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Pool Table Fun

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I walked in the bar and knew all eyes would be on me. I was dressed for a night of seduction and wild sex with my boyfriend which meant I was wearing the sluttiest clothes I had. Too bad he had to go and make me angry so I drove off in a huff and decided to go for a drink at a local pub. Although this was way out of my comfort zone I held my head high and walked straight up to the bar and asked for vodka with cranberry. I noticed the bartender looking at my chest as he took my order but I didn?t care. In fact, I made sure I leaned way over so he could get a closer look and anyone behind me could see my ass cheeks since I had on a very short skirt.

The bartender gave me my drink, told me his name and said he?d make sure my glass was always full. I thanked him ? threw him a tip - and walked over to glass room with the pool tables. The room was full of guys and not a woman in sight but that didn?t bother me tonight. I put my dollar on the table and said I wanted to play the winner. Then I heard someone shout out ?I?m a winner babe ? you can play with me any way you want? I looked at him, winked and said ?maybe later if you?re lucky?.

The game ended and my turn was up. I put my empty glass down and asked the waitress to get me another. As she walked away I smacked her ass and the guys looked totally astounded. I said I was just doing what they all were thinking about doing. They didn?t realize I actually knew her though and we did that to one another all the time.

I stepped up to the table and leaned way over so all the guys on the other end couldn?t help but see my tits pouring out of my blouse. I had a couple extra buttons undone to make sure they got a good view too. I could feel my skirt rising up and I leaned over a bit more to make sure my thighs showed above my black stockings.

Every time I made a shot I did this and it wasn?t long until I could see the guys pulling at their pants and knew I was making them all hard looking at me. I surprised myself as I am normally very conservative and I did frequent this bar so anyone that knew me was probably taken aback at my actions. I lost my game but everyone agreed they wanted me to play again so I said I would as long as someone would help me improve my shots. They said sure and when it was my turn I asked one of the guys to come over and as I leaned over the table he put his arms around me to show me the best way to make the shot. As he did I made sure I pushed my ass hard into his groin until I could feel his cock get harder. He played along and pushed himself hard against me. His shaft felt so good I wanted him to drop his jeans and fuck me right then and I?m sure had we been the only 2 there he would have.

I made the shot, thanked him for his excellent teaching ability and asked if he gave private lessons. He winked and said he?d give me his card. When it was time for my next shot another guy rushed to my aid and as I leaned over he brazenly reached around and grabbed my tits. I was shocked but I didn?t make him move his hands. The other guy said if he knew it was that easy he would have done it. I told him you never know until you try. I wasn?t wearing a bra so by the time I was done my shot he had my nipples so hard they were very noticeable through my shirt. Right then the waitress, my friend, showed up with another drink for me and she asked if I was happy to see her as she stared at my chest. I said ?always? and I kissed her on the lips making sure the guys would all notice we used our tongues and she reached down and slipped her hand under my blouse to pinch my nipple and make it even harder. We heard some gasps as we parted and I told her that was her tip. She said she would be back for more and the guys told her to hurry.

I didn?t realize how late it was though and most of the patrons had left the bar. It was down to me, the 4 guys I was playing pool with, the waitress and bartender. All of a sudden the bartender came over and personally brought me another drink. He said the bar was now closed. I asked if we had to leave and he said ?hell no ? the party is about to start?. He toasted my glass and downed his drink. I did the same and put my glass down. The waitress then came back and had something in her hands but not a tray. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the pool table. She asked if I wanted to have more fun and I said ?sure?. She kissed me again for the excitement of the men, as well as the 2 of us. Then I felt my arms being grabbed and I was pulled up onto the pool table. My arms were tied above my head and my legs were spread and tied to the legs at the other end.

She climbed up onto the pool table and her fingers moved my panties to the side and she put her mouth to my pussy and licked my clit. I moaned and she told the others to join in. They all started to touch my legs, my tits, and they unbuttoned my blouse and 2 of them sucked my nipples. She climbed down and one of the guys got on the table with his jeans to his knees and his rock hard cock entered my sopping wet pussy. Then another guy put his mouth to my clit and licked and sucked as I was being fucked on the pool table. All of a sudden she had her face to mine and she started giving me a very hot kiss and I noticed another one of the guys was behind her, reaching around to her tits and he was fucking her as she was kissing me while someone else had his dick so deep inside me. Then I was untied and pulled off the pool table only to be bent over and my legs were pulled apart and I felt another wet tongue underneath me licking my pulsating pussy. Then I felt strong hands lift my skirt and I was pulled up to another thick shaft being shoved into me and I could feel bruises forming on my hips as I was slammed against the pool table so he could shove his cock so deep inside me. Then another one was in my face and he pulled my hair and made me suck his cock as I was being fucked from behind. I was so hot I was cumming all over the cock inside me and I was moaning so loud the guy in my mouth shot his load down my throat. I was gagging but managed to swallow every drop and the guy behind me finally came inside me and he let my feet touch the floor. I turned around only to be grabbed and pulled onto the lap of another guy who was sitting patiently waiting his turn with his pants down and his cock standing at attention. It took me about 10 seconds to straddle him and feel his entire member inside me. His eyes rolled back as he felt the warmth inside my body. We rocked that chair until we almost fell over and we both came so hard at the same time it was intense pleasure for us both. I collapsed into him thinking I was done but then I felt someone pull my skirt up and I felt a cock rubbing up and down my ass. Then I felt a lubed finger enter me, and move around to relax me and get ready for the inevitable. Then it happened, I felt the fingers back out and in came another hard cock. The guy underneath me in the chair got rock hard at my painful moans and before I knew it they were fucking me in rhythm and it didn?t take long for me to start shaking and as I did my little waitress friend came over, grabbed my hair, pulled my mouth to hers and muffled my screams as the 3 of us came at once. One in my pussy and one in my ass.

Once it was over I came to the realization of what had just happened and knew I had to go home having done this. I had an idea though, I would bring home the waitress as a peace offering for my boyfriend and maybe he would not notice the hour long shower I took or the marks on my legs and my ass and the many different brands of cum flowing from my body. At least a girl could hope.

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