, put on some more lipstick and strutted in up to the bar. I hesitated at the door, took a deep breath and went in.

The place was dark and smelled like stale beer and old cigarettes. The bartender was a guy in his 60's that looked like he owned the place. There were 3 other guys at the pool table. They were scruffy looking old bikers. I guess I picked the wrong bar. Well, I was there and I figured I might as well have a drink before I went down the road a bit.

The bartender gave me an odd smirk and asked me what I would be drinking. I told him I wanted mandarin vodka on the rocks. He laughed and said that he would check and see if they have any fancy vodka like that. He came back with a bottle of cheap vodka and a dried up slice of orange and told me that was the best he could do. I laughed and said that was ok, I would settle for a shot of Jack Daniels and a coke. He smiled and said that he could do that, but wouldn't I rather have a shot and a beer? The guys at the pool table were listening and started yelling over, "go ahead, honey, have a shot and a beer. We'll even buy if you're nice to us." They all started laughing so I said, "Thank you, I'll take you up on your offer." With that I drank the shot and took a sip of my beer and walked over to the pool table.

The "ring leader" appeared to be in his late 40's or early 50's. He had long wild graying hair and a big beard. He wasn't too bad looking just a little crazy. The second guy was in his 50's and was completely bald with a goatee. The third guy was younger than the others. He looked to be in his 40's. He was kind of quiet, clean-shaven, but with a long braid down his back. They all had on old biker shirts and blue jeans with worn leather boots.

"So, what do I have to do to be nice to you?" I said with a smirk. The older guy smiled and said "Come play pool with us." I told them I liked pool but really sucked at it. They said that it was ok they just wanted to see me lean over the table a few times. I laughed and grabbed a pool stick off the wall while the youngest racked up the balls. Jack, the ringleader took the first shot. He said I was going to be "Little Jason's" pool partner. Jason was the youngest of the three. He just smiled and looked me up and down. "Not bad" was all he said. Frank, the bald guy, took his pool stick and gave me a little poke in the ass and said "your shot honey". Of course Jack had buried the cue ball very neatly and I didn't have one clear shot. I stretched over the table and felt a cool breeze flow across my ass. I turned around and all 3 guys were standing directly behind me studying my ass. "That's it honey...stretch a little bit more and you might have a shot." I laughed and asked "A shot at what? There isn't one on this table!" The bartender, Bill, in the background yelled over "Keep bending over like that and you might get more shots than that cute little ass of yours bargained for." I just smiled and said "I don't think so, I was hoping for a lot of shots today." All 3 guys gave a hoot and came up right behind me and grabbed my ass. "So you looking to play a little sweetie?" I just smiled and took my shot and stepped away. I missed it of course.

Frank was up next and he spent some time clearing the pool table while we all drank our beer and Jason bought another round of Jack for everyone. It was getting pretty warm and friendly in there. They all took turns rubbing my ass whenever I took a shot and then they started rubbing it for good luck. I was getting so hot. It was hard to do much of anything. I decided I would take off my white shirt, as it was very hot. I asked the guys if they would mind and of course they said no they would help me. I told them I would be right back. I had to go to the little girls room. I went in, did my stuff and called Mike. He just laughed, not believing me and said, "That sounds interesting. What magazine are you reading?" I told him where I was and could come to see for himself. Just then I heard Jack outside the bathroom. He was yelling for me. I guess Mike believed me then because the next thing he said was "I'll be there in about a half an hour."

I stepped out of the bathroom in my camisole, skirt and heels. I stuffed my pantyhose in my pocketbook and put my shirt over my chair and lit up a cigarette. By the time I had come out, the game was over. Jason and I lost, big surprise. They were racking up another game. This time Frank suggested we make a bet.

"Let's get things interesting. Winners choice!" I looked at him a bit puzzled and asked what that meant. He told me that it meant the winners get a choice at what they win. I shook my head still not getting it. So I asked him to give me an example. "For instance, we win, we fuck you on this pool table." Now it was getting interesting. "And if we win?" I said with a smirk. "You get to fuck us on the pool table!" I laughed and said "So what's the point of playing if we are just gonna fuck on the pool table anyway?" At that he reached out and pulled me towards him and slid his hand between my legs. "Hmmm," he said. "Feels like she wants to fuck us on the pool table!"

Before I knew what happened I was lifted up and laid back on the pool table with a cock in my face and one plunging in my pussy. I lifted my ass up off the table to take more of the cock in my cunt and grabbed the cock and began licking and sucking like a starved puppy. I was in heaven! Jack was fucking my pussy like a mad man. Frank had his cock shoved in my mouth and Jason had his out and was cranking it while he grabbed and pulled at my tits. I reached around Jack with my legs and rode him until he shot his wad deep inside my pussy. As soon as he was done Jason jumped in. I turned over on all fours and guided his cock into my soaking wet snatch. I opened my mouth for more of Frank's cock as Jason began slamming into my cunt. It wasn't long before Jack was back grabbing and kneading my tits and pulling and pinching them. I came over and over again, screaming until I was hoarse. Frank reached down and grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat as he shot his hot load. I gagged as I tried to swallow all his cum.

The next thing I knew, quiet little Jason had slid his cock out of my pussy and shoved it deep into my ass, causing me to scream out again with another wrenching orgasm. He swatted me on the ass and started talking nasty to me. He told me I was a hot little slut who needed to get a good ass fucking. He told me to beg him for more of his cock in my ass. When I hesitated, he swatted me again. I turned towards him and told him to please fuck me harder in my ass. He swatted me again, telling me that it wasn't good enough. I pleaded with him to shove his hard cock deep in my ass and fuck it hard and fast. I told him I was a slut and needed a cock in every hole I had. Frank picked up on that and told me to come and sit on his cock and spread my ass for Jason to keep fucking it. I did as I was told, with pleasure. Frank was leaning back on the edge of the pool table so I climbed up and sat on his hard cock. I reached around and spread my ass cheeks wide as Jason slid his member into my ass again. It was unbelievable! I came almost instantly!

Jack was feeling left out so he climbed up on the table and shoved his cock into my mouth. I kept cumming and cumming as Jason and Frank slid their cocks in and out of me. Jason was the next to cum, planting a large load into my ass. Just as he finished Frank shot another load into my pussy. Jack jumped down and said he needed a piece of my ass. I leaned over the pool table and looked up, just as he shoved his cock deep into my ass, to see you standing there in the shadows watching intently. No one else had noticed you and I started to stop but you put your finger up to your lip for me to be quiet and gave me a wink. I relaxed and closed my eyes and began pushing back in unison with the cock in my ass as it plowed into me over and over again. Jason and Frank were sitting by the table watching as I got banged. Jack let out a yell as he slid his cock to the balls and emptied himself into my hole. My tits and pussy were exposed, red and swollen, my ass was red and sticky and I had cum dripping down my legs. What a sight!

I looked over and saw Mike at the bar and smiled at him. The guys looked up and I introduced them to Mike one by one. I asked him, "How long were watching?" "Hmmm, not long enough." Jack wasn't sure how you were going to take all of this but he relaxed after Mike swatted me on the ass and smiled. Then Mike said it was his turn. I smiled and gave him a kiss. He grabbed me by the arm and spun me around as he sat on a barstool. I was standing at his side, with his hand on my arm; he pulled me over his knee.

"Now the little slut needs a real spanking for being such a dirty girl." Mike grabbed me by the hands and pulled me over until my ass was in the air. Before I knew what was going on, he landed 3 hard whacks on my already sore bottom. I yelped out in pain. The guys were standing back watching intently, with their cocks still hanging out. Mike winked at them and they started to get into it. "Yeh, she was a bad girl. You better whack her good and hard. Teach her a lesson about wandering into bars dressed like that all alone." Mike came down hard over and over again as I squirmed and cried out.

Finally when I had tears streaming down my face, he let up and led me over to the pool table. "Now bend over and let me see what a sticky mess that pussy is." I bent over the table and waited. "Open it up for me!" he yelled as he gave me another swat. I quickly reached back and spread my legs and ass cheek open for his inspection. He leaned down and got a closer look. "Yeh, your pussy is a big sloppy mess. I am not going to fuck that mess. I guess I'll just have to fuck that ass now in front of everyone." I looked up to see that about 10 guys were now watching us.

I started to get up but he pushed me back down and shoved his cock into my ass all the way up to his balls. Mike began fucking me like a man possessed. I came within minutes. The crowd was moaning and cheering him on. "Let her have it! Let her have it good!" I don't know how but he managed to control his orgasm for at least 5 hard pounding minutes. My ass was on fire! Then he let me have it. He rammed his cock in as far it could go and let go a massive load deep inside my ass. I looked up to see a few guys with their cocks in their hands rubbing their rods up and down. They were lining up next to Mike. I was so sore, I looked at Mike pleadingly but he just smiled and said "Next?" With that 2 guys jumped up and one shoved his cock in my face and the other grabbed me by my hips and rammed his cock into my dripping pussy. I came again within no time. They just kept coming, one after the other.

By the time they were through 13 guys had fucked me. I was a total disgusting mess and sore as never before, but I was smiling and so was Mike. He had to help me out to the car because I could barely walk. I climbed in and fell asleep 5 minutes down the road. I woke up when we got home and Mike helped me into the house into the tub. I fell asleep in the tub as he washed me down. I dried off and climbed into bed to drift off to sleep but not before he fucked me one more time. What a night....

Wonder what's in store when I go back to get my car???

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